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Chapter Six: Why Did This Happen?

Joey lay on the cold, hard floor of the tin can Brothers spare room. All he had in the room was one hard bed.

He doesn't know how long it had been since he had left starkid. And doesn't know where any of the other starkids are.

He just wanted to know if Lauren was okay. He really hoped she was.

Corey and Brian kept coming in and asking him if he could just give up and join them. But he refused every time.

He hadn't had food in three days. Three long long days of mostly crying. What else could he do? Joeys face was stained with tears. He wasn't in a good state.

"This isn't working Brian." Tessa said as they watched Joey on the cameras that they planted in the room Joey was in. "He's only growing weaker."

"That's what we want." Brian replied. "Either he'll give up and join us or he'll die."

"That doesn't seem like a good plan. We don't need to kill him!"

"I don't really care what you think."

Brian walked down and into the room Joey was staying in.

"Are you gunna join us yet Joey?" He asked

Joey looked up. He had answered this question a million times. His throat was sore from crying and screaming. "No" he mumbled.

"Fine then but it's not gunna be pretty."

As Brian left Joey started crying again. He really really wanted to see Lauren again.

He just wished that when he woke up in the morning and Lauren would be there with Diane and everything would be back to normal.

Why did this happen?

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