Home is where the heart is

Valerie Anne Kenobi was now 2 months old and Liz had just left the hospital wing but was ordered to take-it-easy...meaning NO missions and no running around (cleaning, etc...) but she wasn't ordered to bed-rest.

Liz sat on the floor, aimlessly rocking Valerie in her little basinet , and working furiously on school work. Her friends had stopped by earlier to see the baby and some other masters, knights, and students stopped by. She didn't think Val was old enough for crèche...and she didn't want to leave her NEWBORN there.

She had school in 10 minutes and was rushing the 2-problems-left homework and then had to drop Val off at Bant's apartment, since her friend had no classes until later.

Completing the tasks Liz rushed to class and sat down by a black-haired boy named Alex.

"Good afternoon class. Today we will be discussing the book by Anderson Lopez that was assigned about 6 months ago called 'Morning by Mirror lake'. Who would like to tell us about the book? Oh, well the okay Liz go on." The Master said.

"Morning by Mirror lake is set on the lovely planet Naboo and is about 6 teens who have to live together after something terrible happened to each. They kind-of set up their own "foster" care. I personally loved this book because of not the plot but the author. He puts detail into the story...he makes it fun to read...interesting to read. He puts all emotion into every character...main or not. It's a good book." Liz said.

"Very well put Liz. Oh and congratulations. Class if haven't already heard, which I doubt, Liz just had her first child. A girl named Valerie. Again, Liz, congratulations." The master said. Everyone started to mutter a congratulations or pat her shoulder.

Liz just blushed and smiled at them. Then after the commotion died down and an hour later class was dismissed. She left and set off towards Bant's apartment to relieve her friend from her 2 month old child.

At the other end of the temple, Obi-wan was just coming back from getting baby supplies for Val. No one was at that side at the moment but he just headed for the lift. Inside the lift was his old-and-apparently-still-rival Bruck Chun and some of his buddies.

"So you just have to ruin my life don't you oafy-wan? You are born. You crush on my girl. You take her to the dance. You date her. You marry her. Now she has your kid. What more do you want?" Bruck asked.

"I'm sorry you feel that way but now I must go my child and wife." And he turned to leave. Bruck's 2 followers grabbed him into the lift and jammed the door shut. Bruck started to beat him unmercifully and he couldn't fight back, all he could do was think of his wife, his baby girl, his master, and then he blacked out with the good memories in his head.