Jeff Takes a Trip to Hell

Summary: No, Jeff doesn't go to France, although it's not that different. LOL. Man, am I good.

Chapter One

Jeff landed on his head as he fell from the sky.
"Mother fuckin' hell." He exclaimed. Jeff looked around at the place he was in. The ground was a red color and so were the walls. There were fire pits all around.
"Ooooh! I could jump that!" He ran at a pit, jumped over the hole, and landed on the other side.
"Cool!" A voice said from somewhere hidden.
"Who said that?"
"I did." A female walked out from a corner.
"Who are you?"
"A visitor."
"From where?"
"Up there." She pointed up towards 'Earth'.
"You're not a demon?" Jeff asked
"No! Are you?"
"No. How did you get down here?"
"I dunno." She muttered something.
"I fell from up there."
"Mmmm. Can you teach me to do that?"
"What jump the hole?"
"Sure." Jeff laughed. He took her hand and led her to a good jump spot.
"Go back, run, and just before you jump bend your knees."
"Okay." She turned around, walked back, ran and jumped. She landed on an island in the middle.
"Whooo!" Jeff did the same.
"Wow. You did it. What's your name? I'm Jeff."
"Tempest." She looked Jeff up and down.
"Jeff, I think you're hot."
"You're hot, too."
"Wanna fuck in Hell?"
"Will it be hot as Hell?"
"What do you think, Jeff?" Jeff kissed her. Tempest pushed him down to the ground. He was getting in to it when -POOF! He was shot back up and landed on his bed.
"Damn! And I was gonna get some too! I hate hell! Oh well."
~~~~~~~~~~ Jeff jolted up awake.
"It was all a dream!" He looked over to his side feeling something beside him. There was a girl in the bed with him.
"What?" He rubbed his eyes.


Jeff sat up in his bed.
"Another dream?"

He looked beside him. There was no one beside him.
"That was weird." He layed back down and tried to sleep.
'Man, that's the last time I eat Matt's cooking.' He thought and fell asleep.

A/n, so whadda ya think? I know it's not my best.