'It has been a week since the talent show and the school is still talking and gossiping who the mask man is. Reborn was stuck in his mind thinking ever since it.' "Dame-Tsuna, it is your duty to find the man and save him. Before he falls to his illness, it is a duty to save your guardians." Reborn said, I just looked at him and blinked. "Wait, you know who he is, don't you.?" I sighed as I got up. "Can I atleast get a hint?", "One, He is close by and he offered to have Sharmal cure him if you find him.". Reborn said as he walked out of the room, "Tsuna please save him, he finally found the courage to tell her. At Last he found strength." I just simply looked at Reborn, unlike any other time he was dead set on his convictions. "Where do I start?" I simply asked, as Reborn just casually said, "go to school.". Without rush I walked behind him to see Bianchi, I-pin, and Lambo sitting at my living room table eating Breakfast. "Tsuna, have you found him yet?" Bianchi said as Reborn sat on her lap. "No he didn't and time is running out. Tsuna no breakfast until you find him.". My face dropped as I yelled, "You can't do this to me Reborn. I need brain power for school.". He just pointed his gun at me before I ran out of my house. As I exited my house, I raised my head to the sky and closed my eyes. I tried to feel any disturbances but none showed themselves.

I started my daily walk to school as Gokudera walked by me, he was in a mood as Haru rushed up to me and hugged my arm while tugging it towards her. "Haru please let go, you're too strong." I said as Gokudera yelled as loud as he could next to my ear. "Baka, let go of Juudaime.". She turned to him and smiled before kissing my cheek, "what I can't hug my fiance?", she let go of my arm as we continued to walk towards the school. Gokudera walked up to my left side and just ignored Haru as she tried to cause him to get angry. We were walking before I just stopped. "Juudaime, is everything ok?" he stared at me before looking at Haru who also looked at me. "Was it you who were dancing at the talent show? Reborn said the dancer who was dancing with Chrome is one of my guardians."

Gokudera looked at me before sighing. "I know you weren't there that day, please tell me the truth.". Haru looked at both of us before nodding at Gokudera and he nodded back. "Juudaime, I was on a date with Haru, we both skipped school as everyone we know wouldn't see us. We ask you to keep it a secret for a little while longer.". My face was dumbfounded as I just stared off in the distance. "NANI! Ok I will keep it a secret but when did this start?". They both looked at me as Haru hugged Gokudera's arm. "After we got back from the future, she was annoying me to a point where I was running after her. She slipped and caught my arm before she brought me down in the river. We just looked at each other as we swam out of the river and sat on the beach. One thing led to another and we just kissed."

"Tsuna please don't tell Kyoko, I am waiting for the right time to tell her." I simply nodded my head at Haru and smiled at Gokudera, as I offered him a hand shake. "Congratulations to the both of you, I am glad you two finaly figured it out.". As Gokudera shook me hand he and Haru looked at each other confused. "Wait it was obvious to everyone?" he said before I chuckled. "Now that is out of the way, the question is who was dancing with Chrome, he said he is dying." my mood changed as I looked at them. We started to walk down the street to the school yard as yet again there was a crowd standing out of gates.

We started to run to them as there were a couple black dancing suits hung up at the entrance. The crowd started to walk up towards the suits before some of Hibari's men blockaded the area. Hibari was soon walking up to the gates as everyone started to run away, we hid on the opposite side of the fence making sure to watch what was going to happen. He just kept on walking towards his men, before revealing his tonfas. He immediately stuck Tetsuya across his face, blood soaked the ground before Hibari ordered his men to clean it up. He slowly walked to a bench and sat down. Tetsuya walked up to him while holding his jaw. They were talking to each other but it was more like whispering.