"I don't"

That's when she knew. It was the way he said it. An annoying chuckle that quickly turned into a lopsided smile and a hard gaze, the subtle turn of the head. And the locking of their gazes.

The arrogant sense of superiority of knowing something she doesn't, the cruel mirth he found in it, the truth that he couldn't deny or keep from her and yet wanted to, the calm acceptance of the inevitable...

She knew him so well. And she finally understood what had struck her as odd that night at the mansion.

He never believed the plan was foolproof, even if he hoped it was. Even if he would try to uphold it to perfection till the very end. But he was no fool and didn't believe in taking chances with his team, not while he was the commander.

As much as he wasn't one to rat his colleagues out, he also wasn't one to fail them. If worst came to worst, there's only one thing, one final plan, a dying man could offer.

He had come ready to die. That was his plan all along. The captain always stayed with the ship.

She knew him well and she wished she didn't. There was an overwhelming feeling growing in her that she didn't realise, until she gave it release, with all her strength. Because it took strength to not feel right then. And even then she failed.