After having a fight about her comings and goings, Bella looks to find out about Nessie's inclusive group of friends.

7pm and no sign of her. Dinner was getting cold. This was becoming a problem. Bella Swan put the mashed potatoes and roast beef in some Tupperware. She'd been a widow for nearly three years now and she would have thought her and her daughter would have become closer. Renesmee 'Nessie' Swan had made a habit recently staying later each night with a group of new friends. Bella had never met these new friends, she thought she knew all of her friends. Nessie was growing up. She was 18 now and soon she'd be leaving the nest.

Just as she was going into the living room, Nessie charged in through the back door. Ripped blue jeans covered in some kind of dirt, a stained black tank top and a beat up skateboard in hand; not something you'd normally see for a girl as gorgeous as Nessie. She had her earphones in, listening to something loud enough for her mother to hearing the hall.

Bella marched over and yanked her earphones off, Nessie was in the middle of a text so hardly even noticed. "Huh? Oh, hi...," she became concerned when she saw Bella's disappointed face; those upset eyes that still sparkled.

"I wish you called."

"Oh...," Nessie checked the time on her phone, "Sorry. Tonight went a bit longer than planned."

Bella folded her arms as she watched Nessie put her school bag and skateboard down on her clean kitchen floor. "That's happened a lot lately. Also it's a school night."

Nessie grinned at her motherly concern, "Come on, Mom I'm always home before 10. My grades are still cool. I just like hanging out with these guys." She said, poking around the fridge.

"Guys?" Bella raised an eyebrow.

Nessie giggled and looked back at her judging expression, "Girls and guys. Don't worry we're all just friends. You'd really like Alice."

Bella was becoming annoyed by what she was moving and removing from the fridge. "Will I meet any of them?"

Nessie gritted her teeth, a little worrisome looking, "I don't know...some of them kind of live far so hard to say."

Bella closed the fridge door on her and leaned into it, tarrowing over her like she meant business. "Who are their parents?"

"Mom!" Nessie laughed, "I think you might be overreacting."

"Overreacting? Nessie there are criminals running loose at night. I need to make sure you're safe!" It was weird seeing her act this hysterical; Bella used to be card free and very loving woman though maybe she never acted her age nessecarily but she was still a good mom in Nessie's eyes despite what her father might have thought.

Nessie mirrored her mother's actions, folding her arms, chin up and looking crosser than a rabid dog, "They're my friends we look out for each other."

"You've known these kids for like 2 months! Do you really know anything about them? What kind of stuff they're into?"

"They're not criminals if that's what you're really asking!"

"I-I didn't say that I just don't want you mixed up with anything."

Nessie frowned at the floor then back at her mom, "Is this about something else?"

Bella was at a loss, no words just her big mouth left hanging open. "Nessie I just...," Nessie groaned and ran up the stairs, "Nessie your dinner!"

"Not hungry!"

Bella was left feeling that typical mom feeling; she told herself years ago she didn't want to be a mom, or at least not be overbearing. Her own mother wasn't really that bad, she treated her like a best friend, sure things weren't perfect or anywhere close to what they had on the Gilmore Girls but they still shared a bond.

The next day Bella went to her job at the local newspaper 'The Forks Gazette' and told her editor, Angela Webber she needed to step out a little early to chase a lead on a story.

"Sure, Swan."

"Awesome. I'll have that Realotar/Meth Lab story on your desk before I go."

Angela chuckled as she walked away, "He must be some story."

Bella stopped abruptly and turned back around, "I'm sorry?"

"Nothing," Angela said, adjusting her glasses, "whatever you do off work is none of my business."

"Trust me, Angela, there's no guy. Now if you'll excuse me someone has to bust the lid off what's been going on around here," she whipped her hair back theatrically and walked to her desk.

Angela laughed to herself and rolled her eyes; she knew Bella could be such a dork sometimes.

Nessie left with her new group of friends as school let out. So where are we going?" Nessie asked the cute skater with the short spiky hair named Alice.

"There's this old abandoned mill by the train tracks we were thinking of checking out."

"Unless you think you're too chicken," said the tall, permanently bitch faced tall girl known as Rosalie Hale. Her skrawny and pale brother, Jasper made chicken noises at her.

"Knock it off," said Emmett, the largest of the group; of course he would never land a hand on anyone unless absolutley necessary, he could normally put people like Jasper on line.

"No...but won't we get in trouble?"

The four laughed off her concerns. Nessie was still a newbie, she was a skilled skater but was still relatively concerned about every tiny action they took; something she was still working on.

"Its abandoned, genius," Rosalie mocked.


Bella watched the group from her car. She wasn't sure what to make of them; sure they were teenagers but she didn't really like the piercings or the baggy jeans and the overall punk look. She was scared they were off to do drugs somewhere. She didn't want to seem like some weirdo tailing them so she tried to go around the block, knowing abouts where they were most likely headed.

As she watched the 5 all she could think of was, 'NO HELMETS!' She didn't want to be a buzzkill or the lame adult but that's her biggest concern for her child.

The old mill was pretty cool, Nessie thought so anyway, though she knew if Bella seen her she would flip.

Bella found a place to hide and watch on with her camera, snapping pictures. This place had no doubt been used for parties, there could be all kinds of dangerous things in there to get hurt on. Nessie did seem to be enjoying herself though. Seeing her on that board though made Bella nervous especially when she did those ollies but she never really went that high and she never tried jumping rails like everyone else.

They disappeared into the old mill much to Bella's dismay. She got out of her car and crouched all stealthy like she could get a sniper bullet in the head at any moment.

The kids mainly just talked about junk at school. Teenage drama and things Bella couldn't really use any of this unless she was going to write some book about regular boring teenage life. But then Alice asked Nessie.

"You coming with us next month?"

"Uh...I don't know."

"Come on, dude, you're 18," Rosalie sighed, "Who gives a shit what your mom says."

"If she knew where we were going she might disown her," Jasper laughed.

Nessie bit her lip, "How many people did you say?"

"Who knows," Alice shrugged, sitting closer to her friend, "But I'm pretty sure everyone is going to be there."


"No cops," Jasper smirked.

'Peer pressure,' thought Bella, 'Great.'

Emmet kept looking over to where Bella was hiding, he might not have been able to see her but he must've known someone was there. Rosalie looked over too when she saw how trained he was on the spot. Bella remained still as if that was going to do anything. She watched the group run off to parts unknown; she only now realized they might find her car.

She waited for about ten minutes before she went back. At least no one bothered to spray paint the hood or slash any tires. She hoped Nessie would go straight home but knew deep down she would be out late again. She needed to find out what her friends had planned, if her daughter wasn't sure about it it had to be bad. She started conducting a plan; it might've been absolutley insane but she had to try, it could be the only way to save her daughter and finally clean up this town.

That night when Nessie got in, Bella had just finished cooking meatloaf.

"Oh...sorry I sort of already ate at Alice's."

"Fine," said Bella with a frown, "Enough for your lunch."

"Are you ok?" Nessie said, looking her mother over worriedly.

"Yeah just...make sure you put your dirty clothes in the hamper, I'm going to do laundry before bed."

"Oh um sure yeah."

Nessie walked slowly up the stairs, taking one more glance over at her very quiet mother. Weird. Weirder than usual. 'What the hell is up her butt?'

The next day everyone wanted to cut last period; luckily Nessie had a free period but didn't let onto the group that she wouldn't go if she didn't. They were going to meet at the mill again. She was going to meet Alice in the courtyard beforehand but she wasn't there. Whatever, she just shrugged it off and went on her own.

She heard everyone inside, she could smell the distinct odor of freshly sprayed paint on concrete. She thought she could hear someone she didn't recognize. Everyone was laughing. Goofing off without her.

She found the group talking with someone. All she could see of them was the back of their head. A backwards black baseball hat, white tank top, ripped black Jean's and some fresh dirt on the back of said jeans from falling pretty hard.

"Oh, hey, Nessie," said Alice gleefully, "This is Rip."

This 'Rip' turned around to face her. Female. She tilted her reflective shades to look at her. She stuck out her hand. "Nice to meet you, Nessie."

Nessie stared at her leather fingerless glove and poorly done black nail polish. Mom? There was no mistaking it. Nessie felt like she was on the verge of having a heart attack. This was some serious Twilight Zone shit!

When she noticed she hadn't actually said anything yet she stumbled with her words and smiled, "...H-Hey." She felt like a complete moron. But then it struck her how clueless her friends were, they all took this grown woman as a teenager? 18? Could they not see through this disguise? Apparently they couldn't because they skateboarded with her the rest of the day.

"She goes to Hemlock High," said Rosslie, "She's a badass."

"She got kicked out of four schools," Jasper laughed.

"Two for fights with teachers and two for fires," added Emmet, impressed.

"Wow!" Alice said, completely enthralled.

Nessie could only stand back and roll her eyes. This had to be the most pathetic thing in the entire world.

After everyone was getting ready to head home, Nessie grabbed the imposter by the hand, "Mind if I have a word with you, Rip?"

Nessie dragged this wannabe into the mill and had some words in what used to be an office.

"Have you completely lost your mind?" Nessie freaked.

Bella was astonished, "When did you figure out it was me?"

"Ah!" Nessie groaned, slapping her forehead, "Is this your idea of a midlife crisis or what?"

Bella raised her eyebrow, offended, "What did you just say?"

"And Rip? That's the worst name I ever heard. How long did it take for you to come up with that?"

"I'm trying to fit in, ok?"

"No it's not ok! I don't want you hanging out with my friends!"

"Well I'm sorry to say it, Ness but it looks like I'm in your little gang now. They really like RIP," she said with a smug and satisfied look on her face.

"We are not a gang. They aren't criminals. You think you're going to uncover something? This is insane!"

Alice had wandered back to the mill. She thought she'd see if Nessie wanted to go over to her house again. She hid behind a pillar when she saw her talking to 'Rip'. She watched as the tall skater chick took her friend's hands and look very lovingly into her eyes.

"I'm sorry along for now..."

"Ok. Fine. Just so you know...I'm a way better skater than you!"

The skater woman smiled and said, "Ok."

She kissed Nessie on the cheek. Alice was floored. She tripped walking backwards, trying to sneak away. Nessie was hooking up with Rip? No way! Part of her knew maybe she should keep this secret, maybe talk to Nessie first before jumping to conclusions but no way this was huge news! Everyone had to know!

There you go nice little intro. Definitely different from what I've done recently. Other chapters will get graphic this was just an intro. Hope you liked it. Will be more to come!