Self Indulged

By: Lady Lowe

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AN: Gothic Rogue. Loner Rogue. Isolated Rogue. She has to get her pleasure from something, right?

Self Indulged

By: Lady Lowe

Chapter One: Just one strip

"Ah got all Ah need," she muttered to herself. Kitty was out, the whole X-gang was out. She had the mansion all to herself. Not that she really wanted to be in here by herself, it was a bit too big. Kinda freaked her out. But just this one half-hour of indifference, of ignorance, of bliss, then she'll just be on her way.

Just one strip, and then she'll leave. Not for good. Not yet. She lined her package to the end of the table. But before she was ready to sniff it, she bounced off and headed towards the CD player. Pressing play, she went back to her little rendezvous. She hummed a little before she brought her face down and begin to sniff, sniff, sniff.

To kill the whitest looking dove

To hate everything you love

And I'm trying to pretend

Oh in wanting life to end

That I am not another stupid

Little teenage fucking whore

Oh the sensations that she felt were the only thing that kept her addicted. She supposed that just that moment of bliss was enough for a lifetime of regret. As she finished that line, she laid back on her bed just looking at the ceiling.

Well, if only Kitty could jus' get a kick outta this, she thought to herself haphazardly.

And I'm too scared to live tonight

And I'm too bare to shed this plight

As the residual effects released from her mind, she grabbed her coat and walked out of the mansion without a backwards look. Logan was not even patrolling around this time for he had gone off for another round of the big-busted ladies and whisky. Her coat was flapping in the wind and she loved the sound of it.

Walking into town, her pupils were trying to become accustomed to the light. First it was too bright and then the garish colors were glaring down at her. She first thought she saw Godzilla but then realized it was just another tree. She thought she saw a hooker on the street but then realized it was another one of those cheerleaders that infested Bayville High. She scoffed at the slut, turning her head to witness another despicable act of mushiness from her "boyfriend."

Rogue was heading straight to the park.

She had run out of her secret private stash and knew that her supplier would be out in the park, like he was every night. Her cheeks were getting a bit tinged from the cold but she kept on walking with her head held high, her emerald eyes dazzling even those that hated her.

"Ugh, can you believe her – "

"Another crackhead walks in the midst!"

"Yeah, I hear that she's a mutant too…"

"Crazy sonofabitch -- "

Rogue ignored the pathetic mutterings. They could go ahead and talk as loud as they wanted, she didn't give a fuck about anyone of them. Her boots were clacking against the asphalt and as she made to her destination, she sat on one of the benches.

The wind whipped her white locks around, the auburn tightly secured in a ponytail at the back of her head. Without turning her head, she could tell whether her supplier was behind her. He reeked of Armani Exchange cologne, trying to pay off as the typical good doer, pompous. He tried to rely on the image as a high class business type.

However, as Rogue waited, she heard soft snaps on the floor, instead of the heavy pounding that sometimes made her palms sweat in anticipation. As the footsteps began to come nearer, the smell somehow reminded her of the Bayou with a little Marlboro Light mixed in.

"'allo, chere," he whispered most seductively behind her.

"Cajun." With this one word, she snapped up from the bench and looked around. "What are yah doin' here, Swamp Rat?"

"Jus' doin' a lil' business. Din't t'ink chere would min'. Does chere min'?" He forcibly made her sit back down on the bench. As she tried to jump back up again, he left his hand there, and she felt something hot against her shoulder. Suspecting that he was using his power, she sat back down, waiting for the moment to rip off her glove and knock some sense into this guy.

"Mah name is not chere," she spat. "An' it depends on which guy yah took out, Cajun."

"Jus' anot'er dat was abou' ta disturb Bayville's finest. Comme vous," he winked at her. She rolled her eyes and glanced anxiously around her. Why wasn't Mr. Bill coming? Where was Mr. Bill?

"Lookin' fo' someone, chere?" His lips thinned as he saw the paleness of her skin. Even though her cheeks were looking very fine, the eyes were a bit…off. Her reaction time was coming off a bit slow as well. He had just stoked another one of the pushers in this park. Remy couldn't believe how many people were ready to sell off these drugs. The recent evil doer was a guy that seemed pretty well-to-do until Remy saw him pushing to some younger kids.

And one of them seemed very familiar…

"Ah'm lookin' for no one." Rogue had an air of indignity that made Remy feel proud and weird at the same time. It was as if she wasn't affected by him, by his good looks. At least she wasn't as easy a conquest as those other girls but then why wasn't she falling for it? It didn't seem to be affecting her at all. It was like Remy didn't exist.

"Mr. Bill, wasn't it? You're also one o' his people as well, aren't you?" Remy inquired quietly, stealthily.

She fell silent and turned her face away. Her hands began to shake and Remy saw her try to control her feelings.

"Remy don' mean ta make ya cry, chere. Remy don' wanna hurt any fille, 'specially you."

"Yah ain't makin' me cry, yah stupid swamp rat!" She rushed off the bench and ran into the darkness.

Remy considered running after her but then realized and just what was he going to do? Grab her into his arms and make soothing noises to her? Pah! Remy was not that kind of a romantic! And just what was he going to get out of a girl that was addicted to a drug so strong that made her so weak?

'Remy don' wanna hurt any fille, 'specially you,' Remy mocked in his mind. He laughed as he realized the irony in it. Not that Remy was a womanizer or anything…well, of course he was. As soon as he stepped foot in town, there were a trail of broken hearts leading to his next destination.

He silently left from his position and began to walk slowly around the park.

Rogue had watched every movement that he had done, hearing the baritone laughter ringing in her ears. She had climbed a tree that allowed her shaking legs to stay still and allowed her to see what Gambit was doing.

Lord, did she hate him. Hated every perfect limb, the perfect lips, the entrancing eyes, everything about him. If she could just rip off that perfect smirk on his perfect face then at least she wouldn't need her coke anymore. She could just find her happiness in knowing that she brought an Acolyte down.

As she gracefully swept down from the tree, she landed on her ankle, twisting it badly. "Shit!" she yelped. Wonderful. Just a couple of minutes after her stupid run-in with Gambit, she has to fucking fall from a tree when she was so once adept to trees.

(shit! How badly is the coke messin' meh up????)

"Does da fille need help?"

Rogue groaned at the sound of the voice. She barely glanced at him and pressed her palm to the ground. "No, this 'fille' don' need yah help," she gritted through her teeth. Hissing at trying to stand straight up with her back to him, she almost fell into his arms.

"Well! I din' know that Rogue would like ta stay wit' Remy. However, tis time ta go, chere," almost in a mock salute did he fall away into the shadows.

"Sonofabitch." Muttering her way around with mixed garbles of French and English, she made sure that Remy heard what she was saying. As she continued to walk away from the park, she let her hair down, allowing it to whip around almost making her look a queen.

Fuckin' Ice Queen, that's what. Remy walked away from his hiding spot, his red on black eyes flashing dangerously. She was something that he just had to get. Break her resolve and make her cry.

Oh, this just might be the best time Bayville has ever seen.