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Voldemort was coming. Harry sat, one hand over his scar as he looked out over the frozen lake. The rest of the school were inside having a memorial service for those who had died in a death eater attack on Hogsmead. They had attacked at the same time as a Hogsmead visit. Cutting their way through students in their search for Harry.

//winter here's cold, and bitter.

It's chilled us to the bone

We haven't seen the sun for weeks

To long to far from home//

Harry sat alone. He couldn't bring himself to face the others. Ten Griffindors had been killed as well as a further 8 from other houses.

//I feel just like I'm sinking

and I claw for solid ground//

Those who used to look upon Harry with friendship now looked fearful, as though simply being in the same room as him was a death sentence. The trouble is they were right.

//pulled down by the undertow

Never thought I could feel so low//

Ron and Hermione even looked for excuses not to be around him. Harry couldn't blame them really.

//oh darkness I feel like letting go//

Harry knew that Voldemort would reach the wards surrounding the castle soon. He stood up, knowing what he must do.

//if all of the strength and all of the courage

Come and lift me from this place//

He faltered. What about Ginny? She had already lost two of her brothers. She wouldn't want him to go. The only problem was, if he didn't go, Harry would not be to only one to die.

//I know I could love you much better than this

full of grace

full of grace

my love//

Harry turned towards the gates of Hogwarts that lay in the distance and began to walk. This would secure the safety of everyone within the castle, for now.

//so, it's better this way, I said

Having seen this place before

Where everything we say and do

Hurts us all the more//

Harry's mother bought him an extra 14 years. He'd had his chance. Now it was time to do the same for others. Harry quickened his pace.

//it's just that we stayed, too long

In the same old sickly skin

I'm pulled down by the undertow

I never thought I could feel so low//

The gates came into closer view.

//oh darkness I feel like letting go//

Harry magically opened them and stepped through. The death eaters looked like a huge black cloud on the horizon. Harry took a deep breath.

//if all of the strength

And all of the courage

Come and lift me from this place//

Harry saw surprise in the eyes of the death eaters as the lone figure in Griffindor robes approached them. Voldemort came forward and lifted his wand.

//I know I could love you much better than this

Full of grace//

As a blinding flash of green light issued from Voldemort's wand, Harry's only thought was for those back in the castle 'I love you all. I'm so sorry for the pain I caused'

// I know I could love you much better than this

It's better this way//

Harry knew no more.

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