Somewhere in Queens, Ben Jones-Parker cursed. He and his twin sister, Penny, were fighting against their nemesis, Doc Ock, and losing. Badly.

You see, the Doctor had engineered a new type of remote poison spider. It burrowed into the victim's skin, and sat ready to inject them with deadly poison. And if they didn't stop him, he was going to use the spiders to threaten his way into power.

Penny was currently trying to distract the doctor while Ben was trying to figure out a way to stop him.

Come on, Ben, think! He implored himself. He glanced over to the huge tank of acid, situated on a high crossbeam on the ceiling. .

It was a long shot, but if he could break the tank, kill the robots, and get out in time to avoid the acid shower, it might be a possible plan.

Alright Penny, just keep doing what you're doing for a few more minutes.

Of course, at that moment, he felt a sharp pain in his neck and heard a scream, "Spiderman! Help!"

It was Penny, "Damn it!" He cursed again.

Doc Ock had her by her neck, slowly choking her.

The doctor started laughing, "It's over, Spiderman. I have your partner. Surrender or she dies," He declared, using his tentacles to pull himself up on a high crossbeam.

He dangled Penny over the chasm, tentacle stretching out far enough so she couldn't grab onto the platform.

Ben panicked! The beam was too high to reach, and too many things could go wrong if he tried to use his web shooters. Desperate, he pulled out a small pocket knife that his mother gave him for his last (14th) birthday. Suddenly he got an idea. A crazy, stupid idea that would only work with his enhanced strength and a whole lot of luck.

He looked up again and noticed that the idiot was standing right next to the tank.

"Ha! What are you planning to do with that little thing?" Dr. Octavius taunted, as he saw Ben pull out the tiny weapon.

He grinned, and sent it flying.

He whipped it through the air, throwing it so it only missed the Doc by a few inches. Close enough to be perceived as a reasonable try, but far enough away to hit the acid tank.

He noticed as his target hit its mark, and he bit back a smirk. He wanted to save everything for his big reveal.

The doctor smirked, "Ha! You missed!" He cried, triumphantly.

Cracks started webbing from the point where the knife hit. 3… 2… 1… He counted the time until his big reveal.

It was time for his big reveal and witty comeback, "I never miss," He declared, offering a smirk of his own.

At that second the tank burst, showering the Doc with acid.

He turned around just in time for the unnaturally green liquid to hit him in the face. He screamed and dropped Penny.

"Spidergirl! Use your web shooters!" Ben screamed at his falling twin.

She remained unresponsive as she fell through the air. Dread filled him. Penny had probably gone a long time without oxygen. If she couldn't hear her brother screaming like his life depended on it, then she might not-

He couldn't bear to finish the thought. No. My little sister is not dying on my watch.

He glanced at the exit to the basement laboratory, and formulated a half baked plan. Without thinking it through much, Ben shot at the first stable part of the ceiling he could find, flew through the air, caught Penny, and flew out the door.

Before he could process the thought of OH MY GOD JUST DID THAT! He took off.

"Get out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the BasementGet out of the Basement!" He desperately mumbled to himself as he ran.

The building was about to either blow or collapse, and either way, he didn't want Penny and Him caught in the crossfire.

He tore up the stairs with a speed he didn't know he had, and soon he was in the lobby of the lab. It was 11:32 PM on a Thursday, so, thankfully, everyone who worked there went home hours ago.

The door was in sight, it was feet away, "COME ON!" He screamed, running as fast as he was capable of running.

When he reached the door, he let himself smile a bit, "Thank God, I got out," He sighed.

Then, his whole world exploded.


AN: Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Not my best work, I know, but I hope you found it somewhat entertaining. The update schedule on this one might not be as often as my other stories. This is just a piece that I'm writing for fun. A tribute to my new growing obsession. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. Thank you, Bye!