" Sanji ! " Begged Luffy. " Only one. "

" No way. " Retorted Sanji. " Nami-swan charged me with the security of his mandarins! So, no way you touch it! "

Seeing him busy with Luffy, Johnny and Yosaku crawled behind him, before finding themselves in front of the trees. However, hardly had they had time to reach out to pick a fruit when they saw Sanji right in front of them.

" Can I help you ? "

And before they could speak, Sanji sent them flying with a kick. Then, turning to Nami, he cried out.

" Nami-swan, you don't have to worry! Your knight is there for you! "

" Thank you, Sanji-kun. " Nami said, while reading a newspaper.

Lying a little further, Raynare opened one eye, before smiling playfully. Then transforming, to take its form of Yuuma, the girl ends up displaying her shy face, while asking.

" Sanji-kun, could I have a tangerine, please? "

" Of course, Raynare-sama. " Assured the cook immediately, hastening to pick several fruits. " I'll pick you the best tangerines there is. "

" Dumbass. " Roared Nami, seeing him do it.

" Decidedly, you know how to lead it with a stick. " Usopp announced, while creating new marbles.

" Sanji is a man who is both serious and simple at heart. " Lucy said, while rubbing her keys with a rag.

Then, while Nami was reading her newspaper, she saw two papers falling to the ground.

" Hum? " She wondered, picking up one of them.

Suddenly widening her eyes, she cried out.


" What? " Wanted to know Gin while he was training how to use his tonfa. " Are we under attack ? "

" Who has it, Lucy-chan? " Sanji asked, running to her.

And while everyone ran around her, Lucy ends up presenting them with a wanted poster: that of Luffy.

" Monkey D. Luffy… " Could read Nami. " Wanted dead or alive for ... 30 million berrys ? "

" What? " Surprised the captain. " I'm ... wanted? But it's too great! Hahaha! Did you hear ? Your captain has a bonus on his head! I'm famous now! "

" Gosh, no one has ever reached such a price in all history in the East Blue area. " Announced Yosaku.

" Luffy-aniki! You set a record. " Johnny assured.

" Hey, why is Luffy the only one wanted? " Wanted to know Sanji. " It is not fair that he is the only celebrity on the crew! "

" In fact, I think someone else is wanted. " Lucy retorted, taking the second piece of paper from the floor.

Looking at the latter, she widened her eyes again, before presenting him.

" Research dead or alive, for the sum of 9 million berrys ... Raynare, the fallen angel! "

" What? " The angel wondered.

" Nezumi must have had time to report on you and his attack before being arrested." Nami understood, remembering that Raynare had broken the colonel's nose. " Assaulting a navy guy is a serious crime, even if he was corrupt! "

" How it is wanted. " Roars Zoro. " Luffy, I understand! But no question that Raynare becomes a bigger threat than me, in the eyes of the world! "

" Oh ? Would you be jealous, my poor little Zoro? " Raynare asked him, with a mocking smile. " You have to believe that, compared to me, the gorilla that you are can never surpass the superb angel that I am! "

" Grrr! Stupid crow! "

Then, looking at his wanted poster, with greater interest, Raynare ends up smiling with pride. This wanted notice meant something: that it was becoming more powerful. Yes, to succeed in her quest, she had to get even stronger.

Looking at Luffy, laughing while brandishing his photo, Raynare noticed.

"Maybe I would never be as strong as Luffy ...! However, I can still become the strongest woman in the world! Yes, my name will be heard worldwide! "

" So, that now makes two people who have a bonus. " Understood Lucy.

" Three. " Gin replied. " My head is priced for 12 million berrys. "

" We therefore have a podium. " Understood Yosaku. " Well played guys ! "

Nevertheless, he got hit on the head, while Nami roared.

" How should we rejoice at this news? Everyone, listen to me carefully! The greater the number of people sought on this boat, the more reason the Navy will have to chase us! From now on, we will always have to be on our guard! "

" The Navy will not be our only enemy. " Retorted Zoro. " Pirate hunters will also be chasing us! And other hackers may also target us to eliminate the competition! Let's not forget that there is only one place for the title of pirate king! "

Immediately, several people stopped rejoicing, understanding that their two companions were right.


Advancing towards them, a Navy ship in very poor condition appeared, with an old acquaintance at its port.

" Do you remember me ? I am Fullbody! Cried the captain of the boat! You're a pirate now wanted, so I'll stop you there! "

" Who is he ? " Wanted to know Luffy.

" The moron responsible for the fact that we had to work at Baratie. " Raynare reminded him.

" That fool ? " Sanji wondered.

" As if an incapable like him can stop us. " Zoro muttered.

Hearing this last sentence, Fullbody pointed to the crew, before ordering.

" Fire! "

Immediately, a cannon roars before sending a cannonball.

" HAAAA. " Horrified Usopp. " We are attacked! "

" Push! " Zoro ordered him, passing in front of everyone, while taking out his saber.

Making a simple gesture with the latter, he managed to cut the ball into two pieces which exploded further.

" What? " Fullbody wondered.

" Too much class, Aniki! " Johnny and Yosaku assured.

Wanting to be in the spotlight too, Raynare flew away before taking the cannon of the enemy ship as a target.

" I will detonate you in two seconds. "

However, before they could even make a move, the cannon exploded on its own.

" That … ? "

" It exploded? " Usopp wondered, with a drop of sweat behind his head.

" It was in such bad shape that it self-destroyed. " Nami noted.

" This boat is a real ruin. " Approved Lucy.

Clenching his fist, Fullbody roared.

" How dare you stand up to the Navy and degrade our boat? "

" We didn 't do anything. " Retorted Luffy and the others. " You humble yourself. "

" Attack me this ship. "

As soon as the warship hit the Going Merry, Fullbody and a dozen soldiers jumped onto the deck to attack the pirates in front of them. But hardly did they have time to take a step when multiple punches struck them in the faces, causing them to fall back.

" They are really weak. " Luffy noticed, putting his arms back in place.

" See little ...! " Fullbody growled, straightening up.

However, he quickly lost his courage, seeing two people standing in front of him.

" Hello, do you remember me? " Gin asked him.

" Do you want me to teach you good manners? " Wanted to know Sanji.

Seeing the two men giving him dark looks, Fullbody was afraid and took only half a second to jump into the water, followed by his men.

" Help ! Mom ! "

Letting himself fall back on the boat, Raynare affirmed.

" If the Navy has nothing better to offer us, I think we can sail without problems. "

" I am not sure. " Retorted Zoro. " It is the first time that we have been attacked! Usually, it was always us who stormed and surprised the enemy! The second I speak to you, I bet Luffy's head is now known throughout East-Blue! And this shabby soldier was only the first in a long list of people who will come to attack us! "

" AHHHHH! " Cried Yosaku. " I knew it was a bad plan to become a pirate! Johnny, how could you get me in there? "

Ignoring his friend's words, Johnny was just stamping his feet while he struggled to control his tremors. Certainly this story frightened him as much as Yosaku. Yet he was also the victim of another sensation: excitement.

Seeing this, Yosaku rushed towards Zoro.

" Aniki, what should we do? "

" Nothing. " Retorted Zoro, stretched out on deck. " Now that Luffy has a price on his head, we can't go back! So you might as well go to the end of our adventure! "

" Yeah, we're going on the Grand Line. " Luffy said.

" But before that, we will surely need equipment. " Said Nami. " So, we are going to stop over on an island ! Loguetown! "

" Lo… Loguetown? " Johnny and Yosaku were surprised.

" You know ? " Asked Luffy.

" Yes, of course ! It is the most famous island of all East-blue! "

" The island where all begins… " Usopp started.

" And where all ends ! " Gin adds.

" What does that mean ? " Wanted to know Lucy.

" This is the island where Gold Roger was born and died! " Nami taught him.

" Oh, a tourist place where Satan appeared. " Raynare understood.

Hearing this, Luffy made a broad smile appear on his face.

" I like it ! I want to see the place where the pirate king was executed! "

" No way ! " Johnny and Yosaku retorted. " Everything except Loguetown. "

" Why ? " Wanted to know Nami.

" You may know the island, but are you aware of the man who is the authority? " Yosaku asked them.

" He is a man feared by all the pirates of this sea! Rumors say he's even the most powerful man in all of East-Blue! Colonel Smoker, called '' the white wolf ''! "

" Smoker? " Repeat Lucy. " Is he a member of the Navy? Is he also a tyrant? "

" No idea ! However, it is the worst enemy of pirates! No chance to avoid the fight if he discovers our presence on his island! "

" I heard about it. " Said Gin. " Rumor has it that his incredible strength comes from a demon fruit! "

" A demon fruit user? " Frightened Usopp. " The question does not even place itself ! We are not going to LogueTown! "

" Yes. " Luffy replied. " I want to see the place of execution of the pirate king! "

" But Luffy… "

" It's an order from the captain. " Luffy replied. " Nami, head for Loguetown! "

" Yes. " She sighed, noting that her captain was too stubborn to change her mind.

" We bet how much more trouble we are going to get because of Luffy? " Wanted to know Raynare.

" Nothing at all. " Affirmed Zoro and Sanji. " We are bound to be in trouble. "

Showing a big smile, Alice couldn't help staring at the wanted notices of Luffy and Raynare.

" They got there! From now on, they are great pirates! "

" It's only a beginning. " Retorted Mihawk!. " A promising start, of course! But it's still just the beginning! The hardest part is still far ahead of them! "

Sulking in front of her skepticism, Alice ends up staring at the ocean in front of them, while it has already been a good week since they have been sailing at sea.

" When will we arrive ? "

" In three days. " Mihawk assured him. " Nevertheless, I made a little detour to see someone. "

" Hum? Who ? "

" Knowledge. "Simply stated Mihawk, while fixing an island in front of them!. " Someone who bet on Monkey D. Luffy's victory! And as soon as we are done, we will go where I live and I will train you! "

Growling in anger, a man had been lying in a boat in the middle of the ocean for over a week.

" The bastards. " Roared Kuro.

While he had lost to Luffy and lost consciousness, the former captain of the Black Cats crew had been placed in a boat by his former crew before being sent adrift, with no water, no food and no copper. Currently, he was hungry, thirsty and unable to move to any island.

However, he refused to give up. Although weak, he had the strength to dive an arm into the water to start paddling.

" I refuse to die. " He said. " Yes, I will survive and I will take revenge! I would find Monkey D. Luffy and kill him! "

A splashing noise was suddenly heard.

" Hum? " Kuro wondered, looking up.

Not far from him, also adrift, another boat was approaching him. Lying on his edge, a man of great stature seemed to be resting there.

"A castaway ? " Kuro wondered.

Thinking he was lucky, Kuro let his boat approach the other boat, and hoped to find something interesting there. However, as soon as he put his hand on the second boat, he backed up quickly. Hitting the wood, a huge ax failed to amputate it, while a large colossus stood up.

" Who are you, dirty thief? "

Freezing the newcomer, for a few seconds, Kuro couldn't help being surprised, recognizing the man.

" You? "

" You are alive ? " Morgan wondered, also recognizing Kuro.

Seeing the former captain of the Navy become angry, Kuro hastened to grab his weapons, while mocking.

" What astonishment! I am surprised to find you in such a situation! However, from what I could hear, you had the right to an important post after my so-called capture, Colonel Morgan! "

" Here firm. " Morgan ordered him. " This time, I'm going to kill you! And, as soon as this is done, I will set out to kill Mugiwara! "

" Mugiwara? " Kuro was surprised. " Wait, are you talking about Monkey D. Luffy? "

" What? You know him ? Do you know where he is? "

But before Koro could say a word, the two men turned their heads in the same direction, while they could see two boats coming towards them. The first was in the shape of a heart while the second waved a pirate flag with a huge red nose.

" Hum? A pirate ship? "

" LOGUETOWN. " Cried Luffy, jumping out of the Going Merry. Landing lower, he stared at the city in front of him, while asserting.

" I will finally see the place of execution. "

" Not so fast, Luffy. " Nami ordered him. " Don't forget what Johnny and Yosaku said! A powerful man is here and it is better not to start another catastrophe while we are on the verge of entering the Grand Line! "

" Do we really have to stay here? " Wanted to know Usopp, trembling with fear.

" I need new swords. " Zoro said.

" We are with you, Aniki. " Yosaku assured him. "From what we know, you still have a problem with your sense of direction! "

" Me, I need training equipment. " Raynare learned.

" Equipment ?" Lucy wondered.

" I have to get stronger. " Declared the fallen angel.

" Of course, I have to stock up on provisions. " Adds Sanji.

" It appeals to me. " Assured Gin. " So let's go taste the local specialties! I hope they have good rum! "

" As for me, I'm going to go shopping. " Said Nami. " Are you coming, Lucy? "

" That would be great. " Assured Lucy, remembering that she didn't have a lot of clothes with her. " But I'm going to leave with Raynare! If she buys dumbbells or whatever, she's going to need Virgo! "

" No need you come. " Raynare replied. " Just summon Virgo and tell him to come with me, that's all! "

" I don't really like knowing it alone with you. " Confessed Lucy.

" Do you really think I would do something to him in the city? " Raynare asked him. " Come on, trust me! Go and enjoy your day with Nami! "

Finding that she seemed to be sincere, Lucy ended up taking out her key, before invoking Virgo.

" Come to me, Virgo. "

Appearing immediately, the young servant stood up to Lucy.

" Hello, Princess ! "

However, her blase look disappeared the moment she saw Raynare. Immediately, a more illuminated look appeared on her face, as she cried out.

" Hello, Raynare-sama! "

"Is it me where she escapes my control ?" Wondered Lucy.

Seeing the girl appear, Sanji immediately exclaimed.

" Lucy-san, I too have a request! I want to spend my day with your splendid mermaid! "

" Out of the question ! " Retorted Lucy, who had even less confidence in Sanji than in Raynare. " Anyway, I doubt that Aquarius accepts! "

" Yeah, since everyone wants to visit the island, let's go! " Cried Luffy, running immediately.

" Wait, Luffy! " Wanted to stop Usopp.

Too late. The boy was already gone.

" Good, well, everyone goes shopping and let's meet where there will be a fight! Luffy will be there! "

" Okay ! "