When Tomorrow Comes - Bahorel and Prouvaire - June 4, 1832

A/N: Paragraph breaks divide who is speaking. Also it's sort of my headcanon now that Bahorel and Jehan unconsciously assume the other's personality when talking to each other...


The funeral's tomorrow, and

Prouvaire, you're certain you can stand-


The funeral?


The riot.


I'm prepared.


You're ready, then, for what's in store?

You've only fought with words before.

I think about you dying, and…

I'm scared.


Bahorel, listen, it's alright.

I know by words for whom we fight.

For France and for the future,

I would die.

My heart fears too, but know, my friend,

It will mean something in the end.

I'd kill to free our people.


So would I.

But, Jehan- you were made to live,

You have a life too good to give,

The world will grow with none to

See it growing.


You speak, but you can't change my mind,

I'll have my verses left behind.

I understand, Bahorel.

I'm still going.