Right! I'm ba-a-ack!
This series will start with Kevin, who is the worst character I know. Actually, let me rephrase that - I know him the least, hence he is the worst character I know about. I'm struggling with his grammar, and I don't know too much about his personality, so this chapter will be relatively short.

Standard disclaimer: Squaresoft's 'Seiken Densetsu 3' belongs to...well, not me. Don't own them, don't make money off them.
"Ah, come in!"


They shook hands. "I'm Stan, your personal advisor. It's my job to find you the job you need."


"Now, what's your name?"

"Me named Kevin."

"Er, Kevin, is English your first language?"

"English not so good. Me speak Beast language better."

"Oh, so you're bilingual!"


There was the sound of a hand slapping something. "Never mind. By the way, what's you're last name?"

"Uh...last name?"

"Yeah, you know, your family name?"

"Family? ... Kevin family is only Beast King."

"You're royalty?!"

Someone shifted uneasily in his seat. "Uh, maybe. What else Stan need know?"

"Oh, sorry, I shouldn't pry. Too much, anyway. So do you have any skills, any special abilities that will make you stand out from the crowd?"

A silence. Finally: "Kevin like dogs and wolves a lot. Me good with them."

"Ah! Do you train them? Do you have some sort of background as a breeder?"

"No...Kevin one friend wolf pup, but Kevin kill him."

The other man winced. "We'll...leave that part out. Anything else? Anything special, original, makes you unique..."

"Kevin part Beastman."

"Come again?"

"Kevina can do this!"

A glow filled the room, accompanied with howling. Then something whistled through the air, ramming into another object that was presumably large and solid. There was the sound of breaking wood and smashing glass, but strangely enough, no screaming. It all ended after a minute, where another light like the first glowed, then faded.

"Kevin no like doing this. Me hate fighting. You all right?"

A weak and whimpery, "Ye-e-es..."

"So Stan find Kevin job?"

"Er...give me a minute...yes, I believe I could find you a suitable position!"


"With your skills, I believe that you could make an excellent bodyguard for the United Nations."


"They're an organization devoted to world peace."

"Me like that."

"Your, uh, fighting skills would make you an excellent bodyguard. You've also got some biligualism in you, although we're going to have to work on your English, so you could double as a translator for any...Beastman delegations."

"There Beastman del...deleg..."

"Well, if there isn't any, then you could easily be the first to represent your people! After all, you mentioned that your father is the Beast King! Where are you from, anyway?"

"Beast Kingdom."

"O...kay. Well, just sign these papers, Mr. Kevin, and I'll see that you get a top position. Just please don't destroy anything."