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++Babel Tower++

Hephaestus weapon shop was known far and wide even outside of Orario. There were very few familia that could match those of her children thus making their weapons and armors very desirable. Though purchase was few and far between, those that do sold was for such an exorbitant price that even one purchase would be considered a profitable day.

Of course, that didn't mean the shop could get by on their name alone. They had to appealed to the masses by keeping their weapons and armor polished to attract customers. It was here that a certain goddess of the Hearth was working along side an exiled goddess with unique light deep sea blue hair.

Hestia, known among the god as loli-big boobs, was humming happily as she dusted the counters and shelves of the shop. She didn't mind the work too much not after what Hephaestus did for her and Bell. The thought of the crushing debt she owe momentarily stopped her but she powered through it. There was no use thinking like that, she'll work it off one day.. hopefully.

Before Hestia could give any more thought to her debt the sound of metal hitting the floor made her turn to her fellow goddess.

"Eeeeek! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Aqua, goddess of water, looked up over to the familia shop manager and bowed repeatedly. Hestia couldn't blame her, the bluenette was responsible for polishing the higher end weapons and armors, her skill at cleaning was top notch when it came to it. So if once of those weapon were damage in anyway...the cost would be astronomical.

"Here lemme help you with that Aqua," Hestia said in a kind voice as she helped Aqua picked up the armor and weapons on the floor. Luckily for them the shop was not quite opened yet so they should be able to get everything on display in time.

"T-thank you Hestia…" Aqua muttered to to the shorter goddess.

Hestia gave her most reassuring smile before she pat Aqua head and proceed to pick up the equipment.

Has it really been one month since her junior goddess came down to the Lower World? Aqua said she was sent down as punishment with most of her divine abilities sealed but she was fully capable of making a familia if she had too. It was a first among the gods and the fact that Aqua admit that it WAS punishment was probably a reason why most of the gods refused to shelter her.

After all, those that came to the Lower World did so on purpose, for it to be consider a punishment, it set off a lot of warning bells even in Hestia own mind. However… once upon a time she was like Aqua, no gods to help her, no familia of her own, no home. It was only through Hephaestus grace that she was able to survive in her early years...of course she ended up taking too much advantage of her friend but even now the church she was staying at was one that belong to said friend.

Aqua, however had nobody. When the gods began to depart for the Lower World, their duties to run all of creations was given to the younger lesser known gods. Aqua, if Hestia recalled, was a pretty dedicated goddess, and quite responsible. It was a long time ago but Aqua appeared to be diligent in her task even now, what did she do that was so bad that got her exiled?

Hestia could only smile and support the junior goddess in her task until the girl got back on her feet. After all, compare to the other time she leached off her friend, a month was nothing in the long run.

With renewed vigor the goddess of the Hearth was able to to help the water goddess to set all the weapon for display just in time for opening. Already the first customer entering.

"Welcome!" Hestia and Aqua greeted the first customer of the day with bright smiles.

+++ Lunch Time +++

"Thank you for your purchase please come again!" Aqua beamed at the next customer that bought food at Hestia stall. Today was croquette day.

The two goddess was now back in their goddess clothes, Hestia her familiar white dress that emphasis her breast and Aqua blue dress that cover her most important lower part but hinted at more, with the two of them at the stall, sales doubled. Hestia could barely keep up with the demand.

It was a small boon but one none the less with Aqua here helping. Hephaestus was kind enough to let her work during the lunch hour to maximize her profit with her food stall job and Aqua being her helped a lot. Many of the prep work was done by the blue haired goddess and not only that, most of the thing she touched was sanitized giving the food at Hestia stall a very fresh flavor that couldn't be beat.

So with her workload cut in half, Hestia was able to focus more on the service aspect as she wave for more customers to visit their stall.

Eventually the lunch rush died down but their stall was one of the lucky few that sold all of their inventory. She turned to look at her fellow goddess and grinned.

"Sold out again today! Nice job Aqua!" Hestia hugged her fellow goddess in happiness.

The blue hair goddess smiled softly but was not as enthusiastic as the shorter goddess was, Hestia pouted at bit when she noticed that, but it was a better reaction then when she first arrived. Back then after crying endlessly for someone named 'Kazuma' and screaming at the heavens until her voice was hoarse, Aqua would go into a depress state and became almost catatonic. Now the younger goddess was interacting with people more and breaking out of her shell.

Eventually Aqua would bounce back on her feet like Hestia and get a dependable child like Bell, this she believed with all her heart. Aqua would then realized that what she view as a punishment was actually a blessing.

++ Guild ++

At a certain counter, a short white hair boy lightly armored with a black knife along side a red headed female with cat ears that signal that she was of the Pallum race, was putting heavy bags on the counter before them belonging to a beautiful short hair blond half elf.

The boy in question was name Bell Cranel, his companion, the supporter , Liliruca Arde, and the beautiful blonde elf was Eina Tulle. The three was familiar with each other by now, Bell himself counted Eina as a friend when most workers of the Guild were suppose to be neutral.

The Guild was the central hub where all adventurers redeem the magical crystal found in the dungeon in exchange for valis, the world currency. The guild itself act like a familia as it was started by the very first god to ever set foot in the Lower World.

"Amazing Bell!" Eina declared in genuine amazement. Not long ago, Bell could only get a few fragment at best but now on her counter rested bags of them.

"Thanks Ms. Eina," Bell smiled proudly as he look at what he had accomplished with Arde.

"I couldn't had done it without your guidance and Arde help!"

Both receptionist and supporter flushed a bit at the boy compliment before the receptionist clear her throat and empty the crystal into a bin to measure their worth.

That was when she saw something that caught her eye. It was a magical crystal but it was a different color than the rest. She immediately picked it out and gave it a closer look.

"Oh my, how rare," Eina held it to the light to confirm that it was what she thought it was.

"A wishing crystal."

"A- wishing crystal?!" Bell and Arde exclaimed at the same time, however it was Bell who asked pressed on.

"Whats a wishing crystal?"

"Well, it's just a rumor," Eina put the oddly color crystal on the counter.

"Supposedly, if you made a pure wish while holding this, it could grant you whatever it is your heart desire. However, while rare, its not impossible to find and many have tried wishing on it to no luck. Many just end up selling it to us."

Immediately Arde took the crystal in her hand even before Bell could reaction and closed her eyes as if in deep concentration. After a minute she opened slowly opened her eyes and looked pointedly at her white hair companion.



The two looked at once another before the cat eared girl sighed and handled the crystal to the receptionist.

"It didn't work..." she said listlessly. "What a fake."

"Its just a rumor I say, a rumor," Eina tried to comfort the small red head. "So what about you Bell? You want to include it with the haul or keep it and try your luck?"

"Hmmm..." Bell gave serious consideration and was about to tell Eina to just count it with their haul when he remember their newest house guest.

Bell didn't know much about Aqua. He knew she was a goddess that his goddess brought back one day. Hestia said the blue hair goddess was her junior and ranked lower than her among the gods so she felt responsible. While the blue haired goddess appeared to be on the mend, she was still depressed wallowing in despair with whatever drinks Hestia brought home with her from time time.

He looked down at his hand at the crystal and nodded. It might be nothing but maybe it might make the sad goddess feel better. Beside, Bell had everything he already wish for, any other wish was just frivolous and would be insincere.

+++ Abandoned Church +++

Bell Cranel returned to his familia home with Arde in tow, a please smile adorning his face. The sun was only beginning to set casting a soft yellow glow on the abandoned church. It wasn't much compared to the other familia but it was a home he shared with his goddess. As he got closer he saw their guest goddess was already on the surface, a rag tied around her head, three nails in her mouth, a hammer next to her and her moving her arm to sand down their old rickety dining table.

"We're back!"

Bell from greeted her with a bright smile every time he saw her. He had to admit, since Aqua arrival, the church looked a lot better, cleaner too. She was suppose to be the goddess of water but she was really handy as a carpenter, recycling a lot of the materials to make their living space more comfortable.

"A-Ah good evening..." Aqua let the nails dropped from her mouth and greeted him. Her blue eyes only glanced at him once before she turn back to the table she was working on.

Bell looked at the polished looking wishing stone in his hand and approached the goddess.

"Ah, lady Aqua we err, we found this in the dungeon today and thought maybe you'd like it."

Aqua tilted her head a bit and received Bell's gift with a curios expression.

"Ummm, thank you?"

"Eina said it was wishing stone," Arde explained giving the stone in question a dubious look.

"Supposedly it could grant any wish if you wish if your intention are pure enough..."

"I wish I was rich!" Aqua said immediately looking at the stone shaking it back and forth.

"I wish I was rich! I wish I was rich! I wish I was rich!"

Aqua eyes widen and look down at the stone hopefully. She held that same posture for a full three minutes then as if a thought just occurred to her, the bluenette then look back at them, a frown on her face as she eyed them suspiciously. Bell immediately wave his hand.

"I- err, think Arde tried it but it didn't work… ha ha ha..."

Arde also joined in in laughter while Aqua looked down at the stone once more and sniffled in disappointment upon hearing their confession. That was when she gripped her hand tighter around the stone and with watery eyes, wailed.

"I- I'm so tired of this!" Aqua cried, tears steaming down her tears once more. Bell and Arde was panicking as the goddess began to cry out in a heart rending tone.

The familiar sound of footstep and the appearance of Hestia relieved the two adventurer.

"A-Aqua, whats wrong?!" Hestia immediately went to her junior goddess and hugged her before she look to Bell as if asking him what happened. Arde could only helplessly shrug her shoulders while Bell had a guilty look on his face.

"I- I am so tired, so very tired," Aqua sniffled as she wiped her yes. "Its so hard….Hestia..."

The blue hair goddess then bury her face on the shorter goddess shoulder and look at the stone forlornly.

"I just wish that idiot Kazuma was here."

"There there, I- wha-" Hestia was about to comfort Aqua whens he felt a powerful concentration of divine energy begin to coalesce behind her.

"W-whaaa!" Aqua was the first to stand up and back away from the shorter goddess, the stone that was given to her appear to be stuck to her hand as she try to dislodging it by flicking her arms.

"It- It won't come off!"

"Bell! Do something!" Hestia look to Bell who was also like wild-eyed and flustered with Arde.

"Umm, err, that is-" Bell mind rack on what to do when the green energy that was gathering in the goddess hand all gather together an a bright green beam from on high shot down before Aqua.

"AQUA!" Hestia cried out in concern for her junior.

The light was so blinding Bell had to turn his eyes away for a while before it died down. When Bell turn back to look at the water goddess he gasped in surprised. There was a stranger standing next to her where there wasn't any before.

Standing there with an unreadable expression on his face, was a man about as tall as Aqua if not a bit taller. He had brown hair and forest green eyes, eyes that was looking expressionlessly at the water goddess who hands was holding his. His built was average for someone his size and he was dressed in white fancy looking clothes, clothes that looked very expensive.

On behind his back strapped at his hip level was an ornate looking short sword encrusted with gems and jewelry of all sort. It was not cheap Bell could tell in an instant.

With the light died down and the feeling of magic gone, Bell could finally start to lower his guard. The man was still holding onto Aqua hand but the blue hair goddess seem to be staring at the man in disbelieve and...fear?

Bell hesitantly approached the man and finally recalled something. There was a name the blue hair goddess always muttered when she was drunk. The same name she just called out just now.

"Umm...A-Are you Kazuma?"

The man tone matched his expression as he replied.

"Yes, I'm Kazuma."

Its begins!

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