Hi. This is just a little project I'm working on. You can dare the BBIEAL or FNaF characters. I may add some of my own OC's to FNaF. All FNaF characters are their human version. I may also involve your OC's, or I may not. I'll see.

Only send truth or dares in PM, and PM ONLY. Any Truth or Dares in the reviews section can and will be ignored.

I do not own BBIEAL or FNaF.

My main OC, Tsunami, summons the FNaF and BBIEAL characters to the arena, which upon my will can summon anything of anyone needed for a dare. It also has a pit in the corner which anyone who refused to tell a truth or do a dare will be thrown into, and they will relive one of more of their worst memories.

"Hey. Why are we here?" Questioned Gold. "Who are they?" Asked Ballora, pointing to the BBIEAL characters. Playtime was playing with the adventures, Principal and William were already talking about how hard maintaining a work/school environment was, and Baldi and Puppet were already arguing over the nature of infinity. "They," announced Tsunami , "Are the BBIEAL characters. They will be active in this truth or dare story with you." . "Wow. The Fourth wall has been broken already." Commented Springtrap. " Shut up. " Said Tsunami, dismissively. "So, anyway, we'll wait until we get any asks or dares for you." Continued Tsunami, breaking the fourth wall again. " Well, what do we do in the mean ti-i-i-i-ime? " demanded Bully. "Idk. Just do whatever, I guess." Shrugged Tsunami . Tsunami waved at the readers, and was met by further groans of frustration from the characters, for, you guessed it, breaking the fourth wall. The second Tsunami stepped out to the OC zone of the arean, all hell broke loose. BBIEAL and FNaF characters had already started fighting, from things such as they answer to 273627÷83X3564×π689%483, to which game is a better Indie game, to stupid things such as what Yu-Gi-Oh series was best, or whether or not Dragons Den should be taken off air.

Also, it's like, 1AM, so apologies for the short chapter. When I get asks or dares, I will make more and longer chapters.