The sweetest thing

"You defiantly have a case of the love bug." Garen said looking over at his friend. "I do not!" Obi-wan said. "I agree with him. You stare at her in class and ^grabs obi-wan's notebook^ you wrote her name everywhere...are these your notes? You find the closest table to her at meal times. YOU have a CRUSH on HER." Reeft said. "Okay, okay fine. If I admit that I have a crush on her in my own words will you guys find out a few things about her for me?" Obi-wan asked. His three friends shook their heads yes.

Bant, Garen, and Reeft were satisfied with his confession and wrote down questions to ask her the next day.

At lunch the three headed over to her table. "Hello" the girl said. "Hey Lizzi, will you please answer a few questions for us?" Garen asked her. She shook her head, yes.


"Elizabeth MacKenzie"



"Eye color, hair color"

"Green and my hair is red"

They asked tons more questions then thanked her and left. "How did it go?" Obi-wan asked. "Fine. She answered them all. Here." Bant said. He looked the sheet over. "And she is free for the dance tomorrow. But we didn't say anything about that so your on you're own. Ask her she's really nice and I'm sure she would say yes." Garen said. "I couldn't do that. I-" Obi-wan said. "Yes you can. She is a really pretty girl and someone will ask before you. I hate to be the one to break it to you but I won't mention who else has a crush on her..." Bant trailed off. "Who?" he asked her. She turned around and looked at the bully. " way." Obi-wan whispered. "He will ask her. Hurry up" Garen said.

"Lizzi, will you go to the dance with me?" Obi-wan said to himself. No, that's not it. "Lizzi, about that dance coming" he said. "Lizzi, I was wondering if you..." He said and shook his head, no. "Hello padawan. You going to the dance? Who did you's more like who asked you?" His master, Qui-gon Jinn said from his door. "I have a problem. I want to ask this girl, Lizzi MacKenzie, but there's no way she will say yes or I guess I'm just scared to ask." He told his master. "Ask her. You never know what will happen if you just...ask. I think she's going to say yes. I know she will say yes to you. Just be nice. Hurry now. Dance is tomorrow. this the girl You write in your notebook? # nod# She's in the class I teach in 2nd hour. Write it on The white-board and she will see it. You, however won't be there so there is no way you can get embarrassed or anything because your not in that one class with her." The jedi master said and rushed out the door to tell his friends.

The morning before the dance...

The 14-year-old apprentice walked out of class and one of Lizzi's friends appeared In front of him. She handed him a note. "Clever plan, Kenobi. She was surprised." The 15-year-old said and dashed down the hall. The note read;

Dear Obi-wan,

That was clever. I would love to go to the dance tonight. I'll meet you by Master Jinn's Classroom at 7:00 tonight.


He held the note in his hand and went to the rest of his classes for the day, carrying The note. He showed his friends later. They weren't surprised.

That night, everyone got dressed up the best they could. 2 minutes left. He left the quarters and waited by his masters classroom for Liz. She was two minutes late and when she got there she was smiling but it looked like she had just stopped crying. "Are you okay?" he asked her. "Perfect as ever." She said. He put out his arm and she wrapped her arm around his like in the movies. Together they walked to the dance. His friends went friends (to talk or the boys would dance with the girl, only girl in their group.)

As they were dancing he asked Liz why she had been crying. "My master was drunk tonight...again. he biggie" She said. "Did he hit you?" "No" she said. The dance lasted for hours. 3 to be exact. Oh and 35 minutes... Obi-wan walked the girl to her room and went home but not without a hug. He then kissed her the cheek and left.

"Elizabeth! You said the dance was only an hour! Girl GET IN HERE!!!" Master Gario La'Soario shouted from the other room. "Master, you're drunk. I said three hours. GO to BED." Lizzie replied. Her master got up and slapped her. "I will up on...the chart...your punishment...tomorrow morning be sorry...that that you raised yourr voice to me." Her master said half drunken, half stupid sounding. Liz shook her head to look tough and went to bed.

Somebody cries in the middle of the night, The neighbors hear but they turn out the lights. A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate, When morning comes it will be too late.

Through the wind and the rain, She stands as hard as a stone, In a world that she can't rise above. But her dreams give her wings and she flies to a place where she's loved: Concrete angel. (Song concrete angel by Martina McBride)

Punishment was Punishment. After her beating she sat on her bed cleaning the wounds. It was Saturday. Master usually went away after a beating. Went away to somewhere. She didn't know at all. Master beat her bad on Friday's because it gave anything on her face time to heal. A knock came at the door. She hid her black and blue bruised eye behind some hair and went to open the door. "Did you have fun last night?" He asked her. "Yeah. Come in." she said, opening the door farther. "Master went somewhere. I'm not sure where but he won't be back until tonight. I know that." She explained. "I was wondering if you wanted to go with my friends and I. We were going to walk around Courasant and talk. They want to know you better." He explained. "Let me fix myself up a little and leave master a note." She said. "You may sit down. I'll be less then 5 minutes." She said and disappeared around the corner of her bedroom.

She got dressed in a fresh tunic, put her hair securely over the eye which was bruised. She left her master a note:

Master, Went out for awhile w/ a few friends. Be back before dinner.
Love, Lizzi

"Okay, I'm ready. Sorry that took so long. Let's go shall we?" Liz said walking towards the door dropping the note on the table where her master would see it. Then they left.

"When were you born?" Bant asked her. "September 13th" she said. "OOOh we're older than you. We're all 15 except our little Obi-wan here who's still 14. His b-day is August 11." Bant said. "What happened, Liz?" Garen asked. "What?" she asked. "Your eye...ring a bell?" Garen said. "OH! That... I fell out of bed this morning and hit my eye on the nightstand...thingy." She explained, Rather well for someone hiding what really happened... "You okay?" Obi-wan asked touching the bruise lightly. "ouch..." He said.

Elizabeth's comlink rang a sweet chime. "Hello?" "Come home NOW!!!" "Master I'm fine I really am..." "NOW!" She hung up after saying okay. "If you haven't already heard I have to go home." "We'll walk you home. Can I ask you a question?" Obi-wan asked. She nodded. "I'm gonna take a wild guess. Tell me if I'm way off line. #nod# You came home and your master was drunk and he hit you." Obi-wan said. She nodded. "Your not going back" Obi-wan said. "It's alright. We sat down and he apologized and he quit drinking. I'm fine. Bye. Call me." She said and dashed home.



The whip came down hard, too hard. Harder then ever. She held back half the scream. Tears coming down. He stopped and injected her with a bluish liquid. "Oh no I'm not done yet. I found this drug in a market. It makes you weak and the pain you feel will be worse...a lot worse." He said to the girl chained to the wall in the walk-in closet.

She screamed a little more. She wasn't going to class on Monday. She wouldn't be awake tomorrow.