Months later, while taking a picture of the six-month old Daralis Isolde Storms, Rhiannon remembered what else was on the memory card after looking and seeing that she had six pictures left. After finishing the card with seven pictures of her daughter, She packed her safely into her carseat, hopped in at the front, and went to the drug store for their one-hour photo processing. She finally convinced Daralis, who was decked out in denim and pink, to release her hold on the magazine in front of them, and she took her to lunch, where she carefully smashed her food and helped her drink her water, while cooing at her, and relishing in her gummy grin.

They returned to the drugstore an hour and a half later, and picked up the pictures. While Rhiannon buckled Daralis in, her determination not to look at the pictures until they were home buckled as well. She crawled over Daralis' seat, receiving hands clutching at her shirt and a hearty giggle, and sat in the back seat of her car, next to Daralis, gazing at each of the pictures. The first few were of Melissa and Matt, she and Melissa, Then the next ones- the first one she took, of him looking surprised, then the grin he'd given her, the kiss… She remembered a time when she thought that nothing would ever replace Legolas, his touch, his voice, and the very sight of him, but looking at their daughter, remnants of him so evident in her, her tiny hand wrapped around one of her fingers, that laugh where she used every ounce of air in her stomach, and Rhiannon's own eyes re-created but Legolas' blue added instead of her chocolate honey shade, her hair color, and his nose, she knew, knew that everything would be alright, and realized- she had never felt better in her entire life. She passed the first two pictures to her sweet little Dara, explaining who it was to her and keeping the photos in good condition as the baby stroked them, and laughed her precious giggle.

And so even as her tears went down her cheeks and Daralis pulled her hair, she floated, ecstatic, in remembrance of everything that had helped her to get control of her life.

Namaarie. Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au'.