Taste of cheating

Warnings/notes : Treize/Wufei, (hints at) Heero/Duo and Trowa/Quatre, non-episode-oriented fic, slight oocness

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written at 13th march 2003, by Misura

Please note that I know next to nothing about swordfighting. If you do and take offense at my inadequate descriptions, feel free to let me know what horrible mistakes I made.

For Firekat, to thank her.


Wufei took a step forwards, accompanying his movement with an upward sweep. Treize took a step back, deflecting the katana with his own lighter blade before dancing further out of reach.

He knew he could not afford to block the heavier blade directly ; his sword was made to allow its wielder to move and strike with the speed of lightning, not to rely on its bearer's brute strength to cause damage to an opponent.

Not that either of them ever got anything worse than a fleshwound in these sparrings ; they both were too good to do any serious harm unwillingly and neither of them really wanted to cause injury. But then, why are we doing this over and over again? Treize wondered, paying for his short distraction with another few steps back, narrowly preventing Wufei's blade from caressing his cheek.

Wufei narrowed his eyes, noticing the slip immediately. He cautiously tried to press his advantage, suspecting a trap. Treize backed up again, feeling his instincts trying to take over.

No! He has to win this time, he *has* to!

Gaining confidence with every step, Wufei forced Treize to retreat again and again, while the other man was trying to get a break to gather his thoughts again which was seriously hindered by Wufei's quick advancement.

And that was when he felt the tripping wire.


Duo had been staring at the duel enraptured, but when Treize started to back up, breaking the constant flow of the fight, he regained his senses, remembering what he was there for.

*Not* to gape at two men pretending to be after eachother's blood.

Calculating he waited for Treize to take a few more steps to the right.

Almost there ... yes, perfect .... now! He pulled, praying his plan would work. If it didn't, well it had been Quatre who had come up with it, so if anything went wrong the blond boy was to blame, not him. Not that Wufei will pause to listen to details like that if he discovers us.


Treize stumbled at the same time as Wufei charged forwards again, thus masking the real reason for his fall neatly. He landed hard, for a moment disoriented by the impact.

That moment was enough for Wufei to press the blade of his katana at Treize's throat.

"See, General Kushrenada, you're not as good as you thought." Wufei sneered.

"I thought we were on a first-name base, Pilot Chang." Treize replied, choosing to ignore the rest of the remark for now.

"That was before you told everyone you were better than I could ever be. Before you called me a coward." Wufei spat out the last word. "That was a mistake."

"It certainly must be." Treize replied mildly. "I definitely never said such a thing."

Wufei narrowed his eyes. "Don't lie to me! I'll kill you if you try to deceive me again."

Treize's eyes sought his, their force somehow undiminished by his defeat. "Again? I never deceived you, Wufei. I never will. You may kill me if you want to, but not for that reason."

The katana wavered. Wufei remained silent.

"You could kill me because I humiliated you, because I am officially your enemy, because I have the illusion we might be friends or more, but I will not die because of something someone else told you. I refuse to allow it."

It took Wufei a moment to hear the whole of that statement. To get the meaning of those few words in the middle. Friends or more. Can that really be?

"I demand a price for sparing your life."

"Name it." Treize wondered what could possibly be asked of him. He didn't think Wufei would ask him to betray OZ, as they both knew he would never do that.

"A date." Wufei swallowed. "A chance to become ... friends. And no more duels. I have proven that I'm the best of us."

For a moment, Treize was tempted to protest. Wufei had only won this one time, because of an unfortunate fall. But the look on the Chinese pilot's face was more than enough to make him swallow his words, as well as his pride.

"I don't have much choice do I?"

Wufei's eyes betrayed a hint of uncertainty. Treize sighed inwardly, cursing his weakness for this one person. How can he make me feel so guilty while threatening my life?

"No, I didn't mean that the way it sounded. I will be honored to meet you in less hostile circumstances."

"Good." Wufei said relieved. "That's settled then."

Treize smiled, considering very few things had been 'settled' yet.

Unless I am very much mistaken, things between us are only starting.

It will be ... interesting to see where the future will take us.


[that evening]

"Where's Wufei?" Trowa asked, pointing at the empty seat at the dinner-table.

"Don't tell me that baka has gone out dueling *again*." Heero growled.

"But Hee-chan! I thought *I* was the baka around here." Duo protested.

Quatre looked at Trowa smiling. "He's having a dinner-date. Isn't that nice?"


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