Nya was silent for a moment, not looking at him, "Cole" she said, trying to get his attention, he glanced over too her, "yes, Nya?"

"I fell in love with you, chose you over Jay" she shifted, moving to look out the window "you-you ruined your friendship over me" her voice was heavy with remorse "and then you left, with not so much as a kiss"

She drew in a breath, and exhaled shakily "why?"

Cole stiffened, looking at his hands, taking in a breath of his own, he was silent for a long moment, deeply considering his next move. When he spoke, his voice was low, hesitant.

"I-it was hard, seeing Za-" he choked on his own words "seeing him so-so in love with Pixal"

"Harder then it should've been for a friend" he refused to look at her as he let his words sink in "thats when I started to realize that I didn't- I didn't see him as just a friend, and that-that scared me, and when you started pursuing me, I thought that if I acted like I reciprocated, it'd go away, I guess"

"Oh" said Nya, staring off into the distance, Cole chanced a glance at her, "I-I'm sorry, I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't- Jay was my friend, you where my friend, and I ruined that"

"Don't blame yourself, Cole" Nya muttered, "it was my fault, it was selfish of me to pit you against each other, I shouldn't have let things get that bad, not over some stupid algorithm"

Cole looked hard at her, looking to see her reaction, "okay" he said, finally. The two sat in silence for a few moments, lost in there own thoughts.

"Nya?" he said, hesitantly.


"Don't say anything to the others about this, I don't know how they'd react"

Nya smiled at him, "I won't"