This is a little unorthodox for me, but I wanted to take a special moment to thank everyone (yet again, I know) for all the reviews and support ya'll have given me during the course of this story. I've loved telling, and loved hearing what you thought about it. I can't adequately express my appreciation, but know that it's there.

But wait...there's more. Did you think I'd just leave things where I did??? Never. I have planned for awhile to write a different story, telling "Unexpected" from Storm and Wolverine's perspective, but now I think that while there will be another story, it's going to pick up from the end of this one.

Does that sound like something people would be interested in reading? I hope so, 'cause I'm gonna write it anyways;) It's part of this story, and I need to tell it.

Okay, that wraps things up for now. My thanks again. Take it easy, and I'll see ya'll soon!

Kristen Elizabeth

June 18, 2003