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Holding a briefcase firmly in his grip, he watched as the buildings of the city passed by through the window of the bus. It was strange being in a town where its citizens were a bit too social than from what he had been used to. Then again, traveling on business trips always introduced him to new people and new opportunities and ones that he would always take advantage of. However, having too many opportunities barely gave him enough time to himself to at least enjoy the places where he travelled and the people that he had met. There was no other obstacle that stood in his way when it came to his job. He was not married and he didn't have a child to look after though that was something that he deeply regretted. There had been a woman in his life before but sadly she had decided to leave him and thinking about that, he really didn't blame her for doing so. If he had been in her place, he would leave himself too after what he had done.

Now he hoped that things would be different, but who knew what was going to happen. It had been years since he had last seen her and a lot could have happened during those number of years. The bus suddenly came to a halt at a bus stop as passengers got off and others came on. It would be only just a couple of minutes until he reached the DA office to pay just a little visit...and perhaps get thrown out. But it was a risk that he was willing to take.

After a while the bus came to a stop once more and he got off. He stood right in front of the door of the DA building and took a deep breath. Who knew that he would feel intimidated by such a building when he had plenty of experience with being a businessman. He tugged onto the collar of his shirt and tried to proceed to walk into the building but he felt like his feet were glued to the ground.

Ugh why am I so nervous? It's just a simple meeting, what's the worse that she can do? he thought to himself before swallowing.

"Hello?" a voice behind him said and he whipped around to come face to face with a woman who was just proceeding to enter inside the building. "Are you looking for one of Fair City's great attorneys?" There was a cherry tone in her voice, almost too cherry in his point of view, but whatever helped to get through the work week.

Yes actually he wanted to say but the words were nowhere to be found. "No thank you madam," he answered her with a courteous nod of his head followed by a smile. "But when I do find myself in a tad of trouble I know which building to go to."

He quickly walked away from the woman and the building before heading deeper into town. Though it wasn't long until a scream caught his attention and right then and there was a crowd gathered around a strange man with a strange contraption. He took note of what this man was wearing and why he looked so much a like rodent than a human. "What in heavens is this place?" he said to no one in particular.

"Welcome to Fair City!" one of the residents welcomed him before he reverted back to screaming once again.

A maniacal laughter escaped the rodent man's lips as he zapped his contraption towards a building a turned it into cheese. It was a mesmerizing sight, for he himself also worked with technology but not the type that would transform anything into cheese.

"Blimey..." he whispered once more, adjusting his glasses just to make sure that he wasn't just dreaming about this whole situation that took place in front of him.

As if this day couldn't get any stranger, a streak of yellow light flew through the sky and straight towards the mad scientist. "Stop right there Dr. Two-Brains!" That streak of light took form of a young girl in a red costume who hovered in the sky.

"WordGirl!" the scientist, known as Dr. Two-Brains, exclaimed as he adjusted the ray towards her. "Have a taste of some cheese!" he said and zapped her with the ray, though this superhero was fast and dodged out of the way.

The crowd that had been screaming in fear earlier had transformed into cheering for this super heroine. This was something that seemed to be out of an action movie for this plucky super heroine was quick as lighting and was able to take out this mad scientist in less than a minute. "WordGirl! WordGirl! WordGirl!" the city chanted her name as the super heroine gave them a salute and a smile before taking off into the skies.

Interesting he thought. Looks like this town was well protected by a superhero, and a very young one at that. The crowd dispersed as the police took Dr. Two-Brains into their vehicle and drove away, whilst he continued on his journey. Who knew what other villains this city had and he didn't know how alert he ought to be? He had already come in contact with one, who had proven himself to be a genius but who knew how the others were!

He continued down his walk until he came face to face with a house. Turning his head, he saw the last name McCallister written on the mailbox. The moment that he had been waiting for was a moment that he didn't want to face at the moment...but he knew that he had to. At least he could try and put his mind to rest about all the past that they had shared. What's the worst that could happen?

Taking a deep breath, he raised his fist and knocked on the door. There was a moment of silence before he heard some footsteps running towards the door. "Mother you're back so-" a voice said as the door opened at the same time.

That voice was something that he had not been expecting. His eyes widened as he looked down at the young boy before him. It was like he was staring at a miniature reflection of himself for they shared the same blond hair color, the same accent, and a resemblance.

The young boy before him stared in shock of the fact that he was staring at a stranger before him and someone that seemed to be an older version of himself. "Who are you?" he asked the stranger before him.

Well, this was quite the awkward situation for the man but there was something that he could feel. A slight connection with this young man. He knelt down eye level to the child and a small smile came to his lips. "I have actually come to see your mother," he said to him, "but I did not expect to see you."

The young boy frowned and gave him a nod of his head. What could he possibly want with his mother? In fact, no man had ever shown up to their house asking for her before. "And what business do you have with mother?" the boy asked him.

"It's a long and old business actually," the man responded to him. "Do you know what she will be back?"

"She works long hours," the young boy responded, "is there anything else?"

He could try and ask more questions but he didn't want to make this boy uncomfortable, though he just couldn't leave with this feeling that was gnawing at him. "Would your mother by any chance be Claire McCallister?" he asked causing the young boy to blink. Oh Theodore you did it now! he mentally yelled, wishing that he could take back what he had just said.

"Yes," the young boy slowly dragged out the word.

"And your name is?" the man asked.

Now what business could he want in giving this man his full name. He was a stranger! However, this young boy had a reputation in the city of building his infamous robots and causing mischief about the city. "You will learn soon enough," he said to him with a mischievous smile upon his lips.

What does that mean? the man thought as if this kid was speaking in riddles. "I only have some limited time here," he said to the child, "perhaps you can leave a message to your mother from me?"

Unamused with his question, the child rolled his eyes and allowed the man to proceed with what message he wanted to leave. "What is it?" he asked him.

"Tell her that Theodore McCallister II is at Fair City and I would like to see her again," the man told him. He could tell that the moment he said that, something flashed within the child's eyes and that was more than evidence to him on what this child was going to say next.

"What?" the child immediately responded as he blinked at the man. "The...Second?" His mouth was agape as he stared at the man before him. No wonder why they resembled one another. "F-Father?"

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