Author's Note: I hope I didn't make you all wait too long. I was busy with various things.

I don't plan on making the fights ultra-detailed in this (or any other) chapter (I promise that you still won't be disappointed), but you'll still clench your sinkhole just reading it through and through.

While I'm here I have a very Fun Fact for you:

Both Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis were originally meant to be SatAM characters (as seen in early concept art). But they got scrapped for being "too hip" for what the Creator was aiming for. Instead, Fleetway got permission to use them in their own comics (in hopes that it will end up Decaf compared to Archie). But it didn't…

So, in a way, it's another reason why I'm upset that I'm the only one with a crossover like this.

So anyways, on to the fight scene:

[Sonic and Speedy were fighting in the core room while everybody else was either paralyzed or unconscious. Nicole was in the background secretly trying to unlock the sphere keeping the Yellow Chaos Emerald inside.]

Sonic: "Hiya!"

[proceeds to try and speed punch him while Speedy dodges to the side at the last moment]

Speedy: "Hoh!"

[They both stand with their knees low ready to throw a punch at each other]

Sonic: "Not bad Woodpecker, you almost made me take this seriously!"

Speedy: [steaming from his ears] "I'LL MAKE YOU EAT YOUR OWN QUILLS!"

Sonic: [smirks] "Good Luck! I've had Chili spicier than myself."

Speedy: "AAAAHHHH!"

[Sonic and Speedy clash fist-to-fist for a good 3 seconds like some Jet Li flick, then Sonic swipes Speedy from under his ankles, and slams him with his foot against a wall. Speedy gets up and jumps over him in a Somersault to try and kick him from behind, but Sonic snags his foot with his own hand much to his shock, before punching him in the stomach. As speedy rolls back from that punch, he gets up to try and surprise him with a gun/blaster in a quickdraw, but Sonic grabs it the last second from his hand and throws it away with a smirk.]

Sonic: "Never bring a Gun to a Hog-fight!"

Speedy [trying to surprise him with a headbutt] "Grrrrr!"

[as Sonic casually just tilts his head slightly to the side, Speedy attempts to punch him again. As of that moment, Sonic spins into a ball and slams him against another wall. Visibly infuriated, Speedy attempts to punch him in the face again, but he grabs Speedy behind by the hand and puts him on the ground into submission]

Sonic: [in a low tone with a slight scowl] "Listen Speedy… What do you gain from still fighting for your Old Man? Are you just doing it for attention, for the thrills, some inferiority complex, or do you just hate us "Ground-Dwellers" that much?"

Speedy: [slightly groaning in pain from his arm being slightly twisted] "Why do you care?! Somebody like you wouldn't understand what it's like trying to live to be something everyone expects you to be!"

Sonic: [same look, gently softening his grip] "You're right… I don't… That's why you should trust me when I say that you'll be miserable for the rest of your life if you keep telling yourself to go that way."

Speedy: [looks down a bit, contemplating] "I already tried that once… But they ditched me only to tell me to pursue my own goals. I obviously couldn't do it even if I tried, what makes you think I have any chance now?! [slightly weeps] No matter how hard I try; everybody thinks I'll amount to nothing more than a Perpetual Second Banana!"

[now sympathetic, Sonic lets go of his arm]

Speedy: [weeping] "So go ahead! Laugh all you want! I'll never be anything more than Second Best to the people I always looked up to!"

[Sonic grabs him by the shoulder this time]

Sonic: [with low brows and a smile] "No… You're not… Being better doesn't mean trying to outlive and outdo the people who could care less about you... It's about being the bigger person regarding the choices you make, and the means you get them from… You have to outlive your own expectations before you realize what real respect means."

[Speedy looks up at him with small irises, a slightly gaping mouth, and tears waterfalling down his face]

Sonic: [stands up smiling with his arm out] "Which is why I'm giving you this chance to be the bigger person and make your own choices. Does it even make sense hating someone or something just because they can't fly?"

[Speedy sits there on his knees for a good dozen seconds with the same dumbfounded expression on his face. As he looks at Sonic, he sees a slight silhouette of Jet in his place as he looks down with his eyes closed for a good few seconds before grabbing Sonic's hand]

Speedy: [opens one eye with a slight scowl] "I'm doing this because I hope to gain something from this, and because I never liked the Armada anyway. Don't make me regret it Ground-hog…"

Sonic: [with his signature smile] "Likewise kiddo. By seeing reason you're-"

?: "NOT SO fast…"

[They both turn to look at Dr. Fukurukov on top of a spider-turret bot thing. With a wide grin he's prepared to fire at the slightest twitch.]

Dr. Fukurukov: "I knew you'd cross us sooner or later you Green Menace. As much as I'd like to sympathize with your plight for an easier life away from all of these idiots. My goal will always be our superiority over all of you pathetic creatures!"

[As Speedy looks shocked as his so called "freedom" didn't last long, Sonic just started smirking at him with a confident grin]

Dr. Fukurukov: [slightly infuriated] "What are you laughing at you Wingless Rodent?!"

Sonic: [looks at him with that same smile] "Just this… NOW NICOLE!"

[Fukurukov turned to look with a "What?!" only to notice that nothing's happening. Sonic was just distracting him to take the chance to try out the new "Cyclone" move Sonic #2 taught him. He proceeds to spin around the entire robot super-fast as Fukurukov screams. When he's done, there's nothing left of it but a condensed metallic ball (roughly his height) with Fukurukov comically sliding from the top of it.]

Sonic: [with a thumbs up and a smirk] "There's nothing better than learning new things from yourself…"

Dr. Fukurukov: [shocked, but angry the next second pointing his finger at him] "You Blue Ground Urchin! I will—"

[Sonic punches him and knocks him out]

Sonic: "It's like Sal always tells me. Over-confidence will get you nowhere."

[While Speedy was obviously shocked that Sonic was somehow anticipating this, Nicole came out of the computer next to the round glass with her hologram]

Nicole: [with a smile] "It's ready…"

Sonic: [his lip upright on his side] "Good…"

[walks towards the glass half-sphere where the Yellow Emerald stood]

Sonic: [smiling] "Bird-Brain?"

Speedy: [a slight bit annoyed, but willing to tolerate it for the moment] "Yeah?!"

Sonic: "Get ready to run!"

[As Sonic opens the glass to grab the Emerald (and Nicole just outside below it), the red alarm goes off. As the ship starts to slowly sink, he runs fast as he grabs Speedy by the other hand as they proceed to run down the corridor to the place where Sonic knew the Tornado was just outside.]

Sonic: [with a smirk] "Suck in your stomach, cos you're about to experience something new!"

Speedy: [still shocked by the speed and his sentence] "What?!"

[Sonic proceeds to vibrate through the wall while holding on to Speedy. He's visibly panicking because of this, but Sonic's still calm as Tails sees them while it's raining outside.]

Tails: "Hang On!"

[As they land on the wing, Tails is once again shocked that Sonic brought in someone who's low on his trust scale.]

Tails: "Speedy?! But wha-"

Speedy: [looking down with a frown, and his hand up] "Don't ask too many questions kid. I did this on my own accord because I want some purpose in my life."

Sonic: [looking at him with a neutral look] "Trust me on this buddy. All you need to know is that he's on our side for the time being."

[Tails is obviously visibly annoyed that Sonic is putting his trust into unlikely candidates again.]

Speedy: [looking at him with a frown and eyebrows low] "As annoying as I consider you all to be. I at least want to finally know what it feels like NOT to be tied down by the Ropes of [with two fingers on both hands, waving them down for sarcasm] "Royalty"."

Sonic: "Sal can vouch for that. But I want you to consider this a new step in your life. To at least prove that you're at the very least somebody who's able to judge everyone on his own accord."

Speedy: "What do yo-"

[They turn around to hear the Armada crashing on the ground, while Speedy has a look on his face that questions his decision, both Tails and Sonic have a neutral look on their faces]

Sonic: [hand up, eyes closed] "Consider it this way… Do you hate us by choice? Or because you were raised to hate us?"

Speedy: [looking at him, then looking down, with an existential look on his face] "I… I... I'm not sure anymore…"

Sonic: [another smirk, hands slightly up] "Consider the choice I gave you the chance to find your answer. Everyone comes to a point in their lives when they have to think for themselves."

[Tails looks a bit surprised at Sonic, while Speedy looks down with a look that says, "What is my purpose?"]

Speedy: [looks at Tails with that same look] "Kid? I expect you to help me out on this venture, as you're the only person outside the Armada that I at least think I can trust…"

Tails: [still a bit surprised, but with a smile] "Well… Consider it this way…" [points finger at Sonic] "If you listen to Sonic, it's like you're listening to me."

Speedy: [with a slight smile, low brows and looking at Tails] "Thanks kid…"

Tails: [with his one brow slightly lowered] "For what?"

Speedy: [same look, but tilting his head to the side] "For giving me the chance I never had…"

Sonic: [on the other wing, hands crossed, with a smile] "It's nice that we can at least get along… While I'm here, [points finger at Speedy] I need to tell you a few things so that at the very least you're not shocked when we land."

Speedy: [the same confused look Tails gave him a second ago] "What are you talking about?"

Sonic: [fingers on his chin, with a smile] "Where do I begin…"

[As they arrive to the hole next to Acorn Castle, Sonic #2 still has his gun pointed at the Babylons (with their hands up) while Sally, Bunny and Rotor all have disgruntled looks on their faces for the same thing that they were just doing.]

Sonic #2: [with a low voice, a slight frown on his face, but with a pinch of confidence] "Alright you Rainbow Ravens. Here's how this is going to work…"

[Sonic #2 looks at them like he's a twitch away from pulling the trigger]

Sonic #2: [in a low voice] "I'm going down first, and you each slide down 30 seconds after each other with your hands up the entire time. If you're a second too late, or if your hands are low by even an inch, I'm blowing all of your feathers away!"

[The Babylons looked at him fearful, the Freedom Fighters either looked at him frightened, or disgusted that he's willing to use these tactics]

Sonic #2: "AM I CLEAR!?"

All of the Babylons frightened in unison: "Yes!"

Sonic #2: [with a scowl, but a bit calmer] "Alright then…"

[He jumps down the hole as they each slide down with their hands up empty handed, and with guns on all their sides, Jet was noticeably in a lot more pain thanks to his injured bottom]

Jet: [groaning in pain while clenching his bottom] "You better have that band-aid you psycho, or else I'll-"

[He just noticed just how amazing his surroundings are (along with the rest of the Rogues)]

Jet: [looking at his surroundings with understandable shock] "Whoah…"

Wave: [likewise] "Sweet Chaos…"

Storm: [likewise as well] "Holy Armadas…"

[They're looking at a Large Cave Nicole manage to dig up thanks to her Nanites (and lit up thanks to the fast work of both Sonics). Everyone stares at it visibly shocked by the beauty the Garden of Babylons evokes, even in a closed-up dimly lit area.]

Sonic #2: [with a smile, just as everyone else slid down] "Alright then you Chickens of the Sky. I expect you to play nice down here, so don't do anything that we'll all regret."

[While Jet is visibly annoyed, Wave and Storm are a bit frightened that "this Sonic" has no borders. The other Freedom Fighters have varied questionable looks.]

Sonic #2: [with a face of realisation] "Oh… I almost forgot."

[He pulls a Glowing Blue Cube with his other hand (obviously the key), while everyone else looks with gaping mouths at him?!]

Jet: "WHAT?! HOW?!"

Sonic #2: [with a smile] "It was a fake made from a Blue Glow-Stick and Shiny Glass you Cloud-Head. I had to somehow keep you Love-Birds on your toes, didn't I?"

[don't forget that Fleetway is also a ruthless prankster]

[Everyone had the same stupefied look on their face while Sally breaks the ice.]

Sally: [furious] "YOU BLUE IDIOT! THAT HAS TO BE THE MOST- [mmppphhh…]"

[Sonic #2 places his hand over her mouth with a look of annoyance while still pointing his gun at them]

Sonic #2: [looking at her with a slight smile this time] "Now where's the fun in keeping these proud morons in check when they're the types to ignore their better instincts Ginger?"

[The Babylons realise what a sadist this Sonic is, while the other Freedom Fighters decide to speak up with angry looks]

Bunnie: [with a scowl] "I'm with Sally-Girl on this one! I've nevah seen such insultingly sinful strategy in my life!"

Rotor: [likewise] "To think I just started trusting you an Hour Ago!? You're almost as bad as Scourge!"

Sonic #2: [a bit annoyed with a sharp scowl, with his hand just moving away from Sally's mouth] "Keep telling yourselves that you can't face being underhanded, but you Party-Boat Gentiles will realise sooner or later that in War, there's no room for being a Prissy when most of your enemies are either Stubborn Mad-Men, or Selfish Morons who only look out for their own personal gains."

Jet: [angry, walking up to him with his hands up] "You want to make this personal you-"

Sonic #2: [points gun under his chin in a low voice, while Jet froze up in shock] "Keep talking like you don't care, and I'll let you ask Chaos himself just how much you should."

[after a good moment of silence, Sonic #2 decides to stop the tension]

Sonic #2: [tosses the Key to Jet] "Here… There's only one rule… [raises his finger up] Stay out of the Control Room. As soon as something goes wrong, I'm destroying it for real…"

[Jet catches it, and then he and the other Rogues look at him puzzled why he's setting himself up for a trap]

Sonic: [looking at them calmly, but them angrily shouts with his gun still pointed] "GET MOVING! Get what you came for and beat it!"

[The rest of the Rogues start looking around the city nervously with Sonic #2 and the Freedom Fighters behind them with Sonic #2 being the only one pointing his gun at them. The other Freedom Fighters look at him with various expressions of resentment while whispering to each other what they'll do as soon as the Rogues leave. Although they're all still in relative shock, the Rogues are amazed by everything they find]

Jet: [digging through a trunk full of priceless treasures, with glowing eyes and a slight smirk] "Sweet Motherlodes of Pearls… I've never seen so much good loot in one box!"

Wave: [digging through another trunk, same look] "So much history in one place. I can barely contain my beak!"

Wave: [another trunk, the same] "Shiny…"

[meanwhile, Sally, Bunnie and Rotor are quietly speaking with each other while Sonic #2 is distracted with keeping an eye on the Rogues]

Bunnie: [with a concerned look] "I din' think I'd evah see a Suga-Hog be so ruthless."

Sally: [a bit more angered, but also concerned] "Either he's not what he's telling us he is, or he went through a lot worse than we did."

Rotor: [a bit calmer than the girls] "I agree with both of you, but despite what I said earlier. I think I'm betting on the latter Sally."

[the girls both look at him surprised that he's still willing to trust him after all of that earlier]

"I mean, let's look at the facts… Nobody could make such a motivational speech like that earlier without enough wisdom and sanity. He did help out Nicole, and so far, even Sonic seems to trust him. Besides, things obviously work differently in the other dimension if he's this archaic."

[Sally thinks for a moment, while Bunnie looks at Rotor with one brow lowered]

Sally: [with a look of slight realization, but still a bit sharp] "You know… Now that I think about it, he did drop a few hints already…"

'You can't kidnap the Queen when the whole hive is ready to attack you.'

'I just did it because I can't stand to watch people die around me.'

'Trust me when I say this Ginger… "Heroic" is not a pleasant word to describe me. I have too many regrets for that…'

'I lost a good friend that day, and it had to stay that way for the better of Mobius.'

[This above me is an extra line that he said back in the HQ as he told his very abridged off-screen auto-biography to Sally and Tails.]

'If there's one constant in the multiverse Ginger. It's that I'm way smarter than I seem. The only breaking point is by how much I'm willing to use my noggin.'

'You can question me once we're finished. Just do it for now!'

'In War, there's no room for being a Prissy when most of your enemies are either Stubborn Mad-Men, or Selfish Morons who only look out for their own personal gains.'

Sally: [with her palms clasped together, with a deep breath, an exhale and eyes closed] "I don't like what he's doing neither… But his crazy plan is keeping this whole city safe so far, us included… I'm willing to still trust him for the time being. Mostly because he already saved my life once…"

Bunnie: [a bit angry, but also thought about the things Rotor mentioned] "I guess I'm willin' to tolerate Salt-Hog there if you two are willin' to do it, but I'm only doing it cos you guys are right about his bett'r contributions to this team. But let's at th' very least be wary around him. It feels kinda fishy that he's decided to stick around our dimension fer whatev'r reason."

Sally and Rotor both in unison: [nodding with sharp looks] "Agreed!"

Sonic #2: [looks at them with his gun still on the Rogues, and with a smile] "Whaddaya aggreging on?"

[Sally, Bunnie and Rotor flinch in surprise while Sally comes up quick with an answer]

Sally: [sheepish look on her face] "Uh… Uh… We… were talking about a potential idea to… set up a second base down here for its location and proximity."

[Sonic #2 obviously knows that they're lying, and it's painfully obvious that they're doubting him for being "too raw" for their tastes. For now, he decides to just play it off to earn their trust in the long run. He doesn't need good people like them as enemies.]

Sonic #2: [gun still pointed at the Rogues (who found a big trunk in that pile), with a calm face, and a shrug of his shoulders] "Aight then… [turns his head around to look at the Rogues]"

[The Freedom Fighters exhale in relief, while the Rogues just manage to open that Big Purple Marble-like Trunk.]

Jet: [stunned, but amazed] "Sweet Mother of Goldmines."

Wave: [likewise] "I don't believe it…"

Storm: [a bit confused] "Huh?"

Sonic #2: [a bit of an annoyed look on his face, walks up] "Whaddaya Sparrows twitchin' abo-"

[as soon as he looks inside, he gets visibly shocked as well]

Sonic: "Holy Mother of Shanazar…"

[To Be Concluded…]

That's it for the second part. The next one will most likely be the last.

This chapter, I'm not so sure if everything is according to character (and development), but I did my best with the little time I had for the moment (open to rewrites if you point out what I did wrong).

My focus with this entire story is obviously dialogue, a bit of drama and some redemption. More fight scenes will also come, but I won't drag them out for entire chapters because the story I'm aiming for is only partially action driven (besides, it's kind of easy to imagine how all of Sonic's fights play out). I want to at least make this Sonic's attempt to save everybody something that he won't regret.

My choice to redeem Speedy came from me seeing his backstory, and the potential for it. If Sonic's experiences in the previous timeline made him wise enough, of course he's going to start seeing the good in some people a lot clearer.

While obviously Fleetway is a bit aggressive here, my aim was so that his plan was to scare them into submission because that's most of his experience while dealing with stubborn Bounty-Hunters.

I'm pretty sure some of you may already know what's in "The Purple Box", but I won't tease you with it. The only hint I'll give, is that it's not from any of the Comics…

Before you ask why they Sonic isn't contacting the others yet, it's because they're so deep underground, the signal isn't catching up (at least until they arrive), but I think I'm sure that there's something about "communicators so powerful, they work underground" that's buried in a previous Archie issue that someone else will point out I missed.

Have a nice day, wherever you are…