After the rain

It has been 3 months now since the supernatural events of the second week of January occurred. Since then, the routine has settled back into my life. After having my weapon and other media intentionally stored in my room confiscated, I was sent to a reformatory cell. I underwent a number of interrogations. Because indeed, the case of the 25th arrondissement made a lot of noise in the media. The influencers of our class were arrested for attempted murder, degradation of public space and impersonation, for the main causes. Ironically, their guilt was proved by the cameras of Kirigaya's father's company, which are in operation throughout this part of the city.

I am no longer the whipping boy of anyone in my school. Many rumours have been spread about me about the explosion of unknown energy that completely destroyed the area. No one was killed, no one was injured: a miracle.

I myself have many questions about Hina's powers. Who is she really? The origin of her powers remains unknown, the press and the people don't even know she exists.

But life goes on in the Japanese capital, tourism has increased even more in the region of Kantō. Finally, my life remains an enigma, as if half of me had gone to the afterlife. I would find it again, on a rainy day, on the corner of a street. Well, I hope so.

The school bell is ringing at Koyama High School.

- It's the weekend!

- Are we going to karaoke tonight?

There are many faces in a good mood, mine is neutral. Although my social situation has changed, I'm still a burden to all the groups of friends at school. Except for Hikari, who's probably waiting for me outside the school. I cross the main hallway, where the start of the new school year took place this morning. Lots of posters advertising all kinds of clubs are strewn all over the filthy floor. The sky, still as grey as ever, is a perfect symbol of my daily mood.

- Ah, there you are, Lodaka! Are you coming to the movies? I'm meeting a few friends there, it'll be a good opportunity to make some!

I nod without much pretension.

- You know, about yesterday's flying chair, I think I've found the explanation! In fact, according to Newton's second law, valid in a supposedly Galilean landmark, well, the sum of the external forces applied(1) ...

- It was hanging from a transparent thread, I cut it off casually.

- ...but it's plausible.

We continue walking in the Akihabara district. The trailers of Japanese dramas impress my comrade.

- OH YES I KNOW! Even that at the end, there's Han solo who-

- STOP! You want to spoil everyone or what?

- Oh yeah sorry... this sky is driving me crazy, it's crazy anyway, there hadn't been any light for 3 months...

- A lightning bolt?

He's nodding his head. In a split second, I got it.

- Hey, where are you going?! Why are you turning back?

| ? Juuryoku ga nemuri ni tsuku sennen ni ichido no kyou ?|

| On this special day, when gravity falls asleep |

The time has come. I'm running with all my might, shoving people in my path. The building whose upper section we caused to collapse is in sight.

| "See no" by daichi wo kette koko de wa nai hoshi e |

| ? On the count of three, let's get the hell off this earth and go to another planet ?|

- That's funny, according to the magazine, it would be the work of... Yes, that's it! The awakening of a Hare-onna(2)! How intriguing. Very intriguing. Now, which film should we choose?

I finally get to the top of the still standing part of the building. A bright light comes from the Shinkansen line in front of Hina's house. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, too long. All sorts of unknown emotions fill me up and fill me with happiness, Tokyo is adorned with its most beautiful colors. It's time to go there.

- Ikou!

| Yume ni bokura de ho wo hatte |

| We're gonna unfurl those sails together, with all our dreams |

| Kitaru beki hi no tame ni yoru wo koe |

| And we'll cross through the night into a day we know cannot be avoided |

| Iza kitai dake mantan de |

| Our only hopes were enough to fill our reserves |

| ¶ Ato wa dou ni ka naru sa to kata wo kunda ¶

| And we put our arms around each other, knowing that we'd get through it somehow |

| Kowakunai wake nai demo tomaranai |

| It's not that we're not afraid, but we won't stop. |

| ? Pinchi no sakimawari shitatte bokura ja shou ga nai ?

| Even though we're in trouble, that's something we can't change |

| Bokura no koi ga iu koe ga iu |

| ? Our love speaks to us - a voice speaks to us ?

|"Ike" to iu|

|She says, "Go!


2 "Sunshine girl"



Thanks to all the brave people for reading my fanfiction! It is first of all an essay, it is indeed my very first EVER fiction. Maybe I'll do it again later, I don't know.

Just a precision concerning the timeline, Hodaka and Hina will NEVER meet in the street of Love Hotels, Lodaka having found the weapon in the trash can "before" Hodaka, the latter will not have the courage to snatch Hina from the shady individuals in the film (see the scene where Hodaka touches his satchel before running, as if to reassure himself in the film).

The blue text corresponds to the lyrics of the theme song of the film "Great Escape", some sentences have been cut, the reading of the passage concerned being done with the song in the ears.

All the rights go to Shinkai Makoto, director of the film "Tenki no Ko", from which I took many elements.