"Is anyone here?"

Lost within this dark space was a young girl. Ten years old, brown eyes, and long black hair tied to a ponytail. She was in her pajamas; which consists of a yellow sleeveless shirt and orange pajama pants.

"Young lady, do have a dream?"

"Who's there?" Said the girl.

"Fear not, my dear friend."

A man in a unusual outfit comes from darkness. He wore a white blazer with a bubble gum pink scarf around his neck, cotton candy blue harem pants, white shoes, and a white top hat tipped low enough to block his eyes. He looks at the girl with a smile.

"I'm here to help you," the man said.

"Help me?" The girl asked, "Help me with what?"

"Tell me, what is your dream?" The man asked.

"My dream?" The girl asked back.

"Yes," The man answered.

"Well, I wanna be a veterinarian," the girl said.

"That's not what I'm asking," The man said, "What do you REALLY dream for?"

"What I really wish for?" The girl asked, "Well... I..."

"What do you DESIRE?" The man asked.

The girl thinks real hard about her 'desire'. She then grunts, as if she's hurting herself.

"That's okay, little one," The man said, "I'm here to offer the help the troubled little girls and boys."

"How? And how do you know?" The girl asked.

"I know everything," the man answered, "But good news, it's all about to change."

He snaps his fingers and the white door appears in front of the two.

"What is that?" The girl asked, "Where does it go?"

"This lead to the journey where your dreams and desires will come true," the man answered, "Do you accept?"

The girl slowly walked towards the door, before turning the knob and pulling the door open.

"Then off you go," the man said.

The girl then entered the door.

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Age: (Elementary school age for party members. Don't know if will add adults for Confidants, but as we proceed I'll think about it)






Summer Outfit:

Winter Outfit:




Dream Hole: (Dream Holes are the dungeons, they come in a theme to represent the dream of that person.)

Persona: (I'm going to make the personas based on characters from literature)

Strong Against:

Weak Against: