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Summary: Heroes and Superpowers were normal occurrences and everyone wanted to be one for various reasons. Despite having what some would deem an unfit Quirk for heroism, Issei dreams of becoming one, will he rise as Bubbleman or will he fall before his dreams are realized?

Chapter 01: A Hero's Start

A teenage boy sat in a classroom by himself as he looked out the window with a rather bored expression showing in his crystal blue eyes while his black hair was rather unkempt with a cowlick showing, wearing a standard dark school uniform while the teacher was talking.

His name is Issei Watanabe, just your average kid in your average world.

Well he says average but it's more of an extraordinary world.

How so?

It's a world where superpowers were the norm and with the once thought fictional occupation of being a Superhero was the reality for quite a long time.

He has a power of his own, though it's not as… Cool as the other powers you would hear about.

"Pst, Issei." Issei turned from the window to see a brown haired kid with heterochromia trying to get his attention his right eye being gray while the left was green. "Any chance I can copy your homework?"

The question made Issei sigh. "I swear Akemi someday I'm not going to be there to help you out." He said slightly pulling his out with Akemi grinning before his gray eye popped out and gravitated towards it, hiding behind the notebook that Issei took the time to set up.

"Maybe but that day isn't today, besides I was busy."

Issei refrained from snorting as the teacher glanced their way. "I hear talking." He said while Akemi tilted his head enough that his hair hid his empty eye socket.

Waiting until he continued teaching, Issei whispered. "I still don't get how your quirk works." He said given how seeing the eye pop out still freaks him out a little even after all these years.

"It's useful." Akemi said with a shrug given how he could still see out of the eye as he wrote down the homework, changing some of the answers to make it look like he did it. "Thanks a million Issei."

"Let me guess you were playing that Hero Fighting Game that came out weren't you?" Issei asked as they recently made a Street Fighter esque game with various Pro Heroes showing such as All Might, Endeavor, Best Jeanist.

"Of course, did you know that they recently added Mirko?"

That particular part caught Issei's attention as Akemi had a sly grin, waggling his eyebrows, knowing about Issei's small crush on the Rabbit Hero.

"S-Shut up." Issei lamely said with a red face as Akemi snickered before his eye flew back into his socket.

"Maybe someday you can meet her and declare your love?" Akemi teased Issei going quiet as he reached into his nearby bag and silently opened a bottle of water only for a bubble to fly out and hit Akemi in the face making him cry out.

"Hm?" The teacher glanced their way again, this time knowing who it was while Akemi thought quickly and faked a sneeze, covering his face to wipe the small bit of water away before it could be seen.

"Sorry sensei." Akemi apologized before glaring at Issei who had the look of complete innocence on his face.

Bubble Manipulation, not the greatest quirk out there, but it was one that Issei has had for years.

The class ended as both Issei and Akemi were now walking down the crowded halls. "You are a jerk you know that?" Akemi asked, referring to the bubble hitting his face.

"You started it, if I was a jerk I wouldn't have had your back on the homework."

Akemi went to rebuke that before sighing. "Fair enough," He will admit that he probably should've saved the teasing for after class. "But I was serious about the installment on Hero Fighter Plus Ultra."

"... I'll look into it when I get home." Issei promised, wondering just which version of Mirko they would use beta costume or the current one?

"Hey when you're on shoot me a text and we'll fight each other." Akemi gave him a thumbs up with a grin. "Not many people can give a challenge and I need one for my video."

"Still going strong as a Youtuber huh?

The question made Akemi laugh. "Got five hundred subscribers now, not bad for a few months."

Issei just shrugged. "Meh."

"Screw you." Akemi gave a slight glare while Issei chuckled. "So did you hear about that Villain attack this morning?"

"You mean the one with Mount Lady's debut?" Issei asked vaguely recalling that bit of news showing up on his phone right before school.

He recalled seeing her steal Kamui Woods thunder which most likely pissed him off.

"Shinji will probably be bitter for awhile."

Akemi gave him a weird look. "I always forget you actually know him."

"Blame our Grandfathers." Issei drawled out, given how his grandfather the former Pro Hero known as Ocean was a frequent partner of Kamui's grandfather who was the Pro Hero Woodsman.

Because of that the two families have gotten to know each other well enough and Shinji was pretty much an older brother figure to Issei.

"So what about the attack did you want to talk about?" Issei asked curiously, wondering where his friend was going with this.

"I happen to get a certain shot that was sold online by one of the few cameramen that were there."

From the way that Akemi was grinning, Issei had a vague idea. "Let me guess it's a sexualized one."

"Got that right, you want one?"

"You do realize how creepy that is right?" Issei asked, with Akemi giving him a deadpanned look. "What?"

"Says the guy with a Mirko figurine in his room."

Issei went bright red. "I-It's not sexualized, I just admire how badass she is and it's a collectible action figure." He stammered out as Akemi was now laughing. "Oh shut it!"

Besides he has figurines of a lot of pro heroes, it was a hobby of his.

"I wonder if I'll have a figurine?" Issei muttered in thought.

Not that he was trying to become a hero to get one, he genuinely wants to help people, being raised in a society of heroes really implanted the seed of being one at a young age.

But he won't deny that it would be cool to have your own figurine.

Akemi coughed, trying to hide a snicker but knew he failed when Issei gave him a look. "Sorry but it's just… You control Bubbles, not exactly a good one for taking down villains."

"The Quirk is only as good as its user, it doesn't matter if it's impractical or not." Issei said in a rather harsh tone.

He was rather sensitive over the fact that his Quirk was seen as pathetic compared to others.

Besides there was already a hero with a Bubble quirk known as Bubble Girl who works for the Pro Hero Nighteye, so it's not impossible.

Though there was a difference in their Quirks given how she creates smell based bubbles from what he's heard while he just controls them provided there's water nearby to make them.

Maybe when he does become a Pro Hero he could talk to her to see what types of similarities there were between their Quirks?

"You'll still have to get into UA." Akemi pointed out, reminding Issei that the Entrance Exam was still ten months away.

Plenty of time to continue to work on his Quirk.

Maybe he can try to needle Shinji for information on what to expect when the man visits tonight?

Although given how uptight and serious he could be, that would be a lost cause.

"You know it would've been cool to take it alongside you." Issei pointed out as Akemi grimaced.

"As much as I appreciate your faith in me I'll pass, my Quirk isn't good for heroics."

"It's useful for gaining information." Issei reminded him before Akemi subtly rubbed his eye.

"And easily destroyed, do you know how painful it is to have your eye grow back?" Akemi asked given how it took a week for it to do that and he was in immense pain the whole time. "Besides I'm not hero material, I prefer video games."

"To each their own." Issei relented, a bit saddened as while there were other people attempting the Entrance Exam, they weren't in his class.

So if he does make it into UA he won't know anyone.

As if guessing what he was thinking, Akemi clapped him on the back. "But by chance you do get your Pro Hero License you mind making a few guest appearances on my channel?" He asked given how that would help with the subscribers.

Despite knowing the reason he asked that, Issei grinned at his best friend.

He wouldn't have it any other way.

"I'm home." Issei called out, taking his shoes off as he entered the rather modest home where he could see a young woman with short blue hair cut in a bob style and green eyes drinking some hot tea, wearing a light blue blouse and tan jeans. "Hi Mom."

Nozomi Watanabe smiled at her son. "Issei, how was school?"

"Boring." Issei answered honestly as while he knew it was important, school wasn't all that fun for him. "Where's Dad?"

"Oh he's out getting groceries." Nozomi answered taking a sip of her tea before frowning as the taste was off.

Focusing as a bowl of water was nearby, a hand made of water came out to grab where the sugar cubes were while Issei watched that a bit enviously.

Seriously that was an awesome quirk, he never got why his Mom never entered heroics.

But he thought she was cool all the same. Same with his Dad who had an Oxygen related Quirk which helped him whenever he had to do surgery in the hospital.

"Is Shinji coming over still?" Issei asked curiously.

"He called in, apparently there was an incident that just finished up ten minutes ago, he might be late." Nozomi answered him while Issei quirked a brow and pulled out his phone to see any updates.

Oh wow, apparently a slime villain managed to take a kid hostage and Kamui Woods was there along with Mt. Lady, Death Arms, Back Draft and-.

"All Might was there?!"

He missed his chance to see the Number One Pro Hero in action?!

Nozomi gave a slight laugh at that, knowing how much he loved seeing heroes in action.

When Shinji made his debut, Issei kept asking so many questions on what it was like being a hero that the guy was a bit uncomfortable despite enjoying it.

"I'm definitely grilling Shinji for information."

Dinner was quite lively that night as Shinji ended up bringing a guest that turned out to be the Pro Hero known as Death Arms.

Apparently the two were old friends, something that Issei never knew as he began to ask Shinji everything he could while Nozomi shook her head at how he was being.

"Issei, let Shinji breathe." Ryo Watanabe spoke up, being a young man wearing a silver buttoned up dress shirt and slacks while his dark hair was neatly trimmed, having just gotten home from work. "And for that matter take a breath yourself."

Shinji seemed relieved as outside of his hero costume he was wearing a black long sleeved shirt, a red scarf that completely covered his lower face and a black hat over his head.

Death Arms however looked very amused at what was happening, still in his hero costume, his yellow and black striped headband however was on the table next to his plate while he actually had on a shirt beneath his blue jacket to be polite.

"Didn't know you were good with kids Shinji." Death Arms teased him with Shinji giving him a look from behind his scarf.

"Oh be quiet Akihiko." Shinji told him before turning back to Issei who began to eat. "I take it you're preparing for UA?"

Pausing to swallow, Issei grinned. "Of course, and I'm going to pass the Entrance Exam with flying colors."

"Well aren't you cocky." Akihkro grunted before taking a sip of the cold beer he was given.

"Issei does have his moments, no matter how much we try to keep that part down." Ryo inputted with Issei now looking embarrassed.

"I'm not that bad."

"Oh?" Shinji asked now leaning forward. "Remind me, didn't someone once say they could take All Might once they discover what their quirk was?"

"I was three!"

"No offense kid, but I don't think anyone could take All Might," Akihiko said his mind flashing back to earlier. "Apparently he can punch hard enough to change the weather."

Issei's eyes widened at hearing that. "Whoa, that is awesome."

And also terrifying, good thing that power belongs to someone like All Might.

"Issei you're drooling." Nozomi said with zero hesitation, smirking at how embarrassed he began to look.

"Am not!"

"Still be careful the Entrance Exam's are no joke," Shinji began only to hold his hand up as Issei went to speak. "And before you ask I'm not telling you anything about what's involved."

"I wasn't going to ask that."

"Yes you were." Shinji deadpanned. "You're control over your Quirk is good but that doesn't mean you'll get in immediately."

"Hey at least he wasn't like that plain looking kid earlier."

Shinji groaned in frustration at Akihiko reminded him of that. "I still can't believe how impulsive that quirkless kid was, to run into danger like that," He muttered, that part catching Issei's attention. "He could've been killed."

While he does admire the bravery and he could understand wanting to save a friend, it didn't make his actions any less life threatening and it made their jobs harder.

'Quirkless kid?' Issei wondered what they were talking about, and assumed it had something to do with the sludge villain incident. 'Are they saying a kid without a quirk fought this guy?'

If so then that was pretty cool. This kid sounded pretty brave.

Though he knew enough to keep his mouth shut about that part as Akihiko asked if he was allowed to smoke only for Nozomi to tell him to take it outside.

An hour later, Issei was in the backyard where a built in pond was as he began to focus with quite a few tiny bubbles rushing around the area, a look of pure concentration on his face as he tried to have them fuse to make them bigger, but they popped the moment he blinked making him groan.

"Still can't make any big ones?" Shinji asked as he was watching nearby, Akihiko leaving earlier to do another patrol.

"I well I can make one big bubble, but more than that gives me a headache." Issei muttered as that was something he kept trying to do.

"Well it's an improvement, I remember when you used to collapse after making ten tiny bubbles."

Issei coughed in embarrassment at being reminded about that.

"Or when you popped one above your head and got soaked."

"Oh like you never had any problems with your Quirk in the beginning." Issei retorted, crossing his arms. "Remember when you first tried swinging around you kept crashing into the wall?"

Shinji went quiet which made Issei cheer that he got a reaction before sighing.

"But I want to improve how many big ones I can make."

After all, while having his move 'Bubble Barrage' as he'd like to call it was nice, they were pretty tiny and annoying at best.

"Make a big one." Shinji told him with Issei quirking a brow. "A single big one."

Shrugging, Issei did so and made a human sized sphere after a few seconds, yet he was clearly struggling to hold it together before Shinji used one of his wooden limbs to pierce the bubble.

"What was the point in that?" Issei asked as Shinji looked deep in thought about something.

"It took me a few seconds before I could pierce it."

Issei blinked at that piece of info. "Wait what?"

"Your bubble, I think you subconsciously controlled the density of it, if you worked on that you could use that single bubble-,"

"For a makeshift shield." Issei interrupted, now getting that with his eyes shining.

That was a new way to use his quirk, he never knew he could control their density.

If he masters that then his Bubble Barrage would definitely be more of a force to be reckoned with.

But having a shield would really up his chances in a fight, sure he keeps his chances good by learning some Boxing so he wouldn't have to completely rely on his Quirk, but he won't say no to having a shield.

And he has ten months to improve this.

"Shinji, can you help me improve my new Bubble Shield?" Issei requested with Shinji smirking beneath his scarf.

"So pierce it until you can control your density?"

"... Well when you say it like that." Issei sounded unsure now.

"Just make the bubble."

"All of my hate." Akemi muttered as he was up early in the morning, two months later running with Issei. "Why do I have to run with you?!"

"Because I enjoy our quality time together." Issei drawled, flat out ignoring the glare being sent his way. "Come on, running isn't that bad, didn't you say in primary school you wanted some abs?"

"I have abs!"

"You have a two pack, not really much to brag about."

"... This is for the prank video isn't it?" Akemi asked given how the other week he set up a prank that involved itching powder, a water balloon and a rubber chicken before uploading it to Youtube.

"This is absolutely because of the prank video." Issei said with no hesitation.

Hearing that, Akemi sighed. "I guess I should be lucky you didn't rope me into one of your Boxing Classes."

"Dang you spoiled the surprise."

Akemi blinked, coming to a stop as Issei continued. "Wait you're kidding right? Issei? Damnit Bubbles!"

Issei said nothing to confirm or deny the fact that he was kidding, willing to let Akemi sweat it out a bit before he came to a stop at seeing a kid trying to get a cat to come down from a tree at the park, the two not paying much attention when a curly green haired kid ran by them following a rather sickly, skinny blonde man who was on a motorized scooter.

Instead, Issei said nothing as he passed the kid and began to climb the tree, ignoring the cat hissing at him as he picked it up by the scruff of its neck to hold out to the kid.

"Here you go." He said with the kid accepting their cat back eagerly.

"Kuro!" The kid hugged the cat happily. "Thank you mister."

Issei just smiled and got back to running.

"So, saving cats out of trees?" Akemi asked with a quirked brow.

"What? It's the right thing to do, being a hero doesn't mean just going after the villains." Issei said with a shrug, stopping to run in place after a few seconds as Akemi had to stop, showing how out of shape he was. "It doesn't matter if it's saving people, getting cats out of trees, helping the elderly across the street or making kids smile, a hero does what's right."

"You do realize how cheesy that sounds right?" Akemi managed to pant out.

Issei acknowledged that with a nod. "Doesn't make it any less true, now come on we have two more miles to go."

"Can you let me rest?!" Akemi protested but it fell on deaf ears as Issei continued running, the aspiring hero trying very hard not to laugh, obviously remembering how he felt like he was dying when he started running a long time ago.

Was it so wrong to enjoy this little bit of payback?

Issei winced as he was trying to keep his balance with a baseball sized bubble on his head with it rolling a bit with each movement, but it barely stayed on his head.

Shinji said something about working on his balance and his last boxing lesson showed that he was still lacking in his footwork despite it being two years since he started.

It was something he was trying to correct and the room he was in was already slick due to how many bubbles fell off his head and popped which added to the challenge.

Eventually he lost his balance and slid on the floor right into the wall where the bubble landed on his face, bursting like a water balloon.

"Maybe I take a break from balance and focus on the shield?"

"Is that what you think you really need to work on?" Issei gave a start when he saw his Dad at the open doorway, the man leaning against the frame showing that he has been watching for awhile.

"D-Dad? How long have you been-?" Issei went quiet, unsure if he wanted to ask, but Ryo answered.

"Since your second bubble."

Issei winced considering this was the ninth bubble.

"I'm just not good at keeping my footwork."

"Issei I think anyone could tell you that, remember when you always had trouble stopping while running?"

Hearing that made Issei rub his head, the bangs moving to show a rather small, faded scar where he had stitches due to running into the wall as a kid.

"You just need to keep trying, no matter how hard it gets." Ryo walked into the room, pausing to step carefully to avoid slipping before he held out a hand to help Issei up which the teen gratefully accepted.

"I know, you and Mom always tell me that, but no matter what I try, I always lose my balance."

Ryo said nothing as Issei complained, instead cupping his chin in thought. "Did I ever tell you of when I first discovered my Quirk?"

Issei blinked, trying to think about that before realizing that his father never once shared that story.

"You know that I can control the flow of oxygen right?"

Issei nodded as it made him invaluable in the medical field when they needed to pump oxygen in someone.

"When I first got it, I couldn't control it and I couldn't breathe because of that lack of control, it got so bad that I ended up collapsing my left lung."

Slowly Issei began to pale as a look of horror went across his face while Ryo rubbed the back of his head.

"I barely survived that and could barely use my Quirk without losing the ability to breathe for years."

"How did you get past that?" Issei asked quietly, trying not to imagine how close his father came to dying around the age of four.

Ryo smiled at that. "Your mother was the one who helped me," He said as despite not going into heroics, he saw her as his hero because he was always a sickly kid being picked on before she helped him fend off bullies and master his Quirk. "It wasn't easy and it took a long time but I was able to master it because I didn't give up."

With that said he placed a hand on Issei's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"And neither should you, if you're going into heroics you can't afford to slack in any area, it's hard now but you'll get it if you don't give up."

Giving him a smile, Ryo left the room as Issei looked down in thought feeling rather ashamed at how easily he was about to give up working on his balance.

What kind of hero gives up because it got too hard?!

With renewed vigor, Issei used the water on the floor to form another bubble to place on his head, but this time making two more baseball sized ones to go on his arms that he kept out.

He'll master his balance even if it kills him-... Okay not that far but he'll get this.

Outside of the room, Ryo was listening with his back against the wall, giving a smile as he heard Issei slip and curse.

Before he knew it, ten months have passed and the now fifteen year old teenager was standing outside of the gates of UA looking rather nervous.

Despite all of his tough talk, the pressure was beginning to get to him as he thought about all of the cool quirks the other people taking this exam probably had compared to his own.

Would anyone even take him seriously with control over bubbles?

"No, you can do this." Issei whispered, yet he didn't take a step forward.

"Nervous?" A voice asked Issei with him giving a nod. "Yea, I can understand that, I'm nervous too."

Turning to see who was talking, Issei saw it was a guy his age with greenish spiky hair and brown eyes, wearing a green jacket and black pants. But what caught his attention was the green wings sprouted across his back with white feathers showing.

The winged teen gave a grin. "The name's Hayate Saito." He said in a friendly manner. "I take it you're here for the Hero Course?"

"Issei Watanabe and I am, I plan to pass." Issei said, shaking his hand before noticing something odd about the white feathers. "Are those wax?"

Hayate gave a good natured chuckle. "They are, you won't believe how much of a pain it was to fly with them." He said clearly having fond memories. "Ah Daichi you caught up?"

Issei blinked before noticing the shadow over him and he turned only to look up with his neck craning.

This guy was made completely out of clay and towering over him with a red orb that was clearly the head showing two white slits where the eyes should be.

Issei's mouth fell open in shock, unable to get a word out as the clay figure tilted his head, the white slits rolling a bit showing some annoyance.

"He doesn't like it when people gawk." Hayate said, a big grin on his face, clearly enjoying that.

"And he can speak for himself." The clay teen said in a rather deep tone. "Daichi Takao is the name."

"Nice to meet you." Issei managed to get out, clearly seeing these two as having better quirks than him. "You're huge!"

It got quiet before Hayate chuckled. "That's what she said."

He clearly walked into that one while Daichi shook his head at Hayate.

"Come, we'll be late." Daichi said walking towards the school, now making loud footsteps with Issei wondering how that guy snuck up on him.

"Good luck Issei!" Hayate said with a wave as he walked after Daichi, his wings folding down on his back a bit.

Clenching a fist, Issei took a step towards UA.

To Be Continued…

Alright, I'm going to leave this off here and yes before you ask Hayate is Avian and Daichi is Clayman so clearly I'm having the Elemental Heroes show up in this story. Burstinatrix will show up later and I have plans for Sparkman, Wroughtweiler and Kid Hero in this story along with their Quirks.

If you think about it, they fit in pretty well with the MHA universe and Izuku still exists, he even cameoed in this chapter if you were paying attention to the right spot. I chose Bubbleman as the main character because out of all the EH his power works like a quirk the most with how it is in my opinion.

Plus I had mentions of other Elemental Heroes such as Woodsman and Ocean, even connecting the former to Kamui Woods in a way with their frequent partnerships being a nod to Terra Firma.

I'm astounded that no one has put any Elemental Heroes in MHA as of now, I looked when I thought about it because I found my old Hero Deck while watching the show and that planted the seeds of this story. And I bounced ideas off a good friend of mine for the last day or so before getting this typed. So who knows, if this is liked enough, maybe others will focus on the Elemental Heroes in other stories?

And I hope you enjoyed how I kept the focus away from Izuku because as much as I love seeing his character, many MHA fanfics always have him around in the first chapter with an important role-which it's to be expected as he's the MC and it's easier to have an OC or crossover hero (Not sure if Issei/Bubbleman counts as either or considering I gave him the civilian name but he's an actual character). So I focused more on building up the people he knew while also giving a timeline of when things were happening. I also gave Death Arms the name Akihiko as a reference to Persona 3, if his real name ever gets released I'll change it though.

So tell me what you think and I'll get the next one out soon.