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AN: Alright time to give a little context here. This story is going to be my take at writing a horror/adventure story. I'll say right off the bat horror is not something I have a lot of experience with so if you have some advice I'm all ears. Also a quick note for whoever can guess the narrator first, you get a cookie. ~enjoy

Warning because of what gods I'm putting into this story there will be mentions of rape. I'd rather not have to mention it at all, but with one of their titles literally being 'The King of Rape' and you know Zeus being a thing I can't really get around it...



Powerful Being Speaking


Beneath the Ice

The city of New York was filled to the brim with flurries of snow. Cars passed by in the usual hustle and bustle of flashing lights while people walked the streets with some sense of purpose in their steps. Standing out from the crowd was a promiscuous woman.

Unlike all those around her who went about their business with thick coats and padded fur the only thing covering this woman was a simple white dress. It was made of seemingly expensive cloth, and it only served to cover the most revealing parts of her body. Accentuating her beautiful appearance was her long flowing hair.

It was as white as the falling snow while being just long enough to cover her neck. In that hair sat a flower. It was similar enough to a rose for most to mistake it as so, but if you were to look closer it would be a flower like no other.

It let off an almost heavenly scent from its red folds. Its petals seemed thick, almost too thick to be an actual plant. On the edges of the flower, it was adorned with large thorns while the stem and leaves that brushed up against the woman's ear as she walked were barren.

As she continued walking on more and more eyes were drawn to her appearance with most of them being of the male persuasion. The woman kept walking ignoring all of the eyes drawn to her. With each step, she took she purposefully swayed her hips and let out a charming smile.

The woman's eyes were noticeably red almost bloodshot; In the moonlight, they seemed to glow a light red. The woman walked to the end of the street next to an empty alleyway. Just as she stopped her red eyes met those of a young man.

In front of her stood a young man. He carried a battered suitcase in his left hand while in his right he carried an empty bottle. The winter coat he was wearing seemed to be just a bit too small for him. The businessman's eyes were glazed over with an almost tangible film due to the contents of the bottle in his right hand. The only other thing that stood out on him was that his tie was completely undone.

He stumbled forward as his eyes met hers. The woman reached forward and caught him then flashed him a beautiful smile. Her pearly white teeth seemed to shine in the low light as she steadied him on her arm. The man mumbled something but was apparently so out of it he couldn't form anything more than slurs.

Pulling him deeper into the alleyway the woman gave him another reassuring smile. The young man's dazed look went completely vacant as he suddenly stood up straight. He looked forward into the woman's glowing red eyes and mumbled out, "Mistress?"

The woman didn't say anything back to him. Instead, she flashed him another wide smile; if anyone more observant were to be in the alley they would notice a few of her teeth were a bit too long.

Walking out of the alleyway the woman pulled on her new coat. Her previous bloodshot eyes were now a baby blue. She opened her mouth and let out a sigh of bliss; Licking her lips she sniffed the air. Just as her eyes locked onto another person drunkenly stumbling out of a nearby bar she flashed another smile.

Only with this smile, her teeth were stained red.

-Outside the Principals Office-

Sitting just outside a large wooden door was a kid. He sat in an old wooden chair with a line of similar ones sitting just down the hall. His hands were covered in small cuts; while on his eye there was a large bruise. He was completely alone in the hall except for a rather old looking woman who sat across from him with a stern look on her face.

His light brown eyes stared up at her looking a bit skittish as she continued to stare at him saying nothing. Trying his best to distract himself from the incessant waiting he continued to stare off at random things around the hall or at whatever caught his attention.

The boy quickly turned his head back and forth almost trying to deny what just happened. Sitting herself up some the crotchety old woman let out a quiet cough. The kid's head turned to her with his charcoal-colored hair swishing to one side.

The old woman across from pursed her lips then said, "It's a shame you know?"

"W-What is?" he asked looking even more scared than before.

The crotchety old woman gave him a hateful look then said, "That such good people get stuck with a demon child like you."

The eleven-year-old kid looked down into his lap again. His eyes seemed to be holding back a hateful glare as he grit his teeth. From behind the wooden door, the quiet murmurs stopped followed by three children exiting from behind it.

Every single one of them was covered in various wounds. None of the wounds looked life-threatening, but they were enough for them to wince in pain as they walked down the long hallway. Two of the three children were giving heated glares to the boy sitting in the chair while the one leading them gave him an unnatural smile.

Just as the trio of children rounded the corner a deep voice came from behind the wooden door.

"Mr. Davis, will you come here please?"

The boy stood up from his chair and a sense of dread started growing. Just as he opened the door to Mr. Clendenning's office he thought He's never called me by my last name before.

The door opened up into a rather small office. Its main appliance was a desk cutting the room in half with a chair on either side. On top of the desk sat a monitor and an assortment of New York Giants paraphernalia. The room had a bookshelf filled to the brim with miscellaneous files and other school supplies to the boy's left.

The only other notable thing in the room was the window letting in some light and showing the flurries of snow that passed by every few seconds. Sitting on the other side of the desk was a portly man.

As the man leaned back into his chair the cheaply made office chair, it strained under his girth. In his hands was a pen and a file labeled 'Liam R. Davis.' The man's balding head snapped to Liam as he entered the room.

Liam closed the door behind him with a soft thud. Mr. Clendenning gave Liam a once over then told him "Why don't you take a seat."

Not saying a word Liam walked over to the rickety chair in front of him. As he sat down in the aged chair it let out a few creaks, but otherwise held firm. The principal opened up the file in his hand and chewed on the cap of his pen. The man endeavored to bring his bulging body forward and asked, "You know why you're here correct?"

"Yes," responded Liam his dread rising even further.

One of Mr. Clendenning's many chins jiggled as he asked, "Yes what?"

Looking forward Liam quickly replied, "Yes, Sir."

Mr. Clendenning nodded his head then put the file down on the table. The file had numerous papers each one titled 'Incident Report' with the name Liam Davis following soon after. The principal opened up a drawer in his desk and pulled out a fresh sheet of paper.

He swiftly clicked his pen then titled the page with 'Incident Report: Liam Davis.' After this, he wrote down the date and time and underlined the heading. Looking up from the paper Mr. Clendenning said, "What did I say the last time you were in here?"

Liam looked him in the eyes then said, "T-That this time better be the last?"

Mr. Clendenning stared back at him then asked, "So why-" the fat man's brow furrowed "-are you in my office?"

Liam gripped the arm of his chair. He looked down for a second as a guilty look came over his face and he quietly said, "I...I got into a fight."

Mr. Clendenning ran a hand through his balding hair then said, "For the fifth time? And if that wasn't bad enough, you got into a fight with the son of one of the Directors of the school-board!"

The principal quickly brought the hand on his hand down over his eyes. He looked over to another report to the side of his desk then told Liam "I'm sorry kid, but I can't keep on with you this time."

Liam didn't say anything, but the dread building in his stomach started to skyrocket. The principal started writing on the Incident Report then told Liam, "At this point, it's only a formality, but you need to take this home to your parents and have them sign it."

Mr. Clendenning pushed the piece of paper over to Liam. Written in black ink was a description of what had happened at lunch earlier that day with the word expulsion printed at the bottom. Gritting his teeth Liam grabbed the piece of paper and shoved it in his pocket.

The last thing Liam heard as he walked out of the office was a silent mumbling of, "Good riddance."

-Outside Albany Intermediate School-

Liam sat on a wooden bench thinking about what was to come. He could almost see it now. The looks of disappointment from his parents. Their smiles slowly melting away as they find out what they got called for. The resignation when they realize there is nothing they can do to but find another school.

He reached down and pulled his jacket tight, and with each breath, he let out a small font of white mist blew from his mouth. People passed by on their daily routines as the minutes slowly started to tick by. Liam felt himself get more and more worried with every second.

Liam didn't know why he did it. It was just like any other day, but then he felt that familiar feeling start to bubble up in his chest. It started off with something small, a joke. And as the lunch period went on it just kept getting worse.

He tried doing what his counselor told him, but it didn't help. He kept his breathing steady while saying "In." or "Out." in his mind. Liam was trying to ignore them but they had to keep pushing. The jokes went from nearly harmless to talking about his size. How he was bigger than everyone else; how he was stronger. They told him it made him stand out, made him different.

It started like always. The slight burn of anger started to slowly pound in his chest. Then the whispers started. For as long as he could remember it was there, goading him on from the back of his mind. Telling him to do something, anything at all to make them stop.

The voice would slowly start to pick up in intensity as his bullies kept pushing him. It started off innocent enough. Telling him to leave, regroup and come back when there was only one. As the voice started to increase in its intensity however, it got more and more depraved.

It seemed driven, no obsessed to make the boy do something about his situation. It wouldn't take anything lying down that's for sure; its pride wouldn't allow it. Eventually, the voice would get to the point where he couldn't hold himself back anymore. Liam's blood would rush to his ears and the only thing he could hear was that sickly sweet whisper egging him on.

You would expect him to tell somebody about this right? His parents? Counselor? Friends?

Well Liam did, and with every failed attempt he kept pushing it off more and more. He told himself I'll just talk about It tomorrow, maybe the next day, or maybe not at all.

Looking back on it now he thought he should have tried harder. That lazy attitude only harmed him in the long run. Liam looked up from the bench at which he sat and gave a glance to the falling sun. It seemed like they would be late again.

Liam was unlike other kids in America, namely that he was adopted. At the time his parents called him 'their little miracle' and this, that, or the other. His adoptive father Carter Davis was a semi-wealthy banker while his mother, Olivia Davis, was an overly affectionate stay at home mom.

To Liam, they were all a kid could ask for. A loving family, something he couldn't think of growing up without. He ended up leaving the orphanage when he was five. Liam's memory was a bit blurred, but he could remember the car ride back.

The sun rolling through his father's car was beautiful.

The boy looked up to the last rays of sunshine as the world slowly dimmed to the cacophony of lights that was New York City. Liam stood up with a small groan and thought Well it looks like I'm on my own...again.

Ever since he got kicked out of his fourth school district his father has been ever more distant in their relationship. He used to get a ride every single day where they would go out and do something new. Liam would get to see an elephant at a carnival, go to the beach, or even get to see a movie before it actually came out!

His father always bragged about how he could get into early screenings.

Then came his first accident. His school was on a trip to the zoo and it ultimately ended with him getting expelled. He told everyone it was just a normal cat, but they wouldn't believe him. After getting chewed out by his teachers and the zoo staff alike he got called a "thief" and was kicked out of school.

The second had a little bit to do with fireworks and a lot to do with the superintendents missing hair. While the third and fourth were when he started to hear that voice. It showed up like always whispering for him to do horrible things.

Liam started on his walk. Unlike most twelve-year-olds, he wouldn't have much to worry about walking around so late. He looked like someone at least three years older and as long as he stuck to the usual route he thought he'd be fine.

Just as he got off the block his school was on, Liam saw a familiar park come into view. He could remember going there with his mother and father. The fourth of July celebrations were always his favorite. A small sign was posted up nearby that read 'Soarta ta așteaptă!' (1)

Liam didn't think much of it and started to walk through the big open gate leading into his favorite park. The concrete sidewalk slowly shifted into a snow-covered expanse as he thought Great no plow through here huh?

All around him the blowing breeze and sickly trees made for an eerie atmosphere. The hubbub of the city that never sleeps seemed to be cut off by the wrought iron fences surrounding the park. Liam started to quicken his pace as he left a trail of small footprints in the freshly fallen snow.

He knew that he was already halfway home when he saw the lake. The frozen expanse was covered by snow, but the clearly marked signs told him it was there. A small gazebo was situated just on the shore and from inside came pale yellow light.

Is someone there? He thought.

The gazebo itself was like much of everything in New York currently, namely covered in snow. It looked fairly new as the white paint on its sides were held up quite well in the winter. The yellow light came out through a white picket wall on either side of its large entrance.

As Liam started to approach the building while walking around the lake he heard a burst of flowery laughter break the night's silence. The sound was almost musical as another bout of the beautiful sound blew through the clearing like the wind.

Suddenly for the first time he could remember in years, the voice in the back of Liam's mind stopped talking. He stopped dead in his tracks and waited a few seconds and...nothing. I-It's gone! Thought Liam in exasperation.

The boy gave a worrying glance at the gazebo and muttered, "It couldn't hurt..."

One footstep lead to another as he approached the entrance of the white gazebo. Just as Liam's eyes settled in the new light, he saw the source of all the sound. It was a woman and an absolutely gorgeous one at that.

She was wearing a frilly dress that seemed to perfectly accentuate her above-average curves, although Liam didn't seem to notice nor care. The young boy stepped into the light and the laughing cut off to a pregnant silence.

A flower? Thought Liam as he looked up at the pale woman's head.

The woman's blue iris's started to slowly darken as she scrunched up her nose and let out a small sniff. She turned to the boy and flashed him an inviting image of her pearly white teeth. The silence was swiftly broken as she faltered, "pure blood..."

With inhuman grace, the woman pushed herself from where she sat and strode towards Liam. Just as she reached the entrance of the gazebo her eyes finished their switch into a blazing red. Brown met blood red as the woman stared into Liam's eyes.

Slowly, she brought one of her hands forward and cupped it on the boy's left cheek. Many thoughts ran through Liam's mind as one the woman's fingers shot down drawing a small line of blood on his cheek. One dainty finger now stained red was brought to the pale woman's lips.

The finger passed through the red gate blocking her tongue from the outside world, and the woman let out an almost sweet sigh. Liam already had his heart beating out of his chest by now but every time he tried to move, to run away he couldn't.

His brain was sending the signals to run, but his body wouldn't allow it. The woman's eyes were now a blazing crimson as she walked out into the fallen snow and said a simple command.

"Follow," she ordered.

Liam tried his best to run away but once again his body did not listen. The woman trudged out into the snowy night heading towards the edge of the lake. Without any actual input from himself, Liam's body followed behind her. With each forced step he took, Liam could feel a small ball of dread build itself in his stomach.

What is she? He thought.

The hard ground turned to slippery ice as the woman out in front of him slowly turned back around to face him. Looking at her face Liam could see it was scrunched up in almost abhorrent anger; slowly but surely his eyes were drawn to the snarl on her mouth.

The most noticeable thing, of course, was the fangs; two large and threatening incisors that seemed to normally be tucked away behind her upper were now out in the open for the whole world to see. With what some would call an indomitable will for someone so young, Liam tried once again to free his mind from its invisible restraints.

Liam's body stood upright as his right foot trembled against the ice. Luckily enough for him, the woman did not seem to notice. Bringing one of her hands towards his face once again the vampire growled, "Tell me, did he not think I would notice? That his one of brood was under my nose!"

Liam's eyes looked much akin to a rabbit's at that moment as he thought, Who in the hell is she talking about?

Her glowing crimson eyes flashed then she demanded, "Speak meat!"

All of a sudden Liam felt like he could move again. Doing his best to lean away from her grip Liam yelled out, "I don't know who you're talking about; Let go of me!"

The vampire did not take to kindly to that.

With inhuman speed her outstretched palm wrapped itself around Liam's neck; she forced him towards herself all while staring him in the eyes. After a few heart-pounding seconds, for Liam at least, the woman let go of him.

Confused the boy looked up at her with hope showing through his eyes. The vampire brought her hand up to her mouth as a smile slowly formed on her face. Just before it reached her mouth she beamed, "Oh you don't know!"

Like before a flowery laugh was let out into the night. Unlike before with Liam having a front-row seat to the affair, he could see just what laid beneath that beauty. She was nothing more than a pale monster dressed in satin.

With an audible tear of skin the vampire bit down on her hand. From where he stood Liam could see small drops of red start to fall, painting the white below. The woman now had a manic smile on her face as she strutted towards Liam.

"Oh, how beautiful a night it is!" she exclaimed.

Sure enough, the vampire reached him; when she did, she grabbed Liam's shoulder with her uninjured hand. The grip was strong, as inhuman as her teeth. She looked the boy in the eyes, and once again her eyes brightly flashed in the night.

The woman commanded, "Open your mouth."

With no will of his own Liam's mouth forced itself open as the dread in his stomach ballooned even more. He tried to turn his head to the side or do anything to get away, but the only thing he could do to resist was to curse her in his head.

Why am I never able to do anything? Lamented Liam inside his head.

The woman in front of him brought her dripping hand over his mouth and let the red ichor flow. The first thing Liam noticed about it was the taste. It was bitter, insufferably bitter. As the liquid reached the back of his throat the world around him tinged red.

His mouth closed of its own accord as Liam thought It's always something, isn't it?

The vampire let out another laugh, this one filled with true happiness. "How long has it been?" she asked.

She looked down at her hand and the flow came to a sudden stop. Liam's vision started to darken as he thought, The orphanage, school, my father.

Images passed through his head of each one. They were always there, a part of his life he loved yet hated. It always came back to one thing. He had to have control, of his life at least. What was that saying again? I am the master of my fate: I'm the captain of my soul. (2)

In a dominating tone, the woman told Liam, "Lay down."

Unceremoniously, he plopped down onto the ice-covered snow. Surprisingly enough, he couldn't feel the cold; he couldn't feel much of anything really. Below him, the ice let out an ominous crack that neither of the two seemed to notice.

"My name is Lamae; remember it well. I'm your Broodmother after all." breathed the woman in a enthusiastic tone. (3)

Lamae brought one leg over his body and straddled him in the snow. Her bare knees made a noticeable indent into the white fluff on either side of Liam as she leaned her head down next to his. Liam's heartbeat began to slow as fuzzy dots appeared in his vision.

Never again. Growled Liam inside his head.

The woman's listless breath hit his ears as she brought her head lower still. He could distinctively feel a small pinch on his neck as the woman let out a low moan. Lamae brought her head back above his and put both of her hands on either side of Liam's face.

Her crimson eyes glowed once more as her cherry stained lips curved upwards. "Your mine. Forever and ever." she stated.

Liam's ever slowing heartbeat skipped a beat as he twitched his fingers. Lamae started to mess with the hem of her dress as she cackled, "Oh what better revenge, than do to upon you what he did to me!"

The boy's hand curled into a fist as he growled out, "Never." in a muffled voice.

The vampire on top of him showed more of her insanity through her eyes. The crimson pools threatened to overwhelm her face as the blood vessels on her face glowed with hidden power. She looked down from on top of him and cooed, "You still have some fight in you little fledgling? All the more fun."

The dots in Liam's vision started to multiply to even greater lengths as he brought his fist up into the air. Lame pressed her body onto his as Liam yelled, "Never!"

From the back of his mind the voice that had been quiet all this time called out, "The wench knows not who she trifles. In the end she is nothing but prey like all others."

With strength Liam never knew he had, his fist rocketed down into the ice below them. Large splinters of ice broke from the sheet as his fist and it met with each other. At first nothing else seemed to happen, but after a few baritone cracks the ice below them shifted.

Liams heartbeat finally seemed to stop as he felt water rush by his sides. On top of him Lamae held on with the same manic smile stretched across her face. Instead of leaving him to his fate Lamae leaned down and latched onto his neck once again.

Again Liam felt a pinch on his neck. Unlike before however, he felt a wave of cold burst from the wound. It was almost as if she was pouring liquid ice into his veins. Suffice to say it distracted from the ice-cold water below.

Nothing was there that night to see any of these events unfold. Nothing would see a drenched woman carry a young child out of the water onto the shore. Nothing would see her lay a small black book on his chest. Nothing would be there, except for the moon.

AN: Alright then folks that's chapter one. I hope you enjoyed. My main inspiration for this fic was getting back into Skyrim again and Frank from the PJOs series. A lot of things just fit so well together and I had to try to put them together. What did you guys think of this story so far? Tell me in a Review or a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Other than that I'm open to any and all criticism so lay it on me.

(1): 'Soarta ta așteaptă!' is basically spooky Romanian foreshadowing. It directly translates to 'Your fate awaits!'

(2): This is a quote from the short poem Invictus which helps to show some of how I'm developing Liam as a character. He's mainly going to be ruled by wanting to always be in control of everything in his life and he will hate not having that control. It fits well with the lore and fits what I need to write a character, i.e. a defining feature and some type of conflict with it. This will be elaborated later on and a few of you may be able to guess who he gets this from.

(3): Lamae Bal the first vampire. You can look her up if you want although it does spoil some stuff about this story if you do so be warned. I'll just mention that her transformation into one was dreadful and to be honest Liam got off easy. Let's just say if he didn't break that ice he and Lamae would have been getting much better acquainted...She tends to brutally rape those she turns into vampires unless they're joining her spoiler. Seriously that's how she turned her first three, although I'm thinking about changing some things as I need to fit with this story.