One weekend, Hitomi told Izuku about a nice place she wanted to show him.

He accepted, of course, static about hanging out with his dear girlfriend.

But his excitement flickered as he met with her in the park near her house and noticed the weird-looking thing beside her. It was an awfully long bike. Based on the pair of seats and two sets of pedals, it was made to be used for two people. Its red color with white dots only contributed to its general ugliness.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Our transport."

"T-that thing…"

"Don't say it as if it were a monstrosity." She looked awkward about having the bike near her, though. "I was planning to bring my own and having you sit on the back part for my own amusement… But apparently, anime lied to me and that's illegal. So my parents lent me their bike… Please don't judge me," she said, giving him a silly helmet with cat ears on Izuku.

"This helmet is not from your parents." He chuckled.

"Shut up."

A short ride later, they were finally in the place. A cat café.

"Really?" He looked at her with a smirk.

"Tsk." She couldn't hide her blush. "Come on." She pulled him inside.

It didn't surprise him when one of the waitresses recognized Hitomi at a first glance. His attempt to make a remarking comment about it was met with an adorable glare.

Before he realized it, they were surrounded by cats. He hadn't been that exposed to so many animals before, but he couldn't deny it was nice. Relaxing, in an unusual way. All the time, Hitomi stared at him with a weird expression.

"Is it something the matter?"

"No…" she answered immediately, but it was obvious for Izuku that there was something. "So, do you like cats?"

He blinked, that was a weird question to ask when she had brought him to such a place. "Yeah. I guess I do."

She cleared her throat. "Just saying… Someday, when I get my own place, I'll probably adopt two or three more cats to make Mio some company."

Now he understood where she was coming from. "And you wanted to know if it would bother me?"

She shrugged. "Maybe…? Just so you know, I have like 50% chance of turning into a cat lady when I get old."

"I thought you were one already," he said jokingly, extending his hand to pet her head. The way her face scrunched funnily while her cheeks blushed made his day.

She didn't move away, though. He wondered if she really had a bit of cat in her.