"We made it back alive! "

Naruto bursted through the open door the very next morning. Sasuke was at his side and they were both a panting mess. Inside, everyone was already having breakfast. The boys were out an entire night trying to stay alive. Athena had sent a clone after them and she made sure to hunt them the entire night. She almost caught them multiple times, but by some miracle they always managed to escape somewhat unscathed.

Athena eyed the two with an raised eyebrow. When they saw her they unconsciously took a step back, not sure if she would torture them for their scandalous behavior the last night. She only looked at them for a few seconds before returning all attention to her food.

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood right now" she stated as she ate some ramen. "You better hope I don't hold this against you"

Sasuke and Naruto both nodded and stiffly made their way to the dinner table. They kept glancing at Athena, not sure if they should believe her or not. To their relief she really was in a good mood and it had a lot to do with Hinata. Both boys silently thanked the gods for blessing the earth with the miracle that is Hinata Hyuga. They shall forever be grateful.

"She caught you, huh? "Kakashi asked very amused with everything that took place. Last night Athena and Hinata came into the house wordlessly. Hinata was blushing while trying to convince Athena to not beat the hell out of the boys. It was easy enough for Kakashi to realize what had happened. "Was it worth it? "

"Oh yeah, they totally kissed" Naruto said and wiggled his eyebrows.

Athena wasn't affected by a word he said but Hinata was red in the face and pulled her hood over her head in her embarrassment. Of course Athena decided to tease her and pulled it back down. When Hinata made to pull it back up Athena took hold of both wrists and quickly kissed her. Hinata got redder and Athena chuckled before letting her go. The hood was again pulled over her head.

Sasuke sighed and ate his breakfast. He was lucky to be alive at that moment. He was ready to sacrifice Naruto for his own survival. He would not hesitate. The blonde is the only reason he had to fear for his life. He should have never accepted. No matter how much dango he was promised. It would mean nothing had he not lived to see the sun rise. But then again, some part of him was content. Some part of him believed Naruto's words. It was worth it. That is the idiot part of himself that he ignores.

"We train today again, tomorrow we guard the old man" Athena said at some point. Her eyes landed on Sasuke and for a moment he thought she was after him. "I'll make you awaken your sharingan"

"What? "

"You need some emotional trauma" Athena said with a smile he did not like. There was a sadistic look in her eyes and he realized that Athena would get back at him, one way or another.

"Oh yeah, Athena is good at that" Naruto said and patted Sasuke on the back with a look of sympathy. "Good luck"

"Forcing the sharingan to awaken through genjutsu? " Kakashi questioned.

"Not how I planned on doing it, but I suppose it's best I do it that way"

Sasuke did not like the casual voice she had while saying that. What did she originally plan on doing to him?

"Be prepared"

Athena was in a familiar cloudy space. Next to her stood Naruto. She sighed. The boy managed to pull her into joining him to see his parents. They tend to visit together sometimes. Mostly in Naruto's mind. The boy was afraid of what Athena could do to him in her own mind after last night . She may have said that she'll leave him be but Athena is not one to be trusted.

Kushina had a knowing smile on her face as she approached the passive Athena. She ruffled her blonde hair and the girl didn't swat her hand away. She actually smiled at the action that usually annoys her.

"So" Minato sat some distance away. He had a raised eyebrow and a suggestive smile. "You kissed the girl"

"I'm so proud of you" Kushina practically squealed as she hugged Athena tightly. "It took you long enough. You should have done it the minute you returned to the village"

"Impulsive " is all Athena said. "Patience is a valuable thing to have"

"You spend too much time with Minato. Don't take relationship advice from him " Kushina said with a glance at her sheepish husband.

"I suppose. You are the dominant presence in this marriage" Athena said bluntly and Minato deflated.

"Naruto, do you see the disrespect she shows me? "Minato asked his son, who had taken position next to him

"She has a point though " Naruto admitted.

"Not you too" Minato sighed. "I give great relationship advice "

Naruto nodded with a hum. "I'm sure you do"

"My own son doesn't believe in me. How tragic. " Minato said with a hand on his heart . he Smiled soon after and slung an arm over Naruto's shoulder. He pulled the boy into a semi hug. "When's my little man going to get a girlfriend? Or are you interested in that Uchiha you almost brought to the grave yesterday"

"I'm not into Sasuke like that" Naruto said with a look at his father. "And he lived didn't he?"

"You have Hinata to thank for that" Minato told the boy. "She's a blessing"

"You're telling me. She's the only one on can really keep Athena under control"

"We do anything for love" Minato said with a fond look at his wife. "Have I ever told you about that time I traveled for four days just to get your mother a special ingredient for her ramen? "

"No" Naruto was immediately interested. "You really did that? "

"Yes, all for a small flower no one really seemed to care about"the older blonde said. He laughed at the memory. "It was insignificant really, but Kushina said it had a unique taste she was craving. So I put everything aside and went to get it for her. "


"Happy wife happy life" Minato said quietly so Kushina didn't hear him. He doubt she would even if he spoke normally. She was too distracted with Athena.

"I'll keep that in mind"

"Good. It'll safe your life someday"

Hinata was curious as to how the blondes could so easily fall into their minds. It had been thirty minutes since the two entered a meditative state. They hadn't moved a muscle. Their breathing was so slow it was hard to tell they were actually supplying themselves with oxygen.

"They make it seem so easy" Sasuke said next to her. He too seemed to wonder about it. "Everytime I try to meditate I get distracted"

"I guess they're used to it. Athena said they do it often so they can talk to Naruto's parents" Hinata informed.

"How is that even possible? "

"The necklaces. They contain the chakra of the fourth and hid wife" Hinata pointed out the teardrop necklaces.

"Must have a lot stored there" Sasuke said at some point.

"Should we wake them? Athena said we train at twelve. It's twelve " Kakashi said his nose in his book.

"Since when do you care about doing things on time? "

"I don't, Sasuke. Athena does"

Hinata hummed and looked back to the blondes. She looked at the clock. It's not exactly twelve yet just one more minute. She looked back to Athena to find her staring at her. She jumped, not expecting that. Athena chuckled.

"Huh, we really have one minute left" Naruto looked to the clock. "How do you always get this right? "

Athena shrugged as she stood. She stretched her legs and arms before motioning for the rest to follow.

"We've got work to do"

Hinata felt a bit unconformable as both Kurama sat in front of her. They were just staring at her, as if they were trying to decide something important. They had critical eyes as they took her in. She looked to Athena, asking for help. The blonde only smiled in reassurance. They wouldn't hurt her unless she offends them.

Yin Kurama let out a low growl and licked his paw casually, his eyes still on Hinata.

"A suitable mate I suppose" he said and stood. He started to circle the nervous girl, sniffing once or twice. "Strong chakra too" he sat in front of her again.

Yang Kurama was now lying down on the ground. He yawned and closed his eyes. He really didn't care. The kid is free to mate with whom ever she pleases. She wasn't his holder so it wasn't much of his business. He just wanted to see why she liked the timid girl. He found out easily enough. A strong kid that needed to believe in herself more. She was cute and too kind for this world. Apparently the kid liked that. He didn't see a problem with it. Again it's none of his business in the first place.

"Oi, why the hell didn't you make her yours completel? You disappoint me" Yin Kurama questioned Athena, who sat opposite Sasuke.

"What the hell is wrong with you , you dumb fox? " Athena asked annoyed. "I can't do something like that? "

"You can kill a human being. I don't see how you can't do something as simple as claiming your mate" He said in some sort of shrug.

"Things are different amongst humans" Athena said said a sigh.

"What's he talking about? "Hinata asked, not catching onto the meaning behind the conversation.

Athena looked at her. An emotion flashed in her eyes for a moment before she blinked it away.

"She's so innocent " Yin Kurama said with something bordering on pride. "Oh you have to do it"

"No I don't. Not now. Don't bring it up again " Athena said dismissive.

Yin Kurama growled at her and bit at her clothes in defiance.

"Leave my clothes, you bastard. I'm working here" Athena tugged her jacket out of the fox's grip with a growl of her own and the two fell into their usual argument.

Sasuke sighed in slight relief. Their bickering save him some time. He was not prepared for anything Athena planned on doing to him in the name of his sharingan.

Athena huffed and picked up the struggling fox. She easily tucked him under her arms and made her way towards Hinata. Said girl was a bit confused when Athena made her sit down. She was even more confused when she placed the struggling Kurama in her arms.

"Athena, what.. "

Athena only smiled in reassurance as she took Hinata's hand in her own. Gently she rested their hands on the orange fur of the fox. She slowly made Hinata stroke his fur and the fox gradually calmed down. Athena smiled proudly as she h removed her hand and watched Hinata continue without her.

"There " she stood and kissed Hinata on the forehead. "The fox just wants attention sometimes"

"Huh" Hinata looked down at the now calm Kurama. He didn't move in her arms. In fact he seemed very comfortable. "So, he's like any normal animal"

Kurama growled at that but did nothing.

"More or less"Athena nodded and patted the fox's head. "Watch him for me"

Hinata nodded. At the words Kurama glared at Athena, but still didn't make any hostile movements. He was enjoying the attention despite himself.

Athena made her way back to Sasuke and sat before him. She was smiling but it was not at all reassuring.

"Now then"

"I'm not very confident in this plan of yours" Sasuke said as Athena stared into the very depths of his soul.

"Is that so? " Athena didn't seem to care about his thoughts at the moment. "You do wish to unlock your eye, do you not? "


"Good. I will help you." When she smiled it was a kind smile this time. It calmed Sasuke a bit. He seriously did not know what to expect from Athena. It would be traumatizing, that's for sure. He would have to experience trauma at some point. And if he has his sharingan unlocked sooner he'll be a step closer to his goal. His father might acknowledge him.

"Alright, let's get this over with"

Athena nodded. She closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them they were blue. They had straight tomoe connecting her iris and pupil

But why did she need her dojutsu?

Unmei no Sharin. She was still debating whether or not that name is good.

"Why do you need your dojutsu? "

Athena only smiled as she placed a finger on his forehead.

"This will be more than a genjutsu"