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Before The Summer

Hello everyone! So, how can I put it... I don't know what came over me but, having loved the film, I decided to write this little fiction on a sudden impulse. It's my very first one, so don't hesitate to take me back if there's anything wrong with my writing. This story takes place BEFORE the events of the movie, and just after the meeting between Hodaka and Hina at McDonald's, in 2021 (correct me if I say something stupid).

Enjoy your reading !

The arrival of the sun

It's always the same thing. Same old story. The blows, dealt by "normal" people, these daggers that are thrust as deep as possible into your body, into your heart. But that's the way it is, and there's nothing you can do about it.

- Attention, everyone, please come back into the room. Class is about to begin.

It's just routine. The incessant footsteps at the time of the first class of the day at Koyama High School give me a taste of what the day will be like. Over time, I've come up with a way to interpret the footsteps. I can associate a sound with a mood, or an omen containing that mood. At least, that's what I tell myself, and it's not like I have another hobby.

- Come on, hurry up, we don't have all day!

Our teacher is a young woman, brunette, wearing pretty earrings. Unlike most teachers at this school, she doesn't wear glasses. I mean, it's not bad for her age. It doesn't look like it, but despite her looks as a bar hostess, she celebrated her 37th birthday just 5 months ago. Mathematics is her favourite subject, a subject in which I unfortunately do not excel. She was transferred to our high school following her recent move to Tokyo. Passionate about Japan, she fought to obtain Japanese nationality, all to work in this den of thugs. Her passion for mathematics can be felt in her classes, one wonders if she notices the daily incidents that occur at the bottom of her backyard.

Mrs. Chaslaine greets us, as she does every morning of the week, from Monday to Friday. We have 27 students in our class, 22 of whom are boys. It's best to say it right away: the competition is tough. You can feel a constant tension during group work, where pairs are formed randomly. As far as my social situation is concerned, I think I'm at the bottom of the ladder, whether it's Richter's or the municipal swimming pool at the school, where I almost drowned several times. Yes, the Koyama High School swimming pool is open to non-students. According to the student council, it would be a substantial and necessary cash inflow. There are a staggering number of toddlers in the hot pool. Curious. I'm sure we could invite the team from a chain of Internet miscue compilations to bring in even more funds. But they're not interested in my opinion.

- Get out of the way! Formatted! What did we tell you last time? Kirigaya cried out, a student in our class that I don't particularly like.

Kirigaya Matsushita

Pretty rambunctious and undisciplined. He usually dresses in a designer tracksuit with a yellow long-sleeved t-shirt. Son of a good family, his father is an engineer in surveillance technology. I'm kind of his favorite target.

After this kind of incident, I'm the focus of attention at the beginning of every class. Moreover, I got this nickname from my professional project. Later on, I would like to join a university in Tokyo where I could follow a training course dedicated to computer science and telecommunication networks, it seems that the opportunities are interesting. In terms of income. However, mathematics is important for this kind of training, hence my nickname: the contraction of "Computer Science" shortened to "Strong", and "False", followed by "math". Their hobby comes down to this, to damage my reputation already equivalent to that of an eco+ garbage bag.

But he's not the only one who thinks I'm a punching bag. A non-exhaustive list of the sheriffs in this class can be found at the back of the room.

Aria Nichisawa

Gifted in drawing, one would think that she spends her time playing with her pencils without disturbing the world, but nay. She draws for the sole purpose of assailing me, but certainly in a rather creative and original way. She directs all the artistic talents in this class.

Misaka Fujiwara

Practicing Kendo for more than 6 years, she coaches the majority of sportsmen and women in order to harm me. Of course she does.

Kaguya Chitoge

The most influential student in the class, a poster dedicated to him/her is displayed at the back of the room. With many contacts, she organizes most of the demonstrations against whatever else is wrong with this school. Taking gift-cards as payment, for any business, makes you wonder where the world is going.

By the way, my name is Lodaka, I'm 17 years old, and I only own the chair next to the window overlooking the city, second row from the back(1).

- Today we have a new student, I count on you to welcome her in the best possible way! exclaimed our teacher, before the astonished eyes of the class. Finally, boys, who were hoping with all their hearts that a girl would show up. After all, five students have already arrived throughout the first semester, I'm getting used to it. I put my heavy head on my folded arms, and I start to think to avoid any risk of humiliation.

Footsteps can be heard in the corridor. They make very faint noises, but unique sounds that I have never heard in this school. It's as if a fairy or some other fantastic being has decided to cross an inter-dimensional portal to finally fail in this dungeon lair. I look up, curious to see what kind of alien it could be. As the individual entered the room, the room lit up with all the colours, more than the primary colour palette on the college's supply list. It was a young girl, brunette, similar in size to mine. Her hair was in the shape of a quilt that rested on her frail shoulders. She was not wearing a high school uniform, being dressed in a white tank top and short jeans. Her big eyes met mine in a split second, but it was enough to brighten my day.

- Hi, my name is Hina. Nice to meet you, I hope we get along well. I'm counting on you!

(1) In the "School-Life" anime genre, the main character is always (or almost always) sitting on this famous chair.

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