If you have not read Perplexed(set in s2 of Stranger Things and a crossover with IT) or it's prequel (set in s1 of Stranger Things) then I recommend going and doing that. If you don't want to, it's whatever, you might just be a bit confused.

Disclaimer: I don't own the ideas, characters, or plot of Stranger Things and IT(2017)

"Do you think they're doing it?"

Max turned to him, eyebrows furrowed and confusion marring her freckled face. "Who?" She asked. "Doing what?"

Richie smirked (a look that everyone thought was permanently engraved into his facial features), and leaned backwards into the pillar behind him, wiggling his eyebrows in a suggestive way.

"Mike and El. Doing know? Doing each other? Sex? Interc—"

"We get it!" Ross interrupted quickly, holding a hand up to signal that he could stop. He smiled brightly at her in return.

"Ew!" Max exclaimed, like Richie had handed her a worm and asked her to eat it. "No! I doubt it. Hopper would kill Mike."

"Not if he doesn't find out!"

"Mike says they've got some three inch rule with the door," Ross told them, shifting on her feet as someone passed them by. She knew this because Mike tells her stuff. As much as Richie has weaseled his way to her and attached himself to her side as a permanent fixture, her and Mike still had a strong bond. He's okay with it. He gets jealous only sometimes. He feels bad for it all the time. "It's highly unlikely that they're having sex if Hopper could take a peek."

"Are you guys seriouslydebating that right now?" The trio looked over as Lucas approached from their spot at the curb, Will only a footstep behind him. They paused for a second to allow a couple to pass in front of them before settling themselves inside the small circle they'd made.

"Mike's late. Again," Richie emphasized, waving his hand around like Lucas should've known what that means. Judging by the look on his face, he did, but Richie said it anyway because he's immature like that. "What other reason would it be for then that he's getting some action?"

"I think you're thinking the wrong kind of action," Will said, screwing up his face while he thought about it. Richie smiled widely at the expression. "They're probably just making out."

"Yeah," Richie drew out, pushing off the pillar behind him to throw an arm around Will's shoulders. "Making out while doing it."

"Quit it," Max hissed, slapping him straight in the chest while Will shoved him off.

"He's not having sex," Ross told them, turning towards the street. "He's right there."

She pointed to where Mike Wheeler is riding up on his bike, backpack on and super comm strapped to his handle bars.

Lucas crossed his arms and waited for him to get to them—looking every bit the mother who was waiting for her kid to come home after they'd broken curfew.

"You're late," Lucas said sternly, and Richie snorted because he soundedlike a mom, too.

"Sorry!" Mike called out, coasting past them on his bike, not sounding too sorry at all. He climbed off of it in a fluid motion and put it in the rack with the others.


"We're gonna miss the opening," Will complained, and Mike turned to him with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, if you keep whining about it. Let's go!"

Lucas pulled his shoulders up high and started to mimic Mike (poorly, in Richie's opinion, but they couldn't all be as good as him). He raised his hands as he raised his voice an octave and said, "If you guys keep whining about it, nyeh-nyeh-nyeh!"

Mike wasn't having it and grabbed Lucas to shove him towards the doors of the mall, "Just please stop talking, dude."

"Let me guess," Lucas asked when they all squeezed through the groups of people to get inside. "You were busy."

The mall is crowded, like it always was, ever since it's opened. The Party—when they weren't off venturing somewhere they weren't supposed to be—could usually be found at Starcourt.

The cinema was a place they frequent (if the movies are good), along with the food court, the bowling alley, or the arcade. Richie had only ever been to the old arcade a few times, but he was almost grateful it went out of business when the mall opened up, because the new one is was better.

Next to those few places, he also supposed they all like to go there because of the way it makes Hawkins feel. The shops and bright lights and constant buzz of people made their small town seem a whole lot bigger. While he wasn't quite sure about all of them, he knew that Ross and himself are heading to a city the moment they're able. And Mad Max talked of California whenever Richie was willing to listen, and while he isn't sure if she lived in a city or not, he thought the mall made her feel a bit more at home.

In front of him, Lucas was smacking his lips together near Mike's ear to make kissing sounds, and Mike scoffed at him indignantly.

"Oh yeah, real mature, Lucas!"

Richie decided he should offer his input.

"Yeah, c'mon Lucas. Be mature," he said, and he could already see Ross rolling her eyes at him. "We all know they were getting it on."

In one fluid motion that caught Richie off guard, Mike swung around and caught him straight in the stomach. "Shut up!"

"Ugh!" Richie grunted, stopping for a moment to catch his breath, and ignoring the laughs of Ross and Max. "Touché, Mikey."

Max grabbed his arm and started to drag him along so he wouldn't fall behind within the bustling sea of people.

"Oh, El," Lucas continued to taunt in a high pitch, "I wish we could make out forever, and never hang out with any of our friends!"

Richie would've laughed if he had the breath to do so.

"Lucas, stop," Max warned her boyfriend, tugging Richie behind her until he tapped on her wrist so she could let go.

"Will thinks it's funny."

"Because it is!" Will clarified, grinning over at Richie. "Richie thinks it, too!"

He gave a thumbs up to agree, but no one was looking anyway. They were all watching Mike as he rounded back on them all for a moment, walking backwards.

"Yeah, it's so funnythat I want to spend romantic time with my girlfriend!"

He spun back around and Ross reached forward to tug on his sleeve, rolling her eyes as she did so.

"First off, for the love of God, don't call it romantic time. Make's it sound lame—"

"Couldn't agree more, darling!" Richie added with a British accent.

"—And second off, Lucas and Max still manage to hang out with us, and they're dating."

"Yeah!" Lucas agreed triumphantly, reaching behind him to grab hold of Max. "I'm spending romantic time with my girlfriend right now!"

"Me and Will managed to fit you guys and our relationship into our schedule," Richie joked, grinning as Will went along with it and agreed.


One thing Richie had never really expected was for Will Byers to be laid back around him. Richie cussed and made inappropriate jokes, and when he first met Will, the kid seemed too shy for his own good. But the shyness went away in time, and Will actively played along with him now, which clearly shocked everyone in the party at first. They got used to it.

They beelined it towards the escalators, and started to butt their way down and between people—which Ross might have considered a tragedy if they weren't in such a hurry (she claimed that if someone walked down steps that move for them, it took the fun out of it)—squeezing passed them so they could make it down faster.

Mike was in the lead, hardly giving anyone an apology as they cut straight through the masses. Max and Will were the one's kind enough to call out Excuse us!and We're sorry! as they went.

Once they got off, they weaved their way through a group of snotty high school girls dressed in pink, one of which threw out a snarky Watch it!when Mike nearly ran into her. He hardly batted an eye though, and kept moving.

Somewhere on their left a voice called out to them, one they've all heard, but Richie had to look over to put a face to it.

"Yeah! Watch it, nerd!"

Lucas's little sister was eating ice cream, perched on the edge of a bench with a bunch of little girls around her, like she was the leader of some glitter and rainbow gang that only ate soft serve.

"Isn't it past your bedtime?" Lucas called out to her over the noise of other people.

"Isn't it time you died?" Erica shot back.

Next to him, Ross raised her eyebrows. "Wow. That escalated quickly."

"It's kinda sexy," Richie said off handedly, trying to hide his grin when she smacks him on the arm.

"She's like, twelve!"

"Pyscho!" Lucas retorted.


"Mall rat!" (Which was true. Richie couldn't remember a time they went to the mall and Erica wasn't there).

"Fart face!"

Lucas spun on his heel to blow a raspberry at Erica as they keep going, and Max snatched his arm up, tugging him along.

"Oh, now that was mature," she hissed at him as they entered Scoops Ahoy.

That was another place they went to a lot, the little ice cream parlor at the food court. They waltz right up to the counter staring back at the employee that already looks annoyed by their appearance.

Mike reached the counter first, and stared her right in the eyes as he started to slam down on the little bell that was sitting out.

She was probably annoyed for good reason.

After a moment, when it's clear Mike isn't going to stop unless someone makes him, Ross shoved her way to the front and hip bumps Mike out of the way, grabbing the bell and sliding it in the opposite direction.

"Hey, Robin," she smiled sweetly. "Excuse my obnoxious friend. Is Steve in?"

Robin looked over at Mike and smiled sarcastically, calling out, "Hey, dingus! Your children are here!"

As if he was waiting for it, the sliding glass doors on the counter behind Robin open up to reveal Steve Harrington, beautiful hair and all.

"Hey, dad!" Richie said to humor Robin. "Think you can hook us up?"

"Again?" Steve asked. "Seriously?"

They all just stared at him blankly, like it was obvious, and Mike reached over Ross to start jamming down on the bell once more.

A second later, Steve was leading them into the back of the shop and through a metal door, to the back hallways of Starcourt Mall.

Employees only.

He checked the hall (wouldn't do him or the kids any good to get caught) before holding the door open for them, ushering them through.

"Come on, come on," he hissed at them. It was a stark change from the beginning of the summer, when he'd excitedly snuck them all back there to check it out. Their overuse of it must've been leaving him paranoid.

They began to walk off, and he reminded them threateningly, "I swear, if anybody hears about this—"

"We're dead!" They all finished. It wasn't the first time they'd heard it.

And so they head out, Mike once again leading the Party down the halls until they reach their destination.

The back entrance to the movie theatre.

Mike peeked his head through the doorway to check the hallway real quick, because Steve really would kill at least one of them if they got caught.

"All clear."

They're secret entrance (secret in that nobody knows they use it except Steve) allowed them to skip the lines and the paying and head straight to the movie.

It was illegal, and Richie figured that a few of them were still a little bit guilty for it (i.e. Will), but the thrill of doing something they definitely weren't supposed to do topped it. Especially when they weren't getting caught.

It was something he never pulled off back in Derry. He imagined that if he had been able to do it with anyone, it would have been Beverly, but he didn't really get to know her until a few months before he moved.

And lord knows they'd been a bit too busy to think about sneaking into the movies.

There is, surprisingly enough, six seats open dead center of the theatre (give or take a row or two). They excuse themselves while they step over people go get to them.

Richie's sat between Ross and Max, which he's definitely not complaining about. They were watching a scary movie, and if anyone wasn't going to get scared, it was going to be the redheads.

"See, Lucas?" Mike hissed from one end of the row. "We made it."

"We missed the previews," Lucas pointed out from the other end.

"Still made it," Max interjected. Then, after a moment, "Fart face."

"How mature of you there, Maxine," Richie noted, and he leaned towards Ross as Max made to hit him.

Behind them, someone shushed them.

Will leaned a crossed Ross to pass Richie the snacks they had stashed away in Mike's bag. He gave some to Max for her and Lucas to share, but kept the M&Ms for him and Ross to share.

The movie began to start up after a moment, and Richie leaned back, extending his legs out as best as he could in the cramped isles.

Thirty seconds later, though, the screen went dark.

Considering how everyone started to boo at the black screen, that wasn't supposed to happen. Richie joined in with the booing, throwing his hands up and tossing M&Ms everywhere as he did so.

With the room pitch black, Richie didn't notice anything was wrong until Ross reached over to grab his arm.

"Code Waterfall," she said in the dark, and Richie groaned.

"God dammit, Ross," he complained, and she pinched his arm.

"It's not my fault!"

"What's not your fault?" Will asked from the otherwise of Ross.

"Her face is having it's period again," Richie explained, flinching as Ross pinched his arm once more.

"I told you to stop calling it that!"

"Are you okay?" Will asked.

"Yeah, it's just bleeding again."

"C'mon, dollface," Richie said scooting to the edge of his seat and holding his arm up so Ross could use it to stand. "I'll take you to the bathroom. Don't let it drip anywhere."

They both stand up, and Richie offered a short explanation of Code Waterfallto Max and Lucas as the edged their way down the row of seats.

Code Waterfall was what they called Ross's nosebleeds. Much like Dr Owens had told her all those months ago, her nosebleeds didn't stop. In fact, right after the whole Mind Flayer incident (good times, right?) in the face, they'd gotten so frequent she was having a nosebleed at least once every two days, if not more.

Now, even though they still happened, there was no real pattern to the bleeding, and she never had more than one within a week.

Richie was usually the one that offered to Ross, next to Max and Mike. Ever since the Snowball dance, the two had become practically inseparable.

He wasn't even going to lie. He had a crush on her for a good month or so afterwards, but eventually that butterfly feeling went away and his heart stopped beating faster whenever she was near. He was glad. The crush was annoying and frankly only reminded him of Derry.

Especially because she was completely oblivious to it.

He was pretty sure he'd gotten over it, anyhow. Sure, he still got jealous, but he hid it well. And the uncomfortable feeling he used to get whenever Steve Harrington was around—because Ross had a borderline ridiculous crush on the guy (Richie couldn't blame her, he did have nice hair)—went away, too. He considered that improvement.

They managed to get themselves out of the actual theatre and back into the hall without tripping over anything in the dark, and Richie pushed the door open only to be met with...more darkness.

"Did the power go out or something?" She asked. He had figured that the film reel was just offset or something, but considering how they couldn't spy a single lick of light anywhere, she had to of been right. The whole building must have blacked out or something.

"Something like that," Richie muttered, staring down into the black hallway.

A moment later, the lights flickered back on.

"Aha!" He exclaimed, spinning around to face Ross.

He cringed when he saw her.

"Oh!" He said, slipping into a Scottish accent. "That one's bad, Lassie."

"You don't say," she drawled, trying to readjust her hand so the blood would stop leaking through her fingers. She used her free hand to rub the side of her head, closing her eyes. "The lights hurt my head."

Richie gave her an odd look and grabbed her free arm, pulling her down the hallways slowly. "You haven't had a headache with a nose blood in a long time, right?"

"Yeah," she confirmed, letting him lead her along as his frowned. "But it's probably nothing."

"Whatever you say," he shrugged, because neither of them wanted to think about if it was something.

There'd been more times than Richie could count that he'd woken up, drenched in sweat, with Pennywise and Demodogs chasing him through his dreams. Of course, he only ever told Ross about the monsters she knew of.

It wasn't something they ever talked about often, only when they were alone and when the images were fresh in their minds from the night before. Ross told him about the Demogorgan and how she still expected to wake up in the Upside Down sometimes. He never told her about his summer before moving to Hawkins.

Sometimes he could tell she was itching to ask, but she never did.

"Want me to come in with you?" He asked, nodding towards the door to the ladies room.

"Sure, I don't care."

Richie didn't care, either, and opened the door to come face to face with an older lady.

On his part, he played past her apparent confusion and smiled sweetly, opening the door wider so she could pass though. She glanced from him, to the sign next to the door frame marking it the female restroom, back to him, and then to Ross. A disgusted look (which didn't do too much good for her wrinkles) came over her face and she hurried off down the hall.

They stepped in, and as the door closed behind them Richie looked towards the stalls. "Was she pissing in the dark?"

"I don't know," Ross said back smartly, making her way to the sinks. "Why don't you go ask her?"

He laughed at her and observed the room as he leaned against the wall. They didn't have urinals, he noted. He'd never thought about it before, but it made sense.

"Paper towels, please?" Ross was bent over the sink, letting the blood dribble down her chin into the white porcelain. He snagged a few for her and moved to lean against the sink on the other side, holding them out for her.

As she worked on wiping the blood away, Richie watched her with an intense gaze that she could feel. She glanced at him a few times, at the expression that portrayed hard thinking, and then he finally said, "Your face looks like Eddie's mom's vagina when she's on her period."

She rolled her eyes, used to his comments. He knew she wanted to laugh.

"You know," she drawled, spitting blood into the sink before turning to look at him. "I know more about Eddie's mom's vagina than I do about Eddie."

Another thing he didn't tell her about. She'd ask about his Losers every once in a while, and he was always happy to talk about some of the fun normal kid shit they did, but it was hard. He couldn't talk about them too long before falling into a mood that he hated but could seem to pull himself out of.

He hadn't had any contact with the Losers since he'd left. His mixed feelings over the subject (one part regretting that he'd managed to find other friends which he knew made no sense, and the other part struggling how to speak to them without telling them about what happened in Hawkins), usually sent him into a quiet episode. Ross was typically able to pull him out of it and change the topic quickly (she was insanely good at noticing when people were uncomfortable), but for the rest of the day he always felt low laying guilt over it all.

He recovered quickly. "So do I."

"Ew!" Ross did laugh this time. She snorted and shook her head. "That's gross, Richie!"

He grinned at the smile on her face and kept it up, "Not any grosser than the information I have on Karen's!"

She shoved the back of her hand against his shoulder and laughed. "You're ridiculous."

"Ridiculously handsome, I think you mean."

"Yes, definitely," she said sarcastically, scrunching her nose at him. "Can you find the light switch?"

His smirk turned to a frown. "It hurts that bad?"

She grunted her yes at him and then said," I don't think I'm gonna be able to watch the movie."

"That's fine," he shrugged, taking a step towards her. "It seemed like a dumb movie anyway."

(It was actually one he'd been excited to see).

"You're not gonna go and watch it?"

He rolled his eyes grabbed her arm, pulling her away from the sink and near the blank space on the walls so they could slide down to fit on the floor.

"Of course not," he said like it was obvious, going to the door and flicking the lights off. "I'm not gonna leave you alone."

"Thanks, Richie," she said leaning into him when he slid down to sit next to her.

"No problem," he said, a western accent spilling out of him. "What kinda romantic time would this here be if I let you sit here by your lonesome while I finished the movie."

"Oh, you wish, Tozier," Ross laughed, shaking her head against his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled his knees up to his chest. "You wish."


"Got everything you need, Ross? We gotta hit the road!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Ross shouted. "Give me a minute!

"You said that ten minutes ago!"

"What's the rush, old man?" she said to herself, hurrying to her dresser with an open bag. She paused to pick up a pair of shorts that had fallen out, and reached into an open drawer to grab to random shirts. Shoving those inside, she reached next for a wad of cash on the top, then dropped next to a clean laundry basket to find some socks.

"Aren't you just packed for Max's tonight? What's taking so long?"

"Hold your horses!" Ross shouted. She couldn't find a matching pair so she just puts two that look relatively the same and shove them in with everything else. Lastly put in her super comm, closed the bag, and then booked it out of her room.

Her dad stood in the foyer, his own bag next to his feet as he watched her rush down the stairs. "Come on, slow poke."

"I'm coming, I'm coming," she exclaimed as he picked up his bag. "Why are you so excited to get rid of me?"

He laughed as he pulled open the door and said, "You manage to get yourself into a lot of trouble. It's less responsibility for me, more responsibility for your friends' parents."

"Of course."

"Max's parents are okay with you staying at her house for tonight?" He asked her as she tossed her bag into the truck.

"Yeah, they are," she said as she went back to get her bike by the front porch. "Her mom said I was welcome to stay the whole time you were out of town, but I told her that the Wheelers were taking me."

"Thank god for Karen Wheeler."

Ross's dad was taking a trip out of town for work. He'd be gone for a few days, and so she was temporarily adopted by Mike's mom until he was back. She was just staying at Max's tonight because the skater had asked if she wanted to.

David's work trips had become more frequent ever since winter ended, and with that it seemed his mood improved as well. Of course, Ross would rather think it was because their relationship was probably the least strained it's ever been before, but she knew it was something else. He was always happiest when he was about to leave, and they fought the most after he got back. And what made it worse was that he was lying. She knew he wasn't working on these trips. Not all the time.

"Remember to tell her thank you, yeah?" He asked, tossing his own bag in the truck while she wheeled her bike towards the bed of the truck.

"I always do," she said as he took her bike and lifted it into the bed for her. She moved to get into the truck and waited for him to join her.

"So, where am I dropping you off again?" He asked, shutting the door. He started up the vehicle with a rumble, and they were off.

"Richie's place," she said. "Dustin comes back today from camp and we're going to surprise him at his house."

"Then why am I taking you to Richie's?"

"You didn't let me finish," Ross said. "From Richie's house we're going to Max's to drop off my stuff and pick her up. Thenwe go go Dustin's."

"Alright, alright," her dad said, nodding. "And I don't have to worry about leaving you and this Tozier kid alone, do I?"

"No, dad!" She groaned, rolling her eyes when he started to laugh loudly. "Me and him hang out all the time, nothings going to happen!"

"All the time, huh?" He winked at her.

"You would know that if you weren't always out of town," she said, crossing her arms in faux defiance.

"Hey, now, that's not fair!" he exclaimed, reaching over with one hand to push at her arm. "I've got work, you know that."

He was lying. She knew he was.

"Yeah, I know that."


"It's just annoying," Ross groaned, falling backwards onto his bed. Her dad had dropped her off around twenty minutes ago, and Richie just managed to drag her away from conversation with his parents.

"Don't get me wrong," she continued as he sat down next to her, careful to avoid sitting on her hair. "I like it when he's in a good mood. He's just only in a good mood when he's leaving."

"At least you guys are fighting less," he shrugged, following her eyes upwards to the pictures he had pinned on his ceiling. They were his ones back from Derry. He could remember buying them from the theatre with Bill, Stan, and Eddie.

"I mean, yeah," she said, nodding. "But the only reason we're fighting less is because he's gone so often there's less things to fight about. Because he's not around to get mad!

"And I know this is so stupid to complain about because I should be happy we're fighting less and happy that he's happy, it's just—"

"He's lying about where he's going," Richie finished, swinging his gaze downwards.

"Yeah," she said, tilting her head at him. She furrowed her eyebrows. "Do I complain about it too much?"

"Nah, I just listen to you," he shrugged. "Why do you think he's lying?"

"I don't know."

She sat up and scooted back so she could lead against his wall, and he moved to join her.

"Mike thinks I'm just being a little paranoid because he's gone more than he used to be," she sighed, pulling her knees up to her chest. Richie dimly wondered when she first told Mike about this and then pushed it away. It didn't matter who she fucking told first. He should be happy he told her at all. "Which he's probably right. But I don't know, I just have this feeling."

He wasn't really sure what to say to that, because he nearly thought that Ross was so used to fighting with her dad she didn't know what to do now that they stopped. So instead he said, "Didn't you say he stopped being a lovesick puppy about Will's mom? Maybe he found himself a lady?"

He wiggles his eyebrows at her and she rolled her eyes, shoving his face back. "Oh yes, I'm so sure."

He pushed her hand away, and smiled when she flipped him off. They sat in silence for a total of three seconds before he started talking again.

"Wanna smoke?"

He leaned over her without waiting for an answer and pushed her legs down so he was laying on his stomach across her lap. He reached for his nightstand drawer where he stashed his cigarettes.

"Or something to eat," she grunted, wincing. "Your hip bone is stabbing me. You need to gain some weight."

"You know what, King," he started, jerking around so his hip dig further into her stomach. "You can't say shit about me being skinny, because you're just as skinny as me. Aside from your ass, maybe."

She pinched her thumb into his side and said, "Shut up about my ass."

"I can't," he said, shoving a cigarette between his teeth. "It's always in my face."

"It is not," she rolled her eyes. He started to get off of her and she pushed him the rest of the way off with a snort. "You're just always looking."

"Hell yeah I am," he smirked. She jumped off of his bed and smacked the side of his head with the back of her palm. She walked to the other side of his room and pulled one of his Hawaiian shirts off of his door handle.

Richie pulled a lighter out of a small little pot that Ross had made in art class. Her and Will had brought home dozens from school and gave each of their friends at least one. Most of them were quite frankly shit, but they all loved them anyway.

He looked over as Ross pulled on his shirt and furrowed his eyebrows, grabbing the stereo from his desk.

She turned around and caught him staring. "What?" She asked, adjusting the sleeves.

Richie rolled his eyes and placed the stereo next to the window so he could open it. "Didn't realize that shirt was yours."

"Of course it is."

He stuck one leg out the window, planting it firmly on the shingled roof, and turned around to catch the smirk on her face. Shaking his head slightly, and turning around so she didn't see the smile on his face, he crawled the rest of the way out. Ross followed him a moment later and stretched herself out on the roof, carefully shaded by a large tree in Richie's backyard.

He didn't lie down immediately and took a moment to light his cigarette. Once it was lit and he was able to puff, he took a draw and placed the lighter on the ledge of the window inside his room.

He clicked on the stereo while he was there and moved to lay next to Ross as Hold the Lineby Toto started playing, picking up somewhere in the second verse.

Ross's gave a content sigh. "I love this song."

"I know," he said, blowing out a cloud of smoke.

They sat in silence, Richie smoking and Ross messing with the buttons on the borrowed shirt. After a few songs passed and Richie had stamped his cigarette against the shingles and flicked it down into the yard below, he asked, "Ross?"

"Yeah?" She had her eyes closed and was listening to the music while basking in the slight breeze.

"Ever wonder what it would've been like if I never moved to Hawkins?"

She opened her eyes then, and rolled her head to the side to look at him. He didn't take his gaze from the tree above them.

"No," she said after a moment. She shook her head and looked up at the tree as well, shrugging despite the fact he couldn't see her. "And I don't know if I want to."

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