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The first two chapters of this fic are entirely written in letters, while the final chapter will be written in the 3rd person. Mostly, because I can.


Lady Tenten,

My Lady, forgive me for addressing this letter directly to you contrary to rules of propriety, and by using the subterfuge of my cousin's name in doing so. My imminent departure prevents me from hand-delivering this letter to you and its content forbids my directly soliciting my cousin's help.

I was appalled when I discovered you on my ship yesterday, and I have struggled in vain to find the words that befell this situation. I must come to the realisation that there is merely no word that can fully express my shock at such unladylike behaviour. Was it then not enough for you to humiliate me at the ball, you also wish to lose me? Surely, My Lady, you must think poorly of my intelligence if you boarded my ship disguised in the most grotesque attire. I do not wish to compromise you nor for your father to learn that you were here, dressed in breeches. In which case, I fear more for my rank and standing than for your future. I would use this knowledge as a threat to keep you away from my ship and the harbour if I knew such threat would have any effect on you, for scandal is much more your area of expertise than mine. Instead, I urge you to give me your word you will never board my ship again in exchange for which, I will respect the original terms of our wager and write Mr Lee an apology letter.


Captain Neji Hyuuga



You are the most scandalous lady in the country!

Everyone is talking about your wager with Captain Hyuuga at the ball yesterday. Upon my word, I have never seen anyone grow as pale as the captain when you aimed his gun and fired true. My father, who is a long-time friend of your father, has been most displeased at breakfast by your unladylike action, though he couldn't say what shocked him more: that you knew how to fire a gun or that you took upon yourself to confront Captain Hyuuga with a wager that exposed his uncharitable character. Poor Mr Lee having such a despicable friend! While I eloquently justified your means to an end, my mother could hardly find justice in your actions. Had I not cited how accomplished you are, my parents may have forbidden me from seeing you ever again. Lady Scandalous is how I should refer to you henceforth! Tho' I hardly believe you would ruin a dress over a man. Or have your servants succeeded in washing away the gunpowder?

Let us now talk about your next visit. Call on me tomorrow morning, so we can have time to be in each other's confidence before Lord Shikamaru calls on my parents. We will then attend the opera. I forbid you from avoiding this social outing.

My compliments to your parents, my dear friend, and please do flatter your mother until she reveals the name of her seamstress!



My dearest friend,

I have not only ruined a dress for this abject man, but I have also boarded his ship dressed as one. Even after I won our wager and he agreed to apologize to Mr Lee for his behaviour, he declared that a woman had no place on a ship as "the sea would not agree with a woman delicacy. Even you, My Lady, would surely agree". He is most ridiculous! For an unmarried man and one who has spent the last two years or so away at sea, the Captain sure seems to know what a woman ought or ought not to do. Altho', I know this will shock you, I couldn't let such an opportunity pass to educate him. Had he not noticed my hands with his "superior" man eyes, I would be in the middle of the sea having as many adventures as any man.

The captain can grow paler, I assure you. When I tried to demonstrate my degree of comfort dressed as a man (I didn't have a corset and it was quite liberating!), I thought he would swoon like his cousin. Once his surprise passed, he covered me in his cloak. He walked me to a carriage and paid for it. You should know that with good-humour, I agitated my handkerchief at him. He demanded "feminine" behaviour and yet, he couldn't even stomach this much. He reddens like Lady Hinata; their relation is now definitely clearer to me. While he is a disagreeable man, I must confess that nothing like shocking him has ever thrilled me more.

I won't avoid the social outing, but only because my mother has finally learnt of my actions at the Hyuuga castle through the newspapers. She still hopes I may attach a man. The poor woman is probably scheming left and right to ensure I be married off before next season, may it be even to the neighbour's footman. After the scene the Captain caused at the harbour, I believe all hopes are lost as she will learn in time. This suits me perfectly.

Prepare to be the friend of an old spinster perfectly content with herself.

My compliments to your parents for their charitable attitude toward me and my renewed friendship to Lord Shikamaru.

Your most scandalous friend,



Captain Hyuuga,

How scandalous! A letter from a man I am not engaged nor related to! I wonder if you blushed as handsomely writing your letter as you did when my carriage drove away at the harbour. I assure you, sir, I have means to send this letter to you without anyone discovering this most shocking correspondence between an unengaged man and woman.

Indeed, only my duties to friendship would stop me in any future endeavour I may have had regarding your ship. You have my word, sir. However, you must know that I find your inconsistency reprehensible. I can now see even more plainly the littleness that there is to you. A real gentleman would never have gone back on his words no matter the circumstances. I secured an apology letter to Mr Lee from you when I fired your gun in the centre of that hedge.

Now that we have a renewed understanding, when is Mr Lee due to receive your letter of apology?


Lady Tenten

P.S. Address your answer to Mr T. Shosoryu at the address on the envelope and it will find itself to me.


My dear sister,

I have heard the most gruesome rumour at my finishing school. Mr Akimichi is one of the girls' fiancé and he is also part of the navy, although under a different command as our dear Cousin. Nonetheless, he has intelligence of Neji escorting Lady Morino to a carriage at the harbour before he departed for his mission. Because Mr Akimichi knows our cousin's respectable manners, he assumed they were married! As you can imagine, I lost my composure then. The gentleman apologized for his forwardness when he saw the strong impression his words left on me, and he refused to say more. He blushed even further when I revealed that Neji was unmarried. The humiliation I felt! I had to insist for more details on this curious account while my friend, naturally already in confidence of the tale and agitated by my reaction, called for salts. The missing piece of the tale was that Lady Morino agitated her handkerchief at Cousin Neji and she was wearing his cloak!

After the ruckus this maddening woman has caused at the ball last week, I can only fear for the worst. I had surprised a look of something akin to admiration in our cousin's eyes, but I couldn't be certain of his heart then. With this intelligence I can now see what has been missing from her their disappearing in the garden together and what followed: an attachment none of us suspected.

Could you imagine the shame of such a match? The daughter of a commoner with our cousin, a pure-blood gentleman? No matter who her mother is, her birth is of obscure circumstances through her father. Pray tell, who is the Morino family compared to the Hyuuga House? I will not suffer this humiliation as I'm certain you would agree, it would taint any future prospects we may have.

Before this reaches Father's ears, I urge you to write to cousin Neji and ask him to end his association, regardless of its nature, with Lady Tenten.

Yours sincerely,




We have not always been in each other's confidence and it pains me to reconsider some of our past differences following your father's death. As I write this letter, know that I have nothing but the most tender filial obligations in mind, and for this reason I must arm my heart with severity.

Many of our acquaintances have reported to me a rumour that I believe could only be fraudulent. However, Hanabi's recent letter to Hinata now makes me ponder that there may be some truth to it. You would without a doubt know of what I'm referring to at this point: the understanding that exists between Lady Tenten Morino and yourself.

Under any other circumstances surrounding her birth, I would have congratulate you for such a match. However, the Lady is not the daughter of a gentleman. She is the daughter of a commoner who married into the aristocracy and who has no other choice but to use his wife's title to navigate through society. I agree that I could forgo such circumstances as means of my disapproval for your happiness had it not been for my knowledge of Lady Tenten's character. While she certainly is an accomplished young lady in par with her rank, she has demonstrated over and over again, and in the most scandalous ways, that she belittles genteel behaviour and doesn't govern herself with propriety.

I was once in attendance at Lady Tsunade's ball, and Lady Tenten played the most exquisite piano forte piece to entertain us. A gentleman (who I will not name for his own discretion) offered her the compliments appropriate for the circumstances. Any genteel woman would have accepted such compliments and the acquaintance that would naturally follow. I can still quote Lady Tenten's response as it has shocked me and the few others who were within earshot: "I will not do you the favour of accepting your compliments, sir. Only a horse would, as it cannot respond and must follow whoever holds the bridle." This ungraceful behaviour was never explained and no amount of good humour provided by myself and the other Lords in attendance could dispel the profound trouble she caused in this gentleman. He left the party shortly thereafter.

As I share this anecdote with you, you must understand that the Lady's outrageous behaviour at the ball the other night was not a limited to one instance. She speaks openly of sex and social classes inequalities as if such things were not perfectly natural to the world's order. She once asked Lord Uchiha if she could join the men after supper to drink and smoke. Had it not been for her rank and her mother's direct relation to the King, she would have been shunned from society when she was first introduced.

I have spoken plainly about my feelings toward any association our family may have with Lady Tenten. I hope you will see the truth in my words and reconsider the match. My daughters call you brother, and this match has the potential to influence both of their futures. As long as they are not secured in a household, I could never allow you to marry such a woman who, I believe, is your inferior in every right.

Lord Hiashi Hyuuga


Lady Tenten,

I have received the most astonishing letter from my uncle giving strong objections to an engagement I had no knowledge of. He was informed by my cousins and other acquaintances that vows have been exchanged between us. I would be forever grateful if you were to dispel such rumours. I'm afraid my letter won't be enough to temper the vivid impression you have made at the ball last week, nor the ones you made in the past.


Captain Neji Hyuuga

P.S. Is there then no bound to your impropriety and scheming?


Captain Hyuuga,

You've seen me dressed as a man and shoot from you gun "despite the inferiority of my sex". As such, you ought to know that I do not blush easily. Despite my mortification after reading your letter, it doesn't astound me that from our wager, bystanders have chosen to see amiable banter and flirtation rather than my being superior to you. Their views and manners ought to be as limited as yours to reach such conclusions. If your words hadn't offended me more than once, I would have done you the honour of excusing you by attributing these limitations of the mind to your sex.

I shall call upon my friends and other members of polite society to clarify the state of affairs between us: I won our wagger, and you are inferior to me in both aim and grace.

I still expect a full and sincere apology to Mr Lee for the humiliation he suffered by your hand as our wager dictates. Please enclose your letter with your answer, so I can be satisfied. I will not suffer further delay on your part.

May your ship not sink until then, despite my having set my womanly foot on it.

Forward my love to my father if you happen to be within the Admiral's circle despite your talentless weapons handling. If I knew you to be charitable, I would suggest you ask him to train your aim. After all, he is the one who trained mine.

Lady Tenten

P.S. No.


Lady Tenten,

Find enclosed the letter you requested.

Your words are as outrageous as your character.

In the wake of the rumours circulating about us, the discovery of our correspondence would only lose us both. I do not share your assurance in your "Mr Shoshoryu" persona and I am most anxious in dispelling the rumours. Let us stop our correspondence.

Captain Neji Hyuuga



It has come to my attention that I've been disgraceful to you in both words and actions. I apologize for the harshness which has tainted our last meeting. It was ungraceful of me to suggest your business endeavours to "be ludicrous" or for the way, I accepted to loan you money with utter disdain. We have been long-time friends and yet, I did not see the hurt I have caused you until Lady Tenten made it abundantly clear to me at my uncle's castle and on my ship before I departed. While I disagree with many of the Lady's views, I will do her the justice of proclaiming her fondness of you boundless and as pure as her character.

When we meet again, I hope we can be once more close friends.

Yours sincerely,




I forward with this letter a copy of Captain Hyuuga's apology to Mr Lee. I wish I could finally say that ruining my dress would be worth it, but look at this sentence: "While I disagree with many of the Lady's views, I will do her the justice of proclaiming her fondness of you boundless and as pure of her character." The rake is mocking me! I believe Mr Lee to be too amiable to see the treachery of these words. Tho', the letter would undoubtedly soothe his hurt feelings and strengthen their friendship. For my part, I'll never forgive Captain Hyuuga and I'll fire from his gun another thousand times until he stops seeing women as mere pieces of furniture. I wish I could finally teach him a lesson he could never forget.

(If, upon reading this letter, you realize Lord Shikamaru has called your character "pure", break off your engagement immediately. Only a man who believes a woman non-sentient calls her pure.)

My mother seems to be strangely satisfied lately. Henceforth, she exits the room while I write my correspondence. Twice now, I have surprised her looking at me with a vague smile that frightens me. She has certainly persuaded the neighbour's footman to accept my hand by increasing my dowry. It is a mystery how she has not learnt of my presence at the harbour.

Call on me when you are back in town. The days are lonely without you. Lady Hinata wouldn't admit it readily, but I believe her father has ordered her to cease all association with me. Since our last meeting, her replies to my letters and invitations, although polite, are cold and stiff, much unlike her character. They are most likely dictated by Lord Hiashi.

If this is the price of my spinster's life...

Yours truly,


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