My Deadly Lady

Chapter 1

Darkwing Duck briefly glanced at his sidekick Launchpad McQuack, who was softly humming as he piloted the Thunderquack. Darkwing then turned to look outside of the jet to observe the autumn scenery. The bright foliage of the landscape in the dawning sunlight gave the appearance of a wild bonfire. Darkwing took in the sight of the beautiful forestry since where he and Launchpad was headed will be nothing but a dark, barren frozen wasteland.

Darkwing stretched in his seat; he was still a little sore from his battle with Steelbeak two days ago. It was all worth it since he was able to shut down another major FOWL research facility. It had something to do with some research dubbed Project Pygmalion. He didn't get to see what the said project had churned out. Most likely, he was able to stop it before FOWL was able to produce its monster or whatever they were planning on making. Darkwing smirked that Steelbeak was so enraged at him putting a stop to another of FOWL's diabolical designs.

Darkwing then frowned when he remembered how Steelbeak took supreme delight in harassing him about how he can't watch his own hen house. Darkwing snorted that he has to be the only guy in the world who's sneaking around with his own girlfriend. Too bad he couldn't rub that in Steelie's face. Steelbeak also took great delight in telling him that if he couldn't handle Morgana there was no way he could handle Steelbeak's lady. Darkwing huffed at the whole silly situation; like he would ever want to have anything to do with one of Steelie's nasty chicken-heads.

Darkwing thoughts then turned to more serious matters. From the preliminary surveillance of the recently captured FOWL facility, it seemed that FOWL had much larger plans in store for SHUSH and the free world. Darkwing just knew FOWL was about to hatch a malevolent maneuver real soon. SHUSH was already on edge about FOWL's recent Ditto Design cloning activities and then FOWL's super secret Project Pygmalion. SHUSH would be damned if FOWL was going to catch them off guard again. SHUSH Director J. Gander Hooter sent his Chief Agent Gryzlikoff with a team of agents to investigate one possible location of FOWL activity at the South Pole. Darkwing with his sidekick Launchpad decided to check out the other possible location at the North Pole.

"We're almost there," Launchpad chimed.

Darkwing was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't even notice the early morning autumnal vista had changed to a nighttime wintry wonderland. He acknowledged the North Pole region this time of the year was in perpetual night. Darkwing smirked that the seasonal conditions of this locale suited his persona perfectly.

Launchpad landed the Thunderquack some distance from the target site. Darkwing felt that flying too close to the supposed location of the facility might alert FOWL of their presence. Darkwing unbuckled his seatbelt then quickly sprang from his seat. He knew there was a lot of preparation required before he and Launchpad went out to explore.

Darkwing and Launchpad were suited up in full arctic gear. They rode along the frozen landscape on the modified Rat-catcher. The Rat-catcher was altered to be an ultramodern skimobile. Darkwing smiled that getting around just got a little easier. The Rat-catcher quickly approached the target site. Darkwing slowed down the Rat-catcher to better survey the landscape. It didn't look any different from the surrounding area.

"It's all quiet," Darkwing commented, "a little too quiet."

"I like quiet," Launchpad retorted.

Darkwing turned to give Launchpad a scolding look. Darkwing then noticed that a jagged piece of ice began to stir in the frigid night. "What's that?" Darkwing puzzled aloud.

Launchpad glanced around. "What's what?" He then saw jagged pieces of ice rise out of the frozen ground. "Oh no! What the heck?"

Darkwing sped up the Rat-catcher and replied, "FOWL's welcome wagon is ready to roll."

Launchpad looked at the chunks of ice ascending out of the ground. The hunks of ice resembled eggs which hatched to reveal large icy robotic versions of FOWL Egg Men. The icy sentinels in unison rolled towards the speeding Rat-catcher. Launchpad astonished, "Abominable Robotic Snow Egg Men!"

Darkwing quickly glanced back. "That's something you don't see everyday."

"DW! They're gaining."

"The Rat-catcher is already going incredible fast!"

Darkwing and Launchpad sped past a bold reflective sign in the ice. Darkwing asked, "LP, did you read that sign? I thought it said something about a bottomless pit."

"I saw it too. I think it said … Warning: Bottomless Pit."

"Sheesh, it's like them things are everywhere these days."

Launchpad looked back and stated, "DW, the Snow Egg Men are breathing down our necks."

"I know already!" Darkwing was keeping a check on the snowy sentinels from the Rat-catcher's rearview mirror.

"I'm just trying to be helpful."

"Yeah, I know." Darkwing spotted another bold reflective sign up ahead. It definitely was a warning about a bottomless pit. Soon, Darkwing could see the view of the bottomless pit in front. Darkwing yelled, "LP, hold on tight. I have a plan."

Darkwing pushed the Rat-catcher's speed to its very limits and drove the skimobile straight for the bottomless pit.

Launchpad clenched his teeth and hoped Darkwing hadn't lost his mind again. The chasm appeared far too wide for the Rat-catcher to be able to successfully soar to the other side.

Darkwing drove to the very edge of the endless ravine. The robotic Egg Men were close enough to nearly grab on to the skimobile. Darkwing at the last second swerved the Rat-catcher along the edge of the ravine. The snowy sentinels were unable to change their direction as quickly. The icy robotic Egg Men mindlessly plummeted over the edge of the bottomless pit to their demise. Darkwing then drove the Rat-catcher back to a safer distance from the perpetual pit.

Darkwing safely parked the Rat-catcher. He took off his unique helmet for arctic conditions and got off the vehicle. He turned on a specialized flashlight that was attached to his artic suit and carefully walked to the edge of the bottomless pit. Launchpad was right behind him and cautiously peered over the edge of the infinite abyss. Both Darkwing and Launchpad heard a muted thud. They bewilderedly looked at each other then they looked back to the direction of the sound in the bottomless pit.

Launchpad wondered, "The bottomless pit had a bottom?"

"You're right, LP. If the pit was truly bottomless, we never should've heard those horrible hoarfrost henchmen hit the horizon."

"Wow, DW. You must have the entire Standard Thesaurus memorized."

Darkwing smirked. "I do. But that's beside the point. Why would there be signs up claiming this gorge to be a bottomless pit if it isn't? This definitely warrants further investigation." Darkwing instructed Launchpad to go get their mountaineering equipment.

Darkwing and Launchpad repelled considerably down the side of the icy pit to a wide ledge. They looked around with the aid of their flashlights and saw a cavern close by.

Darkwing shrugged. "We came this far. It's worth a look."

Darkwing and Launchpad went into the mouth of the cavern. The icy cavern had a soft eerie iridescent glow. Darkwing turned off his flashlight and touched the side of the glacial grotto. It was so smooth, too smooth to be a natural formation. Darkwing whispered, "I don't like this. Be extra cautious."

"No problemo," Launchpad responded. He turned off his flashlight then noticed that behind Darkwing, something in the wall began to rouse. Launchpad yelped, "Not again!"

Darkwing looked around and realized coming out of the icy cavern were large crystal egg shaped objects. The egg shaped objects then sprouted four tentacle-like appendages. Darkwing gulped, "Looks like we wandered out of the ice cube tray into the freezer."

The quadruped eggs started to surround Darkwing and Launchpad. One of the eggs lashed its tentacle at Darkwing who promptly jumped out its way. All the eggs subsequently began to swipe and lash their tentacles at Darkwing and Launchpad. Darkwing and Launchpad fought to evade the attacking egg armada.

Darkwing puffed, "It's like they're playing with us."

Launchpad yelled out.

Darkwing saw with his peripheral vision Launchpad whip around and struggle to get something off his back. Darkwing turned to help when he felt something hit him square on the back. Darkwing arched his back and hollered, "Eeeee-yoooowww!!!" He felt something wrap around his waist and lock. He struggled to get the errant egg off his back.

Launchpad screamed, "DW! I have an egg on my back."

Darkwing growled, "I know!" The other eggs went back to their positions in the icy cavern. Darkwing snorted, "I guess they've served their purpose."

The egg situated on Darkwing's back began to stir. Four tentacles swiftly protracted out of the egg and slithered down each of Darkwing's limbs. The tentacles wrapped around his wrists and ankles. The tentacles then began to retract causing his limbs to be pulled behind him. Darkwing struggled to resist but to no avail. He first fell to his knees then toppled onto his belly.

Launchpad whimpered, "Hog-tied."

Darkwing turned his head to look at Launchpad. Indeed, Launchpad was hog-tied, the same as him. Their imprisoning eggs then sprouted two more appendages. These appendages helped to lift the eggs' cargo off the ground. On the end of the appendages were stabilizing discs which flipped up and became wheels. The crystal eggs then wheeled their precious prey towards a predetermined location.