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"I've never . . ." Sango paused for effect. Her searching gaze found Miroku as he tried to look away. "Been kissed."

He caught her looking at him and leaned forward. "Really? Is that an invitation?"

She blanched. "No way!" She shook her head fiercely, as if trying to shake the horrible images. "I just wanted to get you with one. Your cup is nearly twice as full as mine." She glared at the offending glass.

"Tough." He said, shrugging. "I've never been kissed either."

Her jaw dropped, and than she started laughing. "All that talk about being a ladies man and you've never kissed anyone?" Inuyasha snickered.

Miroku's face turned serious. "Maybe I'm just waiting for you." He kept a straight face for about three seconds, as long as it took for Sango to smack him upside the head from across the table.

"There's no dealing with you." She muttered. "You twist everything around."

"My turn." Inuyasha lifted his glass, effectively silencing the two as he lost himself in thought. "I've never . . ." His voice trailed off. "Danced when I was home alone." He knew he'd get Miroku on this one. His best friend had confided the embarrassment in him months ago. He smirked at the look he received.

"You!?" Sango's voice was incredulous. She looked like she had more to say but Miroku interrupted her, shooting daggers in Inuyasha's direction.

"I've never," He rushed on, saying the first thing that came to mind so the other's would stop thinking about his home alone habits. "Believed in Santa Clause."

Sango made a face. "That's lame." But she took a drink, and so did Kagome. They looked at Inuyasha expectantly.

"What?" He demanded defensively. "Just cause you guys believed in some fat guy who gives away toys doesn't mean I have to!"

"Who was it that told me he had Christmas all figured out? That he only had to be good in December because Santa couldn't keep track of all those kids the rest of the time?" Sango mused, as if thinking aloud.

Inuyasha reddened and Kagome burst out laughing. "I can so see that!" Her eyes danced. "You were a terrible kid Inuyasha. Trying to take advantage of poor Santa like that."

He stuck out his tongue at her. "Shut up and go, it's your turn wench." He took a sip, nonetheless.

She sniffed haughtily. "Since you've just had an embarrassing childhood secret exposed I'll ignore that insult. But for future reference, my name is Kagome."

His glare darkened, and she flashed him a brilliant smile before starting. "I've never been left home alone."

The others stared at her. "Ever?" Sango managed.

She shook her head. "Nope, my mom doesn't trust anyone." Even me. Her mind added, but she quickly silenced the voice.

"I hate you." Inuyasha muttered, taking another sip from his slowly dwindling glass. Kagome was ahead, but Miroku was a close second.

Sango set her cup down hard. "My turn again." She concentrated, trying to think of something that would get all three of her friends. By the time she finally came up with something, no one was paying attention to her but Miroku. "I've never slept with a teddy bear."

Both Kagome and Inuyasha took a drink, though neither appeared to have heard her. Kagome was staring at the table, as if lost in thought, and Inuyasha was glaring at their waiter from across the room, probably still angry that the guy had given him diet instead of regular Pepsi.

Miroku burst out laughing. "You guys sleep with teddy bears!" His voice was so loud, it rang clearly throughout the restaurant. Heads turned, and both Kagome and Inuyasha felt their ears burn.

"No!" The shouted simultaneously. "I was thirsty!" Then they glared at each other, as if it was the other's fault.

"You guys!" Sango's voice was exasperated. "That's the seventh time you've drank when you weren't supposed to! Eight for Inuyasha actually."

"No." Kagome snickered. "I think he really did have a crush on one of the Sesame Street characters."

"What about you," He shot back. "Did you have playboy posters on your wall?"

"NO!" She exclaimed. "You KNOW that one was just to get Miroku!"

"Yeah, but YOU took a drink too!" He smirked, very proud of himself.

"I was thirsty!"

"If I was lying, than you were too!"

"So you admit you were in love with Big Bird?"

"Do you admit you're gay?"

They were both leaning forwards, over the table now. Eyes locked in their verbal combat. Sighing, Sango stretched both arms forward and physically pushed their faces apart. "Okay kids, new game."

Miroku nodded, his eyes traveling back and forth between the two teens. "Yeah, that would probably be the smart thing to do." Inuyasha glared at him but Kagome just sniffed haughtily.

"I agree. There's no playing ANYTHING with someone as stubborn as him." She jerked a thumb in his direction, her gaze daring them to argue with her. No one did, but Sango snickered behind a hand and Miroku caught Inuyasha's glare and winked. No one mentioned the fact that she was being just as stubborn.

Their waiter came up, having finally gathered up enough courage after being verbally beaten by Inuyasha. Seeing the glare focused on someone else gave him strength. "Are you ready for your bill?"

Sango nodded, and the waiter hurried away before making eye contact with Inuyasha. Kagome snickered. "You scared him, BAD."

Inuyasha smirked. "Yeah, I did, didn't I?" There was no modesty whatsoever in his voice but for once Kagome just laughed.

"Poor guy. I can just see him going home to his family and telling them about this horrible person that he had to serve today. You TRIPPED him for giving you diet! And those glares? If I didn't know better I'd say you hated him worse than me. But of course, that's not possible."

"Well obviously." His voice was dry. Miroku snickered.

"You guys are hopeless." He took a long drink of his pop, draining the glass before setting it down, loudly, on the table. "Alright, no more 'I've Never'. What next?"

Kagome shrugged. "Don't look at me. Until today, I'd never played, 'I've Never'." Suddenly she made face, smacking her open palm against the table. "I could have used that!!!" The others snickered as she finished off her drink in obvious annoyance.

Before anyone could say anything else, the waiter came back with the bill. He dropped it on the table without a word, and left the instant it left his fingers. Inuyasha smirked as he picked it up. "Five dollars each everyone." He pronounced after studying the slip. "Two for the drinks and divide twelve by four to get three dollars for the pizza." He did the math aloud, almost subconsciously.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Thank you Inuyasha for helping us remember our grade school math." She pulled out a five from her jeans, relieved that she rarely left her house without some amount of cash.

The rest of the group let their bills and change fall on top of the bill. They all stood to leave, but Kagome hurriedly pulled another bill and tossed it onto the pile. "A tip." She explained. "For that poor waiter."

Inuyasha eyed the two-dollar bill. "I have a tip for you. Don't be such a sap." He scoffed. Did she honestly think that two dollars would make a difference to anyone? "Cheapskate." He added.

"Well I didn't see YOU leaving any money mister!" She glared, hands falling to her hips in a smooth, practiced gesture.

"Maybe if I had as much as YOU do, princess." He mocked, crossing his arms in front of him in an almost defensive gesture. "I'm sure the money will make a world of difference to his poor unsettled nerves."

"You can't stand anyone doing anything remotely decent, can you?" She shook her head, not even bothering to meet his glare. "I wasn't going to give him a reward for dealing with you, I've had more than my fair share of your company already, but it was only polite of me to let him know that I sympathize with him!"

He gave her a disgusted look. "That's lame. He's not going to remember you, or the money you left so why bother? You're wasting your time AND cash."

"It's mine to waste." She said offhandedly. "I can't make you understand, not with the capacity for knowledge YOU possess."

By the time she'd finished speaking, they'd reached the back exit of the restaurant. "Oh great." Inuyasha muttered. "Now we get to help psycho chick hide from her chauffeur."

She flashed him a dazzling smile. "Admit it. Your life was never so interesting before I showed up." He made a face.

"Yeah, but I at least I used to enjoy myself." He sent a smirk in her general direction.

"Since you don't anymore, my life's work is done!" She smiled cheerfully, slipping out the door. Inuyasha came second, closely followed by both Sango and Miroku.

"Okay, where to?" Sango ran a hand through her hair, eyeing the group speculatively. Miroku opened his mouth, but she cut him off. "And NO Miroku, we're not going to Lover's Peak." His lips closed but than opened again. She lifted a hand. "Not Couple's Point either." He clamped his mouth shut, effectively silenced. "Any OTHER suggestions?"

Everyone looked at each other. It wasn't until they rounded the corner that Sango realized that they'd even been walking. Kagome tensed immediately at the sight of the black limousine. The driver's head lifted and his piercing gaze met her own. The rest of the group felt involuntary shivers go down their spines. "Go, GO!" Kagome ordered, turning so fast she had to grab on to Inuyasha for support. He tightened a firm grip around her wrist and hauled him after her as they ran back, around the other side of the restaurant.

The limo followed them, somehow maneuvering through the parking lot with an ease that shouldn't have come from such a large vehicle. Without hesitating, Kagome threw herself to the side, frantically climbing up the chain link fence. Flashing her a look that clearly questioned her sanity, Inuyasha and the others followed suite.

Once over, they ran down the street and over two more fences before she finally slowed down. The pace lessened to a comfortable walk as they all struggled to catch their breath, Kagome glancing behind every few seconds.

"Sango was right." Miroku commented after a few seconds. "Your driver IS scary!" Kagome didn't say anything, her expression answer enough.

"But what's the point of ditching him?" Inuyasha looked genuinely confused. "You're just gonna go home anyway, aren't you." She didn't answer, and he faltered slightly. "Aren't you?"

She gave him a look. "YES, I'm going to go home, but I've had all I can take of him and his dumb boss trying to run my life!"

"Oh," Inuyasha nodded, as if in comprehension. "I get it. This is a spoiled rich kids attempt at getting attention or her own way or something."

She turned towards him, disgusted. "Weren't you going to shut up about my life?"

He opened his mouth to reply, but quickly closed as a dark vehicle pulled up beside them. Kagome froze, unable to move after seeing inside the window.

"Get. In. The. Car." The voice left no room for argument. Her body responded automatically, stepping around a stunned Inuyasha and sliding into the back seat.

"I'll see you tomorrow." She said dully, reverting back to the girl she was at school. Her companions gaped at her. The car pulled away from the curb, leaving them standing there unmoving.

Kagome closed her eyes as Hiten rolled up both her window and the one separating them. For one afternoon she had forgot everything. She was normal, she was fun, and she was free. Stepping into that car had been like willingly accepting life imprisonment. And even though she felt her heart despair, knowing that both her mother and Naraku would hear of her 'defiance', she knew she'd had no choice in the matter. Because she had seen through the window what the other's had not.

She'd seen the gun on his lap.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*

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