Ecco's Revenge
Jose Philipe Mendola

Legal notice: I don't own Ecco, the name or the rights to his name. Nor do I own ½ the names used in this fic. Don't ask why I write.. I don't ask you why you read..

Author's Note: It seems to me, I have had more than one flames about my first Ecco Fic. not to worry, I enjoy them all. But I get the feeling that most of you want to see this changed.. The way this creature was treated no doubt.. So, my gift to all you who have bitched at me or about me..

What was this? Another fic about Ecco the dolphin? Don't these people leave me alone? It was strange, finding out how people would manipulate him. inn ways that no mind could think.. *It was a good thing that they had done away with the NC-17 stories.. No way ½ of those things could happen. But what was this? Me getting trapped and turned into tuna? Who was this sadistic little bastard?

Ecco scrolled up the page. This was ridiculous (besides the waterproof laptop that the dolphin was currently using). him getting turned into tuna. I'm Ecco for the love of god. that's it.. This Jose Philipe Mendola is going down..

Ecco loaded a program that would allow him to link to Russian picture satellite. The one that was currently in low orbit over the Mendola home.

Excellent.. They had a pool.. And, like everyone knew, there was always a path from the ocean to a pool.. Ecco looked at the screen again, zooming in the camera. Great, just great. Jose was about to enjoy himself in the pool on this hot summer day. Enjoy it while you can. cause it'll be your last swim..

Little did Jose know, as he sat on his inflatable raft, enjoying a tuna-melt, laughing to himself, that doom was approaching. Looking in the water to look for money some fool might have dropped in, Jose saw a dark shadow below the water. Putting down the melt, he leaned in closer.
'What the hell?' Jose said to himself. 'I don't remember buying a dolphin. oh shit.'

Ecco's bottle shaped nose was the last thing to go thru Jose's mind as the dolphin jumped out of the water, and dived down upon Jose.

Jose's mom looked out the window, shaking her head and sighing said to the father figure
'Damn.. Now what will I tell Star Fox and Urza when they show up to beat on him tomorrow?' Jose's dad took another swig of his brandy and said
'I don't know. but it serves him right. Never should have bad-mouthed them anyway.'

*This was not a good thing for these people to do.. I want my NC-17 BACK!

Well fellow readers.. I hope you like my rendition of Ecco's revenge on me.. I'm not sure how it would work any-other way. but if you think I've learned something, I haven't.

Feel free to comment. Flame, or other, I welcome all comments.