A love in time 18

"Who's the girly man?" Madara stood beside Naruto. He found himself in a vast plain with only long grass stretching towards the horizon. Looking around, Madara couldn't help but find the gloomy weather heavy on his shoulders.

Naruto never took her eyes off Arashi and Jiraiya further away. They were in a heated discussion based on how tense they were smiling at one another. "My Grandfather," Naruto replied simply.

Madara scoffed, "Unbelievable, that young man? I would believe it if you said he was your father," Without hesitation, he activated his dojutsu and hummed once he observed his target. "His chakra is similar to yours but it appears his chakra pathways are damaged." Madara frowned, "They appear almost calcified. What in God's name happened to him?"

Naruto chuckled, "God happened to him," Looking over at Madara, it was Naruto's turn to frown, "What in God's name happened to you?" She asked, taking in his dishevelled and ashen appearance. His armour was tattered and bent in some places. In fact, Naruto noticed dried blood caked around his body and his laboured breathing. She grew worried, "Are you somewhere safe?"

Madara arched his unkempt brow, not expecting her to care to this extent. Curiously, he asked the blonde, "Are you worried about me?"

Naruto paused, gathering herself for a few seconds before replying, "In a way yes. Overall, no,"

Madara was quick to flick her forehead to dismiss her thoughts and ignored her trying to act like she wasn't hurt. "Cheeky brat." Gesturing back toward the bickering middle-aged men, he said, "How does this fit in with our plan?"

"Well," The blonde sighed, "From what Jiji has told me it's confirmed that a Namikaze that's walked the fine line of life and death are selected as time-walkers. However, there is no common attribute with who they're paired with in the past." She glanced over her paired partner and secretly held her hand out towards him, "Do you have any thoughts?"

Madara eyed her hand suspiciously, his eyes picking up the hidden seal drawn on her palm. "It's not easy making investigations on my end," Weighing his options, he held her hand and felt his body instantly become refreshed. Giving her a questioning look, she only smiled gently at him and opted to not poke her for an answer on this. At least, he knew he'd wake up feeling better than when he went to sleep. "We need to investigate the time where chakra originated,"

"That's more difficult than you doing investigations on your own," Naruto muttered, but she had the same thought too. "Our movements are limited because of Momo. I'd rather we train more together and prepare for the worst,"

"Naruto," Madara's face was grim, "Being at war is already the worst for me," He didn't react to her apologetic stare, "I can only believe in your word that my clan will survive,"

Naruto couldn't bring herself to say anything.

"I agree that we should train together as often as possible. However, we do need to go back at least once before whatever we're paired to do approaches us," Madara became the voice of reason this time and Naruto felt a weight lift off her shoulders.

Realising, Naruto had a reliable partner, she felt her muscles unwind. There were still uncertainties between them but Naruto and Madara silently agreed they needed one another to survive whatever was going to be thrown at them.

Naruto spoke up, "Your time is reaching the heights of war. It will be difficult for us to train together and get used to each other's cues,"

"Hn simply another mountain we have to climb over," The Uchiha snorted, pulling his hand away from the blonde. "We could be training now though I doubt those two will be sound of mind seeing you fight a ghost,"

Naruto couldn't control the curl of her lips. Looking back at the bickering duo, she agreed. "It's going to be hard for me to move on my own but at least I can gather information for us," She pulled out a small notebook filled with translations from both Madara and Itachi. So far, both their translations were similar and she didn't feel the need to get Kakashi involved in this area. "Have you told anybody about me?"

"What? And get thrown into a cell for madness?" Madara scoffed, folding his arms with a narrowed look. "Does anybody know about me?" He asked in return.

"No," Naruto lied, it was best to keep Kurama a secret for as long as possible from the Uchiha. She gestured with her head towards the middle-aged men. "Those two are aware I can time-walk. They're aware of pairings but I haven't told them who. In fact, Arashi-Jiji said I should've gone mad years ago. Nobody has survived longer than 3 years," she felt goosebumps rise all over her body, thinking about Momo. Chances were that woman would be around for a few months before taking her life. It didn't give them much of a window to return further back in time.

"What makes you different?" His tone was rude but they both knew he didn't mean it in such a way.

"Well," Sighing, Naruto ran her fingers through her blonde hair. "If you don't count that Jiji, I'm the last Namikaze capable of creating an heir to continue time-walking to break this damn curse. It's just a theory but I'm sure once I figure out the common denominator for pairings I'll know what that damn God wanted,"

"Essentially, Namikaze's are timewalkers. That is one part we have confidence in." Madara thought back to Momo. "The one that woman can't touch, he had a dojutsu. The Byakugan. The Hyuuga must be direct descendants of him. That poor woman doesn't even know her so-called beloved will move on and have a bloodline," He reached out and squeezed Naruto's cheeks between his fingers once he realised, "Do you have someone like that? One you can't touch,"

Naruto cursed his quick thinking and nodded, "Yes," She muttered through puffed cheeks.

Madara watched her carefully, "Who is it?"

Noticing that Jiraiya and Arashi were distracted, Naruto slapped away Madara's hand. "Heh and tell you so you can hold a weakness over me? I don't think so,"

Madara sighed, "True, however, you once told me timewalkers fall in love with the past and wish to sleep forever."

Naruto stiffened, part of her was angry at his words and another, more rational, part of her understood his criticism, "I won't sleep forever." Clenching her fists furiously, she steely held Madara's disbelieving gaze, "You might not believe me but in my time I have someone I care deeply about. They are why I continue to wake up every day and push forward when all I want to do is give in."

Madara lowered his arms, moving in front of Naruto and blocking her view of her Master and Grandfather. "If they were aware of what you were doing, and they requested you stop this endeavour to remain with them…"

"Yes," Naruto's voice was shaking, thinking about all the years she put into finding out what was happening. All the memories she made with Tobirama. Firming her stance, she replied again, "Yes, I would walk away from this all,"

"You…" Madara became speechless. Naruto was truly odd to him. Once he believed to figure out her mindset, it was forever changing. Sighing, he released the tension from his shoulders and rolled his neck from side to side. "I don't care." He replied, "We're going to end this cycle with us. I catch you falling I won't hesitate to shatter your delusions,"

Naruto agreed, "Fine. When are you free to go see Momo?"

"Now," Madara grinned when she fell back on instinct and punched his shoulder in annoyance. "I will find you the next time I'm near the town and bring you over,"

"Fine," Naruto sighed.

"Back to the First Byakugan user–"

"How do you know he's the first?"

"The land of no chakra," Madara pointed out, "That man has a dojutsu."

Naruto grew quiet, thinking about the interaction between Gamamaru and the person he was with. "I saw someone else there." She looked up at Madara. Although their features were vastly different, they had one thing in common, "I think I saw the Founder of the Sharingan,"

Madara was interested, "The beginning of the Sharingan," He muttered. Judging by her reaction, the Sharingan user wasn't paired with Momo. Closing his eyes, Madara hummed in thought. He couldn't recall any other significant dojutsu besides the Byakugan and Sharingan. "What did the Sharingan Founder look like?"

"Like Hamura. They could be brothers,"

"Dojutsu originates from somewhere, Naruto. Imagine brothers having different dojutsu. It's unheard of. It's never been written in history. Sure, there may be verbal stories handed down from generation to generation but the translation always changes with each retelling," Madara opened his eyes, "I believe I know who that woman is paired with. What we need to do is find a time where that woman has interacted with her pairing. Surely, there must be at least one interaction,"

"You don't mean we go to the only source of chakra," Naruto was in disbelief, "It could be dangerous. Especially since we're messing with the origins of Chakra. A time that hasn't been written or spoken anywhere in history,"

Madara only smirked, making Naruto roll her eyes.


Pacing back and forth, Kakashi kept mumbling and making his fellow comrades nervous. He wasn't sure how long he had been pacing but it was long enough to even annoy Shikamaru to the point of throwing a scroll at his senpai's head.

"Kakashi-sensei," Shikamaru's voice was tired but held an edge to it, "If you're so concerned about Naruto why don't you go find her?"

Sakura was clenching her hands, agreeing with Shikamaru. "Tsunade-sama always says you need to use your leave, Kaka-sensei. I'm sure getting out there will be a good change of scenery and who knows, Naruto might be pleasantly surprised by your visit!" She tried to cheer up the atmosphere. With each passing day Naruto didn't return home, Kakashi became more nervous that even his usually laidback appearance made others feel threatened. Tsunade was close to losing her mind and making it a mission to drag Naruto back for Kakashi's sake. The only reason why the Hokage hadn't was because Kakashi pissed her off. So now everyone had to suffer.

"Go find her, Kakashi-sensei," Shikamaru pushed once more, "It'll do us no good if Jiraiya-sama's influence rubs off on her. Naruto will come back a pervert,"

The Hatake kept pacing, ignoring the two concerned kouhai.

Sighing, Shikamaru looked at Sakura to do something.

Sakura looked back as if saying what she was supposed to do.

Shikamaru only narrowed his gaze, silently saying that he was her sensei.

Sakura sighed in defeat and nudged her brows for Shikamaru to follow along with her. "I didn't want to say this," she muttered but loud enough for Kakashi to hear. She leaned closer to Shikamaru as if whispering a secret, "Perhaps the reason why Naruto hasn't come back as promised is that she's found a man," Sakura had to stop her smirk from showing when Kakashi stopped pacing. "I mean, it makes sense. She's at that stage of her life and she's not in the village."

Shikamaru caught onto her idea and nodded, "I can see that happening. I'm sure Jiraiya-sama would even encourage her. Saying something like, 'broaden your horizons." he quoted.

Sakura nodded enthusiastically, "Exactly!" She snapped her fingers just as Kakashi turned to face them, "Although none of you idiots noticed, Naruto is really cute once you get past her cold attitude. I've even been flustered by her at times! I can only imagine how much she's grown," To prove her point, Sakura made groping gestures in the air.

Shikamaru scoffed, "Don't be gross, Sakura,"

Sakura smiled, "It's a girl thing, you wouldn't understand but I'm sure Ino would."

Before the two chunin could continue their discussion, they quickly covered their eyes as Kakashi summoned his pack.

"Find Naruto," Kakashi ordered, "Her last correspondence came from the East," He quickly whirled on the two, specifically Sakura and asked, "Where's Tsunade-sama?"

"Wha-?" Sakura couldn't finish her word as Kakashi was quick to disappear. She was stunned, "I didn't expect that to work so quickly,"

"Not unless Kakashi-sensei was already thinking about it." Shikamaru replied, "And he needed someone else to say it out loud. You know, rationalise his delusions." Getting up, he moved to pick up the scroll he threw before.

"Delusions? It could be true, Shikamaru," Sakura was sure of it, "Naruto is usually true to her word."

Shikamaru wasn't convinced, "Naruto has never shown interest in anyone romantically. I've known her the longest and I still can't figure out her type,"

Sakura leered, "Ah, so you are interested in this sort of talk,"

"Go away," Shikamaru scowled, shooing her away like an animal.

"Shoo me away now but I'm telling you now. Out of anyone in Konoha, Kakashi-sensei is the one to bring Naruto home. Their bond is unbreakable," She crossed her fingers to further push her point. "You should be the most excited out of us all. Once Naruto returns, your workload will decrease,"

"Are you trying to curse me?" Shikamaru shivered, getting goosebumps from Sakura's last words.

Sakura scoffed, rolling her eyes, "Grow up,"


Sitting cross-legged on the ground, Madara had his arms tucked into his yukata sleeves. His eyes closed, listening to the soft tufts of air leaving the woman lying on the fuuton near him. He ignored the aches his muscles caused him or the way certain bruises gave him difficulty breathing evenly. Madara believed it was his skills that blessed him with no broken bones or fractures from his latest mission. This was the only peace he was privileged with before he needed to move on to the next mission tomorrow morning.

Deep down, Madara resented running into Naruto that night. If it wasn't for her or the Higher-Beings he wouldn't be using his downtime in some inn with an unknown woman. He wanted to bathe in his resentment of Naruto but the intensity in her eyes during their first meeting made the resentment settle.

It was almost instant but as soon as a warm calloused hand touched his cheek, Madara felt his body relax and muttered, "You left me alone to deal with a crazy hag,"

"That's not very nice of you," Naruto chuckled, waiting patiently until Madara fluttered his eyes open. She was greeted with his obsidian eyes. The tiredness in his eyes couldn't be hidden by the fire behind them. They both wanted to get to the end of this. "I assume she is going mad?"

"Mad would be the polite saying," Madara confirmed, taking a glance at the gaunt woman. Her physical appearance changed so quickly since he last saw her. "Her eyes are dead. That woman won't last the month," He looked back at Naruto when her fingers moved his hair out of his face. "This will be our last chance with her,"

Naruto agreed, "How much time do you have?"

"Until the sun rises,"

"We can get started as soon as you inform the staff for a wakeup call. I'll place a seal up that is connected to you. Once they knock on the door it will signal the seal on you that we have to leave,"

"You have a seal for everything," Madara was impressed by her range in fuinjutsu. It was simply unheard of.

"I can't take full credit for this one," Naruto admitted, she was lucky to get advice and guidance from the Yamanaka clan. It took much convincing on her end and then more tweaking to use this fuinjutsu safely. Originally, Naruto planned to use the seal to wake herself up once she noticed the time difference and to keep her bearings. However, the Yamanaka clan saw the usefulness on their end to using her seal to awake them from interrogations; especially when a Yamanaka went too deep in on a mission and needed an outside source to wake them up after a set time or remotely. "The seal should still be on her forehead,"

Ringing a nearby bell, Madara waited until a staff member arrived outside of his room before making his orders known. Once they were in the clear, Madara removed Naruto's hand and rolled his shoulders. "Is this a fuinjutsu side or the priestess side of you?"

Naruto flinched at being called a priestess. It was slightly embarrassing that she flushed in shame. "It's a mix. My chakra is too dense to be safely administered to another so the seal helps dilute during transfer."

"Is it able to kill me like your freaky jutsu?"

Naruto hesitated, "It's not the death you're thinking about. Full force for even a few seconds can become an addiction. It's better to die,"

"Yet you use it with me so easily," Madara scoffed, making Naruto shrug her shoulders as she settled next to the woman. Madara observed her for a few minutes. Allowing the blonde possibly her last moments with Momo. This was still her family and the grief in her eyes was apparent. "Don't do that around me," He knew she heard him, "Don't be vulnerable,"

"You said we have to trust each other…to some degree," Her voice was soft, almost strained. Reaching out, Naruto clenched her fists when her hand passed through Momo's sunken cheek. "I've watched her for a while. I've known Momo for a while and she's never known me. Living like this is annoying,"

Madara grew fond of Naruto at that moment. The resentment in her voice only solidified his recent feelings. "I have a few harsher words to use other than annoying," Getting to his feet, Madara moved to sit beside Naruto and, for the first time since meeting her, held his hand out to her. He grunted in displeasure when she linked their fingers together and threw her a dirty glare. The teasing look in her eyes annoyed him and squeezed her hand tightly in return.

"Will you always be like this?" Naruto teased, "A man your age acting shy is rather cute,"

"Hold your tongue before I cut it," Madara retorted, moving his free hand towards the woman's forehead. He was quick to activate the seal on the slumbering woman to cut off the next words coming from Naruto. Remembering their first experience, Madara stabilised himself, tightening his core and was quick to find his footing when they returned to the past. His grip on Naruto tightened when he felt her about to tumble and helped her stand straight. They both appeared pale but a smirk on his face he quipped, "Looks like you cut your tongue yourself,"

Naruto glared at him. She was tempted to stomp on his foot but Naruto had a feeling he already knew her next move. "Let's find Momo," Just as she was about to leave, she paused and pushed herself into Madara's face. Catching him off guard by the way his eyes widened, "By the way, it may be normal for you to not use the name's of people you don't care, even the smallest amount about, but at least say her name. Hell, you probably don't acknowledge Momo's name in your thoughts. Momo is our only hope of figuring out where to go next. At least show her the decency she deserves before she dies,"

"I…" Madara was stunned. It was an unconscious habit he didn't realise he had until she brought it up. "I do think of her name,"

"Liar," Naruto puffed her cheeks, flipping her hair towards him as she turned. Looking over her shoulder, Naruto said, "At least think of Momo's name. Idiot," She muttered an insult before walking off. Hoping to find where Momo went.

"Idiot? Me?" Madara felt his jaw slacked. He watched the blonde walk away. Feeling his tongue get heavy, he knew he was at a loss for words. Following after her, they found themselves on a dirt path with peddlers walking through them. It was an odd feeling for Madara. Looking around, Madara was able to see further than Naruto being taller. It was easy for Madara to spot the white-haired man he saw last time. "Let's go this way." He gestured for Naruto to follow him through the solid bodies.

Sure enough, they found Momo trailing next to Hamura on unsteady feet. Madara felt Naruto's uneasiness beside him. This would be her first time seeing Momo in such a state.

"She…" Naruto was speechless. She should've known from Momo's sleeping appearance but this was worse than seeing Momo awake. Naruto had seen plenty of women, who looked exactly like Momo, in the Red Light district. They were referred to as the unlucky ones. Naruto felt something within her shatter and felt her lip tremble.

Momo looked like a drug addict. The crazed dark look in her eyes while staring at Hamura but the young man no longer had the eyes of love and longing. It was filled with indifference as he tried to ignore Momo. Momo was begging at Hamura's feet. Begging for his eyes to look at her. To acknowledge her. Her once overflowing beauty was now deathly thin and ashen. To Naruto, Momo looked like a potential future of herself. A hollow version of herself begging at Tobirama's feet. Naruto's shaken gaze moved to Hamura and felt goosebumps on her skin. The once lovestruck man was now acting like a stranger. It was easy for her to imagine Hamura as Tobirama.

Naruto was startled when a broad chest blocked her view. Looking up, Naruto could find Madara's stern gaze.

"I told you not to do that around me," Marada warned, annoyed at himself for cutting the pathetic view from the blonde. "Stop being vulnerable. It makes you look ugly," He was disgusted at himself for reaching up and wiping away the tear that fell away from her wet eyes. The way she looked up to him made Madara realise how much she depended on him, whether she'd admit it or not was her problem.

"Your frown makes you ugly too," Naruto sniffed, pulling herself together. Turning her body slightly away from Madara, she wiped the tears away from her cheeks. Unaware that she had been crying. Taking a deep breath and gathering her thoughts, Naruto looked back to Madara and nodded, "I'm ready. I can do this,"

Checking her carefully, Madara returned the nod before moving out of her way. The two approached the broken couple and soon enough another joined the group.

Hagoromo's eyes briefly scanned over the begging woman before curiously looking at his younger brother. "You are certainly cruel. Dragging her life until she is sucked dry."

Hamura frowned, "Cruel? How can I be cruel when you don't hear the constant whining and nagging? It will drive anybody mad."

Hagoromo sighed, "You don't see for yourself that you behave like mother,"

"Don't you dare," Hamura warned, upset at being compared to their mother. "I love mother dearly but I am nothing like her,"

"I beg to differ," Hagoromo sighed, "Perhaps your love was superficial. Once her shine dimmed, your affection followed. It's disappointing to witness,"

"Brother!" Hamura whined, trying to explain his side.

Naruto turned from the brothers and looked around until her eyes met the village in the distance. "They keep mentioning their mother,"

"I'm glad you figured out what I meant. Although it's annoying to speak out loud, the Sharingan and Byakugan are closely related. We're not sure how closely related but seeing as they manifested at the beginning of chakra I believe whoever their mother is, they are the one we're looking for." His eyes flickered back towards the Sharingan user. Madara could see certain features that carried through into the Uchiha clan. This was his ancestor. He heard his ancestor's voice, saw his face and observed his mannerisms. For a fleeting second, he could understand Naruto's lingering attachment to the past.

Naruto sucked in her breath, "She's coming,"

"What?" Madara focused on the approaching chakra signature. It was suffocating and thick. Their chakra reserve was so astronomically vast that those unable to sense chakra appeared affected. "This is…"

Naruto felt her palms get sweaty and reached out to grab Madara for support. She could feel his pulse jump against hers. Here came the first wielder of chakra on Earth. Their presence was overwhelming and the surrounding people knelt in fear rather than respect.

A pale-skinned woman with delicate facial features walked calmly along the dirt path. She had long, sweeping white with two noticeable brown horns that stuck out from her head and a third eye formed in the centre of her forehead. Naruto and Madara noticed the unique pattern of that eye but most of all the woman's byakugan eyes. Her appearance was the epitome of nobility. Her presence was of the highest degree that couldn't go ignored.

Naruto felt Madara squeeze her hand in return. Something terrible was going to happen. "It's her," Naruto just knew. "She's the one, Madara. That woman is Momo's partner,"

Madara nodded in agreement. It was only confirmed further when the mysterious woman looked at no one else but Momo's shrivelled appearance clinging to her son.

Hagoromo was surprised to see his mother out of the house, "Mother, you've come a long way,"

"What is this?" Kaguya commented, approaching her two sons. "Why is there a corpse begging at my son's feet? It is unsightly,"

"M-mother?" Hamura was surprised by her words, "I don't know what you mean,"

"Hagoromo. Hamura." She addressed her sons, "The corpse influences my youngest son to lie to me. I am hurt," Kaguya reached out and pulled on Momo's hair. Making the younger girl cry out in pain.

"Mother!" Hagoromo and Hamura yelled out, surprised Kaguya was able to touch Momo.

"Perhaps this corpse is the cause of my son's unfilial attitude towards his mother," Kaguya sighed, looking pitifully at the sobbing woman. "I see my son has not been kind to you. I see a former beauty, weak to love, and stupid to believe in a man to save you."

The surrounding people continued to kneel, refusing to look up and keeping their noses to the ground. None of them wished to gain Kaguya's attention.

"Please mother, show some mercy for this miserable woman," Hagoromo tried to negotiate. "Her days are numbered. She won't see the next season,"

"This is bad," Naruto whispered. Her eyes never left Kaguya's emotionless eyes. Forcing her eyes away, Naruto looked between Hagoromo and Hamura. Her mind was running on high. Thinking about how Madara and Itachi proved that their eyes could read an unknown language. A language that talked about Gods. Her eyes landed on Hagoromo. He was obviously the ancestor of the Uchiha clan. Hagoromo was observing his mother with sad anticipation as if he knew the fate of Momo. The knowledge in his eyes was young but the depth of understanding was known. Naruto was sure it was him. The connection to timewalking had to be from his bloodline. Never had Naruto heard of the Hyuga clan's claim about Gods in their history and knowing the snobs they would brag about it at any chance they had. So, she deduced it had to be Hagoromo.

"Hagoromo," she muttered, shocked when he looked at her and their eyes locked. Naruto felt something swell in her heart, feeling full and content while she looked at him. Naruto hadn't felt his way since she met Hashirama. "That's not possible," catching her breath when Hagoromo looked away, seemingly never making eye contact with Naruto.

"What's not possible?" Madara muttered.

"We didn't come back to see the creator of chakra," Naruto replied, "We came here for him," she gestured towards Hagoromo.

"I don't see the connection. He can't even hear Momo." Madara debated, biting the inside of his cheek as Kaguya seemed close to killing Momo.

"Call it a gut feeling. I just need evidence to prove it and convince you," Naruto admitted her shortcomings. Naruto couldn't understand why the Father of the Sharingan gave her the same feelings as Hashirama. No, in fact, there was something else about this man that gave off the same vibe as Madara.

"I still believe this woman is important somehow. Not just anyone is the first user of chakra. It's that woman," Madara pointed out.

"I won't exclude her but I'm certain that man is the key for who gets chosen and that woman is the key for the Gods," Naruto gestured to all the kneeling citizens, "A human having the power of a God. The Old Gods dying and being replaced by New Gods. I'm sure this woman is the key and once I figure out Hagoromo's role I'll know hers."

"What about the other man?" Madara gestured towards Hamura, "Then again, he doesn't seem like much."

Naruto couldn't help but agree. Seeing the mysterious woman move, Naruto clenched Madara's hand tighter. "We have to leave. She's going to kill Momo,"

"We'll just get thrown out of Momo's mind,"

"You'll get thrown out," Naruto replied, "I don't know what will happen to me. We have to go." Seeing the woman's hand tighten around Momo's neck, Naruto could feel her body grow heavy. "Now!"

Madara didn't need to be told twice and quickly cancelled the jutsu.

Once they arrived back in the inn room, Naruto quickly grabbed Madara and got them out of the room and took them somewhere safe.

"Put me down," He hissed, being carried princess style by the blonde.

"Soon. We have to get away from Momo's body as fast as possible before her body's found." Naruto suppressed the rising emotions of Momo's quick but sad death. "I'll take you back to the Uchiha Compound but I have to ask you?"

"What?" He grumbled, not liking their position but he realised his body was exhausted. Naruto probably noticed and opted to carry him to save his strength.

"How far back do you know your family tree?"

"It doesn't go all the way back to the First Sharingan user but it does go back a few hundred years," Madara decided to get comfortable when he noticed Naruto's strange reaction. It was one he was familiar with. "Someone is waking you up,"

"Unfortunately," Naruto could hear the world's noises overlapping and recognise the nagging tone. She couldn't control her facial expressions. "I'm sorry, I can't take you all the way home. If I don't wake up now Kakashi will nag me for a month,"

"Kakashi?" Madara was curious.

"Ah," Naruto gave Madara a tense smile, "The one I told you about. The one I'd burn the World for if he died,"

"Hm the one you wake up for. I should meet him," Madara smirked.