-So, I've nothing against convents but this is all for the plot.

-Not explicitly but physical abuse is implied in here, if you're sensitive about it I suggest you not to read.

-I had to rush the whole school day so Isshin could finally find out about everything but the high school action comes back in the next one.

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Chapter 11

Riruka went through twitter aimlessly as the students started to arrive at the classroom. She didn't feel like talking to anyone so she kept her eyes glued to her phone hoping to find something entertaining to read unfortunately her classmates, and the school population in general, weren't sharing anything she wanted to know. She was about to give up on twitter when she read something that called her attention.

"Seriously, if you want to make everyone aware that you have your eyes set on the new girl just have lunch with her. There's no need to make her go around wearing your name."

Riruka frowned.

"…And here I was thinking that he wasn't interested in girls, damn I was wrong."

"The fact that the shady dude can get a cute girl and I can't… preposterous."

All of those tweets were from random boys of the school but there was no mistake, they were all taking about Ichigo and Rukia. Riruka frowned, she didn't want her friend caught up in senseless drama so of course she would warn her about it. Hopefully Rukia wouldn't do anything suspicious again, yesterday she wore Ichigo's sweater because she was sick but perhaps she would be feeling better today.

Today there was no need for her to wear Kurosaki Ichigo's sweater.

After seeing the hickey Ichigo left on her shoulder, Rukia decided that the sweater was the safest option to hide it, a scarf would look ridiculous considering how it wasn't that cold and besides, considering how careless she was, she might end up losing the scarf at some point. The sweater would be fine.

Ichigo also explained his whole conversation with Grimmjow on their way to school and Rukia couldn't help but worry, she still remembered how she felt while being trapped by him in the alley, she didn't want to go through that again. Although Ichigo assured her that he would respect the deal, apparently it was in everyone's best interests. Rukia didn't question him any longer, Ichigo still looked uncomfortable talking about him.

Rukia looked at the passing city through the car, whoever Ichigo's boss was he definitely had good taste when it came to cars. The Audi was wonderful, it made her feel as a silly rich girl going to school with no worries and it was pure bliss.

"What are you smiling about?" Ichigo asked her.

Rukia shrugged.

"Don't get a big head over this" she said casually "but I feel like a rich girl with you in this car."

Ichigo chuckled.

"Really?" he asked curiously.

"Yeah" Rukia said nodding "I never expected to leave the convent behind so, for me, going with a boy to school is quite the accomplishment, I wish the girls back in the convent could see me now."

Ichigo had never asked about the convent, it was more than obvious how Rukia hated the place so he didn't want to touch sensitive topics but he couldn't contain his curiosity.

"How were they? You mentioned how you didn't have friends there" he said carefully.

Rukia sank into the leather seat and shrugged.

"Well… they were there because they wanted to" she started to explain "I guess that's one of the reasons why we could never get along, besides while it was a convent there was a girl that everyone treated as the leader."

Ichigo nodded to let her know that he was paying attention.

"She hated my guts" Rukia said bitterly "so the others would follow her lead, since I had no one I would be the last one in the line for food, in the line for the morning prayers and I got the worst bed of all. It was tiresome."

Ichigo frowned.

"They would also get all the hot water and once it was my turn to use the showers I would always feel like freezing to death."

Ichigo was starting to feel angry.

"Why would she hate you so much?" he asked "it doesn't make sense."

Rukia bit her bottom lip.

"Well…" she said while fidgeting nervously "I was already a hot topic when I got there at twelve, mainly because I was forced to be there but also because of my last name."

"Your last name?" Ichigo asked.

Rukia cleared her throat.

"You'll see, carrot top" she said "since you shared that with me I guess it's only fair that I do it too" she took a deep breath "my father is rich, he's quite known in the business world."

"It makes sense" Ichigo said without hesitation.

"You're not surprised?" Rukia asked with widened eyes "why aren't you reacting?"

"Midget" Ichigo said calmly without taking his eyes off the road "I'm a little bit surprised but I guess I suspected, I mean you don't look poor."

Rukia frowned.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I don't want to sound like a classist asshole" he said "but your table manners are impeccable, your vocabulary is extensive, you said you needed Preptol and that medicine is expensive as hell and can only be obtained through prescription or good connections with good doctors."

Rukia blinked, he didn't look like it but he was quite observant.

"You didn't make a fuss when you saw my motorcycle, or my boss's car, you went shopping without a care and came back with a huge, expensive as fuck rabbit plushie" he kept saying "now, don't get a big head for what I'm about to say…"

Rukia smirked, she knew she was about to flatter her.

"But you also have good taste, the backpack you bought and the hat at that store the first day are proof of that" he said "you walk as if you trained with a book over your head since your early years and you sit down with your back straight, unlike the rest of our classmates."

Rukia waved a hand dismissively.

"You'll make me blush, Kurosaki-kun" she said with fake sweetness "I'm that obvious, uh?"

Ichigo nodded.

"Sort of" he said shrugging "which only makes your whole situation even more interesting, I noticed how you are struggling to save the money you brought from the convent so I'm guessing that calling daddy dearest is still out of the question."

Rukia nodded sadly.

"I also have my grandparents" she said "I thought about calling them and ask for money, well I thought about it for a second when I was at the Chappy store, but I'm not ready to face them, I don't know if I ever will."

Ichigo sighed.

"There's no pressure" he said as he parked at school "we have enough Preptol now and it's not like you need money right now."

Rukia smiled at him.

"Having a rich friend comes with some perks, I see" she said playfully.

Ichigo rolled his eyes and poked her forehead.

"Remember we'll see my father today at the hospital" he said "yesterday my boss gave me some paperwork to work from home so I'll take you."

Rukia nodded.

She couldn't wait to meet Ichigo's father.

"I'm sorry to call you on such short notice" Byakuya said to Isshin as they both walked towards Ginrei's room "he assures us that he's okay but he was quite… disappointed yesterday. We're afraid his mood might affect his health."

Isshin nodded.

"I checked him recently and everything's in order" he said "what happened? Did you get bad news about a business?"

Byakuya looked at him emotionless.

"You know business is not enough to actually get him sad" he said and then stopped walking "it's Rukia."

Isshin kept quiet, he didn't want to ask questions directly so he needed to listen first. Besides, he was thinking about Ichigo's mysterious friend but he still couldn't be sure that it was the same girl. He was hoping that it wouldn't be the same girl.

"Your daughter" Isshin said after a few seconds of silence "Ginrei-sama mentioned how she didn't want to come back home, perhaps she's having fun overseas."

Byakuya sighed heavily and looked at Isshin with all seriousness.

"Rukia is here, in Karakura" he said suddenly "when she was twelve I left her, against my grandfather's wishes, in a convent and she escaped just recently. Some unknown man is helping her to hide from us and she called us a few days ago saying she doesn't want to be a Kuchiki anymore."

Isshin laughed hard, it was weird for Byakuya to be so damn funny so he couldn't help it. He was lying, right? No father would ever do that, right? Not even Byakuya could be that cold… right? It took five seconds for Isshin's laughter to stop and when he realized that Byakuya, his close friend, wasn't lying he grabbed him by his shoulders and looked at him at the eyes.

"What kind of sick bastard abandons her twelve year old daughter in a convent?!" Isshin asked shocked "are you telling me that sweet Rukia-chan is out there somewhere without her family's protection?!"

Byakuya regretted telling him but nodded.

"It'll be okay" he assured Isshin "once we find the scoundrel who's keeping my daughter away from me I'll make sure he pays."

Isshin smiled weakly at Byakuya.

Please, Ichigo don't tell me you're the idiot who's hiding Kuchiki Rukia Isshin thought please, my son.

Once Ichigo took a seat on his desk he noticed how Rukia left the classroom with Riruka, there was still time before the teacher started the class so he supposed they were going to the bathroom to take care of some girly business.

"She's still wearing your sweater" Renji said while casually taking a seat next to Ichigo "is she still sick?"

Ichigo shook his head.

"I left a hickey on her neck last night" Ichigo said as if he was talking about the weather "the sweater hides it perfectly."

Renji stared, wide eyed, at Ichigo.

"How did things go from "I don't deserve to be near her" to "I left a hickey on her neck last night"?" the redhead asked dumbfounded "is there anything you want to share?"

Ichigo groaned, he didn't want to talk about it.

"I'm going to hell" he said worriedly after a few seconds "she'll send me to hell with her antics."

Renji patted his best friend on the back in a supportive manner.

"Well, then the least you can do is to enjoy it" he said jokingly and Ichigo glared at him.

He didn't want to tell him that he had, in fact, enjoyed it very much.

"Take off the sweater" Riruka ordered once they were inside the bathroom "now."

"Uh? Why?" Rukia asked frowning.

"Because you're not sick anymore" Riruka said as if it was obvious "and because people are gossiping about you and Ichigo on twitter."

Rukia's eyes widened as she smiled, Riruka wondered if her friend had finally gone nuts. It was the only possibility, who else would get happy after hearing how people are gossiping about your private life? Not that Ichigo and Rukia were discreet but still.

"Oh, I want a twitter" Rukia said with a smile and Riruka felt the need to smack her "also an Instagram account, I don't like Facebook that much but…"

"Loser!" Riruka said interrupting her angrily "are you even paying attention?!"

Rukia sighed and smiled at her friend.

"Listen, I don't care if boys gossip, really" she said carelessly "besides "it's not anyone's business so don't let it bother you."

Riruka rolled her eyes.

"Then you leave me no choice" she said and threw herself at Rukia.

Rukia gasped as she struggled while Riruka kept pulling the sweater, she didn't look like it but Riruka was quite strong and since Rukia was not feeling very well she gave in, afraid that the sweater could get ruined. Riruka held it victoriously over her head.

"See? It's not that bad and…" Riruka's smile faded as she saw Rukia's neck "what is that?"

"What's what?" Rukia asked innocently.

Riruka pointed at her neck.

"That!" she said as if she was seeing the most shocking thing anyone could think of.

"Oh, well…" Rukia babbled blushing "I can explain, but I swear… I mean, stop looking at me like that! I asked him to…"

Riruka threw the sweater back at Rukia.

"Put that on again!" she said "a sweater is nothing compared to a fucking hickey, what the fuck?"

Rukia chuckled as she put on the sweater again, she was expecting this kind of reaction.

"So, what happened?" Riruka asked while crossing her arms.

Rukia sighed.

"I'll tell you everything at lunch, we should leave otherwise we'll be late for class."

Riruka nodded.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" she said and smirked "we'll have lunch with Hinamori and Rangiku-san today, they finally managed to convince the principal to change their schedules."

Rukia smiled, those were amazing news.

Yoruichi observed as his husband stepped into her store as if he owned the place, she rolled her eyes ready to ask him why he was visiting when he smiled at her and handed her a thick envelope.

"Uh?" Yoruichi asked confused "for you to actually collect physical evidence this must be good."

Urahara Kisuke smiled.

"You were curious about what your goddaughter was up to" he said while taking a seat on the counter "so, when my investigation on the convent was over I searched for her in the city."

Yoruichi observed the envelope with hesitation.

Hisana had been her best friend for as long as she could remember, so when she died and Byakuya took little Rukia to Tokyo she felt quite sad. She knew it was for the best and Ginrei-sama would send her pictures of Rukia, her goddaughter, quite regularly but after seeing Rukia stepping into her store she knew something happened.

That's why she sent Urahara to investigate and what he found out wasn't nice.

She was more than glad that Rukia was outside the convent, the only thing that prevented Yoruichi for marching there and setting the whole place on fire was the fact that that single action would send her to jail… and probably to hell too.

"Open the envelope" Urahara said kindly "I already know who's helping her, something tells me you'll be glad."

Yoruichi frowned at him.

"Is it a boy?" she asked.

Urahara nodded.

Yoruichi huffed.

"That bastard better not take advantage of her" she said while opening the envelope angrily "whoever hides a teenage girl…"

She stopped talking as her eyes widened.

Urahara smiled at her reaction.

"The pictures are from last weekend, they were taken from a security camera near the church" he explained "I would say that she found herself quite a reliable boy, don't you think?"

Yoruichi gaped. In the picture she was holding Rukia was walking towards Ichigo's motorcycle along with him, apparently they went to church together. She kept looking at the other pictures as if her life depended on it.

"Oh, I took those ones" Urahara said proudly.

Ichigo was waiting just behind his house in Byakuya's car as Rukia left the Kurosaki's house through Ichigo's bedroom window. She was wearing the Seireitei High School uniform and she was smiling. There were more pictures of them going together to school, or getting back home and on another one that was obviously taken from a security camera they were both chatting calmly at a café.

"How is this possible? How come Byakuya hasn't found her?" she asked looking at Urahara.

"Well…" the blonde man said smirking "during my investigation I came upon certain discoveries. First of all the Kuchikis know that she's in Karakura but they do not know where exactly or with whom, meanwhile your goddaughter does not know that Kurosaki Ichigo works for the Kuchikis and our stupid godson does not know that the girl he's helping is the Kuchiki heiress."

Yoruichi couldn't help it anymore so she started to laugh. She couldn't believe it!

"That's quite a messy situation!" she exclaimed happily "an entertaining messy situation! What about Isshin? Does he know anything?"

Urahara chuckled.

"He just found out that his son is friend of a girl named Rukia" he explained "he called me today to ask if our appointment is still on and he mentioned how Ichigo was going to take a girl, who coincidentally has the same name as Kuchiki Byakuya's daughter, to the hospital today."

"So, he's about to get the surprise of his life" Yoruichi summarized.

Urahara nodded.

"I told him that we would go to the hospital and we would wait for him until his appointment with the mysterious girl was over."

Yoruichi smiled at the pictures.

"Well" she said "I do want to see her again."

"I was thinking" Urahara said "since we were going to spend this weekend in the country side, why don't we invite the Kurosakis? They might take Rukia-chan with them."

Yoruichi looked at him with her eyes glinting mischievously.

"I just remembered why I married you" she said playfully with a cat like grin.

Urahara took off his hat and ran a hand through his messy hair.

"Is it because I am good looking?" he asked.

"Don't be so full of yourself" she told him and he laughed.

The day was going faster than Rukia expected and she was getting nervous. The worst part was that she wasn't used to feel like this.

"What is it?" Riruka asked her when she noticed her uneasiness, they were both walking towards the rooftop to have lunch.

"I have an appointment with Doctor Kurosaki today after school" Rukia said and then looked at Riruka with widened eyes "what if he doesn't like me?"

Riruka chuckled.

"You're worried about him not liking you?" she asked "and here I was thinking that you were afraid of hospitals or something like that."

Rukia frowned.

"I'm serious" she said "I literally live inside his house and he doesn't know, how I am supposed to handle a conversation with him? "Oh yes, hello! I'm the girl who's been blackmailing your son after he hit me with his boss's car?" God, I don't even know what I'm nervous about."

"Loser, calm down" Riruka said "I don't know him personally but he's a good Doctor and he's actually nice with teenagers."

"How do you know?" Rukia asked curiously.

"Well, all of Ichigo's close friends go to his hospital whenever they're sick or just want a check-up" Riruka explained "Renji, Kaien, Chad, Keigo and some others."

"What about Ishida?" Rukia asked.

"They are close friends but their parents don't get along" Riruka said "Ishida's father is also a Doctor."

"Oh" Rukia said "I didn't know that."

Riruka shrugged.

"My point is that you should relax" she suggested "besides, if his sisters already told him how you saved them from Senna that man will ask you to join the family at some point, mark my words."

"Don't be ridiculous" Rukia said smiling.

"I'm serious" Riruka said smirking mischievously at her "rumor says that he's been begging Ichigo to bring a girl home and well… he doesn't know but Ichigo already has a girl at home."

Rukia blushed.

"Shut up" she said.

Riruka laughed as they reached the rooftop.

"Oh, we've been waiting for both of you" Rangiku said as she saw them and Momo, who was with her, smiled at them.

Rukia smiled, she was really enjoying her normal school life.

Grimmjow finished carrying boxes into his new apartment and frowned. He was finally going to start a new life and he didn't know how to feel about it, the change was nice and his room was bigger now. His mother was happy and his father looked as if he wanted to go to the nearest church to thank God the fact that he was back with his family so, all things considered, this was a good day. The only thing that had Grimmjow as an anxious mess was the fact that tomorrow was his first day at Seireitei High School.

He didn't want to see Ichigo and he didn't want to see Rukia.

He didn't want to see the orange haired boy because he still resented the shit out of him and he didn't want to see Rukia because he was still waiting for divine retribution to befall over him. Sighing he decided to focus on ignoring both of them, besides what were the possibilities of both of them ending in the same class? There were other classrooms, right?

Sighing he wrote a text.

To: Ashido.

"Once you see me tomorrow stay the hell away from me, I don't need you anymore."

He pressed send and started to unpack.

He was going to respect his part of the deal.

Once the classes were over Ichigo and Rukia headed over the hospital. The ride was quiet as Ichigo put on some music, Rukia kept her eyes closed most of the time while trying not to think about her nervousness, if Riruka was right Ichigo's father was a nice man and besides, she had been going to hospitals her whole life, this was nothing new.

She could handle a basic check-up.

"We're here, midget" Ichigo said as he parked in the Doctor's section.

"You're allowed to park here?" she asked.

He nodded while smirking smugly.

"Being the son of the owner has a few perks" he said "besides, I asked my father to save us a place. This way we'll avoid walking through reception."

"Is there a reason why you don't want to go through reception?" she asked curiously.

Ichigo sighed heavily.

"Something tells me you'll find out in a matter of minutes" he said.

Rukia got down of the car and walked with him towards the Doctor's entrance. She had to admit that she felt quite privileged of being able to avoid the usual registration process, she also noticed how several Doctors greeted Ichigo with a smile, he had obviously spent some time in here. Rukia kept walking with him until they reached an elevator door, they both got inside once the doors were opened. Ichigo had told her how his father's office was on the last floor and she was glad, she loved heights so she wanted to take a chance to watch the view.

She was about to ask how many floors the hospital had when Rukia noticed how two nurses, who were inside the elevator with them, kept looking at her with amusement. She frowned, was there something on her face?

Ichigo frowned after noticing the nurse's reactions towards Rukia, this was the part he disliked about coming to the hospital.

"Kurosaki-sama" one of the nurses said "it's been a while."

The nurse was young with black hair and brown eyes while the other was a blonde one with blue eyes, both of them were pretty and young and Rukia found herself uncomfortable in their presence. They looked really pretty and clean, while Rukia felt like a mess, she was wearing Ichigo's huge sweater and she was still pale from yesterday's crisis.

"Yeah" Ichigo said while putting his hands in his pockets without looking at them "I've been busy."

Both nurses chuckled flirtatiously.

"What brings you here?" the blonde nurse asked curiously.

"Personal appointment" Ichigo asked crossly.

Rukia noticed how both nurses looked at her.

"Personal?" the black haired one asked rudely "are you taking her to your father? Were you two behaving badly and now you have to get rid of something… perhaps?"

Rukia blushed angrily and the elevator stopped.

"Come, midget" Ichigo said while taking her hand "this is our floor."

Rukia followed him and noticed how the nurses looked at her angrily.

"Don't listen to them" Ichigo said once they were out of earshot "they are temporary interns, I doubt they'll pass my father's approval. They do not fit the hospital requirements."

Rukia rolled her eyes.

"What's up with them?" she asked upset "they looked at me as if I stole something from them."

Ichigo chuckled. He wasn't going to tell her how the nurses always flirted with him, it was annoying and one of the reasons why he didn't like to come to the hospital. Besides something was telling him that if he were to explain her that they were probably jealous of her she wouldn't believe him, but how could he look at any other girl when Rukia was right next to him? He would choose violet eyes over blue or brown eyes any day.

Although he wasn't going to tell her that either.

Isshin looked at the picture Byakuya had given him of Rukia, he told him that if he were to see her in the hospital or in the clinic he should inform him immediately. Isshin, who still hadn't completely processed everything that Byakuya told him, thought that Rukia was gorgeous and a split image of Kuchiki Hisana, he only hoped that she was okay and that she wasn't with her son because Byakuya, Soujun and Ginrei were extremely angry at the fact that an outsider was keeping her all for himself.

Isshin sighed as he put the picture inside his wallet.

While Rukia looked a lot like her mother she also shared a fair amount of traits with Byakuya and it was more than obvious, at least for Isshin, the pale skin and the jet black hair. Isshin thought that that was good, his son couldn't be an idiot, he should notice if a girl like that would approach him, right? After all Ichigo used to see Byakuya almost on a daily basis, he couldn't ignore something like that, right?

"Dad" Ichigo said while stepping into his office "I've brought Rukia…"

Isshin looked at the girl who stepped into the office with his son and gaped. Jet black hair, white skin, gorgeous violet eyes, Isshin's eyes widened as realization hit him like a truck.

Kuchiki Rukia was inside his office wearing his son's sweater.

"Dad?" Ichigo asked while looking at his father's dumbfounded expression "are you…"

He never got to finish the question because in that moment Isshin he ran towards Ichigo and kicked him on the face, Ichigo fell backwards and Isshin started to cry dramatically.

"You're an idiot! An irrevocable idiot! I did not raise you like this! I did not!" Isshin said while wondering if he could get Ichigo out of the country before Byakuya could kill him.

Rukia blinked confused at the exchange, was this their usual father-son greeting? In the middle of a hospital? Well, it fitted with the noises she would hear at dinner time from Ichigo's room.

Isshin composed himself and then turned to look at Rukia.

"Nice to meet you, Rukia-chan!" Isshin said kindly "I'm Kurosaki Isshin, this idiot's father!"

Rukia smiled at him.

"Nice to meet you!" she said with a smile.

Ichigo, you're so dead Isshin thought.

Once Ichigo had regained consciousness Isshin took them towards his office where they both took a seat in front of his desk. Isshin observed the girl before him, Kuchiki Rukia was gorgeous and Isshin couldn't help but think that she was quite skinny for her age, she also looked really pale. Isshin couldn't help but smirked amused at the fact that she was wearing her son's favorite sweater and, judging by Ichigo's careless pose, he was completely comfortable in her presence.

This was going to be interesting.

"So, let's work on the introductions" Isshin said "as I told you my name is Isshin and this useless boy is my son."

Rukia chuckled.

"You already met my daughters so the only mystery left is you" Isshin said while smiling at her "tell me about you, please."

Rukia nodded, apparently the twins told him about her.

"My name is Rukia" she started "I'm fifteen years old, I'm new in town and I recently befriended your useless son, we're in the same class."

Isshin laughed, she already liked her.

"No last name?" Isshin asked curiously and noticed how she tensed up immediately, that was a bad sign.

"I'm not in good terms with my family right now," she said carefully as her smile faded "so I'm not using any last name right now."

Isshin nodded, he needed to be careful otherwise she wouldn't trust him.

"Oh" he said as if everything made sense "that'll be a problem in order to tag your check-up today, is it okay with you if I put your test results under my last name?"

Isshin hold his laughter as he saw Ichigo's eyes widened and Rukia blushing slightly.

"Kurosaki Rukia?" she asked shyly and Isshin smiled widely at her.

"It has a nice ring to it, if you ask me" he said and was glad to see her smiling again.

"If it's easier for you to label my results of today it's okay with me" she said relaxing.

Isshin nodded.

"Well then" he continued "I assume that you're not staying with your family so I must ask, where are you living?"

Isshin didn't fail to notice how Ichigo and Rukia exchanged a look, they didn't want to tell him and he didn't know how to feel about it. He wanted to check the address to make sure that she was in good hands or at least in a safe environment but if Ichigo was also keeping the secret that meant that he knew where she lived. His son wasn't the type of boy that would let a girl live on her own in a dangerous place so could it be that…?

Isshin's eyes widened.

"If it's okay with you" Rukia said interrupting his thoughts "can you send the results to your own house? Ichigo can keep them for me."

Isshin frowned.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"It's okay, old man" Ichigo said casually "she's new around here, she doesn't know how the mail works yet."

Isshin nodded as he started to worry, Ichigo was helping her so he was probably hiding her somewhere. Isshin at first thought about his bachelor's apartment but discarded the idea, he still had the security cameras on place and the housekeeper kept going every week and no one had informed him of anything. So there were only two options left, at a friend's house which was not likely otherwise they would've said that without hesitation or…

Ichigo was a bigger idiot than he gave him credit for and he was hiding Kuchiki Rukia at his own house.

Damn Isshin thought how come he never gave me this amount of problems when he was younger?

"Well, it's okay" Isshin said finally and then got ready for business "Ichigo told me that you had a crisis yesterday, Rukia-chan."

Rukia nodded while blushing slightly.

"I already told him not to worry" she said "I just caught the flu, unfortunately my weak immunologic system takes every little thing to the next level, so it got bad but I'm fine already…"

"She passed out" Ichigo interrupted her "she still looks pale and she hasn't eaten in the whole day, she was struggling to stay awake in class."

Rukia frowned at Ichigo, she didn't know he had been watching her through the day.

"That's normal," she muttered "it usually takes me more than a few hours to go back to normal."

Isshin nodded.

"That's true, but you can never be too careful" he said "I don't mean to be rude but why did the flu escalated so fast? Don't you have your medicine prepared for times like this?"

"I didn't have it with me at the time" she explained almost apologetic "I had to wait for a few hours."

Isshin wondered if this was her usual behavior with doctors, he didn't want her to be apprehensive near him.

"By the time she drank the medicine she had already endured a high fever, she passed out and her hands were cold as fuck" Ichigo kept on explaining "I had to…" he cleared his throat "someone carried her towards her house because she couldn't stay awake."

Isshin frowned as he wrote down that.

"Where did you pass out?" he asked "at school?"

Both teenagers exchanged another look, something bad happened yesterday.

Rukia cleared her throat.

"On my way home" she said "luckily a… friend help me out."

Isshin sighed. This was taking him nowhere, he needed to understand everything that happened plus Rukia's situation in order to decide what to tell Byakuya. He needed a family history to work out with in order to give her an accurate diagnostic and he needed to know where she lived so he could be at ease, this was Byakuya's daughter, it was worrisome to have her going around town passing out while his idiotic son completely ignored her true identity.

"Listen, you two" Isshin said while getting serious "as a Doctor I've made the compromise to keep a healthy relationship with my patients so you can be at ease, everything you say to me today is strictly confidential."

Rukia nodded.

"And you" Isshin added while looking at Ichigo "you brought her here but you know, better than anyone, that I cannot treat her correctly if I don't have the whole picture. I need your honesty too in order to work this out."

Ichigo groaned.

"If we refuse?" he asked.

"Are you challenging me?" Isshin asked smirking "so you're really hiding something."

"Once we tell you everything" Ichigo said "you'll feel the need to kill me."

Isshin waved a hand dismissively.

"You can handle a few kicks, otherwise you wouldn't be my son."

Rukia looked at Isshin.

"I'll tell you everything" she said while bracing herself "but I cannot reveal my family's name, or where I'm staying, that's out of the question."

It doesn't matter Isshin thought I have all of her family records and I'm ninety percent sure that she lives at my house.

"It's okay" he said "now, start from the beginning you two, and don't let outside any details."

Rukia took a deep breath and started to explain. As the words left her mouth Isshin felt the need to punch Byakuya on the face and to beat Ichigo unconscious, he also felt the need to adopt her as his third daughter, by the time she told him about what happened to her yesterday Isshin was already on the floor while trying to beat Ichigo to a pulp.

"Get off me, old man!" Ichigo yelled angrily.

"You don't let a sick girl who's about to pass out to go by herself to her house!" Isshin yelled equally angry "didn't I teach you anything?! You even worked here for a few months! Didn't you learn anything?!"

"I already know I made a mistake, old man!" Ichigo said while kicking his father off him "I already apologized, it won't happen again!"

"Besides I'm fine" Rukia interrupted them "nothing happened."

"That was mere luck" Isshin said while standing up and arranging his coat "who helped you?"

Rukia looked at Ichigo who nodded at her, they promised to be honest after all.

"Grimmjow helped me" she said and Isshin stared at her surprised.

"Are you okay?" he asked her "did he do anything to you?"

Rukia blushed and gulped, that was a bad sign. Isshin cursed inwardly if Grimmjow touched her or if he had gone even farther than that they would need a female doctor and perhaps a pill, he prayed that wasn't the case.

"Well" Rukia started carefully "I'm pretty sure that whatever you're imagining is worse than what actually happened, he is really violent but he didn't do anything indecent to me, I passed out on his arms as he was asking me about your son."

Isshin looked at Ichigo.

"He took her to his house" Ichigo said "I went to pick her up, he didn't touch her."

Isshin sighed relieved.

"Were you planning to tell me that you had seen him?" he asked Ichigo.

"Of course I was" Ichigo answered without hesitation "but I'll explain everything at dinner, you should be focusing on your patient right now."

Isshin nodded.

"We'll take the tests now" he said and Rukia nodded "go to the examination room, I have to make a call really quick."

Yoruichi took a seat in the usual waiting room along with Urahara and sighed. She had seen Byakuya's car in the parking lot so it was obvious how Ichigo and Rukia were already in the hospital, she only hoped that they would be able to talk to them before they could leave, she really wanted to see Rukia again, especially after Byakuya visited her store.

Yoruichi knew that Rukia was not in danger anymore but that didn't mean that she couldn't keep an eye on her, Hisana had named her Rukia's godmother for a reason after all.

Well, Hisana Yoruichi thought your daughter is creating quite the situation for your dear husband, I wish you could be able to see this unfold.

It was then when the waiting room's door opened violently.

"I knew you would be here!" Isshin said while getting into a waiting room with a frantic expression "I have a problem."

Yoruichi and Urahara smiled at him.

"Oh my" Urahara said happily "we were going to wait patiently for you but apparently something happened, are you okay?"

Isshin shook his head in negative, even words were failing him. How was he supposed to explain his current situation? It was ridiculous to an untold degree.

"Let me guess" Yoruichi said before he could speak "Kuchiki Rukia is waiting for you along with your son and they just told you how she's escaping from Byakuya."

Isshin gaped and looked at Urahara angrily.

"You could've warned me!" he said as he realized how his friends obviously already knew everything "when did you find out?!"

"It took a while" Urahara said casually "I just discovered she was with your son a few days ago, he doesn't know who she is, right?"

"Of course not! He's an idiot!" Isshin said panicking "I cannot believe he hasn't connected the dots! Isn't he supposed to be brilliant?!"

Yoruichi laughed hard.

"Go on and don't make my goddaughter wait" she told Isshin "we can arrange our versions once you're free."

Isshin groaned and left the waiting room.

Rukia was swinging her legs while sitting down on the exam table, since Ichigo's father was not in the room she had time to talk with Ichigo for a while.

"I'm sorry for getting you into trouble" she said while looking at him.

"He took it better than I expected, we were lucky to be able to left aside where you live but we won't be that lucky when he sees your hickey" he said "take off the sweater, it'll get in the way of the stethoscope."

Rukia took off the sweater and handed it over to Ichigo.

"He's really nice, by the way" she said "no wonder he has his own hospital, he looks really dedicated to his patients."

Ichigo smirked.

"He's crazy as hell" he said "but he's an amazing doctor, I wouldn't have brought you if that wasn't the case."

"What are we going to tell him about the hickey?" she asked nervously.

"There's no need to explain" Ichigo said "just let him beat the shit out of me when he finds out."

Rukia chuckled.

"Okay" Isshin said while stepping into the room with while pushing a cart "sorry for making you wait."

Rukia noticed the cart apprehensively. She noticed the blood pressure device, the tongue depressors, the thermometer and the needles, she gulped. She was more than used to go to the Doctor but she never got used to the needles, someone would've to keep her in place so she wouldn't bolt out of the room every single time, and the only one who was able to calm her down during those times was her granddaddy.

"Midget" Ichigo said worriedly "you paled even more in a matter of seconds."

"I'm fine" she said defensively without taking her eyes off the needles.

Ichigo snorted.

"Sure, you are" he said sarcastically "you should leave the needles for last, old man. She's about to run away from the room."

Isshin shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Rukia-chan" he said kindly "but we're going to take a blood test."

She nodded, she was aware of the procedures.

"May I start with everything else first?" Isshin asked as he approached her.

Rukia nodded, her palms were already sweating due to the nervousness.

"Great" Isshin said calmly while taking his stethoscope "just take a deep…"

Isshin stopped as he noticed her now exposed neck. She had taken off the sweater and he could see clearly a, recently done, hickey. His eyes widened as Rukia blushed and Ichigo looked at the ceiling as if it was the most interesting thing around the room, both teenagers were obviously pretty nervous and he didn't know how to interpret the whole thing.

"I thought you told me Grimmjow didn't do anything to you" Isshin said worriedly.

Rukia cleared her throat while trying to figure out what to say.

"Ehm… Grimmjow didn't do this to me" she said "just ignore it, it's not a big deal."

"If you're sexually active you may have to take another tests" Isshin said bluntly "do you want me to call a female Doctor? I won't feel offended, it's for your own comfort."

"I'm not sexually active" Rukia said blushing "I mean, I just recently escaped a convent. Seriously, this was just something that happened."

"Was it done with consent?" Isshin asked frowning.

"Yes!" Rukia said smiling "you don't need to worry."

"But…" Isshin insisted.

"It was me" Ichigo said finally fed up with the awkward interchange.

Isshin gaped and looked at Ichigo. Great, not only he was suspecting that these two lived together now he was certain that they were sharing some heated moments together, why? Didn't they meet each other just a few days ago? Wasn't this girl living with a bunch of girls and nuns? Was Ichigo taking advantage of her or was she trying to discover this side of the teenage life while using his son? Both possibilities sounded horrible for Isshin, but if his son was somehow using Rukia he would send him to military school.

Ichigo blinked.

"Aren't you going to beat the shit out of me?" he asked confused after a few seconds of silence.

"No" Isshin said finally while getting back to pay attention to Rukia "I'm going to take a blood test of you too."

Ichigo paled and Rukia laughed.

The rest of the appointment went on without complications, Isshin took her blood pressure, her temperature and everything that was necessary for a general diagnosis. By the time the needles were required Ichigo took a seat next to Rukia and held her hand while Isshin took the blood sample, just as he said he would he labeled the sample as "Kurosaki R." He knew it would bring some unpleasant gossip between the nurses but he could handle that.

The only thing that worried him was that he noticed certain things about her body that didn't settle well with him.

He had been Hisana-san's doctor and while Byakuya's wife have had a fragile constitution it didn't worry him but that wasn't the case with Rukia. She was too short and skinny for her age and, while he didn't ask her to put on a patient gown, he was willing to bet that there was more than one bruise under her clothes. Whenever he would use the stethoscope she would get tense and she recoiled a little, almost discreetly, whenever his hands were to come in contact with her skin.

He tried to be as kind as possible but even then she would get tense, he couldn't ignore this.

The fact that she wasn't hurt when Ichigo hit her with Byakuya's car was a miracle but Ichigo also mentioned how she didn't complain about any pain or bruises after that and that was impossible, unless the girl was used to some sort of abuse. Isshin frowned, it made sense and it would be a valid reason to escape the convent. Isshin noticed how respectful she was towards him but she was also really wary, could it be a defense mechanism?

"Well" he said while smiling at her "we're almost done now all I want to do is to check your weight, is that okay with you?"

Rukia nodded and Ichigo helped her to get down of the examination table, she removed her shoes as she stepped on the scale.

Isshin made sure the scale was calibrated as Rukia faced the beam in order to follow the usual procedure. Isshin took her weight twice to make sure that he wasn't mistaken and once he was done he frowned at the result.

"Is everything okay?" Ichigo asked while looking at his father's serious expression.

"Rukia-chan" Isshin said while ignoring his son "you've been out of the convent just for a few days, but did you have a balanced diet while you were there?"

Rukia frowned.

"Well, not exactly" she said pensively "the nuns wouldn't let us starve but I had a few problems with some of the girls inside there so the usual punishment is to skip a meal."

"I take it that you were the one who would get that punishment the most?"

Rukia shrugged sadly.

"I was the only one who would get that punishment" she explained "the girls were quite dedicated to get me in trouble, why?"

Isshin clicked his tongue.

"Your weight is not ideal for your age" he said worriedly.

"Is she malnourished?" Ichigo asked frowning.

Isshin helped Rukia to get down the scale and she took a seat on the exam table again.

Rukia observed as Isshin took a notepad.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions, okay?" he said "just answer yes or no, please."

Rukia nodded.

"Have you unintentionally lost a lot of weight over the last three to six months?" Isshin asked.

"Yes" Rukia said without hesitation.

Isshin scribbled something on the notepad.

"Do you have a lack of interested in eating and drinking?" Isshin asked.

"No" Rukia said "I mean I'm not hungry today but this only happens to me after a crisis."

Isshin nodded, Ichigo noticed how he relaxed a little.

"Do you feel tired all the time?" he asked.

Rukia frowned as she seemed to think a little.

"Yes," she said finally "I'm always looking forward to sleep and it's quite hard to wake me up."

Ichigo nodded, that was true. She was a heavy sleeper and she would always fall asleep before him, he hadn't stopped to think about it.

"Do you feel weak often?"


"I already know the answer to this but I'm still going to ask" he said "do you get ill often and take a long time to recover?"

"Yes" Rukia said finally.

Isshin sighed heavily. The tests were done and the only thing left to do was to wait for the results, he wanted them as soon as possible so he would tag them as a priority, he just hoped that Rukia wasn't anemic.

"I want you to have a healthier and more balanced diet, Rukia-chan" Isshin said "I'll also give you a list of fortified food that contain extra nutrients. You should have healthy snacks between meals and for now there's nothing wrong with taking drinks with lots of calories."

Rukia smiled.

"Thank you" she said "I'll follow your advice."

Isshin sighed.

"I'm going to ask something" he said carefully "if you don't feel comfortable enough answering it's okay, you don't have to."

Ichigo frowned, his father had probably noticed something that he hadn't.

"Okay" Rukia said apprehensively.

"Did you suffer some kind of physical abuse inside the convent?" Isshin asked and Ichigo looked shocked at Rukia.

Rukia's eyes widened as flashbacks of the basement came back to her. The dark and the smelly place in which she spent so many days as part of the punishment that she earned thanks to the bullies, not to mention the fact that some of the nuns hated her for some reason too. The hair pulling, the fighting, the cold and everything came back to her at once, she braced herself unconsciously as the mean face of the headmistress came to her mind.

"I…" Rukia said "I think I'm going to throw up."

Ichigo was the one who reacted faster. He grabbed the small garbage can, which luckily was empty, and held it in front of her. Rukia threw up violently and she wondered how this was possible even after she barely ate through the whole day, her stomach hurt and she felt like dying of embarrassment when Ichigo's father held her hair carefully so it wouldn't get in the way of the disgusting stomach fluid.

"I'm sorry" she said once she was done and Ichigo passed her the box of tissues.

"No need to apologize, midget" he said kindly and then looked at his father "I guess that that answers your question."

Isshin nodded.

Now he understood why the girl was hiding from Byakuya, he probably didn't know about whatever happened inside the convent, considering how he didn't visit her for a whole year. This wasn't just a rebellious act, Rukia was completely frightened about going back and he couldn't blame her. Judging by Ichigo's face he didn't know about the abuse either.

Isshin decided right there to keep the secret, Byakuya didn't deserve to know where she was after neglecting his only daughter to such degree so Isshin would wait until he was completely sure that his stubborn friend wouldn't send her back, besides he would have to tell him, eventually, about this, the authorities of the convent had to be taken accountable.

Isshin observed how his son kept reassuring Rukia about how everything was okay, it was obvious that they had become close in a small matter of time and he didn't want to set them apart, but if the boy was already comfortable enough to leave hickeys on Rukia's neck he couldn't leave them unsupervised either, so in order to protect Rukia and to prevent his son from taking this friendship to the next level he took a decision.

He would take the girl under his wing, it was the least he could do for now.

"Rukia-chan" Isshin said finally "what I'm about to ask you might seem indecent for a girl like you, but please keep an open mind."

Ichigo frowned.

"She's not going to marry you, pervert" he said jokingly to his father "do you want to go to jail?"

Isshin looked at his son with teary eyes.

"I was expecting her to marry you instead, my son!"

Rukia gaped and Ichigo threw the stethoscope at his father who avoided it easily.

"Be serious, damn it!" he said and Isshin laughed.

Rukia laughed too and Ichigo relaxed after seeing her smiling again.

"I won't ask more intrusive questions" Isshin said while looking at Rukia "but I do not feel safe without knowing where you're living, a pretty girl like you without her family's aid might face some difficulties."

"Old man…" Ichigo said but Isshin ignored him as he kneeled in front of Rukia so he could be at her height.

"Would you please come to live with me and my family? At least until you fix the misunderstanding with your family, of course" he said smiling at her "you wouldn't reject me, right? Rukia-chan?"

"DAD?!" Ichigo asked shocked.

Rukia stared at Ginrei with widened eyes wondering what to do, she never expected a simple medical test to end like this.

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