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Deep within Naruto, nine eyes snapped wide open.

"The situation looks pretty bleak, Naruto. What are you going to do?" Kurama rested his face on his paw, his half-lidded slitted eyes gazing at the army of Hades through his friend's eye.

"I have to somehow convince Hades I'm not a threat to this world."

"Then talk to him, you've been good at talking your enemies into friends."

Naruto turned back and deadpanned at Kurama. "I'm not the same person I used to be, Kurama. I don't have that ability anymore."

Everyone shared a moment of silence with Naruto.

"Gaia might be able to vouch for you. I heard the Olympians were her grandchildren." Gyuki said.

As Naruto had an internal monologue with the tailed beast, Verrine, a devil having the appearance of a flowing purple-haired eighteen-year-old girl engaged Hades in a hushed conversation.

"Don't you think this is a bit overkill, Hades-sama?" Verrine rather thought it was outright hazing on Hades' part, having his army fight against a single person and a human no less.

"Don't let your eyes deceive you, girl. My brothers and I fought that boy and in the end, he was forced to retreat. That boy is too powerful for a human." That was a lie but Hades' pride wouldn't let him admit the three gods of Olympus, himself especially, failed to defeat a human. A young one at that.

The high-ranking members of his armies all stood straight and saw Naruto in a new light. To come to think of it, his body only seemed tense yet he had a faraway look on his face, no traces of fear, only hesitation.

"All of you will do well not to underestimate him." Hades said before he summoned a dark book emanating a sinister aura.

Seeing that book, Verrine knew instinctively not to mess with Naruto.

"Hades, I'm not a threat." Naruto waited to wonder what was going on in Hades' mind. For sure skeletons have no expression but he was willing to try and reason with the god.

Hades seemed to stare at him for a moment before—

"Charge, my underlings." The Greek God threw his hand forward.

"Wait!" Naruto yelled as they all lunged forward stopping them in their tracks. "Gaia can vouch for me."

With a wave of Hades' hand, the army of thousands came to a halt.

"What… Did you just say?"

"Gaia…! can vouch for me," Naruto said, hoping Hades would change his mind.

"How do you know…" Hades trailed off as he turned around and gave his men orders. "Hold him here and await my orders."

When did Gaia escape? How? When? Why is she in hiding? How did she come in contact with the blonde alien? Is he her new weapon? Meeting the mother goddess in person would answer all his questions.

Naruto had questions, but as if reading his mind, Hades turned around and answered them.

"You said Gaia could vouch for you. I have to confirm the authenticity of your words. Wait here." Hades ordered.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. I have to be somewhere important. My friends need me."

"Stay here, boy. You are being quarantined at the moment. Can't you read the atmosphere?"

"Can't you see I'm desperate?" Naruto stomped his foot down figuratively.

"You will stay here." Hades finalized.

"Then, I'll have to cut down anyone who stands in my way."

The silent stare-off between both man and god left the space in utter silence bathing it with thin tension.

"Verrine, stay with him. I can't have Naruto disappear again."

"Lord Hades!" Verrine yelled in disbelief. He was just going to send her off with a total stranger. A stranger Hades himself was wary of. She didn't doubt her prowess as a super devil herself born from the flesh of Lilith but she couldn't compare to Hades and this human right here have had a skirmish with death personified and live to tell the tale so yes, she was skeptical about it.

Hades hit the end of his staff to the ground and his armies vanished leaving trails of black smoke in their wake. Hades blurred out of sight as Naruto and Verrine appeared around the outskirts of Kuoh.

"Keep up. I'm moving at full speed ahead." Naruto warned before he closed his eyes.

Verrine panicked when Naruto disappeared out of her sensor range while he was standing before her before he blitzed out of existence headed for the purple mist in the distance.

"Wait… I could have conjured a teleportation circle." Verrine deadpanned followed suit and disappeared.

(In Nijo castle)

Heracles grinned as his heat-seeking rockets closed in on Rossweisse whose combat power had been reduced due to the alcohol in her system before a bright explosion rocked the skies. His lips curved down when he didn't see the falling form of Rossweisse falling out of the cloud of smoke.

"Mattaku, I thought I told you two to stay behind."

Naruto held Rossweisse bridal style as he gazed down at Kunou. He flashed her a smile. Seeing her up close in her battle test, she looked captivating.

"Is he levitating?" Heracles squinted at the blonde who seemed like he was standing on thin air.

Naruto descended slowly and placed Rossweisse on the floor before he caught Kunou in his peripheral.

"You! What are you doing here?" Naruto raised his voice pointing an accusing finger at the little child.

Kunou almost jumped out of her skin when Naruto barked at her before she told him about her victory with the help of Issei with Rossweisse vouching for her.

Having the gist of the situation, he had spotted Yasaka and a black dragon fighting in the distance but sensing Kunou's signature along the way, he made a stop to make sure she was safe and now, all that was left is to free Yasaka from the enemy's mind control.

"Asia, take care of Rossweisse. I'm going over there." Naruto pointed at two huge figures fighting in the distance.

Heracles watched as they updated Naruto about the situation and given the words that had spread around about him in the Hero Faction, he wanted to see how strong he was himself but wasn't impatient enough to initiate a fight right away. "Do you think I'll just let you through—"

Verrine appeared in a burst of teleportation circles beside Naruto cutting Heracles abruptly. "Don't go running off by yourself, Mister Uzumaki."

Everyone immediately went on guard as the aura around Verrine was intense.

"I thought I told you to keep up." Naruto noticed the stares he and Verrine were receiving and made haste to introduce her "Meet—"

"Verrine. My name is Verrine." She introduced.

"I'll be over there. You can do whatever you want." Naruto said to Verrine and grabbed Kunou. "You, we'll talk about your rebellion later."

"No, you don't." Heracles pointed his sacred gear at Naruto and fired off two missiles at the blonde.

The missiles exploded prematurely as two magic circles intercepted them.

"How dare you prey on Lord Hades' prey?" Verrine's beautiful face darkened considerably.

Naruto glanced at Verrine, he wanted to speed-blitz the enemy but eh, let the devil handle it.

Heracles' heart skipped a beat as a never-felt-before pressure descended on him, he managed to shrug it off and asked for his opponent's name.

"No need for meaningless exchange. The name of a dead man holds no value to me." Verrine cut off his courteous gesture.

"Pompous words, lady. You will regret making an enemy out of me."




On his way to Yasaka's location, Naruto saw Cao Cao and Issei facing off and the rest of the group all down for the count lying on the feet of the enemies before he changed course and touched down beside Issei.

"Ho, you are finally here? Welcome to the lab, Naruto." Cao Cao grinned when he saw the blonde land beside Issei.

"Oi, Issei, think you can take on Cao Cao?" Naruto stared at the downed Yasaka trying her hardest to break free of Vitra's grasp before she howled and a purple magic circle appeared under her. Vitra slithered away in time before a dimensional rift slowly appeared in the sky above the ground. The rich yin energy of Kyoto with Yasaka as a conduit was ripping the skyline of Kyoto open to the dimensional void.

"Sen…sei?" Issei felt shock course through his body.

"Right now, my top priority is saving Yasaka. Just rough him up for me a bit until I'm done over there."

Did Naruto just acknowledge him? A weakling? Here he was complaining about how weak he was and the strongest human he knew was entrusting the task of defeating the villain to him. How much faith did Naruto hold in him?

"Sensei…" A myriad of emotions flashed through issei's face before he steeled his resolve and said, "Leave it to me."

Naruto clapped his hands and a single wood clone rose out of the ground. "Save the students and help Issei defeat Cao Cao."

Naruto gave him a nod of affirmation and turned around, missing the look on Cao Cao's face.

With a bellow of "yes boss!" the clone sprung into action.

George had his hands preoccupied, he was maintaining the magic circle that would summon Great Red and his effort had just begun bearing fruit when he saw the spatial crack above until he glanced at Naruto wondering what he was doing walking towards the huge howling

Naruto knew he had to take care of things here fast. Hades was a far greater threat compared to Cao Cao. To that end, he walked towards Yasaka, amassing a massive amount of Chakra that made Kunou lightheaded. Everyone in the dimension lost could feel the chakra build up. Pebbles floated in the air, the earth shooked mightily as a Chakra-induced earthquake occurred, the very ground they stood on splitting open, a massive wooden golem rising and growing out of the earth, dwarfing everything in the duplicate Kuoh created within dimension lost.

Everyone ceased their battle to stare in awe at the colossal wooden structure that looked like a human with the face of an oni. Even Yasaka's fox form looked like a normal-sized fox compared to a full adult human beside the wood golem.

Kunou who was lifted with the golem stared down at her mother from the head of the wooden structure, who looked so huge a moment ago and now looked so small. Is this the power of her older brother? Her respect for Naruto went from honored to revered that instant.

Issei just smiled thinking he still had a long way to go before he can stand beside Naruto but the fact that someone so strong entrusted defeating Cao Cao to him fired him up to no end. "Ddriag, let's do this!"

With a mental command, the golem knelt, reached out, and caught Yasaka. Vitra slithered back in wary of such a massive existence as Yasaka withered under the vice grip of the wooden golem. She howled and set the hands on fire but her blue flames slowly waned and her energy left her before its right palm was placed on her forehead. Naruto held his hand out with the word 'sit' written in kanji on his palm over the sun mark. It glowed brightly and the lifeless look on Yasaka's face slowly disappeared before the bliss of unconsciousness took her. The golem rose to full height and held its palm close to its face. Kunou jumped off and rushed to her mother's side.

George had beads of sweat rolling down his face as he stared at the massive golem in the distance. All of his hard work just went down the drain in an instant and there was nothing he could do about it. What was this overwhelming feeling that filled his entire being, evoking a never felt before instinct in him not to mess with the human Naruto? He didn't dare near the wooden construct. It was too massive. All he could do was watch as it all unfolds.

Naruto joined Kunou and placed a hand on Yasaka healing her injuries and filling her chakra reserves when a red beam causing an explosion worthy of his four-tailed form caught his attention.

"Heh, that Issei, he's grown." He thought to himself.

(A few minutes ago)

Cap Cao watched as Naruto summoned a massive Golem and he felt the distance between him and Naruto widen even further. He gripped his spear in rising exasperation and glared at the blonde on top of the golem but Issei stood in his way. He raised an eyebrow at Issei when a magic circle appeared before him and out came Rias who then proceeds to let Issei poke her boobs this action somehow unleashed Issei's full potential, the original aura of Ddraig, the controlled release of Juggernaut Drive, and he endured a one-sided stomp from the Red Dragon Emperor but managed to survive thanks to his trusty god-poking spear and a phoenix tear.

Issei who had his feet on the gas used up his magic reserves the moment he used Longinus Smasher and his newfound powers ran out as he wheezed for air.

Cao Cao felt intimidation creep in. Before it was the human Naruto, now it's the devil Issei. Cao Cao was getting frustrated and fast. He wanted to reclaim something he lost when he faced Naruto. He didn't know what but he knew he had to defeat Naruto if he wanted to regain what he lost. Was it his pride? Or his guts? He made haste to engage the blonde but Issei stood in his way

"Out of my way, Sekiryuutei! You have used your power-up! There's nothing you can do anymore!" Cao Cao's spear elongated again and Issei boosted his abilities sending them to his hands and legs. Remembering how Naruto parried Cao Cao's attacks, he decided to put his training into action and used Ascalon to parry the spear away but underestimated the force behind the thrust. Though he managed to parry the spear, the force alone pushed him off his feet.

It was at this moment Cao Cao sensed a strong familiar chi that made him come to a screeching halt in his track.

A shining green western dragon descended from above with an old Youkia riding on its head. This dragon was one of the five dragon kings, Yu long, a green western dragon, the dragon of mischief.

"Fret not young one, reinforcement is he—" Sun Wu kong lost his composure when he noticed the massive wooden golem in the distance, even Yu long felt tiny before it.

"Sekiryuutei boy, what in tarnation is that?" He asked in shock.

"It's allied." Issei gave a thumbs up. This was probably the person Azazel told them about judging from how he stopped The Longinus with a finger and still held a conversation with him.

Cao Cao jumped back and glared at the group. He thought he'd try a sneak attack against the new enemy but failed.

Issei, Sun Wu Kong, Verrin, and now, Naruto who appeared in a swirl of leaves stood in Cao Cao's way. Issei raised an eyebrow at the new face. She was a devil for sure but there was something special about her that he couldn't wrap his head around.

Sun Wu Kong's brow creased the moment he realized Naruto was fluctuating in and out of his sensors and what's more? He could sense Chakra, a great amount of Chakra, coming from Naruto.

"You wanted to summon great sauce? You? Do you think you can handle that dragon? Dream on." Naruto scoffed. Seeing as Cao Cao's plan has been sabotaged.

With a mental command, the wooden golem stomped towards them with an antagonizing slow step. With each stop, a mini earthquake occurred, and Cao Cao's exasperation rose to an unprecedented height. Even allied teammates couldn't help but glance behind to make sure the golem wasn't coming for them.

Cao Cao grit his teeth at Naruto's provocations.

"Cao Cao-sama, it's time to retreat."

Cao Cao bared his teeth at the group and growled. "The next time we meet…"

"Are you running again?" Naruto asked. He knew his provocations were working as Cao Cao's face darkened even further. "Well, that's what your faction has always been going at, running with their tails between their legs."

No, like Naruto wasn't lying. They all ran away from him. Every one of them. Naruto Uzumaki was just that awesome.

"Naruto…" Cao Cao hissed, steam coming out of his mouth. "You think you've outmatched me? No! It's you all that are outmatched. I'll show you an esoteric move of Longinus. Feel honored and be humbled, Uzumaki Naruto, to witness the power of my holy spear"

As soon as Cao Cao finished his dialogue, the True Longinus' hilt touched the ground, a rough stomp from Cao Cao, a familiar gesture that made Naruto tense. Cao Cao sucked in air and began chanting incantations.

"O spear, The true holy spear which pierced—"

Naruto cleared the distance between them, reached out, and caught him by his throat.

"Cao Cao sama"

Naruto lifted Cao Cao effortlessly and choke slammed him to the ground.

Cao Cao's subordinate, Freed Sellzen who had regrouped beside their Leader, saw red and tried to cleave Naruto in two as they all sprung into action.

Everyone on Natuto's side including Verrine sprung into action and time seemed to slow down for Cao Cao as he saw Naruto's eyes slowly bleed purple with orange eyelids. He had those spooky eyes on him, like a bar in a concentric circle, eyes locked, ignoring everything going around in his vanity, and then, he wasn't sure if he heard but he knew his lips were moving, not as fast as he was but he could make out words like it is over as he raised his palm in front of him, right at his face.

"Is this how it ends?"

In extreme situations, sacred gears have been known to answer the call of their users, granting them strength. This was true for all sacred gear users. Imagine what would happen if the number one sacred gear, the True Longinus senses its users" stress and grants them strength.

"Like hell, I'll die today!"

"Announce the will and turn into a glow!"

"Shinra Tensei!"

A white bright light erupted from the center of the battlefield and blinded everyone before


Everyone was blasted away with tremendous force. Naruto himself rolled off the ground into a kneeling stance, his eyes ahead.

"Did Shinra Tensei fail?" He wondered before he saw Cao Cao with a look of triumph and a tint of relief in the same position as him, holding the Longinus.

The Hero Faction team had looks of victory plastered to their faces and reverence for their leader.

The moment Cao Cao began chanting, Verrine tried to erase him off the face of the earth but in that same instant, Naruto was upon her target making her resolve falter but regardless, she aimed and poured a great of magic, powerful enough to incinerate an ultimate class devil into her attack.

Hades told her about the Longinus move Cao Cao was about to use in the past. It spelled a seriously bad move for all of them supernatural creatures, especially true for the devils.

Verrine couldn't do anything but helplessly gaze at Cao Cao waiting for the rebound of Truth's idea looking defeated.

Sun Wu Kong himself stumbled back and almost fell off his butt with a look of defeat on his face. Naruto and Issei were the only ones who looked clueless.

The old Youkai glanced at Naruto and Issei and told them, "Brace for impact, everyone."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

Sun Wu Kong warned them that this was an attack they couldn't dodge and to brace for impact as it was the 'will' of God stored inside the holy spear. It was a divine judgment of sorts. Hearing that, Naruto frowned and subtly grabbed onto his allies, using roots, ready to Teleport away.

"It's too late." Sun Wu Kong lamented and closed his eyes.

To Cao Cao's utter surprise and delight of the devils and Sun Wu Kong, nobody took any damage. To put it in simpler terms, nothing happened.

Cao Cao stared on in disbelief as he searched for any sign that could give him an edge but found none.

Their looks of victory slowly turned to confusion and frustration.

"Wait… that's it?" Issei laughed out loud. Not to mock Cao Cao, well half of it was to mock him, but because nothing happened.

The intense aura he felt from the spear only lasted a millisecond but he felt it, it was like he was standing in front of the sun, the weight of the star on his shoulders, in front of a power beyond his comprehension, and then it all but vanished, the overwhelming feeling.

For the first time since he awakened his sacred gear, Cao Cao wanted to cry.

He felt betrayed, cheated, and confused.

Sun Wu Kong didn't share the same sentiment with Issei, he had a deep frown on his face.

Did Truth Idea malfunction or was Cao Cao's mastery over it incomplete? Or is this the effect of Truth Idea itself? Truth Idea is the most unpredictable attack in DxD but this was unprecedented. Nothing happened, at all. Given they were from other factions different from the biblical faction, the Youkai, and Devils respectively, hell there were dragon kings on their side yet, nothing happened, not a single event took place.

"Don't tell me… this is his will?" Sun Wu Kong thought starting at the True Longinus.

Cao Cao's lips quivered as he glared at Naruto before George talked sense into him. He visibly calmed down and got his emotions back in control. "Naruto Uzumaki, I swear on my honor, I will master this spear, and when I do, I will show you the true power of the Longinus and crush you to bits with it. It's not a promise or a threat, it's a prophecy."

"Yeah, Yeah, off you go, shoo, go away, bitch." Naruto made a waving motion with his hands.

Issei was about to give chase but it was too late. The group of villains disappeared into tiny magic particles as they teleported via a magic circle.

The moment the Hero Faction members left, Naruto fell to the ground butt first sweating bullets.

The wood golem followed suit, causing a tremor before it disintegrated until all that was left was a beautiful garden surrounding Kunou and Yasaka who was still unconscious.

"Issei… Take care of them for me." Naruto mustered the last of his strength. He wanted to warn him about Verrine but it was too late.

Issei panicked when he saw Naruto had paled considerably. His lips blanched and dry. All Naruto could hear was Issei screaming his name which was slowly fading away.

"I need… to stay… awake. Hades…" was the last thought on his mind before the bliss of unconsciousness took him.

(The next day: Kuoh Police Station)

John Hunter massaged his forehead as he went through a series of files. After the first victim of the 'vampire death', as they've named it, there's been more around Kuoh. Found in the same state, two puncture wounds in the neck.

Where's Naruto when you need him?

The mobile phone under a pile of files vibrated endlessly as John's fingers fumbled around his desk looking for the cellphone. It rang for a few seconds before John managed to fish it out.

The number had no caller ID.

"Hello, Detective John speaking."

"Mr. John, it is I, Rias."

"Oh, how did you get my number?"

"We have connections in the police."

"Okay…" John quickly scanned the precinct as if he'd magically see a devil with its wings exposed in broad daylight in a police station of all places.

"Mr. John, I don't know how to break this to you but I thought you should know since you live with Naruto-sensei."

John looked perplexed for a moment. He wondered what had happened to Naruto. Should have been back from the excursion today.

"Naruto-sensei… He's in stasis right now. We don't know what happened exactly but he's being taken care of in Kyoto. We are currently on our way to visit him-"

"I'm coming with you guys."

(A few hours later)

The comatose body of one Uzumaki Naruto lay on a futon, his tan forehead furrowed as cold beads of sweat rolled down from his head. A wet white towel wiped his face occasionally courtesy of a super busty blonde woman in a shrine maiden outfit that did little to conceal her bountiful bust. By his left sat a kid with fox ears and nine tails no older than twelve with blonde hair and golden eyes, holding Naruto's hand with a delicate look on her face.

The room had a somber aura to it.

John could immediately tell how much these people cared for Naruto. In a corner of the room sat two people.

Azazel & an unfamiliar girl looking no older than Martha

Martha had her bangs shadowing her eyes as she stared at the comatose form of Naruto

"How did this happen?" John asked, receiving the full gist from Azazel.

Azazel explained to them the fundamentals of Truth Idea and told them supernatural beings were much more susceptible to Truth Idea than human beings with devils and evil dragons having very little to no resistance to the sacred gear's abilities. Even the seraphs of heaven feared the technique. He told them Naruto's state, his sickness, was all… the will of god.

The will of my father is something I can never wrap my head around.

The students wanted to stay but Azazel was against it. They weren't happy about it, they were all worried about Naruto as he hadn't woken up since the battle at Nijo castle, especially Rossweisse who didn't want to leave but knew she had to.

The governor general told them it would seem suspicious if they stay longer than they should and told them he'd find an excuse for Naruto's absence. Azazel proposed she leaves for Kuoh to help fill Naruto's vacant spot to not rouse suspicion.

He told them to have hope and let Kyoto tend to Naruto's conditions.

The ladies have been taking turns taking care of Naruto with Rossweisse being the lady who took care of him when Yasaka was busy with her duties as a leader. Before Rossweisse left, Verrine reassured her she was going to watch over Naruto, telling her that those were her orders.

Confused, Rossweisse was grateful anyways.

John and Martha stayed the night and left with the excursion team the next day.

Upon getting home, John sat in Naruto's spot wondering where Gaia went now of all time before a knock on the door jolted him out of his thoughts.

In front of Naruto's yard was a hot black-haired woman wearing a very sexy outfit that put the chest area to shame in terms of decency. Her golden-slitted eyes narrowed in caution as she sized up the white-haired human.

"You are not Naruto nya~"

(The Next Day: Sunday Morning)

Issei Hyoudou slept comfortably in the confines of his king-sized bed without a worry in the world. Unfortunately, Rias slept in Rossweisse's room for some reason. He didn't understand why but she didn't seem like her usual self since they left Kyoto. Sure he was worried about Naruto too but he knew the blonde wouldn't go down in such a manner. He was too badass to die from disease-stricken on him by his enemies.

The Red Dragon Emperor had his hand spawned out, his back to the bed when he felt a very soft and meaty globe of flesh resting itself on his Johnson region. Delicate fingers planted gently on his chest as the globes of flesh slowly grated back and forth in an intense sensual way that made Issei snap his eyes wide open. A white-skinned hand covered his lips, muffling his welp of surprise.

A woman dressed in a grim reaper hoodie, a sexy one at that, judging from the two blue tints gleaming from the darkness of the hoodie. Her golden blonde hair was sprawled out over his chest, framing both sides of her face and the undeniable truth of her beauty as she slowly reach up and pulled her hoodie off all the while still gyrating her hips and grinding her ass down his boner to reveal one of the most beautiful faces he's ever seen.

She had the face of an angel, blood-red lips curing into a sexy smirk, as she reached down and pulled her hood off jutting her bountiful chest out held by nothing but a black cut top so short it only covered a portion of her upper boobs, her sharp jawline and her pointed chin jutting out, the morning sun peeked through the curtains, casting an ethereal glow over her blonde tresses lighting its edges like fire… yes, this was the dream of all men personified, a seductive temptress with the body of a succubus, such a shame he'll have to wake up from this paradise.

Issei was going to froth at the mouth at this rate

She graced him with a beautiful smile that melted his heart as she dived low, arching her spine as she went from below till she reached his lips. Issei immediately burned her face into memory as her strawberry tongue peeked out of her lips and licked his cheeks, dangerously close to his lips.

"Can I eat you up, Sekiryuutei?"

Issei blushed furiously in perverted glee, and that was all she needed to dive in and lick his neck. Issei shuddered at the gesture wondering why his dreams were so vivid, it felt so real and so stimulating before he choked when he felt what was human teeth, no, too long to be human teeth sink into his neck.

For a few seconds, all one could hear was the suction and moans and grinding the woman was up to before Issei realized it wasn't a dream anymore.

With a distressed cry, Issei tried to pry her face off his neck but she held his hands up above his head pinned to the bed before she resumed her treat.

In that split second, the drunk look on her face instilled a primal fear of women into Issei's perverted mind.

His blood dripped off the corner of her lips as she licked it, not sparing a drop. Her blue eyes glowed literally, a gaze reminiscent of that of prey and predator shining in her eyes like a lion would a deer in the wild.

"Yummy. So much better than anything I have ever tasted!" She squealed as she hugged herself and threw her head in euphoria.

She was stoned, higher than a lifeguard's chair on his blood.

Issei screamed like never before.

(Meanwhile, in Uzumaki Mansion)

John was having his morning coffee by the window, staring out the window, looking at a mental image of his schedule hoping he had the weekend free to go check up on Naruto when a black blur landed on the fence between Naruto's house and the devils.

His mental schedule disappeared into bits instantly.

For a moment, he saw it.

Her wet black panties.

Glowing blue eyes met red, she smiled at the human licking her lips.

"Good morning," She gave a wink and waved at him in a jolly manner.

John blinked once and blinked twice before a lightning bolt struck the fence the blonde lady was posing on.

"Ah, my eyes!" John yelled, covering his stinging eyes due to the sudden attack.

Luckily, he wasn't an average human being and sight returned to him only to see a section of the fence gone, in rumbles, and a cute Koneko in her cat-themed pajamas consisting of a bra and white panties.

Another glorious morning in Kouh, isn't it?




John stared at Issei who held his neck subconsciously, his focus far lost as he stared at the lawn of the Uzumaki mansion. Asia stood beside him who had done her best to heal his wounds.

"That was a vampire nya~," Kuroka said after Rias, Akeno, Kiba, Irina, Xenovia and Rossweisse appeared via magic circle.

"So vampires exist!" John had a childish look on his face when his theories were proven right.

He's seen a real-life vampire.

Rias was by Issei's side at once though the boy seemed traumatized by the event, he managed a smile for his girlfriend's sake.

"How did she even get in? What was her goal?" Koneko asked.

"Probably Sekiryuutei nya~" Seeing the looks she received, Kuroka sighed and explained further. "The Sekiryutei's blood. She was after the Red Dragon Of Domination's magic energy flowing in Issei's blood. The same way I wanted to bear his children. Supernatural women are drawn to strong men, most of us can't resist the desire."

Kuroka threw a smirk at her baby sister who flinched away in embarrassment.

"Though I've moved on. Now, I'd love to bear Naruto's kittens. I pray he wakes up soon nya~"

Kuroka glanced at the sliverish-white-haired woman, Rossweisse, in confusion. Why was she glaring at her with a cute pout?

"Now that we know who we are dealing with, we can devise a plan to get rid of her."

"We don't even know her name." John deadpanned at Rias' statement.

"Oh, she'll come back for more."

"How do you know?"

"Because she said that to my face, that's how," Rias replied irritated.

(School: The next day)

Rossweisse stood in front of Class 3-E, took a deep breath, and entered with a smile. She walked up to the front and stood in Naruto's place.

"Good morning, students. My name is Rossweisse and I'll be filling Naruto-senpai's position as your homeroom teacher."

"Where sensei at?" A blue-haired boy asked.

"Due to health reasons, he's away for the moment till he fully recovers."

Yuri Brown stood and gave her a bow. "I hope you take care of us, Sensei."

Then the whole class went silent. You could hear a cricket crook.

Yuri of all people was being cooperative.

Yuri had come to respect Naruto a lot so seeing the woman who tends to be around him all the time and the looks she sends his way, it wouldn't take a genius to figure she liked their homeroom teacher.

"Oh, thank you…"


Rossweisse started the class and the kids were quite responsive. A far cry from the image the school system had painted about them. She rather liked the kids.

She reached the middle of his notes and saw some scribblings.

The words she said to Naruto about his students a few months back when they were still acquaintances were written in a box sporting an exclamation mark. Surprisingly, Naruto had exquisite penmanship. She idly smiled at the memory, forgetting she was in class.

Beside the box was 'the hundred yen shop pretty lady who thinks I'm broke"

Even when unconscious, Naruto Uzumaki still manages to put a smile on her face.

"Um, Rossweisse-sensei?" Yuri jolted her out of her memory trip.

The student noticed her demeanor and her countenance had brightened considerably as she taught them with more enthusiasm and the kids listened with rapt attention.

She didn't know… every single one of them had grown to respect Naruto and that was what she was receiving from the student to honor Naruto's absence. Once their sensei was back, they could raise hell again.




After the class was over, Rossweisse strolled the halls of K.A auto-piloting to the next class she had holding Naruto's lecture notes. She had class 3-B biology. The fact that she was going to her assigned class might have helped cause the moment she snapped back to reality she was right in front of the class.

She explained the situation to the students and they all agreed, some even praying for Naruto's quick recovery before she started the class.

It was at this moment, the principal slid the classroom door open and walked in.


The principal laughed heartily and apologized for intruding and not sending a message beforehand.

"Let me introduce a new transfer student that will be joining class 3-B."

Everyone burst into murmurs. A new student in the middle of the term?

"The delectable and beautiful—"

Issei rose to his feet in shock as the same woman that assaulted him in a good and bad way waltzed into the class and flashed him a smile.

"Hello everyone, my name is Eve… Even Edens." She winked at Rossweisse before her blue orbs drifted to the supernatural members of the class.

Rossweisse coughed into her hands and told her to take a seat behind the class.

Eve walked up to the guy sitting beside Issei, stared him in the eye, and said, "Sweetheart, could you please go sit in the back, I'd love to sit here."

Matsuda did as he was told with joy.

"Yes, Rossweisse, you take good care of Eve. She's dear to this old man's heart." The principal said and left the classroom.

Rossweisse gripped the edge of her table as she stared at her new student dead in the eye who returned her glare with a bright smile and a cheerful wave.

(After school)

Rossweisse tailed one of her students as he made a detour from his usual route wondering where he was headed to. She thought it suspicious the moment the bell dismissed them and he didn't even bother to see Issei and Motohama to head home together, a ritual the perverted trio were known for besides their peeing and perverted tendencies.

Imagine her surprise when he turned to an alleyway and waiting for him was Eve with a flushed look on her face. She quickly held her arms out with a longing look on her face.

"I need to taste his blood again but for now, you'll have to suffice. I'm going to drain every single drop from you."

Eve went down on her knees, fumbling with her belt, and reached for his fly

"For being a very good boy, I'll be giving you special service before you leave."

Rossweisse immediately sprung into action and walked into the hallway.

"What do you think are doing?"

Eve's expression soured. She rolled her eyes at the Valkyrie and ordered the boy to stay on the sidelines.

"What do you want, Valkyrie?"

"You keep your hands off my student." Rossweisse backed her threat with a subtle magic release.

"Yeah, yeah, yes ma'am." Eve neared Matsuda and cupped his sausage. "Such a shame, I wanted to show you what heaven looks like. Better luck next time."

Rossweisse sneered at her as she walked past her. Eve took a step back and took a whiff of Rossweisse, dangerously close to her neck. "The scent of a virgin maiden. Tantalizing…" She licked her lips and left the alley.

Matsuda who had been standing obediently suddenly shuddered, staggering on his feet, a bit disoriented before looking around and saw the familiar figure of his teacher.

"Sensei… what are you doing here?" Rossweisse stared at him, not justifying his question with an answer. "What am I doing here?"

Now Rossweisse was a little concerned.

Turns out the kid had no memory of what transpired. The last memory he had was the principal barging in.




Eve had a big grin on her face. Playing around with the devils was fun, to say the least. She was even called to the student president's office meeting eye-to-eye with Rias Gremory who had a few to say none of which she was interested in.

Eve had caught the whiff of another virgin with strong blood. The pale blonde-haired girl with purple streaks… Martha Hunter, was it? The girl had a power sleeping deep within her that made her shudder with excitement.

She loved strong people and what she loved more was bedding strong people.

Tracking her wasn't easy as she could somehow throw her scent off but she managed to track her to a restaurant where she worked part-time. She looked so heavenly in her black waist jacket, her purple-blonde hair packed into a long ponytail as she received orders turning around in her skirt captivating men effortlessly.

The moment Eve walked in, all eyes were on her. She sat at a table and raised her hand and called for a waiter to attend to her.

"Dammmnnn! Does heaven know you are missing?"

Eve stared at the black man in front of her and crossed her legs, the action revealing a good portion of her thigh.

Otunba stared… shamelessly.

"You like what you see?" She asked resting her chin in her intertwined fingers, buffing her eyelashes at him.

"Damn right I do." He replied. "I have something good to show you if you understand what I'm saying."

Eve couldn't have mustered a better sultry smile.

A slap to the head ruined their moment courtesy of Martha who stood protectively in front of the black man. It was funny how her young slim little frame tried to cover the huge frame of the second most perverted person she knew from the bad Vampire.

"What would you like, customer?" Martha pushed the menu into Eve's face.

"I'd have you if you were on the menu."

"Very funny." Martha deadpanned.

Otunba was starting to see Eve in a new light. The kind of woman he was just looking for.

The moment of truth is now.

"You do onlyfans?" Otunba asked with an abnormally serious face.

"I'll show you something even better. Let me write down my address." Eve snatched a pen from Martha and wrote down her address on a tissue.

Though the address never got to its destination because the address was addressed by Martha with extreme prejudice.

"Martha why?!" Otunba cried.

"Roses are full of thorns." She replied and took Eve's orders. Giving her a glare that said, 'stay put

"Hmmm…" Eve stared at the huge frame of Otunba following Martha like a love-sick puppy. A melancholic look graced her face as she went down memory lane remembering when she was once like that.

(Unknown location)

Hades, the king of the underworld held the chains that bind his grandmother with the unreadable expression all skeletons seem to possess.

The rational part of Hades wanted to keep his mother's jailbreak a secret from his brother and thus, the secret of Naruto's origins.

Hades dropped the reins and brought his skeletal palm to his ear.

"Lord Hades"

"Speak Verrine. How is the human doing?"

"Still in stasis."

"... Get rid of him. Your mission is done."

" I'm afraid that's impossible with everyone present here."

"Azazel? Leave him to me?"

"Gaia-sama is here." Verrine dropped the bomb on Hades. "Though, they don't know I work for you yet."

"Keep an eye on him for the time being. Don't act rashly, my mother will see through everything if you do."


"And Verrine, Keep an eye on my grandmother for me."

Hades hung up the call and stared at the deep vastness that held his mother once captive.

The King of the underworld could feel a migraine coming.

First off, Naruto.

Now, Gaia?

As if Naruto wasn't big enough a problem

It took the combined might of his brothers to seal Gaia and now, he didn't doubt her jailbreak was assisted by none other than Naruto. Kyoto is a defensive fortress for the comatose blonde with the powerhouses guarding him. Though he could pull it off with his army, that meant two factions would be going to war. The supernatural world won't just sit down and watch, definitely the likes of Odin who's imposed sanctions on Kyoto might move and the devils would get involved too but the treaties the factions have signed would be nullified.

Zeus and Poseidon on the other hand, Hades disliked his brothers but sometimes, they had to set their differences aside to protect their pantheon. If Zeus and Poseidon were to join the fray… it might be possible.

That left the anonymous source that tipped him. At first, Hades thought it was a ridiculous prank but it all made sense when he connected the dots.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

With his mind made up, Hades left the prison.

(Four days later)

Blue orbs slowly opened and the first thing he noticed was too much light. They immediately squeezed shut. He could hear indistinct chatter. It seemed like he was in a room. What was the last thing he remembered?

"Hades!" Naruto shot up straight and pushed a blanket off his body. He drew the wooden door open and rushed outside. He was garbed in his clothes, only missing his jacket.

"Oh, He's up!" A Youkai maid yelled in joy. "Naruto-sama is up! Quick go spread the message!"

Hearing this and seeing the Youkai maid scatter to tell everyone he's awakened, he knew he was in Kyoto.

"Um, excuse me, how long have I been asleep?" Naruto asked.

"A week."

"A… week?" Naruto thought to himself.

"Oh, Naruto-sama. They all fawned upon you. I never knew you were such a player" The maid blushed.


"Yasaka-sama, the white-haired lady and the devil."

Naruto could understand the first two but Verrine? If she's still here does that mean Hades hasn't come back for him? If he did, Naruto didn't know if he wanted everyone to know his secret yet or the kind of trouble he was going to bring upon Kyoto again.


Two doors led to the compound of Naruto's quarters and both were flung wide open in an instant.

On one edge stood Kunou and Yasaka and on the other end stood Rossweisse. All three women were out of breath before Kunou rushed forward and knocked the oxygen out of his lungs with a tight bear hug.

"I really thought you wouldn't wake up!" Kunou bawled into his chest.

Naruto patted her head affectionately as she cried. His lips couldn't help but curve into a beautiful smile the moment he laid his eyes on Yasaka. Whole, healthy, conscious and busty as ever. A gesture she mirrored before she walked up to him and pulled him into her bosom.

"Welcome back, Naruto-kun." She whispered in his ear.

Naruto was glad to see the two reunited and being in Yasaka's arms just like old times.

The maid gushed and gushed at the scene before the head maid made signals for them to leave.

Rossweisse knew her presence would be unnecessary but deep down, she wanted to do the same with Naruto but she was content with seeing him conscious and whole.

She left the compound and shut the door behind her back.




Hearing the news, Everyone was happy to know that their madao of a sensei was back in the land of the living. They all waited for him in the palace dining hall.

A big feast was in order after all.

Kyoto wanted to celebrate the return of their leader but Yasaka kept suspending it, waiting for Naruto, their hero, to wake up.

There was lots of assorted food as everyone helped themselves to the tasty goodness on the table.

Naruto walked in with Yasaka and Kunoh stealing everybody's attention. He was garbed in a black and orange kimono with a running orange fox imprinted on the back and the chest.

"Yaaa!" Azazel raised a cup to Naruto. "Leaving everyone worried and having the fine ladies to yourself. You are something else, Naruto."

Verrine and Rossweisse had a pink blush staining their faces.

The three blondes joined them at the table and everyone ate and drank to their satisfaction.

Kurama and Naruto kept poking fun at each other just like old times and Issei even joined in. Naruto didn't care much and just had a fun time with everyone.

Naruto shared a cryptic glance with Verrine and they both came to a client agreement. The hero of Kyoto excused himself and Verrine did the same.

Yasaka watched the both of them leave. They had a lot of catching up to do but she could wait as today was a day of feast. She was meaning to ask about the relationship between Naruto and the devil but it seems now wasn't the time. Verrine only said they were friends.

Naruto and Verrine walked to a secluded part of the palace where the night sky was visible for all to see and held a sush discussion outside.

"My assignment is to keep an eye on you, Mr. Naruto." Verrine finished before she noticed Rossweisse walking towards them.

Verrine knew the Asgardian had feelings for Naruto. She always came back to check up on Naruto and even pulled a nighter to keep watch on Naruto when he was experiencing his temperature change. The look of worry on her face every time she was around the blond told it all

"Umm… I want to see Issei about something." Verrine thought of an excuse to leave.

It seems Issei and Verrine took it off as friends. The pervert wanted to befriend another fellow devil.

Verrine left Naruto and Rossweisse in an awkward silence and Rossweisse just stared at Naruto, swinging back and forth.

Naruto smiled at her childish antic which was mirrored by Rossweisse.

"I'm glad to see Senpai in good health again." She said,

"I must have scared everyone." Naruto wanted to walk towards her but felt phantom pain in his stomach. Rossweisse was by his side in an instant doting over him.

"Come on, you need to rest." Rossweisse put his arm over her shoulder and held his waist.

Strangely, Naruto welcomed the gesture even though he could run to Alaska, cutting the pacific if he wanted to.

"I heard I was asleep for a week. It must have been bothersome taking care of me." He said as he allowed Rossweisse to lead him to his room.

"It wasn't a bother for me… taking care of Sempai," Rossweisse replied.

Naruto had a wide grin on his face as he stared at Rossweisse who hadn't looked at his face since she held him.

"Yasaka-sama too stood by your side. She fed you soup when you were unconscious." Rossweisse chided herself mentally for saying that hoping the jealousy in her tone went unnoticed by Naruto.

"Heh, that Old Fox can be tender like that sometimes." Naruto joked.

"It's just that I was afraid you would never wake up." Rossweisse's voice shakes as she was truly afraid of his unpredictable condition as Azazel told them to expect the worst.

Naruto stopped in his tracks and watched as Rossweisse furiously wiped her face.

As big as the world was, if there was only one person Rossweisse loved, it was Naruto. He was the only person that comforted her in her darkest times without him even knowing, he made her feel special. The fear of losing another loved one wrecked her mind for the agonizingly long week.

Naruto raised her chin and wiped a stray tear off her face.

"You even look beautiful when you cry." He cupped her face, rubbing her cheeks with his thumb.

Rossweisse just kept on sniffing. All she could see was Naruto's lips. Everything else had blurred.

Naruto brought her face to his chest and rubbed her head affectionately. "Somehow, I missed you. Even though I was unconscious. It felt like an eternity to me."

"Promise you won't get sick like this again and keep me worried." Rossweisse's voice sounded muffled but Naruto held her loud and clear.

"That's a lifetime promise," Naruto replied and brought her even closer. Rossweisse wrapped her hand around his back and just let herself go in his arms.

Both human and Asgardian enjoyed each other's embrace for a while. The place they were in was quite secluded with nobody in sight.




Kunou was out searching around for Naruto, leaving her mother and the devils to talk about business when she spotted Naruto and Rossweisse holding hands as they walked toward the palace.

Golden-slitted eyes lightened up as the familiar physique of Naruto reflected on them.


Rossweisse immediately jerked her hand away from Naruto's. Naruto himself was disappointed that he had to let her hand go. He rather enjoyed having her hand in his. With the same hand, he waved at Kunou to play it cool.

Kunou being her innocent self dragged Naruto away to have fun with him and he was helpless against her.

"Slow down!" His words fell on deaf ears as she dragged him into the crowd of students.

(Scene change: Kyoto Train Station)

Morning came and with much reluctance from Yasaka, a healthy Naruto stood in front of the Kyoto train station.

Yasaka, Kurama, Genryusai, and Kunou were disguised as humans to see Naruto off with Yasaka promising to come to visit him in his new house after she's done with her leader affairs.

"Please! Haha-ue!" Kunou was at her mother's feet begging her profusely to let her leave with Naruto.

At first, Yasaka was against the Idea but Naruto changed her mind and she finally relented. Verrine was also on the train to Kuoh and the entire students and staff of Kuoh Academy.

"You keep my daughter safe, Naruto!"

"Heh, that's my job. I don't need an old hag telling me what to do."

This of course earned Naruto a bonk from Yasaka, a scene Issei hadn't properly adjusted to but was all glad to see Yasaka's huge tits wobble with the action.

Naruto was good at making her titties wobble and he didn't even know.

Kunou waved her mother off as she disappeared into the distance and the bullet train took off in earnest.

"Yes! I'm staying with my nii-san forever!"

Naruto chuckled at the victory jump she did. Pumping her fist in the air.

"Kunou-chan." Issei joined Naruto, Verrine, and Rossweisse in their car and took a seat beside the little fox. "I'll show you around Kuoh when we get there. It's a beautiful place too, you know."

Naruto idly wondered how his housemates were doing. He had wanted to contact them somehow. "I need a new smartphone now, don't I?" He murmured to himself.

Rossweisse overheard him talking to himself and asked about the phone he bought a while back.

"I uh… I gave it away." Naruto replied with a sheepish smile.

He disliked mobile phones for a reason but he needed one now as everyone around him had one. It was high time he bought one and learned of its intricacies.

Rossweisse sighed at Naruto's antics. He could be so chill about things sometimes. That was a cutting-edge high-end phone he gave out. She would need to save up for a few months before she bought that kind of phone. How rich was Naruto Uzumaki?

"Huh! Put your worries to rest, Sensei. This student of yours will help you pick up a better pho—."Rossweisse cut off Issei before he could finish her sentence.

In his once-in-a-lifetime moment of genius, Issei realized it wasn't his place to interfere when he saw the exasperated look on Rossweisse's face.

They both stayed together and talked about Class 3-E and the progress she's made with them. Naruto was genuinely shocked she could get his students to cooperate. Maybe she was that good with students.

(Uzumaki Mansion)

Rossweisse offered to help Naruto with his luggage but Naruto turned her gesture off claiming she's done enough and to stop worrying about him as he was back at full strength. Verrine instead decided to help Naruto with his luggage. She watched as Naruto placed his hand on the swirl mounted on the gate as it slowly slid open.

"It's good to be home." Naruto sighed, staring at his front yard.




The reunion with his housemates was as expected and unexpected. He was engulfed in a vice-like bear hug by Martha and a bro side hug by John as they both shared a laugh happy to see him again.

"Verrine-san, I'll have that." Martha took Naruto's luggage from Rossweisse

"Where's Gaia?"

Naruto loosened his tie as he flopped to the couch exhausted by the journey.

"Gaia said she had something important to take care of and to tell you not to come find her." John relayed the goddess' message.

Naruto seemed perplexed by the message wondering what on earth she was up to.

His danger senses went blaring when a black cat jumped from behind into his lap and transformed into a familiar figure.

"Naruto nya~" Kuroka cried as she hugged him, sitting on his lap.

"Kuroka." Naruto patted her back warmly.

The black-haired beauty froze in shock and pulled her face away from his shoulder to stare at him.

"Naruto, are you okay?" She asked, shock evident on her face as she grabbed his head and face. "Are you unwell in the head?"

"I'm perfectly sane," Naruto replied.

"Then, can we make babies together?"

"Get off me you damn cat!" Naruto pushed her off.

Kuroda sprawled on the ground and giggled to herself. Yes, that was the Naruto she knew.

"Make yourself at home, Verrine." Naruto pointed at a couch for her to sit on.

Kuroda noticed the purple-haired woman.

A devil…

Kuroka could tell that much at a glance.

"I don't see Gaia anywhere. Where is she at?"

"She left a message saying she had somewhere important to go."

"She didn't tell?"


Naruto shared a glance with Verrine saying "we need to talk about this" before his sight flickered to Kuroka who was rubbing her head on his lap.

Verrine looked at the group and then at Naruto who seemed like an old man who just had too many children to take care of. In the short time she spent with Naruto, she came to a startling realization; Devils, Youkais, Asgardians, humans, and even a goddess all stood by his side. He had a special talent to unite different species together. It was the first time she saw all three races together to take care of someone, to worry for someone, and hope they recover with sincere hearts.

She couldn't say for sure the kind of person Naruto Uzumaki was but the people around him held nothing but respect for him. She wanted to access the blonde herself to see if he was a threat as Hades labeled him.




A few hours later Naruto sat in his bedroom and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding out.

He held his stomach with a sour look on his face as his face slowly blanched. He felt sore as if his muscles were made of rubber. Cao Cao's death was guaranteed the next time they met.

He wasn't fit for traveling.

Sage mode helps alleviate the pain. It took less than 3 seconds for him to achieve this state, a record for the young sage.

Like a ripple moving around a water body, Naruro's senses widened to encapsulate the entirety of Kuoh. The goal was to establish a connection with Gaia, not to survey the town but he felt something strange among the supernatural and human population in Kouh, a strange energy signature but paid it no heed before he grasped the raw natural energy flow and delve deeper into his mind

Naruto opened his eyes a bit disappointed he couldn't track her. He hoped she was safe and well.

His meditation was cut short when he sensed Kunou's chakra entering his room. Blue orbs opened to golden-slitted eyes, and a look of curiosity graced her face as she reached her little fingers out to touch Naruo's eyelids.

"Why does your pupil look like a goat's pupil?"

Naruto twitched at the innocent and genuinely curious but offensive question. A tick mark appeared on his forehead as he went on and elaborate on the awesomeness of frogs.

"This is sage mode."

"Sage mode?"

"It's something like Senjutsu."

"Senjutsu!" Kunou yelled in excitement. She's heard of it one too many times and has heard of its legends. "You don't go crazy, do you?"

Naruto held his fist out and made a gesture for her to do the same. The moment her fist touched his, Chakra like never felt before entered her system as her tails and fox ears came out. It felt so pure and so powerful. Kunou faltered a few seconds later.

"Oops sorry, Kunou. I forget you are not a sage sometimes." Naruto chuckled.

Nonsages can't balance sage energy properly.

"Nii-san… Did you find a way back to your family?" Kunou asked.

Naruto placed his hand on her head and shook his head. "I don't think I can."

She could feel the pain in his voice.

"Don't be sad Nii-san. When haha-ue was held captive, I missed her but I knew she wouldn't want me to be miserable so I decided to be strong for her and j have decided, I'll be strong for you too! I'll be your family, Nii-san. I, haha-ue, Kurama, and all of Kyoto will be your family!" She said,

Naruto felt shocked that those words were coming out of a twelve-year-old girl. He chuckled at the serious look on her face. "You guys are my new family alright."

"Yatta!" Kunou hugged him.

"Naruto-nii, dinner is ready." Martha had a warm smile on her face as she entered with a knock.

Martha was moved by the words of the young child herself. She almost didn't want to ruin the moment.

"And oh, we are having Ramen."

"Yes! It's been ages!" Naruto displayed his childlike love for ramen and ushered both girls to the living room immediately.

"Noodle freak."

"There's no milk for you today."

Kuroda looked aghast for a moment before she gritted her teeth in anger.

"You bully!"

"Naruto, don't make the beautiful lady cry." John groaned.

"Stay out of this, cop."

"You think I'm pretty?" Kuroda blushed.

John nodded with an "okay" look on his face and went back to slurping his dinner.

"Heeeyyyy… Bro, what's going on?" Martha tried to tease her older brother.

"I still like the guy you work with!" John yelled pointing his chopsticks at her. "Can't your boss fire him or something?"

"He's a great guy if you look last his eccentric tendencies."

"Not as great as Nii-san though. He's the best." Kunou said, earning a nod of agreement from Martha.

"Who?" Naruto asked out of the loop.

"Her co-worker. A dirty sleazebag."

"Let her be. Martha can take care of herself."

"You didn't see the guy."

"I'm saying she's intelligent and strong enough to know what to do. You gotta cut her some slack."

"How I wish Gaia was here, she would have supported me."

Verrine watched the interaction with a poker face before Kunou offered her her Narutomaki.

"Nee-chan can have my Narutomaki." She beamed.

Verrine stared at the treat sitting on noodles in broth and reached out with her chopstick, picked it, and put it in her mouth. Everyone waited for her reaction with bated breath. She seemed to chew it for a few seconds before she swallowed heavily.

"It's not bad."

Martha gave a first pump of joy.

"Enjoy," Martha said as she poured more noodles into her bowl.

"Sensei!" Issei kicked the front door open earning Naruto's ire.

The whole devil group came in one after the other and settled themselves comfortably at home.

"Welcome back, Naruto-sensei."

"Good to be back, Red-chan."

Rias blushed at the nick and the warm reply. As warm as Naruto's replies get.

"Senpai-kun…." Rossweisse said in a sing-song voice as she waved at him.

"Kohai-chan," Naruto replied with an amused smile.

Kuroda bristled at the display, wondering what was going on. Those who knew threw secret glances while those who didn't just do their thing.

Naruto pulled a chair for her beside him and offered her his ramen.

If Naruto's fellow ninjas were here they would gawk stupefied to the highest magnitude. Naruto never shares his ramen with anybody. Ever.

John stared from an unused spoon on the table to Rossweisse and Naruto before he picked it up and tried to offer it to Rossweisse but Akeno sabotaged his ploy.

John jolted in shock when Akeno snatched the spoon and started a presentation about the history of the spoon just for him.

"What did I do?" He wondered as he was forced to hear everything.

Rossweisse was happy, to say the least as she picked up Naruto's chopstick. "Well then, Itadakimasu!"

The rest of the night went by with Rias and Akeno helping Martha cook ramen for everybody.

Naruto declared the night to be a holy night as they all shared the heavenly meal called ramen in one accord.

And the rest of the night went by in peace.

Though, how long would the peace last before the truculent turbulent winds of conflict strike?

Only time will tell.

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