ORIGINS - I wanted to write a tribute to Miss Elizabeth to profess my deep sadness at her untimely death at 42 (yes I got the age wrong on the chapter and I am sorry!) and after I'd written the first chapter, I realised I wanted to write more. I'd already written the Torrie Wilson and Victoria chapters, I was thinking of posting them as ficets but along with the Miss Elizabeth chapter, I had the bare bones of 'My Diva Tribute'. A lot of reviewers have congratulated me on my research. Surprisingly I did very little. The events detailed in this story come from being a wrestling fan for 3 yrs and possessing a huge hungry interest in what has gone before. I love the divas; they're the main reason I watch the shows and I am constantly searching the Internet to find out more about them. Add to that a great memory and I had everything I needed for this story! This story became much more than a tribute to Elizabeth, it became a declaration of my passion for the WWE divas and all they represent. I hope I've done them justice

DIVAS I DIDN'T INCLUDE - I know that there are many divas that I didn't include that you readers and reviewers wanted in and I am sorry. I wrote about the divas who truly touched me and truly represented and became the era they wrestled/valeted in. I didn't write chapters on Ivory, Jacqueline or Molly Holly as I feel they haven't found one era they typify yet. I did however use them throughout the story; Jacqueline appears in Lita's chapter, Molly features in Jazz's and Ivory is mentioned throughout. All three are criminally underused on TV and are brilliant workers. I also didn't include Dawn Marie or Nidia as I write about them in my weekly chapters of 'The Dawn Chronicles'. I feel I know them inside out and that I would do them injustice writing about them here as I have said so much about them already. I adore them both and it's no slight on them that they were excluded. I didn't write about Gail Kim, Miss Jackie or Shaniqua as I felt they were too new to the scene nor Stephanie as she doesn't fit into a particular era (though she has been a great influence)

That said, on with the appropriate thank yous!!

Jadedvixen - my loyalist and most detailed reviewer! I always get a feeling of satisfaction when I read your reviews as they made me feel like I was doing something right. Thank you so much for your loyalty to me and this story, I am honoured to have you as a fan. Your stories rock and I hope I have been as faithful in my reviews as you have been to me. I am forever grateful as you kept me going

To all my other reviewers (especially AngreyMew2 and Catlin 741, u guys rock), you are too many to mention but a thousand thanks. This story meant so much to me and I'm glad you were able to share this journey with me.

Lyndelle - you are one of my bestest friends and I thank you so much for the detailed support. I just love receiving your reviews because you always tell me what you think.

Special Thanks to Miss Elizabeth for being a quiet light in the darkness and truly being an inspiration. To all the divas over the years who paved the way for today. Thank you for always being there to inspire me and pick me up when I'm down, particularly Joanie Laurer (Chyna), Amy Dumas (Lita) and Trish Stratus. All three of you are total idols of mine and I thank you so much for your strength and courage in your trail blazing careers

It's taken a while but we've finally got there I've written the women who made me care We've finally reached our journey's end I hope you enjoyed it as much as me My friend : )