Author's Note: Just started off on this site after years of lingering around as a Guest.

I'm not saying that for sympathy, I'm just saying that this is a big move for me. All in all, my point is that despite having millions of stories to share with us, there are still some story potentials missing from this site (especially crossovers). I need an outlet for all my daydreaming when I'm not being productive.

I'm getting a bit off topic here, but I'm making this story precisely because despite having many chances (and being somebody who read both comics), they never decided to clash these 2 worlds (not even that much in the form of fan content, even with a few cameos in the Archie Comics) despite the interesting potential.

The most we got were One-Shots like "Carefree" by "Forgotten Muse" (short interaction between Fleetway non-super and Mainstream Sonic), and "From a Different Perspective" by "Infamousplot" (interaction between Mainstream Tails and Fleetway non-super Sonic).

Now I say "non-super" because the most we get for a crossover is just a Mainstream Sonic somehow turning into the Evil Crazy Super Form because "Negative Chaos Energy" or something. What always attracted me was the potential for personality clashes between all the different characters in both worlds. Especially considering how different the Fleetway Sonic is from any Other Sonic personality-wise.

I encourage any criticism, and especially anyone with more experience than me to make a better version out of this story, because I'm just making it up as I go. Better to fill that void while there's still room. I'm just writing it how I mostly remember them. Expect some characters to be OOC at some degree because I'm not committed to reading every single comic at the moment.

These are what the texts mean:
[author's input/reference/narrative explanation]

P.S. Before you ask, this takes place during the Time-skip before "Exit: Sonic" (StC: Online, done by Nigel Kitching himself), and right after Eggman and Wily's Super Genesis Wave in #251. Basically instead of "resetting" reality, Eggman's "attack" against Sonic during his Chaos Control backfired at the last second. Sonic gets put back right at the same spot at the beginning of #230 (as if nothing happened at all), but with the unfortunate side-effect of him remembering everything, and having the Fleetway Sonic teleported to the ship (for how and what, I'll reveal his prologue later).

Any ways, on with the story:


[That was the sound made as Super Sonic and Super Mega-Man destroyed the Wily-Egg together in space. Afterwards they bumped fists.]

Sonic: "And that's how you get it done!"

Mega-Man: "Aw, Yeah!"

[they looked at the remains of the Super Genesis Wave, which looks like two blue galaxies colliding]

Mega-Man: "So...So what do we do about That? It looks like the Super Genesis Wave is Finished, and we're... we're too late..."

Sonic: "Nothing a little Chaos Control Can't Fix."

Mega-Man: "Chaos Control?"

Sonic: "It's a technique for controlling the Chaos Energy. The same stuff the Docs used to make their wave-thingie, the same juice we used to transform, is what we're going to channel and will bring things back to normal."

Mega-Man: "That's it? It's that easy?"

[Sonic proceeds to channel the energy into a green sphere in front of his hand while teaching Mega-Man to do the same]

Sonic: "Well, no. You've got to be totally focused on it, or things can mess up. So focus, build the energy..."

[the scene now unfolds to the remains of the Wily-Egg, with Dr. Wily barely conscious in his blue ship while Eggman is struggling to regain control of the head for a last ditch effort]

Dr. Wily: "Rrrrgh! No-No-NO! They're going to use Chaos Control to undo everything the Genesis Wave just Accomplished!

[slumps down further over his vehicle]

Then... That's it... We Lost. We crossed dimensions, rewrote realities, altered time and space and... and... that's it. All for Nothing."

[he looks at Eggman tinkering with his side of the ship]

Dr. Wily: "I wonder if I'll remember any of this once Mega-Man resets it all?"

Dr. Eggman: "It's Not Ending Like This!"

Dr. Wily: "Ivo, It's over. I know it's a challenge for you, but show a little grace and dignity."

[Dr. Eggman speeds past Wily in his half of the robotic head head with a WHOOSH!]

Dr. Wily: "IVO!"


[The Two Supers are still focusing on building up the Chaos Energy]

Mega-Man: "I... I can feel it! The Energy, It has purpose... Everything is going to be all right!"

Sonic: "Tol'ja. Now don't lose your focus. Aim the Energy at your reality and-"

[Eggman smacks Sonic from behind]

Mega-Man: "SONIC!"

Sonic: "I'll handle my Universe! You take care of yours! Don't worry about me! TAKE THE SHOT!"

Mega-Man: "But...!"

[looks at him sad and thankful]

"Thank you, Sonic. Thank you, and Good Luck."

[aims his blaster at his side of reality and fires]


[a bright light engulfs him]

"It's Working!"

[closes his eyes as it completely engulfs him]

"Doctor Light, Roll... We're Coming Home!"

[Meanwhile, Sonic's still aiming while Eggman is still pushing/bumping him from behind, and the Chaos Sphere is noticeably a bit unstable]

Sonic: "Hrrrgh! Eggman! Cut it Out, ya Nut! You're Gonna... Mess... Me... Up!"

Dr. Eggman: "If I can't have the universe My way, then you won't have it at all!"

Sonic: "Aw, Man... It's this or Nothing...

[throws the sphere at his reality]


Dr. Eggman: "No you don't! FIRE!"

[And this here's where there's a Fork in the Reality. Instead of hitting the sphere with his laser, it malfunctioned at the last minute]

[controls start beeping with an "ERROR! SYSTEM MALFUNCTION!" on the screen]


Sonic: "HA! Looks like the Universe is on my side of Luck Today!"

[a similar bright light engulfs them both]

Sonic: [while saluting him with a cocky smirk] "See you on the other side Eggy!"


[now it completely engulfs them]

[teleports back to the Death Egg after just before Sally gets Shot, keep in mind that he's the only one who remembers everything]

Sonic: 'here we go again, this time I won't let her get turned'

[proceeds to hit Silver Sonic with a Spin Dash]

Sally: "Sonic! We're out of time! We've got tooo-oop!"

Sonic: "Way ahead of you, Sal! Waaay past ahead!"

[the turret that shot her two realities back jumps out from the side of the wall again]

Sally: "Sonic! There's a-!"

Sonic: "I know... Like I just said... Way ahead of you Sal."

Sally: "... No, It's... It's not that..."

[she was actually looking at a screen that said "Hi Sal" as Eggman expected she'll be shot, there was also another screen next to it with "another" unconscious Sonic on the floor]

"It's nothing. Let's keep moving."

[meanwhile on the other side of the ship, a noticeably shorter and bluer sonic with shorter upwards hair wakes up]

[a note before I proceed, I'm calling Fleetway "Sonic #2" for now to alleviate confusion (until one of the characters comes up with a nickname for him)]

Sonic #2: "Oh for the taste of criminy... That the last time I go through the Ring of Eternity without some aspirin." [keep in mind, this Sonic (and the rest of his friends) have British Accents]

[immediately looks around his surroundings, and is staring blankly at the drab cold robotic room he got sent to]

Sonic #2: "I guess I picked as good a day as any to get teleported on some ugly space ship."

[observes with a confused look and his fists on his hips]

Sonic #2: "It all... seems... very familiar..."

[meanwhile, a red Egg-Pawn comes out from the hall on the other side of the room]

Sonic #2: [looking annoyed as all heck, and rolling his eyes] "Of course it was the Death Egg... Didn't think he'd build a third one after the last time. I guess I might as well try and stop Robotnik."

[he spin dashes into the Pawn and proceeds to run across the base while smashing any other Badniks]

Sonic #2: "Now... if this Death Egg is anything like the previous ones, where would the main core be?"

[he proceeds to still run and smack any other robots in his way]

[Dr. Eggman is standing with a glass of champagne over the Roboticizer button, but it's not working as he proceeds to keep on slamming it while throwing the glass against a wall]

Dr. Eggman: "WHY... ISN'T... IT... WORKING?!"

[proceeds to shout at Snively on his communicator]

"SNIVELY! Why isn't the Cosmic Reset Button Resetting the Cosmos?"

Snively: "I-I-I Don't know, Sir! I'm not reading any problems! It's just... not working?"

Dr. Eggman: [grabbing his head] RRRRARGH! How am I supposed to Robotize a Completely Helpless and Rebooted World if it's not Helplessly Rebooted?!

Snively: "D-Don't you mean "Roboticized", sir?"

Dr. Eggman: "SHUT IT!"

[sweating in anger and frustration while his red eyes are briefly shown]

"I was so close! And then that Stupid Hedgehog...!"

[he realizes a key detail]

"...Hedgehog... Of course. The chaos is the constant. I remember now. Stupid Golden Rodent."

[He gets in the carrier]

"The day is not lost! Snively! What's the status of stage two?"

Snively: "Primed and... and ready to fire sir. But Sonic and the Princess are on their way down to the..."

Dr. Eggman: [flies off] "Not to worry, Snively. There's no way they can stop me this time."

[Sonic #2 is sneaking through the base this time, to at least catch the doc with an element of surprise, he hides behind a wall and thinks to himself with two fingers on his chin]

Sonic #2: 'Somehow these guys are weaker than Robotnik's previous works, I feel like he's trying to pull something here, but I still got a shaky feeling 'bout what's really happening...'

[looks at the door on the other side]

Sonic #2: "...And by the looks of it, the core seems to be in that direction."

[proceeds to run through the longer hall all the way to the light at the end of the dark tunnel]

[what he sees is a bit surprising, the core looks like a giant holographic capsule like the Kintobor A.I. from back home, but with the planet projected in it, before he could notice that the Mobius in that hologram is vastly different, he hears some doors open and proceeds to hide behind the elevator shaft that looks like a pole]

[Dr. Eggman flies in looking ready to make a speech, Sonic #2 is surprised by how different he looks from the Robotnik he knows]

Sonic #2: [whispers] "Whoah! Either Ivo decided to do some exercise, this has something to do him and Chaos Energy, or I'm trapped in a parallel dimension."

Dr. Eggman: Snively! Be a dear and follow my cue for the presentation. The Cactus and that Meddlesome Princess are about to have the worst day of their miserable lives!

[Sonic looks at him curiously, wondering who he exactly means]

Snively: "Right away, Sir!"

[Sally proceeds to hack the Control Panel with Nicole so the Elevator will take them down, while Sonic looks melancholically and exhausted at her]

Sally: "Okay, It looks like most of the Death Egg's power is being directed to that deck below. Any idea what it is, Nicole?"

Nicole: "I'm afraid the doctor's system is very secure. It was very difficult just to get that much information. I would need more time."

[Sonic already heard this once, so he repeated it all in his head]

Sally: "Which we don't have unfortunately. We'll just have to go down and see what's taking so much power."

[Sonic walks slowly with her into the elevator, remembering there were no traps the last time he checked]

Sonic: [looks at her with a bit of sadness and determination] 'This time I'll save them... I'll save her... Never again... Never like the last time.'

Sally: "Sonic... Is something wrong?"

Sonic: "Wha- No, no there isn't, I'm just... thinking of a plan."

Sally: [looks at him curiously] "What plan?"

Sonic: [smiles and looks at her] "I'll tell you about it when we're done."

Sally: [looking a bit annoyed] "Are you hiding som-"

[the room opens to the same thing Sonic #2 has seen]

Sally: [looking shocked] "Holy Mother of Chaos... That looks like a Giant Roboticizer!"

[Eggman flies down]

Dr. Eggman: "A World Roboticizer to be precise."

Sonic: [looks at him bored with his hand up, and speaking calmly] "No need to say it Egghead... The "Restore" made us all vulnerable to becoming robots again. You linked that Roboticizer to blowing up every Major City and Dark Egg Legion Base in the world, there's nothing we can do to stop you, bla-bla-bla..."

[Sally looks at him shocked as a kid in Sex-Ed, while Eggman begins to smack his Control Panel in frustration]

Dr. Eggman: "You just had to take the fun out of this you Putrid Porcupine! Regardless, I'm more interested in how you already knew that?"

[Sonic looks at him with a slight scowl while Sally looks at Sonic angrily]

Sally: Why didn't you tell me this?! Rather, keeping this to yourself is the stupidest thing you ev-"

Sonic: [hand up] "Like I said Sal! I'll tell you about it later, meanwhile there's a plan you need to sabotage while I deal with two Scrap Metals flying in as we speak!"

Sally: "Wha-"

[pushes her out of the way while back-flipping over Metal Sonic as she looks back shocked while she sneaks beneath the tile]

Sonic: [looks at Eggman angrily] While I'm at it, you're still at the honor of getting your butt whooped once-again by yours-bluely.

Dr. Eggman: [looks at him angrily while charging at him with all kinds of weapons coming out of his Carrier] "I'll make you rue the day you ever crossed me Rodent!"

[Sonic swiped to the left while Eggman misses]

Sonic: "Then I'll just stop crossing..."

[hits him with a homing attack]

"and charge forward if you're so insistent!"

[Eggman groans angrily again while Sonic proceeds to jump up and over before Metal and a damaged Silver can hit him from behind]

"And the Tin-Brothers have appeared, let's see you go up against me this time!"

'this time I'll grab her just before it blows up, I'm not letting you go through that nightmare again Sal...'

[Sonic #2 looks at the spectacle a bit surprised, but also a bit happy that his question has been answered]

Sonic #2: "Well then... Parallel Dimension it is..."

[proceeds to slowly move to the other side of the pole]

Sonic #2: [whispers] "Mate seems to know what he's doing, literally. In the mean time, I'm curious as to what the Ginger is cooking up down there. I better at least make sure she's safe in the end. I don't need him to lose someone like I did. And I've got this big itch like I know I have to do it."

[proceeds to run very fast unnoticed while they are fighting, he gets down into the shaft slowly while Sally plugs Nicole into the Network]

Sally: "Did that do it? Are you patched into the network?"

Nicole: "I am. But the defensive software remains formidable. It will take hours to break the encryption."

Sally: "We have minutes!"

[Sonic #2 listens closely from behind her still unnoticed]

Sally: "Can we block the command signal? Confuse start-up processes?"

Nicole: "No. I am locked out, and it is ready to fire. I could potentially invert the beam, to this exact point, but..."

Sally: "Do it."

Nicole: "But you will not be immune..."

Sally: "Make sure your core programs are safe at home. Just give me a manual executable."

Nicole: "But you will be..."

Sally: [looks with a sad smile] "Nicole... I've been given a second chance. I can save everyone with that. Please... I can't do this without you."

Sonic #2: 'looks like I'm useful here after all, I can just pull her out the last millisecond here'

[Up top, the bots managed to gain an upper hand over Sonic in the end anyway (because he forgot they have the ability to improve themselves against him)]

Sonic: [while held by the two bots, he starts screaming in frustration] "SAL! No! Not Again!"

Dr. Eggman: [pointing his shotgun at him] "Judging by the way you're acting, you know something's going to go wrong rodent."

[Sonic proceeds to struggle even more against the two Metals while screaming]

Dr. Eggman: [looks at Sonic with a smile] "I would ask you how. But it seems like I'll win in the end regardless... Snively! FIRE!"

[Sally thinks back to the moment she and Sonic made out before she's ready to push it]

Sally: "Goodb-"

[as she pushes the button, she's all of a sudden grabbed by her foot and pulled far back fast by someone while she looks at the entire spot in front of her crackling in a bright engulfing light the very same second]

Sally: [Looks surprised behind her] "Sonic?! You're done alrea-"

Sonic #2: [covers her mouth] "I'll give it to you straight Ginger."

[She looks at him very surprised at why he's shorter, and why he sounds like he's impersonating Geoffrey]

Sonic #2: "I'm a Sonic, but I'm not your Sonic. Something teleported me to this dimension not 10 minutes ago. Specifically in this ship. But that's beside the point right now."

[wraps his arms around her]

"Hold on tight, and thank me later..."

[Sonic looks at the Roboticizer screaming his lungs out while Eggman keeps cheering "Yes!" with his hands up]


[as before, the device starts malfunctioning and sparkling]

Dr. Eggman: "NO! NO!"


[the entire outside of the Death Egg begins blowing up and sparkling with electricity while Tails flies around with his air-plane outside]

Tails: "Sweet! Sonic and Sally must've done something!"

[Inside the destroyed room, Eggman starts getting out of the rubbled slight injured while Snively updates him in a crackle that the Roboticizer is destroyed, and that they're still in the air]

Dr. Eggman: "I guess the old immunity wasn't reset after all. Oh please tell me that finished him off..."

[Sonic jumps from the rubble above]

"No. Of Course Not."

Sonic: [looking at him with the most intimidating scowl he's ever shown while whispering] "... I thought I could stop it..."

[tears start flowing down his eyes]

"... I thought I could save her this time..."

[Eggman tries to defend himself with a sharp metal fragment but Sonic swipes it right out of the way as he walks slowly]

"...No more Robotnik... No more..."

[Eggman is at this point scared spitless while Sonic grabs another sharp metal pole ready to Impale him]

"I'm ending this once and for all!"

Sonic #2: "Do that mate, and you'll be no better than him in the end."

[Sonic and Eggman both look at the source of the new voice, and both go completely wide-eyed]

[Sonic #2 gets out of the rubble a bit injured with a slightly dirty Sally in his hands (held bridal style)]

Sonic #2: [looks at him smiling] "After all, nobody knows that better than you."

[Sonic drops the pole and looks at him wide eyed and extremely shocked with tears flowing down his face, and a big smile while Eggman screams at the top of his lungs]

That's where I'm ending it for now. I'm pretty sure Fleetway Sonic is a bit OOC (his personality is the hardest to replicate out of all the Sonics), but I did my best based on what I remember, and what I could dig up.

The information on StC is surprisingly vague despite having an almost equally large following as it's American Counterpart.

I've been wanting this to exist ever since the comics were first made. The Fleetway cast made a few short cameos in Archie (their counterparts), but that's just easter eggs.

I loved Fleetway Sonic specifically because he has the most unique personality out of all the Sonics.

He's rude, he's arrogant, he's short-tempered, he's dishonest, he's constantly serious, (when he's not, he bullies his friends like candy wrappers (even though he really does care about them)) he used to be very uncaring before Johnny's death, but he's also more raw to the way of life than any other Sonic. For one he uses his brain way more than any other Sonic, he uses weapons when he's outgunned, although more pessimistic, he has ironically a bigger will to live than Archie Sonic for example.

And I can't blame the guy. He turned his friend into a monster by accident, had to go back in time to make sure that happens to prevent a bigger evil from taking over (by orchestrating that accident himself), he made an enemy out of an entire dimension for saving their kids by destroying their religion, nobody (except Tails) took his side when the press slandered him with Fake News and turned the whole world against him.

Guy's a bit of a train-wreck, but this was no accident.

Any type of criticism is welcome, especially someone who knows he can make the story better than me. I'm planning on maybe changing a few things in the end anyway, but this is just to get me started on this site.

Have a great day and cheers...