Author: Kain

Title: Long, Long Way From Home

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The character's of Buffy, Angel, and any other show, book, or comic that happen to be used here belong to other people.

Setting: Episode: Bring on the night. Season seven Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Episode: Apocalypse Nowish. Season Four Angel. (Ignore the almost month difference between the two air dates) After Storm lost her powers, but before the events in Secret Wars Two. (Mid to late eighties?)

Summary: Belesco traps Illyana and a bunch of her fellow mutants in the Buffyverse. Making sure that she can't get back home he seals her out of Limbo. While in the Buffyverse the X-MEN help both Buffy and Angel while they help them search for a way back to their reality.

Pairings: NA

Rating: PG-13

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Chapter One: Jump, Jive, and Wail

The cavern was vast. Illuminated by torches ensconced in the jagged walls. The odor of stagnant water was heavy in the air and nearly wipes away the stench of pure evil that fills Illyana's nose. The young mutant/demon/sorceress could sense something drastically wrong. Something in the fabric of reality itself.

She had been transporting a mix group of X-Men, New Mutants, and several associates of the theirs: Ororo, Kurt, Logan, Peter, Kitty, Rouge, Rachel, Rhane, herself, Amanda, and Forge back to the school from an unexpected and impromptu field mission. There had been a power surge as the stepping disc had traveled through Limbo discharging them into only god knew where. It wasn't their own reality. She had known that even before opening her eyes.

Looking down at her right arm she grimaces at the armor covering the black sleeve of her black and yellow New Mutants uniform. The silver armor was just covering her bicep, almost touching her shoulder. Like each time it appeared there was a little more of the gleaming metal, but it was only suppose to appear when she summoned her soul sword. Closing her eyes and relying on her internal senses she locates her soul sword nearby. She growls softly as she realizes what this means, that she somebody has tried to usurp her throne.

Rising to her feet with dark visions of what was going to happen to those that thought they could take what she had sacrificed so much for. She would show whoever thought they could take her throne just what it meant to challenge her. Belesco had fallen before her when she was little more then a child and he was the most powerful of the lower beings that had ever resided in Limbo.

She stops that line of thought as she spots three other people lying on the ground. No matter how much she wants her revenge she wasn't going to go after it and leave her friends to defend for themselves in a strange reality. Amanda, who was wearing what had been an elegant evening gown at the start of this nights misadventure, was slowly getting to her feet. It didn't surprise Illyana considering that next to her Amanda had the most mystical knowledge and ability to protect herself. Kurt, in the remnants of his black tuxedo consisting of a white shirt and black trousers, was just beginning to come around. Ororo, in her standard black leather pants, vest, and tube top, was still out cold.

The young girl could feel something else down here with them, like hot oil sliding over her skin. With the slightest bit of concentration she summons her soul sword to her hand, where it materializes with a soft light. It was the ultimate expression of her own arcane might, forged from her own soul. There was nothing mystical that could stand up to the powerful weapon and with only two people able to wield the gleaming blade its weight in her hands was a comfort.

"Amanda," she calls out softly as she kneels down next to Ororo. "There's something down here with us."

The gypsy witch nods saying, "I can feel it," as she moves next to her lover Kurt Wagner. "We got trouble coming," she says softly concern for his well being coloring her voice.

"We're X-Men," the blue furred mutant answers though his reply sounds more like a soft groan. "We've always got trouble coming," he adds in a slightly steadier voice.

Amanda smiles slightly at his mild joke. "Are you going to be all right?"

"Ja," the indigo colored German answers. "Just give me a few minutes to get my bearings..."

"Ain't got a few minutes elf," Illyana cuts in tersely as she gives Ororo a firm shake. "We don't even have a minute. Come on Storm. Time to wake up so you can give us a brilliant strategy that's gonna pull our fat out of the fire."

Ororo's eyes open slowly as she asks, "and just how big of a fire have we landed in this time?"

"Oh I'd say pretty big," Amanda mutters quietly. "There's something ancient, powerful, and dark in here with us, and it wants us gone."

"Then maybe we should explain this was all a big misunderstanding. No harm was meant and we'll only be to happy to be on our way," Kurt suggest lightly.

Illyana shakes her head, "it's got a shoot on sight policy." Helping Ororo to her feet she adds, "and I can't port out of here. Something, or someone's locked me out of Limbo."

Ororo nods in understanding as she says, "that's something we'll have to worry about that later. Our first concern has to be finding a way out of here."

"We've got company," Illyana tells them as she feels a number of demons, weak things all, but linked to the ancient evil she can feel like a symphony singing in her veins. Raising her gleaming sword she points to the cavern entrance.

Ororo, Kurt, and Amanda quickly follow her gesture to the more then a dozen dark robe shapes swarming in through the entrance. Pale light glints dully from the blades in their hands as they surge across the cavern floor like a swarm of ants. "Good to see we get the same reception wherever we go," Kurt banters darkly.

Ororo grimaces slightly. It was taking every once of her strength not to crumple to the ground and curl up into a little ball. She despises being underground with every fiber of her being and the thought of dying in this cavern has her teetering on the edge. Her hand was trembling slightly from the fear pumping through her body. Shoving her own personal emotions aside she takes control of the situation like she's been trained to do. "Amanda stay close to me, Kurt hit and run tactics."

"Wundabar," he murmurs before saying, "hope you ladies have as much fun as I do," he says to them a moment before vanishing in a burst of smoke and imploding air as the stench of brimstone lingers after his departure.

"Illyana," Ororo begins but stops as Peter's little sister says.

"Sorry Storm, but I got my own battle to fight." With that the young girl vanishes from sight.

At almost the same moment he vanishes Kurt reappears directly in front of the last harbringer, his two feet driving into the brown robed demon's chest sending him crashing into the jagged cavern wall. As he flips over backwards he vanishes again , the soft bamf accompanied by a wisp of smoke and the stench of brimstone.

Still in mid flip he appears above a second harbringer at the edge of the flock. "Alley-oops," he chants as he grabs hold of his shoulders and swings him up and over. At the apex of his flip he releases the demon sending him soaring into several of his brethren and taking them out of the fight momentarily.

With that he teleports to the cave ceiling where he can quickly survey the chaos that's erupting in the cavern. Amanda cleaves the swath of Harbringers in two as she uses her impressive mystical skills to drive a wedge like energy cone into their center driving them out away from and around her. Ororo was watching the blonde gypsy's back. Her natural agility and panther like grace when combined with Wolverine's take no prisoner fighting style was devastating to witness.

Having made sure they were in no immediate danger Kurt spots a gangle of robe wearing figures that look extremely bored with the proceedings. Deciding to entertain them he vanishes from the ceiling to appear in their midst. A cloud of smoke soon fills the air as he teleports and strikes so quickly he soon looks like a blue blur of flying fist, feet, and tail.

Annabelle was terrified beyond any measure of the word. She was so afraid at the moment that she could hardly think straight. Her only conscious thought was running as far as she could as fast as she could. She simply knew she had to get out of Buffy's house. Inside her head she knew it didn't make any kind of sense. Within Buffy's house was safety, of a sort, out here she was at the mercy of every creature she had ever heard of.

Looking over her shoulder at some indistinct sound behind her she runs head first into something that has about as much give as a brick wall. She bounces backwards to land on the hard pavement in the middle of the road with a loud thud. Looking up she sees the monster that Buffy had a run in with earlier. Had fought and run from because it was too strong for her to beat.

She knows its over, that she's dead. She wants to close her eyes, but she can't take them off the Turok-Han as it reaches for her. That was why she saw the mass of red fur barrel into the ancient vampire, driving it back a few steps as it slavering, snarling, snapping jaws sink into dead flesh.

The Turok-Han growls more in anger then pain as it hurls the large red wolf away from itself. The wolf twists and turns through the air in a way Annabelle has never seen any dog move before, let alone one nearly as big as a Shetland pony. The large canine lands on all four paws, between her and the vampire, facing the monster growling deep in her chest.

"Up and at 'em young lady," a gruff voice says as a strong hand grabs her under the shoulder hauling her to her feet.

Annabelle looks up at the tall Native American with short crop black hair, mustache, black gloves, a green sleeveless t-shirt, tan khakis, and toting a large high power rifle in his right hand that was leveled directly at the Turok-Han's chest. "That's not going to do a bleeding thing," she warns him.

Forge smirks lightly replying, "you'd be surprised what this baby can do," as he gets her all the way to his feet. "But you're probably right though."

The sound of steel sliding against steel fills the night air as a harsh voice growls, "hey bub. Why don't you try someone a little more your speed."

The Turok-Han spins around with a savage snarl to face a short man in a low crouch wearing a brown and tan skin tight body suit. three gleaming blades extend from the back of each hand and the savage scowl on his face matches that of the Turok-Han's. Without hesitation the feral mutant- whose savagery is only matched by the creature that his name is taken from, Wolverine- launches himself at the vampire.

The two primal forces exchange a series of ferocious swings at blurring speeds. Logan slicing three deep gorges in the Turok-Han's gut knowing he was going to take a cutting shot to his chest. He can't help himself. The savage, untamed, bestial side of his nature wants to do nothing more then rip this abomination in to bite size chunks of rotting flesh.

"Kitty," Forge calls out looking over Annabelle's head. The young English girl turns her head to fellow his gaze and for the first time sees the tall brunette; wearing a dark blue jacket, lighter blue pants, and dark boots, with a dark blue bandit mask doing little to hide the structure of her face, standing behind her. She was scowling at the Native American with the big gun as if he had just committed some cardinal sin. He sighs slightly, "fine. Shadowcat," he corrects himself putting extra emphasis on the name, "you and Wolfsbane get the girl back home while me and the runt put this thing in the ground."

"Mister that gun of yours isn't going to do a thing against the Turok-Han," she says again trying to convince him of the truth.

Forge takes a look at the vampire. "Let me guess. Stake, holy water, sunlight?" He inquires intently.

"Nothing your big gun has got," she informs him.

He gives the girl a slight nod saying, "like I said. You'd be surprised, now get out of here."

Rhane quickly lopes ahead as Kitty takes Annabelle's arm, "come on," the youngest X-Man says briefly. She dislikes leaving Forge with Logan, after all he was the one ultimately responsible for robbing Storm of her powers. It was more then that though. Despite knowing that she was doing the right thing, by getting the girl out of there, it still felt like she was abandoning a teammate, and leaving him facing not one, but two enemies on his own.

Buffy had bolted from the house nearly ten seconds ago. By the time anyone else had gotten out of the front door she was already long gone. Her powerful legs propelling her faster, allowing her to cover more distance then any human could possibly hope to match. The rest of the gang had barely taken half a dozen strides down the road when a sound like a low flying jet thunders overhead.

Xander looks up before anyone else and is first to see what looks like a runaway rocket, heat flames trailing along behind, aiming straight for them. In a split second his life flashes before his eyes as he imagines the size of the impact crater is going to be left when it crashes into the pavement at his feet. Around him he hears other people scream, or shout, or curse. After a moment he realizes he's one of the people screaming.

Suddenly, as if some unseen force decides, at the last moment, to spare their lives, the speeding object veers away from them as they all dive to the ground. As he feels the heat wave flash over his back he could have sworn he heard a southern accented exclamation of, "shoot!" A moment later the Connley's house explodes outward as the unknown object crashes into the building.

Rouge tried to avoid hitting anything, not an easy task when plummeting from an uncontrolled re-entry. She barely manages to avoid killing a handful of pedestrians running down the street. The house on the other hand was too big, she was going too fast. It was unavoidable. She can only hope that nobody is home at the moment, or that they all manage to survive the impact explosion her colliding with the solid ground is going to create. Throwing her arms over her head, because she knew this is going to hurt, a lot, she smashes through the house and into the earth below. The shock wave burst outward sending dirt and debris into the night sky.

Almost a minute later the six still dazed individuals pick themselves up off the debris littered ground. Silently thanking whatever god had decided to intervene on their behalf, or checking to see if everyone else was okay. Xander looks over at Willow since she was the only one present that had the kind of raw power he thought would be needed to alter its coarse and aim it at an abandoned house. "Did you?"

"No," Willow says with emphatic shake of her head.

Molly looks around the ground. "We should probably investigate it?" She suggest in voice none to positive of that fact.

"We have to go after Buffy," Dawn reminds everyone.

"Right," Giles agrees. "Xander, Molly, and myself shall go after Buffy. The rest of you check through the wreckage. And do be careful. There's no need to remind you of the last thing that crashed here abouts."

"And yet you just did," Willow replies with a smile.

Bluish lightening crackles in the lobby of the Hyperion sending the four men scattering for cover. "Didn't we just do this about year ago?" Gunn shouts from behind the red sofa as the wind begins to pick up and the lightening flashes intensify.

"Was it that long ago?" Wesley calls back from his spot behind the counter.

"Less," Angel answers.

"You sure about..."

A thick bolt of lightening strikes in the middle of the room lighting up the entire lobby as bright as noon. Everyone shields their eyes for a moment as the light fades. Angel is the first to become aware of the two new people in the lobby of the Hyperion as he picks up their scents.

"That was Belesco right?" Rachel inquires, don't react to what I'm saying, but we have company. Two humans, a rather harmless demon and a vampire, she says, with a bit of surprise, directly into Peter's mind.

"Da, that was Belesco," Peter answers for the people around them while Rachel talks directly to him. "If a more vile creature exist in the universe I have yet to met it." His powerful sounding Russian's voice answers in a tone that made it clear to Angel that Peter would go through armies if they stood between him and the being he calls Belesco. The name sounds vaguely familiar to the ensouled vampire but he can't place it.

"I've never met him personally but I've read the files you guys have on him." There was a slight pause before she says in a slightly more confused voice, "what was he trying to do? Because if it was kill us, well he did really bad job of it." Their getting ready to jump out. Now that their eyes have adjusted, seems our arrival was a little blinding.

"It seems..." The man begins but falls silent as the four members of Angel investigation spring up from their hiding spots.

"Don't move," Wesley shouts having aiming a pair of automatic pistols at the pair of human looking creatures as he jumps up from behind the counter.

"Um, maybe we don't want to make the nice people that just popped out of the portal too mad at us?" Lorne suggest as he tentatively holds his crossbow on the hulking dark haired man wearing blue cotton button down shirt, denim jeans, and work boots.

Gunn keeps a tight grip on his axe, but doesn't say anything as he keeps a close eye on the short crop red head with a long braid hanging between her shoulder blades. She was wearing a simple pair of black flats, dark green pants and a pale yellow wind breaker. He was getting the strange feeling, almost like he had seen these two somewhere before, but knew that was impossible because he would never forget meeting a girl as good looking as the one standing in front of him right now.

Angel simple steps out from behind the post with his arms folded across his chest effectively surrounding the two strangers. Rachel narrows her eyes on Angel, who still hasn't picked up the slightest trace of fear from the pair. In anything the two smell angry. "It is always guns," the young man grumbles as he looks around the people in the lobby. His eyes pause for a moment on Lorne but move on without saying anything else.

Suddenly Rachel puts a hand to her head in obvious discomfort as she stumbles a step. Peter ignores the weapons trained on him as he steadies her. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," she answers as she looks back up, red and yellow flames leaking from the corner of her eyes.

"What the?" Wesley breathes out, his finger tensing on the trigger of his guns.

Rachel ignores the actions of those going on around her as she finishes saying, "just so much fear. Spiking all at once. It was a bit overwhelming for a second." She looks back at Angel, "that apocalypse you're looking for. Well strap yourselves in because we're going front and center."

Everybody can feel the sudden power in the lobby rise as Rachel taps into her birthright. Like a large bird she enfolds the five people in protective wings as she moves them almost instantly from the lobby of the Hyperion to the club called the Sky Temple. Screams fill the large open central dining hall as the Beast continues with his slaughter.

Rachel smiles wanly as she begins to quip, "not even a spe..." and starts to fall to the ground. Peter catches her as the Angel, Gunn, and Wesley take a moment to adjust to their new surroundings.

"Wes, Gunn, Lorne get the people out of here!" Angel orders as he jumps directly at the Beast.

Startlement flashes through his eyes at seeing Angel and his companions. His master had wanted him to wait for their arrival before unleashing the Rain of Fire, but they weren't suppose to have arrived here for another hour or so.

Angel's double kick to his chest drives him back a pace but doesn't topple him. Angel flips over in mid air to land facing the thick hide creature. He has just enough time to avoid the crushing blow the Beast launches at his head. Driving forward Angel connects with three rapid punches, two to his chest followed by one to his face that pushes the larger creature back slightly.

The Beast swipes his fist upwards swatting Angel away like a pesky insect. Angel flips over several times in the air as he rises upwards. Landing on the edge of a sign he smiles tightly at the Beast before launching himself back at him.

Peter grabs hold of Lorne before the demon can move to follow Angel's instructions. Lorne has never before felt a grip from a human that was as powerful as the young Russian's. In a hard voice Peter gives Lorne a simple order, "keep her safe. Da."

Lorne nods his head emphatically as he gives his answer, "da. Yeah sure. She'll be as safe as little bunnies snuggled all nice and safe in a warm bed with uncle Lorne," he assures the large man.

Peter nods as he stands up. "Good. I would not like to have to break you if any harm should befall her," he says in a voice as hard as steel. Turning around he walks towards the battle taking place between the vampire Angel and the demon. Rachel had told him telepathically who the people were while in hotel lobby, and while neither of them completely trusts the strangers there were worst things in the world that need to be stopped. This creature he was walking towards was one of them.

Angel continues to hammer on the Beast to little effect. The creature's thick, rock like hide prevents even the strongest of the ensouled vampire's blows from doing more then feeling like flea bites. And like a buzzing little gnat the Beast once again swats Angel away with an almost negligent swipe of his heavy fist.

"Normally I would inquire how you are called," Peter informs the Beast coldly as he advances on the demon. He cast a disgusted look at what must be nearly two dozen dead bodies. The possibility of a sudden death had always been a part of his life, especially after his own brother's sudden passing in a freak accident, and more so since joining the X-Men. He had seldom seen so much senseless killing no matter where he has been as he saw here. "But for some reason I do not care to do so my thick skin comrade," he finishes a heart beat later.

The Beast throws a heavy fist forward, but the amount of time it takes the punch to travel the few feet to Peter's face the young Russian's body transforms from flesh and blood to solid organic steel in a light burst of released bio-energy. The Beast's fist pounds into Colossus' chest with a resounding clang that drives him back a bare inch. The floor groans softly under his massive weight.

Angel stares in wide eye amazement as the large man simply transforms right in front of his eyes. Turning from a living breathing human being into this giant steel golem. While the young man had been big, his steel counterpart was more so. He had gained at least half a foot, if not more, in height and his body's girth had increased accordingly while still maintaining the definition he had while flesh and blood. Angel makes a mental note of the fact that his clothes had adjusted to his new dimensions without tearing.

Gunn shakes his head, then blinks as he stares at Colossus. "That's not possibly," he whispers in disbelief.

"What part is that?" Wesley inquires as he to stares at the young man who had literally turned into a man of steel.

"Well now. Isn't this interesting," the Beast says in a harsh growl as he pulls his arm back.

Colossus stares the hard skin, horn demon in the eyes as the creature glares at him. "Surely that was not your strongest blow? Perhaps you would care for another? I would not wish you to feel cheated once I have defeated you demon."

A vicious grin splits the Beast's sharp tooth mouth. He strikes quickly, throwing everything he has into the right hook that smashes into Peter's steel head with a thundering crash that forces Colossus to take a slight step to his right. He works his jaw slightly as he straightens back up.

"Was that more what you were looking?" The Beast taunts, then swings with his left. Colossus blocks the hook punch easily with his right arm as he drives his left uppercut into the Beast's gut lifting him off the floor slightly. The Beast swings with his right, striking hard against the side of Colossus' head. Colossus drops his right down into the side of the Beast's head.

Small shock waves explode outwards with every single punch the two titans deliver, battering the few humans still within the club, driving them to their knees. The only person seemingly unaffected by the waves of kinetic force was Angel. "Come on," the ensouled vampire urges as he shoves the last remaining patrons towards the stairwell. With the cracks appearing in the floor and walls he didn't think the elevator would be safe for much longer.

Forge peeks up from his hasty tinkering to take a quick glance at the titanic struggle between the two savage, primal forces. Both seem equally matched in speed, agility, and all around fighting skill since Logan was regressing to his more animalistic side. The Turok-Han was stronger, but Logan's unbreakable skeleton and healing factor that seems more then capable of keeping up with the damage the Turok-Han is inflicting. Plus the vampire was extremely wary of Logan's claws and was taking great care to avoid losing his head. To Forge it looks like a fight that could last from now until the end of time without a winner ever being decided.

As soon as the stray thought pops through his head the Turok-Han manages to grab hold of Logan's wrist. Spinning around he hurls the savage little mutant through the steel wall of the building. With a victorious howl it turns its hideous countenance on Forge.

His heart pounding in his throat and a grimace on his face he slaps the last piece back into place. Bringing the rifle up to his shoulder, he offers up a brief pray to his ancestors that his impromptu modifications work. Sweat drips from his brow into his eyes while his blood roars in his ears.

The Turok-Han leaps at the same instant Forge squeezes the trigger. A concentrated beam of fabricated sunlight engulfs the Turok-Han at the apex of his jump. The creature screams as the searing pain rips through his entire body as he crumbles to fine powder in midair.

"Nice work," Logan grunts as Forge lowers the gun and takes a deep breath.

Forge takes a quick look at Logan, whose missing his shirt, exposing his hairy torso, and his skull cap, revealing his thick head of hair and bushy sideburns. "Just doing what was necessary," he answers.

Logan brushes past him without another word as he picks up the girls' scents. Forge lets out another heavy sigh as he slings his gun over his shoulder and trudges after the deadliest of the X-Men. It was no surprise to him that on the whole the X-Men dislike him. When they didn't show cold indifference it was open hostility. He was trying to find a way to correct his mistake, but it was going to take time. He just hopes Ororo's teammates give him the chance to make it right.

A mystical shield springs up in front of Amanda deflecting a wicked knife thrust to her stomach. With a silent word of power her right hand shoots forward releasing a blue tinged force bolt into the demon embedding him into the wall.

Ororo's thin, but powerful left arm blocks the low left hook thrust towards her ribs. A driving leopards paw strike into the man's throat stuns him. Using his body for leverage she executes an almost perfect round off landing directly behind him, the crook of her right elbow in his throat. She drives her hips back into his as she pulls him forward. Despite the fact that he outweighs her by a hundred pounds or more he sails up and over her at speed to crash face first into the hard ground.

Dropping low as she spins around the razor sharp blade slices through the air her head had just occupied. Her leather clad leg sweeps his feet out from under him dumping him to the ground. She quickly flips backwards giving herself a little bit of space so she would be able to gage the situation.

As the hard soles of her boots hit the ground two glowing sparks jump from Amanda's hand landing on their chest. In a sudden flash the two tiny pinpricks of light flare to blinding intensity. Ororo's eyes go wide as she yells, "no!" It was too late though as the magical flares burn holes straight through their hearts, in less time then it took her scream to leave her throat, cauterizing the wounds instantly.

Locking eyes with Kurt's lover, "we don't kill," Ororo informs the blonde witch with the hard voice of command. "Never, no matter the cause," she adds with hot steam melting the normal frost in her voice.

"That might be a great rule when you're dealing with humans Storm, but these are demons," Amanda tells her. "If we don't kill them they're going to keep coming until we're dead."

Kurt shakes his head slightly as he vanishes and reappears between the two strong willed women with his characteristic burst of smoke and brimstone. He loves Amanda with every part of his being; body, mind, and soul, but at times, when defending what she cares for, she can be nearly as bloodthirsty as Logan. "Much fun as I'm having ladies I suggest we find a way to end this quickly," he says pointing at the robed men closing in on them. Most of the harbringers are sporting bruises on their faces, or limping slightly, or seem to be clutching at one injury or another, but all of them were still closing in on three of them. "I think we've overstayed our welcome," he quips lightly attempting to keep the mood from getting oppressive.

"Have you seen Illyana?" Ororo inquires.

"She's here," Amanda answers quickly. "I can still sense her power," she assures the two X-Men.

Hardening herself for what she knows she has to be done if their going to survive, Ororo quickly scoops up the two knives. Handing one to Kurt she says in a quiet, but firm voice. "Do what has to be done."

"Now she'd be a hard one to break, though she's got that whole claustrophobia thing going, but still. She'd be a tough nut to crack," the First informs Illyana as she picks up the conversation they've been having since the fight began. "A real field commander. Understands the necessity of making sacrifices. I could do it of course, it just might take me awhile."

Illyana looks at the petite blonde, with the amazing fashion sense, standing in front of her. Of course she could see the entity's true form, or the one it likes to use the most, as well. If she hadn't spent the majority of her life growing up in Limbo under Belesco's indifferent hand she might of been afraid of this creature instead of nearly enthralled by it. "I know what you're trying to do," she tells the being of pure evil.

The First blinks her wide eyes innocently, which Illyana found finds slightly amusing considering it was the manifestation of all the evil in this world. In her reality that would have been Mephisto, but in this one it was this entity. "We're just having a polite conversation. A couple of like minded individuals coming to an understanding. Reaching some type of mutually beneficial accord."

"I can feel you," she says tapping her head, "in here. Whispering. Trying to touch that little piece of buried evil all humans have locked away inside them," she continues. After a moment she smiles as her eyes take on a demonic glow. "You won't find it. I embraced it a long time ago. Fed it so it could feed me, make me strong. Strong enough so that to enslave my prison turning it into my realm," she says in a harsh whisper.

The blonde smiles and this time there is nothing innocent in her malicious grin. "I knew there was something I liked about you."

"Well there's nothing I like about you," Illyana says raising her gleaming blade.

The first scoffs at the sword, "I'm incorporeal you idiot," she informs the blonde teenager.

With a broad smirk plastering her lips Illyana lunges forward, sliding her soul sword in-between the apparitions ribs. The First gasps as she clutches at the blade a look of dismay crossing her face as it contorts in pain. Around the room the harbringers grab their heads as one, screaming in silent agony as they drop to the ground.

"What? How?" She manages to gasp.

"This blade was forged from my soul. Pure love. Pure innocence," she adds with a vicious sneer. "It only effects mystical beings, spells, magic. I could stab a hundred million people through the heart with this blade and nothing would happen. Not even a tiny little scratch. But you," she snarls ripping the blade free, "it can destroy utterly!" She screams spinning around to decapitate the first.

With a loud roar of rage the first vanishes in a small prick of light.

Gasping softly Illyana drops to her knees driving the point of her sword into the ground. Resting her forehead on the pristine blade the tiny blonde takes deep ragged breathes as she tries to calm her racing heart.

She had been so close. It had been so tempting, to just allow the evil in her to overwhelm her. To allow the darkness that fills the void where her soul had been to consume her completely. She was able to feel it, could still feel it slithering around underneath her skin. Leaving a skim of slime in her veins.

Ororo kneels down beside Illyana. The young girl had simply appeared in the same spot she had disappeared from a bare handful of moments after the demons had begun collapsing all the while clutching their heads, but dead by the time they hit the floor. Ororo had her suspicions that they had Illyana to thank for that. "Are you all right?" The former African goddess asks Peter's golden hair sister.

Illyana shakes her head slightly. "after what I had to do in order to escape Limbo. I don't think I'll ever be all right again," she answers softly. Lifting her head she locks eyes with Ororo as she says, "but I'll survive."

Ororo gives the young girl an encouraging smile as she brushes a tear from her cheek. "Of course you will child," she replies with confidence, "and with your family at your side, supporting you, you'll eventually overcome whatever demons haunt you."

Illyana smiles at the irony of Ororo's words as she throws her arm around her shoulder squeezing her tightly. There really wasn't any way for her to escape the demon that haunts her. Eventually it would overwhelm her. She just prays that when that day comes her family would be able to do what will be necessary to stop her.

"I don't know what it is," Amanda replies answering Kurt's question. "I can just feel..." She trails off as they come around the last stone pillar.

"My god," Kurt gasps hoarsely as he sees the lean, platinum hair man secured to the rock column. He looks as if he's been beaten recently with dark bruises and cuts covering his face and ribs. There were deep, ritualistic runes carved into his chest that were just beginning to scab over, and he didn't appear to breathing.

Quickly moving forward Kurt cuts the leather straps holding his wrist to the wall. With as much gentleness as possible the blue furred mutant lays him on the ground to check for a pulse. From the temperature of the body he already knew it was a useless task, but he checks anyway. After several minutes he looks up with sadness in his soft eyes. Giving a slight shake of his head he says, "he's dead."

"Not quite..."

Kurt jumps up and back with a loud yelp at the sound of the dead man's voice. He twist and turns in midair landing on the stone column he had just taken the corpse down from facing the body on the floor who was staring back at him, with wide eyes, as his fingers and toes secure him to the rough surface.

Spike gives his head a slight shake as he stares first at the blue hair demon clinging to the pillar he had just hung from. With a quick shift of his eyes he glances at the lovely blonde who was staring at him. "Not quite who I was expecting, but... What do you think it'll take for a bloke to get a stiff drink?" Kurt couldn't help but smile at the Loganesque remark.

Buffy had been in a staring contest with the large red wolf for nearly a quarter of a minute now. It had simply appeared, ghosting silently out of the darkness to bar her path. At first she had tried to go around, but the wolf moved to block her. She tries to advance and the wolf growls warningly at her only stopping once she backs off. The strangest part of the encounter was that the wolf's stare conveys a human like intelligence.

"Buffy," Annabelle's gleeful shout rings out of the darkness as the girl rushes ahead.

"Don't..." the tiny blonde begins to warn the teenager but stops as the wolf barely glances at the potential slayer rushing past her.

"She won't hurt you," Kitty informs the slayer as she stops a few feet away.

Buffy gives the tall brunette a hard look as she can imagine what she's wearing is suppose to be some type of costume. "She's trained?" She inquires hopefully.

Kitty shakes her head with a slight smirk as she says, "not very well." The wolf looks up at the brunette and Buffy could swear the animal understood the comment, and didn't like it too much. "If what Annabelle's told us is true you know what a lycanthrope is?" Buffy stares blankly at the word and Kitty decides to rephrase it, "a werewolf?"

At that Buffy's eyes light up. "My best friend dated one for a couple of years," Buffy informs them.

Kitty nods her head as if she had expected no less. After spending a few minutes talking with and interrogating Annabelle, Kitty had come to the realization that while they were on Earth, but they weren't on their Earth. "Then this shouldn't come as too much of a shock," she tells them. "Rhane is a lycanthrope, a werewolf."

Buffy takes a quick look up at the moon, which was nowhere near full, before returning her attention to the girl and her wolf. "The moon isn't anywhere close to being full, and that's a wolf not a werewolf." Buffy informs Kitty.

"Rhane was born with the ability. She wasn't bitten or anything like the legends, and no her bite won't turn someone else into a werewolf. She can change whenever she chooses. Broad daylight, under a full moon, or anytime. And she can transform into a wolf or a hybrid, but she keeps her own intelligence," Kitty explains to the two girls before turning her attention to Rhane. "Next time you can do your own explaining and don't even think about giving me that look. It ain't going to work."

Rhane suddenly steps forward, hackles rising as she growls at the three humans running towards them. Two men and one woman, all of them breathing hard. "It's okay," Buffy tells her having heard them at almost the same time as the wolf. Rhane looks up at her questioningly knowing that no normal human should have been able to hear them yet. "They're friends."

A few moments later Giles, Xander, and Molly come into view, slowing as they near the group. Xander's eyes immediately lock on Kitty but he brushes off the feeling of familiarity. "Thank god we finally managed to find you," Giles huffs out as he comes to a stop. "And that you've seem to have made yourself a new friend," he adds as he rises back up. Looking at Buffy he says, "we might have some type of extraterrestrial on our hands. Something moving at incredible speeds crashed into the house next door."

Rhane shoots Kitty a quick look and the brunette nods as she says, "go. It could be one of ours and unless its Rouge or Peter they're going to need help." Rhane was at a full sprint even before the last words were spoken and again Xander looks Kitty over. "What?" The young brunette inquires seeing the looks.

Xander gives his head a shake. "Its nothing," he says. "Unless your name happens to be Katherine Pryde, AKA Ariel, AKA Sprite, AKA Shadowcat and you belong to a group of unsung superheroes called the X-Men, and that wolf that just ran off was actually a young girl named Rhane Sinclair."

"And what if it is?" Kitty questions in a hard voice she thought Logan would have been proud of. Xander blinks rapidly for a second before shaking his head because that just wasn't possible. "And most people call me Kitty not Katherine."

"No," Xander says in disbelief. "That's just not possible."

Annabelle shakes her head. She had almost been killed by a Turok-Han less the five minutes ago and for some reason she was feeling a little bold. "Look there's a Turok-Han back that..."

"Not no more," Logan's drawl silences Annabelle's frantic statement. A moment later the man himself steps into the light with Forge right on his heels. Xander takes one look at Logan, then Forge, before his eyes dart back to Kitty. His eyes roll back in his head and he would have hit the ground hard if not for Molly standing close enough to support him momentarily before Buffy takes hold of him and lowers him gently to the ground.

Giles gives Xander a brief glance before turning his attention back to the new arrivals. "You're trying to tell me that you killed a Turok-Han?"

Logan shakes his head saying, "gave it a good tussle." With a slight jerk of his thumb over his shoulder at Forge he adds, "but that honor goes to Mr. Wizard."

"This is so unfair," Anya complains as she gingerly makes her way through the rubble. "Both the men take off and leave all the heavy lifting to the women."

"We could always force Andrew to help us," Dawn comments wryly.

Anya shoots the teenager a withering look as she replies, "that wasn't even close to being funny."

"Sure it was," Dawn disagrees as she moves aside a large piece of wood. "But it is unfair. I mean this is pointless," she adds gesturing around at the bowl shaped wreckage that had been a house less then a half hour before. "What are we even suppose to be looking for in here, aside from some creepy alien from outer space."

"Thank you Dawn. And to think I had managed to keep my imagination to more mundane things. Like being exposed to massive amounts of highly experimental radiation that was just going to kill us horribly over the next few days. Or mutate one of our friends into a flesh eating monster that's going to go around devouring all of us in our sleep."

"Thanks Anya," Dawn responds. "That's just what I wanted to be thinking about."

"I found someone," Kennedy shouts out from the other side of the wreckage. She was staring down at the body of an extremely beautiful young woman in her early twenties. Her hair was a deep auburn color with a thick white stripe down the middle. She was wearing a gold and green skin tight body suit with some kind of utility belt at her waist along with a flight jacket. Aside from some dark smudges on her face and her hair being slightly mussed she doesn't look like she's hurt in the slightest. "She looks okay. I'm going to check for a pulse," she adds reaching down.

"Be careful," Willow warns from the lip of the small crater hole.

Rhane races with everything she has to reach the crash site, her hard nails clicking on the pavement. She has a terrible feeling that something bad is going to happen if she doesn't get there in time. So she pushes herself, driving herself beyond her physical limits, as she follows Annabelle's trail back to the house.

She hears the young girl's call, but she's still over half a mile away. With no other choice she pushes herself faster then just a moment earlier. She reaches the edge of the crater just as the dark hair girl touches Rouge's bare flesh, arches for a second and then collapses onto of Rouge.

Without waiting she leaps into the crater, shifting from wolf to human with no concern for the fact that she was nude. The only people around her right now were woman. She knows if the young girl stays in contact with Rouge for too long her psyche could be permanently trapped inside Rouge's head.

Willow saw the wolf leap and had been an instant from trapping it in a barrier of some kind when in the middle of its jump it shifts from a large red wolf to a nude red hair girl. She had seen Oz's transformation on more occasions then she cares to remember. This was nothing like that. It was a seamless transition from one into the other.

Rhane lands unconcern for the jagged pieces of wood and glass that slice open the soles of her feet. Scrambling the last few feet to her destination she grabs hold of Kennedy and hauls her off Rouge, careful not to touch the older woman's bare flesh. Looking up at the redhead standing at the edge of the crater, "if and it isn't too much of a bother do yea think there be a robe here about's that I could borrow till me own clothes get here?" She asks while trying to cover herself with her hands.

"Oh, um. Yeah," Willow says pulling her eyes off the young girl in the hole. Turning around to give her a little privacy she holds her hand out creating a thick bathrobe from nothing. It wasn't using her powers for a selfish reason. The girl was nude and it was cold and it would take too much time to run to their house and get a bathrobe from there. Gesturing with her hand she floats the robe down to her.

"Thank yea," Rhane says as she slips into the bathrobe.

"We have to get out of here," Wesley remarks, stating the obvious, as he staggers into Angel.

Angel nods to Wesley and Gunn as he feels the floor shift, "go," he tells them. He waits for a second watching them stumble their way to the emergency exits before he looks for Lorne. The green skin demon was still in almost the same place they had first appeared.

He was shielding the short crop redhead, that had somehow brought them here in the literal blink of an eye, from the falling debris with his own body. The girls life signs were faint. It was almost like she had simply run out of energy. Taking a deep, but otherwise unneeded breath, he quickly races across the heaving room relying solely on his vampire instincts to keep him taking the wrong step.

Managing to avoid the rubble that falls from the ceiling with as much skill as he manages to avoid thinking about how long before the floor gives way underneath them. With a quick glance at Colossus and the Beast, Angel sees that the floor directly around them has begun to sink as they continue to hammer away at each other. Seeing that Angel forces himself to move even faster.

Reaching Lorne's side Angel grabs hold of the green skin demon, "we have to go," he tells Lorne as he pulls him around slightly.

Lorne looks up at Angel shouting, "I can't carry her!"

The floor gives an alarming creak causing both men to look back at the emergency exit. They stare in horror as the seam at the base of the wall and floor begin to break apart. Small chunks of concrete start breaking off and falling to the level below.

Angel spins around. Grabbing hold of Rachel he slings her over one shoulder before draping Lorne over the other. He knows he only has one shot at this, the slightest mistake, the tiniest miscalculation would mean all three of their deaths. With a great heave he kicks out the closest window.

A man size chunk of ceiling brakes off crashing to the floor just behind him sending a spray of thick dust into the air. The floor shakes and rolls worse then any earthquake has ever caused it to. With loud grunts of exertion the two gargantuan warriors jockey for position as they continue to rain one tremendous blow after another down upon the other one.

Without a backwards glance Angel dives out the window. Trusting his supernatural; grace, agility, balance, speed, and luck he attempts to out race the crumbling twenty-five story high rise. With the roar of the building collapsing behind him loud in his ears he never takes his eyes off the ground below him as he runs like he's never run before.

It seems as if he's on the ground in seconds flat, but he doesn't stop even then. He knows he has to get out of the debris field and can only hope that Wesley and Gunn were smart enough to realize the same thing and had kept moving once outside the building. If they had gotten out of the building.


Long, Long Way From Home - Foreigner

It was a Monday
A day like any other day
I left a small town
For the Apple in decay

It was my destiny
It's what we needed to do
They were telling me
I'm telling you

I was inside looking outside
The millions of faces
But still I'm alone
Waiting, hours of waiting
Paying a penance
I was longing for home

I'm looking out for the two of us
I hope we'll be here when they're through with us

I was inside looking outside
Oh the millions of faces
But still I'm alone
Waiting, hours of waiting
I could feel the tension
I was longing for home

I'm looking out for the two of us
And I hope we'll be here when they're through with us
I'm coming home

Monday, sad, sad Monday
She's waiting for me
But I'm a long, long way from home

Sad, sad Monday
She's waiting for me
But I'm a long, long way from home

Sad, sad Monday
Oh she's waiting for me
But I'm a long, long way from home


Jump, Jive, and Wail - Brian Setzer Orchestra

Baby, baby it looks like it's gonna hail
Baby, baby it' looks like it's gonna hail
You better come inside
Let me teach you how to jive and wail

You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail away!

Papa's in the icebox lookin' for a can of ale
Papa's in the icebox lookin' for a can of ale
Mama's in the backyard learning how to jive and wail

You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail away!

A woman is a woman and a man ain't nothin' but a male
A woman is a woman and a man ain't nothin' but a male
One good thing about him
He knows how to jive and wail

Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a pail
Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a pail
Jill stayed up, she wants to learn how to jive and wail

You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail
You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail away!