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Summary: Heroes and Superpowers were normal occurrences and everyone wanted to be one for various reasons. Despite having what some would deem an unfit Quirk for heroism, Issei dreams of becoming one, will he rise as Bubbleman or will he fall before his dreams are realized?

Chapter 06: UA Infiltration

"You're learning from All Might?!" Akemi asked rather loudly as he visited the Watanabe residence after Issei's second day at UA.

"Thought that might get your attention." Issei grinned at his friend's disbelief, the two of them playing Mario Kart. "Today we had battle training and it was a ton of fun."

Well most of it at least, Midoriya's fight with Bakugo still fresh in his mind but he said nothing about it.

Akemi was doing a pretty good impression of a goldfish as he gave Issei a look of disbelief, unable to decide whether or not he should be excited at that or a little jealous he hasn't met the Number One Hero. Issei on the other hand took advantage of that to blue shell Akemi and drive past him.

Instead of focusing on that, Akemi decided to get as much info as he could.

"Is he as tall as he seems? What type of teacher is he? Why is he teaching?!"

"Oi," Issei said, a bit overwhelmed at the fast pace that Akemi was asking that now knowing how All Might felt when Class 1-A did that to him earlier. "He's pretty tall and as a teacher well-?"

The memory of him pulling out a script came to mind.

"He's dedicated."

He didn't want to insult the hero, but he was pretty sure the man had no idea how to be a teacher. Though he was trying his best.

"So battle training? How did that go?"

"Oh we split into teams of two to have fights of hero versus villains to get an idea on how it worked, though because of how many people there were I didn't go on a team, instead I fought Kaho-San one on one."

Akemi blinked and muttered. "Kaho?" He found the name familiar but he couldn't place it.

"Yea, I had to play the villain though."

Hearing that made Akemi give a wry grin. "You got into character, didn't you?" He asked knowing how Issei was, especially when the teen coughed in embarrassment. "Now I wish I was there to see it."

"Oh shut it," Issei idly pushed Akemi in the shoulder despite the teen's chuckles betraying his own amusement. "I managed to win, though I ran out of water for my quirk while she could make fire emit from her skin."

"Fire from her skin? Like how Midnight emits gas from hers?" Akemi asked with a raised brow. "... How revealing was the costume?"

Issei just gave him a look. "I'm not even going to dignify that with a response." He deadpanned, having flashbacks to Kaminari and Mineta.

"You can't just reveal that little tidbit and not reveal the costume." Akemi protested, but he was grinning to show that he didn't mind.

He just loved screwing with Issei. Plus despite how Issei made a face of looking away as if in annoyance he saw the grin the teen had and knew he didn't mind all that much.

"So what friends have you made at UA?"

"Well there's Kaminari Denki, he can use electricity." Issei said with the race now over and they paused the game to continue their conversation. "After him I think I only made friends with three others though I'm not really sure. Tenya Iida was that stern guy I told you about with the Engine's in his calves."

"Quick question, was he born with that or did they just grow when his Quirk revealed itself?"

Issei couldn't help but picture a baby with Iida's face and engine legs showing and the bizarre image just made him bust out laughing.

"Hey I'm serious, I'm actually wondering about that." Akemi protested, crossing his arms as Issei calmed down.

"Sorry, but I'll be sure to file that under 'ask if it comes up'," Issei promised though he wasn't going to bring it up unless Iida did. "Then there's Ochako Uraraka who has some sort of Gravity Quirk, that she got the highest score on one of the tests we did with our Quirks because of that."

"So we have you with bubbles, then we have the other students with fire, electricity, speed and gravity." Akemi summarized with an awed whistle. "Sounds amazing, who's the third friend?"

"Midoriya Izuku, his Quirk is insane, he let out a punch today that leveled a few floors." Issei shook his head, remembering how intense his fight with Bakugo was. "He's the one that destroyed the Zero Pointer I told you about."

"The one who got injured from his own power?" Akemi looked rather surprised while Issei gave a nod. "Damn that must suck, to have that power but it hurts you?"

Then a thought occurred to Akemi.

"Wait, are you allowed to talk to me about this? You're basically telling me what future heroes can do."

Issei waved that concern off with a grin. "Come on Akemi, I know you're not the guy to let that type of stuff leak."

He trusts him explicitly after all. They always had each other's back.

Akemi knows him the best, both his strengths and his weaknesses. If he couldn't trust him with stuff like this, then who could he trust?

"Thanks Bubbles." Akemi gave an appreciative grin right before he became competitive. "I'm choosing Rainbow Road by the way."

"You dick, you know I can't turn well on that one!" Issei exclaimed, ignoring Akemi's laugh.

Issei found himself surprised when he made it to the gates of UA the next day as a bunch of reporters were staking the place out with Bakugo making his way through.

The reporters seemed rather annoyed by something but that changed when he tried to sneak around them only to find a microphone in his face much like his classmates before him.

"You're part of the Hero Class, what is All Might like as a teacher?!"

A bit panicked, Issei took a step back as he tried to find a way out of this.

He didn't know why he was panicking, thinking about it, this makes sense that they would try to get as much info as they could about All Might.

Perhaps it's because he's never been on TV before so he has no idea what to say or do.

"I-uh-well you see-," Issei was sweating rather nervously.

"Watanabe you're going to be late." Aizawa's voice came from behind him nearly making him shriek as he jumped, but his interruption had the added effect of taking the attention off of him allowing Issei to get through.

While he did that, Aizawa told the reporters that they were trespassing and interrupting classes before walking in.

One reporter attempted to follow, but the moment she tried the gates locked down with metal doors cutting the reporters away from UA.

Those gates were the reason they had student ID's to get in and to keep others out.

"Aizawa-Sensei, thank you." Issei managed to get out as Aizawa just gave him a look and then walked past.

"Unless you plan to be an Underground Hero learn how to deal with the media, otherwise you waste time that could've been useful."

Seeing him walk off, Issei blinked before taking a deep breath and clenched a fist.

That was embarrassing.

Freezing up like that just because he could've been on TV. If he was going to be a hero he had to get used to that possibility. Otherwise he might freeze up in a situation.

"Good work with yesterday's battle training," Aizawa said sitting at his desk with a bored look. "I looked over your grades and evaluations."

As none of the students said anything, Aizawa looked at Bakugo.

"Bakugo, grow up already," Aizawa said in a rather blunt tone that made the blonde grit his teeth. "Stop wasting your talent."

"... Got it." Bakugo managed to get out despite the anger on his face as he looked down.

"And it seems that Midoriya ended the day with another broken arm," Aizawa continued, glancing from the report to the green haired teen who tensed up. "Learn to control your Quirk because just trying isn't going to cut it. I hate repeating myself but you do have potential assuming you can overcome this."

"Okay!" Midoriya exclaimed as Aizawa didn't wait and continued onto the other students until he came to Issei.

"Watanabe, don't make a habit of revealing your dependency on having water, it could get you killed." Aizawa watched as Issei squirmed at the reminder before giving a curt nod.

He had a point, just because they were his classmates didn't mean he should reveal his weakness openly like that, especially if they have more mock fights like the other day.

He was an idiot for doing that, no getting around it.

Seeing that they got that, Aizawa continued.

"Now onto Homeroom Business, sorry for the sudden announcement today-." He trailed off there with everyone stiffening up, thinking he was going to do another brutal pop quiz like the first day. "Today you'll pick a Class President."

Everyone nearly collapsed from the unneeded suspense at what was a normal school activity.

As others were asking to be picked, Issei was practically shaking with excitement.

Being a class president of a Hero Class was practically training for leading a team or your own agency and Issei had dreams of starting his own team at some point.

But that excitement died down a bit as Issei didn't bother to raise his hand to try and be President because wanting something and being qualified for it were two different things and given how he froze up on with the press he would probably be bad at something like this.

"Quiet down everyone," Iida shouted over the other Hero Students making them turn towards him as his eyes were closed and he was standing with one hand in the air. "Leading the many is a task of immense responsibility. This sacred office demands the trust of its constituents. If this is to be a democracy then I put in the motion that our true leader must be chosen by election."

Asui glanced at Iida. "But we haven't known each other long enough to build any trust."

"And everyone will vote for themselves." Kirishima added with Issei giving a nod.

"Asui and Kirishima are right-."

"Call me Tsu."

"Tru-." Issei gave a start as he realized what Asui said as she looked at him with some slight annoyance before he just rolled with it, making a note to ask about that later. "Trust in a leader takes time, it's not something we can just choose so early."

"Exactly," Iida said, making a hand motion at the three of them. "That's why anyone who earns multiple votes will be the best suited for a job."

That-... That actually makes sense.

If someone does earn multiple votes that means that they were able to garner enough trust from each other.

"Will you allow this, Sensei?!" Iida asked, as Aizawa just opened up his sleeping bag to climb into it.

"Do what you want, just make it quick."

With that done, Issei frowned as he was trying to decide who to pick given how they were just going to write a name and draw it out of a ballot box, the latter that Yaoyorozu supplied them with her Quirk to make this official.

Out of everyone here only three people came to mind.

Iida, Midoriya and Yaoyorozu.

They seemed like the most trustworthy here and he was pretty sure that all three of them would make a wonderful class president.

But which one should he pick?

Iida was all about the rules and regulations, not a bad thing but he also needed to loosen up a bit. Though he was the one to suggest this course of action so that's a point in his favor.

Midoriya seemed alright and from what he's seen is the textbook definition of being a hero, but his confidence is rather shaky so he might not be the best choice.

Then you have Yaoyorozu who seems to be one of the smartest in the class considering how she broke down how everyone was during the battle training the other day. Much like Iida however, she needs to loosen up.

Debating this with himself a bit, Issei came to a decision and voted for Iida.

Though he wasn't expecting the results.

"Eh?! I got three votes?!" Midoriya looked very surprised, his question pissing off Bakugo obviously with the ash blonde demanding who voted for him.

Uraraka just looked to the side, whistling in complete innocence.

But Issei was staring at seeing how he had two votes, tied with Yaoyorozu which meant he was in the running for Vice President.

Who the heck voted for him?!

"Such is the harsh reality of this sacred office," Iida hung his head as he leaned on his desk. "Though I am gratified to have one vote."

"Wait, so you didn't vote for yourself?" Yaoyorozu asked in surprise while Sato just blinked.

"But you proposed this, why wouldn't you vote for yourself?"

"Alright Midoriya you're the Class President, everyone else will vote for Vice President." Aizawa said in a bored tone, not even looking their way from his sleeping bag.

It was an easy vote for Issei given how he didn't want the job, so he voted for Yaoyorozu, thinking she would be a shoe-in compared to him.

Imagine his surprise when he was standing next to the shocked Midoriya moments later having been voted Vice President despite having no clue what to do.

"Fine here's your President Midoriya and Vice President Watanabe." Aizawa said, ignoring the two shell-shocked teens who were unable to believe what happened.

"S-S-S-S-Seriously?!" Midoriya asked in fear.

Meanwhile Yaoyorozu sighed as she sat at her desk. "So close."

"This is a disaster!" Issei declared at lunch, now sitting with Kaminari. "How did I end up in this position?!"

"Watanabe you need to chill, you'll do fine." Kaminari said, taking a bite out of his rice.

"Chill?! I didn't want to be voted for, I have no clue what to do!"

"It's not like your the Class President, but even if you were you would still be good, I wouldn't have voted for you if I didn't think that."

Issei slowly looked at Kaminari in surprise. "You were one of the votes? WHY?!"

"Geez you're like an alarm at times," Kaminari playfully joked while rubbing his ear. "But to answer your question you've proved yourself capable over the last few days."

"I really doubt that." Issei said in a deadpanned tone.

"You saved my life at the Entrance Exam, you called Bakugo out on his crap to his face, bonus points for that," Kaminari wasn't joking about that last part as some of the class avoided Bakugo after the battle training. "And you really take the idea of being a hero seriously given what you said to Mineta."

Issei had no idea what to say about that before blinking. "Wait, who was the second vote then?"

"No clue, I thought it was you until now." Kaminari said with a shrug. "Who did you vote for?"

"Iida." Issei looked his way before blinking as he looked past the bespectacled teen who was sitting with Uraraka and Midoriya when he saw Kaho sitting by herself.

That wasn't really a surprise, but what was a surprise was the huge amount of food she had that she was taking her time with eating.

Just like that it clicked.

Her flames must be tied to her metabolism.

In a way that made sense, the flames had to be fueled somehow so she must have to eat a lot in order to use them which meant that she literally burned away the fat as fuel.

Heh a lot of people would probably be jealous of that but the grocery bill must be pretty damn high.

As if sensing someone watching her, Kaho glanced up but Issei quickly looked away, not wanting to look like a creep only to see Kaminari giving him a playful grin.

That set off alarms in his head. "What?"

"I see you have your eyes on a certain fire user."

Hearing that made Issei roll his eyes, already equating this to Akemi teasing him for his admiration for Mirko, so in a way this was some normalcy for him.

Instead he changed the conversation. "Yesterday, you said you can fry your brain?" He asked, seeing the grin disappear as Kaminari looked down. "You never answered my question from that day. Have you ever had that looked at?"

Kaminari didn't answer at first, most likely due to being a bit sensitive about this.

He only mentioned it yesterday as a joke, it was something he was used to given how often he would fry his brain back in primary school.

"It happens whenever I go over my limit, I've had doctors look at it for years." Kaminari finally said before grinning. "So it's not something to worry about."

Issei looked like he disagreed, but realized that Kaminari didn't want to talk about it. "I plan on heading over to the support class after lunch to see if they finished repairing my costume, I want to try and ask for some adjustments."

"Oh? Like what?" Kaminari looked a bit more lively now that the direction of the conversation was changed.

"Making my Gauntlets fire proof for one." Issei deadpanned, his mind flashing back to the burns he had. "I also want to get a second tank added, hey maybe you can request something for your little taser trick you pulled?"

Truth be told, Issei ment for that to be a joke, but Kaminari seemed to be taking that a little seriously.

Their little discussion was interrupted when the alarm sounded, making them jolt while Issei almost choked considering he began to eat again.

"Security Level 3 is broken," The Intercom stated over the loud alarms. "All Students please evacuate in an orderly fashion!"

It was instant chaos as everyone did the exact opposite, rushing towards the exit while Iida who stood up shouted at an upperclassmen. "What's Security Level 3?!"

"It means that someone has infiltrated the building, that hasn't happened once in my three years here!" He said while someone was asking what was up with Iida's hand movements. "Hurry up and move."

"Oh crap, this isn't good." Kaminari looked pretty nervous while Issei was hesitant.

Someone infiltrating UA?

Why? Why would someone do something so stupid?!

'Stop, it's none of your business.'

While a hero would look into this he has to remind himself that he was only a student, not a licensed Hero.

He needed to follow the evacuation protocol.

"Come on." Issei grabbed Kaminari by the shoulder as they began to move only to see the crowded hallway where people were getting trampled. "Oh come on, what happened to orderly?!"

"There's no way we can get through." Kaminari agreed as while some people could use their quirks to get around he knew he wouldn't be able to without severely hurting someone.

Looking around, Issei saw a nearby water fountain and focused as bubbles erupted from it with him making some big enough to put a foot on and stepping on one to go above the crowd much to Kaminari's surprise.

"Since when can you do that?!"

"Never had the chance to show it off." Issei returned, having to pop the ones behind him to avoid making too many as he moved. "Just stay there, I'm going to see if I can find a way to clear a path."

There has to be something he can do.

It's too bad he couldn't make multiple big ones to help both him and Kaminari. He could try but they would only last like ten seconds, especially if they were moving.

As he moved he saw Iida get slammed against a window due to how panicked everyone was as he gaped. "It's the Press."

"What?!" Issei moved until he was by the window, his transportation taking Iida by surprise before the brown haired teen frowned. "All of this panic over the press?!"

He was starting to see Aizawa-Sensei's disdain for the media, especially because of how he and Present Mic were currently trying to dispel the situation outside.

This was illegal on so many levels considering the Press were breaking and entering.

But how did they make it past the gate? He saw it for himself this morning on how effective it was.

"We need to calm the students down." Iida said looking around as he saw two options, while noting that no one else noticed. 'What would Midoriya or my brother do in a time like this?'

First he could try and reach Uraraka and have her use her Quirk to float him above the crowd, but Issei was closer.

"Watanabe, do you think you can use your Quirk to get me in the air?" Iida asked looking at him. "I have an idea."

A little surprised, Issei gave a nod. "Get ready."

Focusing he made more bubbles erupt from the nearby water fountain, this time breaking it as the bubbles rushed past the legs of the crowd, some of them crying out as they suddenly felt water hit them before a huge amount was beneath Iida as Issei quickly launched him up, popping all of the bubbles.

That had the side effect of popping the bubble he was standing on as Issei fell into the crowd before Iida while in the air moved his pant legs to reveal his engines and launched himself at the nearby emergency exit sign where he grabbed onto it and called out.

"EVERYONE!" His shout along with the absurdity of seeing someone on top of the sign made everyone stare in confusion, the noise quieting down considerably. "EVERYTHING IS FINE! It's just the press outside, no need to panic. We are students of UA, behave in a way that is fitting for the situation."

"He's right, look out the window." Someone called out and just like that the panic was over as everyone walked out a bit more calmer, leaving the newer students to sigh in relief.

Everyone was back in Homeroom after that mess due to the Police showing up to escort the trespassers off the school campus while Watanabe was a bit more subdued as he did get in trouble for destroying the water fountain, but he was let off with a warning considering the circumstances.

"Alright I believe that we're going to be choosing the other student council members, go ahead Prez." Issei glanced at Midoriya who looked nervous.

"R-Right, that was the plan but before that," He swallowed. "This is important."

Issei arched a brow right before Midoriya continued.

"I believe that Iida is best suited to be class president." Midoriya's words shocked Iida who glanced up in surprise. "You saw how well he did in leading everyone during the crisis, I think he's suited for the job."

"Sounds good, Iida really showed his stuff back in the Cafeteria," Kirishima agreed, a grin on his face. "Not that I have anything against Midoriya."

Kaminari was snickering. "He was like a beacon pointing to the Emergency Exit."

"Whatever, just get on with it." Aizawa said dryly from his sleeping bag, annoyed at the amount of time being wasted.

Issei glanced at Midoriya. "You sure?" He asked with the curly haired teen giving a nod.

"Iida is better suited for it than me."

Better suited.

Issei won't lie, Midoriya had a point, especially with how Iida did step up when he needed to.

Speaking of stepping up, Iida was doing that right now. "Alright, I'll take the job."

"You can do it Mr. Exit Sign."

"Exit-Sign Iida, do your best."

Issei had to work hard not to laugh at that nickname as Iida stood next to him before he remembered how crushed Yaoyorozu looked when they first did the election and gained an idea.

"Now the first position we shall choose will be for the secretary." Iida began as he looked at the students who were paying attention. "Watanabe I assume you and Midoriya had your picks already?"

Issei knew that they were originally going to have the others volunteer but he smiled. "More of an idea really, I believe that the Secretary seat should go to Yaoyorozu."

At first he was thinking of stepping down from being Vice President, but he figured Aizawa would see that as more of a waste of time and he had no desire to piss the man off.

That surprised the girl while Iida took that into consideration.

Given how detailed she was at the battle training the other day, it made sense for her to be given the position, especially with how intricate she was in taking notes during the other classes.

So he approved.

Yaoyorozu gave a nod as she stood up.

It might not be the Class President spot she tried to get earlier, but being on the Student Council was just as good.

From there they chose Tsuyu Asui for Treasurer and Fumikage Tokoyami for General Affairs Manager and just like that, the Class 1-A Student Council was set.

"So what type of modification are you thinking of?" Issei asked as both he and Kaminari were now walking towards the Support Class 1-F after getting permission from Aizawa, both of them holding a hall pass.

"Just something to focus the amount of electricity I can use." Kaminari rubbed the back of his neck, not really putting too much thought into it when he first made the plans for his costume. "Maybe a gauntlet? Or some sort of stun gun?"

"What like a stun blaster?" Issei joked with a grin.

Kaminari didn't really have a chance to respond as the moment they opened the door, something tackled Issei to the ground as he was pinned by what looked to be some sort of robotic dog.

It was a silverish metallic dog with what looked to be a blue visor where the face would be and blue lines running over its body as it growled, showing razor sharp teeth that made Issei pale considering he was beneath it.

Kaminari had electricity sparking off of him but he couldn't hit the robo dog without electrocuting Issei.

"No! Down Wroughtweiler!" A voice exclaimed and just like that the dog whined as if it were being hit with a newspaper. "I don't care, I only turned you on to see the upgrades not to attack people!"

Lowering its head as if in shame, the dog got off of Issei as what looked to be a kid, not a teenager, but a kid came out wearing the usual UA school uniform, though the jacket was currently off and tied around the waist considering the amount of oil stains this kid had with greasy blue hair and blue eyes.

"Aren't you a little young to be in UA?" Issei found himself asking before he could stop himself.

Just like that a smug grin came over his face. "Why yes, yes I am, I'm only here for support not to be a hero." The kid placed a hand over Wroughtweiler's head as if patting it. "The name's Takuya Hideyoshi, nice to meet ya."

Then Takuya rubbed the back of his neck.

"Or to be more accurate, I'm Ta, Ku and Ya are still working."

Kaminari and Issei exchanged glances, unsure of what that meant before Issei spoke up. "I'm Issei and I'm here to request modifications for my costume?"

"Modifications?" The exact same voice as 'Ta' came from inside as another 'Takuya' ran out, this one looking excited while Kaminari looked between the two in shock.

"So your brother comes here as well?"

"We're not brothers and Ya calm down, let's get inside before Ku get's all hissy."

"Screw you!" A third voice spoke up in anger.

Inviting the two in, both Hero Course students were dumbfounded when they saw a third Takuya who was in the process of glaring at the other two, the rest of the class keeping to themselves with a bored expression as if used to the commotion.

"You look rather confused, hang on." Ta said as he focused and both Ku and Ya disappeared with him wincing at now having three sets of memories coursing through his head. "Sorry my Quirk allows me to split into three, really useful when I need an extra hand, but they have their own personalities."

"Oh that makes sense." Issei looked pretty surprised by the rather useful Quirk, especially for a Support Student.

Having three sets of hands instead of one.

"So, what can I do for you?" Takuya asked curiously as Wroughtweiler sat next to him, wagging its tail.

To Be Continued…

Sixth chapter done and a bit more is added as well as some more changes to the MHA story.

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Since he's a Support Student I took some liberty in making him younger, since he's not planning on entering heroics like others, thus the name 'Hero Kid' would make sense when he does take it. Plus he's a cocky kid due to his intellect and skipping grades to get into it, so that's another thing he has going for him.

As for his Quirk, well Ta is the calm, collected one. Ku is the angry one, think Bakugo but a bit more censored and Ya is the nice, excitable little cinnamon roll. Fun fact, Ya is the one to come up with their naming system showing that Ta and Ku can't really say no to him.

And like I promised, we have Wroughtweiler in the mix with Takuya being the one to make him. The Goddard to his Jimmy Neutron if you will.

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Still we also have some drawbacks revealed for different Quirks, such as Kaho having a heightened metabolism due to her flames burning the food she consumes as fuel, like how Yaoyorozu needs to eat for her Quirk. Then we have Takuya with his duplicates having their own personality and when they merge he suffers a headache due to the different memories he absorbs. I can't wait to show the drawbacks I have planned for Avian, Clayman and Bubbleman when I get to their moments.

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