My new Naruto fic is up, I wanted to post this to let any readers who may wanna check that out know.

Also I don't want other readers to be confused and I wanna address a review I just received

Quick note about Danzo: he absolutely loves Konoha, he'd rather commit suicide than 'run it in the ground'. The problem with him is that he's the type of guy that isn't satisfied with winning, he just wants others to lose. He'd set the world on fire if Konaha can rule its ashes. But the Konoha he loves (strong, dominating, unchallenged and brutal in what it wants) doesn't exist yet, so he feels that the only way for Konoha to truly prosper and become what it needs and deserves to be, is with him in charge.

He's a radical nationalistic war hawk. Running Konoha into the ground isn't something he would do.

- Bakkughan

While I agree with what you're saying: Danzo is getting old. Yes he is set in those ways and an extremist. In the canon series, he continues pining after the position of Hokage till he dies. I simply think that with Tsuru existing, with Hiruzen having a child Danzo thinks is a susceptible prodigy, that he would shift gears and instead shape Konoha into his image by grooming Tsuru to succeed her father and then have her step down at an opportune time and elect him as her replacement.

Obviously that was a short omake so I didnt have Danzo going over every part of his plan it was simply meant to be an enticing spoiler to lead up to the next chapter and give a peak behind the scenes where as all of what I just explained WOULD have been explained in a normal chapter.

I apologize if you think this is unrealistic but this is why I wrote that and I like it and am sticking with it.

I hope this clears that up.