Leorio sat as far away as he could in the dingy cell, practically leaning against the iron bars. He was stiff and his eyes were keeping his cell mate in view at all times.

Sitting casually on the opposite side of the cell was a smirking Hisoka in all of his dangerous glory, amusing himself with his deck of cards.

Leorio silently sighed, his voice already well gone from the yelling he had done earlier trying to tell the police he didn't have anything to do with the powerful clown. Honestly, he didn't understand why Hisoka would allow them to bring him to jail. He was more than strong enough to leave undetected. No one at the jail would be worth fighting anyway. People with nen, they didn't get captured and locked away. Not in a place like this. So what was his end game?

His thoughts were interrupted by a dark and all too familiar chuckle. Leorio felt his muscles tense at the sound and his eyes fully locked on Hisoka's form.

"Ah, last night certainly was fun."

Leorio held his tongue. His voice would come out painfully hoarse if he did speak. Nen be damned.

"I didn't believe the police would have found us so quickly."

Us? Leorio didn't like the sound of that.

"I wonder who they had helping them," he continued with amusement dripping from his voice. Leorio had to find himself agreeing. Hisoka was many things, sloppy was not one of them. So to be found at all by common police officers was more than peculiar. It would make sense if someone was helping them.

"Alright Mr. Paradinight. Your bail has been paid," an officer interrupted. Leorio stood quickly as the officer unlocked the cell. He quickly exited the cell and heard the officer relock it.

"Oh, and Doctor?" Hisoka called out, "I do believe we share the sentiment of how enjoyable last night was." Leorio felt himself pale. Damn Hisoka and his little games.

He followed the officer eagerly to his freedom and whoever bailed him out. He felt a grin spread across his face to see Gon and Killua there, one with unbridled glee and innocence, the other with unquestionable smugness.

"Hey Leorio. We got your message. What happened?" Gon, the ever thoughtful one asked.

"Probably getting him for being a pervy old man," Killua joked.

"Hisoka," he rasped pointing back at the door he had come through. The two boys looked at him, then the door strangely. Killua started laughing.

"Not like that you little twerp!" he tried to yell, his voice still coming out as a raspy whisper. Killua laughed even harder at Leorio's indignation. Gon just looked confused. Also, a little angry. He narrowed his eyes at the door Leorio had come from. Leorio rolled his eyes and coughed to get Gon's attention.

"Let's just go."

So I was reading the good friend vs best friend thing and thought how funny would it be to hit all the best friend marks with someone you feared. Hence, Hisoka (the reason they're in jail) and Leorio. This one is a good friend will bail you from jail, but a best friend will be in there with you saying it was awesome.