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1. I've already written another Reincarnated story with the setting in the Naruto-verse. It's called "Reincarnated in the World of Naruto" so if you're interested you can check it out. It was basically my first real written story here so I recognize that it has many flaws, however I have completed that story. So yeah...if you're interested you can take a look.

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-Story setting begins ~50 years before Aizen's defection.

-If at any point in the story you see this: "888" it means there will be a scene change.

-There may be a lot of time skips in the beginning as we are talking about Shinigami years, so I'm not really going to spend time showing what the MC is doing for 10 years straight. Instead it may be that you'll just read within the story that 10 years has passed or something to that effect.

MC: Kishin Chigetsu

First Name: Kishin

Last Name: Chigetsu

Reading the story:

-Hello, how are you? (Someone in their own thoughts)
-Hello how are you? (Zanpakuto Spirit speaking in a Shinigami's mind)

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Also, there currently aren't that many. There is one in Chapter 19, and one in Chapter 25. So far that's all. There will be more in the future, but just know that the story is NOT changing its focus. The story is NOT about romance and NOT about smut or sex or stuff like that. The sexual content is just to add another dimension to the depth of the characters'.

The story is still focused on Kishin's journey and his life throughout the Bleach-verse.

Chapter 1

Dark...why is it so dark? Ah...right. I died...well I suppose it isn't so bad. It's sort of peaceful actually. Nice and quiet here. But where is here? I can't see anything. Nor feel anything. All I know is that it's sort of comforting like this. To have no worries about anything. I can finally just let go and drift off.

It was then that a blinding bright light flashed past the mind of this person. A loud noise echoed throughout their entire being.

Eh? Who's disturbing my sleep?! What the hell is this light?! And why the hell is it so loud! It sounds like a goddamn semi-truck!

The light became brighter and brighter and the sound became louder and louder until finally, that person opened their eyes, was too late. The moment they opened their eyes an excruciating amount of pain spread throughout their entire being before disappearing just as fast. They only saw the flash of a bright light before seeing the splatter of red blood and then once darkness. This time however, it didn't take them long before they were able to open their eyes again, but what they saw simply left them a bit speechless. As they looked down they noted that they were currently standing above a small dead corpse. A badly mangled dead corpse. The only features that they could make of said corpse was that it had crimson red hair. The rest of the body was completely mutilated. It was then they heard a loud scream followed by more loud screaming and pretty soon they witnessed a huge crowd gathered together around the dead body.

What's going on? Why am I standing over the dead body of a child?

It was then they turned to look behind them and saw their own reflection in the glass mirror of the shop nearby. What they saw was a small boy that couldn't be older than seven or eight years of age. It was fair skinned with short bright crimson red hair and golden colored eyes standing at a height of about 129cm.

"W-What the hell?! Is that me?!" He waved his arms and walked in a circle several times, however no matter how he looked at it his every movement mirrored exactly what he was seeing in the glass window.

"My hair? I-It's crimson red?! A-And my clothes? It looks exactly the same as that of the dead body! What happened to my black hair? What happened to my assassin cloak?! Why am I in the body of a child?! What the hell is happening?"

He then turned back to look at the crowd that had now completely surrounded the dead body. As he walked over he waved his hands in front of people's faces, but no matter what he tried no one paid him any heed.

"Huh...fancy one can see me. I'm in the same clothes as that dead body over there and have the same colored red hair. No doubt about it. I must be dead…"

He let out a loud sigh and sat down next to his dead body as he watched the police do their job.

I'm pretty sure I died once already. After someone killed grandpa I spent a year tracking down the killers which I eventually found. Seems he was killed by a group of highly skilled assassins. Grandpa was an assassin himself. About 25 years ago, before I was even born, he was hired to kill a big mafia boss. Grandpa succeeded of course, however I guess he was unexpectedly discovered by that mafia boss's kid. That kid was only 5 years old at the time. I guess he couldn't bring himself to kill the kid and let him live. I was born not long after but I never had any contact with my grandfather. At the time at least. My dad was a wealthy business owner and my mom was a diplomat. One day while coming home from school I found them both dead. The assassins that were sent to kill them were also dead. The one who killed them was grandpa. The assassins were hired by a rival company against my dad. This all happened when I was 7. Was I sad? I can't really say. Mom and dad weren't really ever home anyways so I guess it felt more like we were roommates. Grandpa took me in after that day and taught me how to be an assassin. I learnt various skills from him ranging from weapon handling, poison, torture, interrogation, infiltration, hand to hand combat, pain resistance, science, medicine, profiling, etc. Anyways flash forward 14 years into the future. I'm 21 and grandpa is dead. I track down the 6 killers and kill them along with the person who hired them, but killing others comes with risks. Yeah...I died too. Not like I was a god or anything. Killing that many skilled assassins plus their boss who had a whole bunch of bodyguards...Anyways now I'm here. The last thing I recall was several tens of bullets to my chest. I'm pretty sure I should have died. So how did I end up here? And in the body of a fricken child. Do people call this reincarnation? And if I did reincarnate then this was a pretty shitty reincarnation. I mean honestly...this body died right after. And what's with the clothes? Don't tell me the kid was an orphan or something? Sigh...he was hit by a damn semi in the middle of the street and there's a piece of bread on the side of the road. Hm? And this store is the one that sells bread. Looks like my guess is spot on. Probably tried to steal a piece of bread, ran off and got hit.

As he sat there in silence drowned in his own thoughts he suddenly raised his eyebrow curiously.

Huh...I can recall the memories this body possessed and not just the memories from my own original body. Is it because my soul or whatever went into it? According to the memories of this body its name is Kyoya. Chigetsu Kyoya. But my name is Kishin. Sanada Kishin. Since he was only a 7 year old boy there aren't many memories saved up for me to sift through. I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do now. Just hang around here as a spirit I guess? Oh? I guess I could haunt people. That might bring me some entertainment.

Kishin was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard a loud roar echo throughout the city. The buildings around the corner trembled and quaked before some large and strange creature with a gaping hole in its chest appeared with a giant white mask on its face. All the people around the block started running and screaming something about terrorists as they dashed as far away as they could. Kishin just widened his eyes in shock.

"The hell is that?!"

At his loud exclamation the Hollow turned its head and shouted once more in excitement. It began dashing towards him causing Kishin to quickly turn and run, however as he attempted to dash off he was pulled back by the chain in his chest attached to that of his dead body.


The force of the recoil caused him to fall to the ground and frown in confusion. "The hell is this! A chain? Are you serious?! I'm being chained down to my dead body!"

Just as the hollow was about to reach him several people dressed in a black colored shihakusho jumped down from the sky and intercepted it. After several minutes of fierce battling they were able to drive the Hollow off. Kishin just remained sitting there on the ground dumbfounded at what he just witnessed.

Wha-No...that can't be right...those black garbs. Those swords on their waists. That monster with a hole in its chest...They look exactly like the characters in those manga and anime that my schoolmates and I used to read and watch. What are they called again? Shinigami? Hollow? It was so long ago...

He then looked down to where a chain connected from his chest to his dead body was.

This chain. All of can that be? I-Is this the world of Bleach? There's no way!

His thoughts were interrupted once more as one of the Shinigamis walked over to him and said, "Well. Looks like we got here just in time. If we were just a few seconds late this kid would have been Hollow food."

Kishin mentally cursed at the Shinigami's words but ignored it just as fast after he heard that Shinigami mention the word Hollow. Now he knew for sure he had somehow arrived in the world of Bleach. That Shinigami stretched his arms before placing the bottom hilt of his Zanpakuto on Kishin's head. "Alright kid. I reckon you'd rather not experience something like that again so I'll just send you off. Sorry about your death. It looked pretty gruesome. Off to the Soul Society for you."

Before Kishin could respond a glowing blue light erupted around his soul and in mere seconds, transformed into a black hell butterfly.

It's dark words of that Shinigami. That confirms it. I reincarnated into the world of Bleach huh?

After taking a moment to let that fact sink in he began to laugh in his mind a bit manic sounding.

...Ha-Hahahahaha! Or maybe this is just how the world is?! Hahaha! I'm not going crazy am I?! Hahaha!...

He took a deep breath to calm down his emotions before thinking to himself once more.

Ah, well, can't do anything about it so I mind as well go with the flow.

It was then that Kishin felt he could move his own body again. He slowly opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of a clear blue sky, however surrounding him was a dark alley. He took in a deep breath before slowly getting off the hard ground. "He sent me to an alley? If this really is Bleach then that Shinigami sent me to Soul Society. But why did I end up in an alley?"

Just as he was about to walk out of the alleyway he took note of two individuals walking towards him. They were filthy looking and seemed to be in their mid 40's. One was fat and the other average looking.

"Oh? A kid? Hahaha! You might sell for a good price. Why don't you come with us. We promise we won't hurt you. Little boy."

Kishin stared at them with amusement like a predator watching two ignorant vegetarians bark in his face and said condescendingly, "Oh? Two lambs for the slaughter huh?" The moment he finished his sentence the two older men dashed straight for him, however Kishin immediately looked panicked and pointed behind them as he spoke with fear, "W-What the hell is that?!"

His words instantly caused the two older men to instinctively halt in their tracks and turn to look behind them with curiosity, however Kishin smirked and dashed right between the legs of the much larger man and kicked him where he was most vulnerable. Immediately that man groaned in horrible pain and slowly fell down to his knees whilst clutching the throbbing jewels between his legs. As he knelt down in pain he became eye level with Kishin and the moment they made eye contact he felt fear like never before.

Kishin smirked and said with a calm sinister tone, "Arara, what's this? Not so tough now are you? Can't believe you fell for that." Without waiting for a response he gouged out both eyes of the man. Blood spurted everywhere as that man screeched in horror and unbearable pain. This happened so fast that the other average looking man couldn't even react. He was too incredibly shocked. When he finally registered what happened he felt pure anger and fury.

It's just a damn kid! I'll kill this little shit!

However, when he returned to reality he lost sight of the small boy.

Kishin smirked as he had already dashed behind the other guy and also kicked him in his most precious spot once more causing the same thing to happen. As they were eye level Kishin wasted no time gouging out the eyes of that man as well causing him to scream in pain and agony. Blood spurted over Kishin's face and body as he darkly smiled watching the two men grovel and roll around on the ground howling in pain. He then walked away with a smug look on his face as he said mockingly, "This is why you two should treat kids nicely. I suppose you can count this as karma. To pick on a 7 year old kid? Seriously you two scumbags must be blind. Oh wait? Hahaha! I guess you are now. See ya!" Just as he made it outside the alley he was met by several other raggedy looking men and frowned.

Shit...and it looks like my karma came faster than expected. They must have heard the loud cries of those two shitbags in the alley.

It wasn't long before he was dragged back into the alley by the several tens of older men and was beaten black and blue. He groaned and grit his teeth curling up his body as he covered up his most vulnerable areas in protection. After several minutes of them beating him he had bruises and cuts all over him. Blood seeped down his mouth as he breathed heavily. He was starting to lose consciousness.

Damn...I'm blacking out. The difference in our physical strengths right now is too much. Plus, too many of them for me to break free.

Just as he braced himself for another bout of beating he and the group of men heard a loud ominous cry. The cry of a Hollow. Kishin sneaked a peek at his assaulters, however he widened his eyes in shock as he witnessed a Hollow swoop down from the top of the dark alley and chomped everyone's heads off. He didn't waste any time and immediately attempted to stand up to run, however he gritted his teeth as his right ankle was broken from all the beating he took earlier. He frowned and began to crawl as fast as he could out of the alley, however he stopped dead in his tracks as he witnessed another Hollow appear blocking the exit. A moment of silence passed by as he took note of the Hollow in front of him and the Hollow behind him and laughed self-mockingly.

"Ha! Hahahahaha! So that's how it's going to be huh?" He then growled darkly with a mix of nervousness and determination on his face. "Fine. Let's do this, you bastards. You want a piece of me? Then you'll have to pay the price."

He gritted his teeth and wobbly stood up on his one good leg while leaning against the stone hard wall for support. He panted heavily, still injured from his earlier beating and placed his fists in front of him. He took deep steady breaths. He focused his mind as his inner assassin came out. His heart rate slowed down incredibly. It felt like time was slowing to a halting crawl.

Dying three times in 24 hours. What a shitty day.

It was then he heard a voice. A faint yet powerful, resonating voice.

...-ill them.

Kishin frowned as he didn't completely hear what was said, but then he heard it again.

Let me kill them.

Kishin was momentarily startled.

Who are you?

That voice, however, completely ignored his question.

Hehehe-Hahahaha! I'll tear these Hollow maggots to pieces. It seems they were drawn here by your reiatsu.

What ar-

Before Kishin could complete his thought he was interrupted by that voice inside his head.

Looks like we get to have some fun.

Before Kishin could even respond the two Hollows dashed right for him. It was then he felt a pounding headache and the only thing he could see was red. A burning sensation welled up inside of him and he felt nothing but the want to murder. To kill. To slaughter. A red crimson light erupted from his body and passed through the two Hollows before a loud resonating blast could be heard.


And then silence. The cry of the two Hollows were gone. The only sound left was that of the falling pieces of small rubble that had made up the walls of the alley. Kishin felt as if all the strength had been drained from his body and blacked out. The last thing he saw was the figure of some tall man in a white haori with white hair...

**2 Days Later**

Dark...why is it always dark. Feels like deja vu. Ugh...damn headache.

Kishin groaned as he stirred in his sleep. He slowly opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of flowers. He frowned and said aloud to himself. "Did I...die?" He was startled fully awake by the sound of a voice.

"Not yet."

Kishin quickly sat up in bed and stared at the person by his bedside.

White Haori. Black shihakusho. Long white hair. Gentle looking face. This is...Ukitake Jushiro? If memory serves me right.

Jushiro smiled amiably as he curiously watched the small boy in front of him stare right back and observe him.

What a curious little child. We were informed of some Hollow activity on the outskirts of northern Rukongai in district 70. After the incident that happened not too long ago I decided to go see for myself and did indeed sense two Hollows, however when I got to the site there was a burst of powerful crimson red reiatsu and the presence of the two Hollows disappeared right after. I found this child in the spot of the residual energy field. Thankfully Captain Unohana was able to heal his injuries, but how interesting. He can't be more than 7 years old yet he's so calm. He's even taking the time to observe me instead of freaking out.

Jushiro was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Kishin speak. "Where am I?"

Jushiro amiably responded. "Don't worry, you're someplace safe."

Kishin just inwardly sighed to himself. Oh...he sees me as a 7 year old kid...Ah well he's not wrong I guess. But it's a pain to have to act the part. Heh, whatever. I'll just do what I want.

Kishin looked around the room once more before asking, "Okay, where is this room located?"

Jushiro widened his eyes in shock at the question. H-He's really taking everything pretty calmly. H-He's only 7 years old right? Amazing! But will he understand what I say if I told him? Well, I'll just give it a try.

Jushiro cleared his throat before responding, "'re in the 13th division barracks of Seireitei."

Kishin widened his eyes a bit surprised and tilted his head up to look at the ceiling as he pondered for a bit. "Hm...I see. Seireitei. Then was I not in Seireitei before? Rukongai maybe..."

Jushiro was once again astonished at the relaxed nature and fluency of the child before him.

Incredible! The way he speaks and contemplates...his relaxed nature. Wait...does he really understand that Seireitei is a place? He's from Rukongai district 70. And the northern district at that where few souls interact with those of us from Seireitei.

Once again Jushiro cleared his throat. "I found you in the 70th northern district of Rukongai."

"So it was Rukongai...then what about those…" Kishin paused for a moment thinking carefully about what he should say next.

Do I say Hollow? Should I as a 7 year old kid even know what a Hollow is? Maybe I should play the 7 year old card a bit. It may be in my best interest to remain here in the Seireitei with Jushiro. For the time being at least.

"...what happened to those monsters?"

Jushiro's expression softened as he recalled the state that he found Kishin in and responded, "Ah...those things. They're gone."

"Ehhh? What were they?"

Jushiro considered Kishin's question for a moment before electing that he mind as well tell the kid straight up exactly what they were since it seemed the young boy was sharper than most. "Those creatures were called Hollow. Essentially they are souls that have been corrupted."

Kishin then pointed his small finger at Jushiro and asked, "Then who are you?"

Jushiro let out a sigh of relief as he never thought the boy was ever going to ask him.

"I'm Jushiro. Ukitake Jushiro. And what's your name?"

"I'm…" He paused for a moment and recalled the soul that he was now in.

I suppose...since I'm in this kid's body I should honor him a bit...His name was Chigetsu Kyoya. I'll take his surname. Chigetsu. Mn.

He then pointed to himself and said, "I'm Kishin. Chigetsu Kishin."

Jushiro nodded happily. "Then you can call me Jushiro. Is it alright if I call you Kishin?"

Kishin nodded before asking, "So what happens to me now?"

Jushiro's expression faltered as he seriously gave it some thought.

This child...if he's sent back out to Rukongai it'll actually end up being more troublesome. I never imagined that he'd have so much reiryoku for such a young age. His small body can't contain all of his reiryoku so he's unconsciously leaking it out as reiatsu. It's attracting Hollows causing them to crossover. I wonder if...I wonder if he'll be interested in sticking around.

Jushiro cleared his throat and carefully asked, "Ahem...Shin-chan. What would you like to do? I'd like to hear what you think first."

Ehhhh...Shin-chan? Didn't we just agree that he can call me by my first name? He's already using a nickname huh...that was fast.

Kishin pondered for a moment before pointing to Jushiro. "Then, can I stay with you?"

Gah...I sound so lame. I really said that in my 7 year old voice.

In Kishin's head he seriously thought he sounded lame, however in Jushiro's eyes his heart skipped a beat.

This child is precious! Hahaha! Very well, I'll take him in.

Jushiro quickly nodded his head and replied with a smile. "Mn. I was going to ask if you wanted to stay here with me too! I'll work things out from my end so you don't have to worry about anything. From now on you'll be a member of the 13th division!"

Kishin was at a bit of a loss for words.

Eh? Seriously? Just like that? Huh...that was easier than I thought...

The next day Kishin was dressed in a black standard Shinigami shihakusho that had been fitted to his size. He was currently walking throughout the compound while following Rukia around who was showing him the place.

Kuchiki Rukia. Hmm...So she's still here huh? And she looks pretty young. I reckon she's probably around 10 or 11 in human years so...maybe 100 or 110 in Shinigami years? Interesting...but, there doesn't seem to be a Lieutenant around. The atmosphere around here seems...a bit sad. I wonder if something happened.

He was snapped out of his thoughts as Rukia pointed to a building and said, "This is the Rain Dried Hall. Captain Ukitake is in here most of the time to recover his health, so if you need to find him for anything you can come here."

Kishin nodded before asking curiously, "Rukia-senpai, did something happen? The atmosphere seems a bit gloomy."

Rukia inwardly flinched as her expression faltered a bit. She took a deep breath before replying, "I-I suppose you can say that...just last week our Lieutenant...Shiba Kaien passed away in combat…anyways that's why Captain Ukitake happened to be in Rukongai when you were found. He was still scoping out the area to make sure there wasn't any other strange Hollows in the vicinity."

Kishin frowned a bit at this revelation.

Kaien? Did something like that happen? I don't remember too much about the story. I had stopped when the Bount arc aired so I'm not too familiar with all the details on what had happened. Everything I know that happened after the Bount arc was just from hearing what other people talked about and occasionally reading and seeing things on the web.

Kishin took notice that the subject was bringing down the mood even more so he quickly changed topics.

"Rukia-senpai, Captain Ukitake said that I have reiryoku and my reiryoku is leaking out as reiatsu. Can you explain to me what it is and how it works?"

Rukia was snapped out of her depressed state and stared down at Kishin with a bit of shock.

H-He already knows the terms Reiryoku and Reiatsu? A-And he wants ME to teach him about it? I...don't know if I can do a good job.

Kishin noted the conflicted look on Rukia's face so he grinned and grabbed her hand as he pulled her over to the training ground. He then sat down on the grass in front of her and said teasingly, "Okay, I'm ready Rukia-sensei."

Rukia felt her cheeks tint a bit of pink in embarrassment at Kishin calling her sensei, but it was because of that that her conflicted feelings of doubt about her skills vanished and instead a certain feeling of pride welled up inside her. She was reminded of the time when she would ask Kaien to teach and train her as well so she smiled warmly and steeled her resolve.

"Heh. Very well, since you asked you better be prepared Kishin! No slacking off do you hear?"

Kishin grinned and nodded.

Hoh? Seems my childish acting did the trick. Nice, now I can learn some more about how to control my own power.

It was then Rukia began her lecture. Kishin sat and listened in great earnest as he took in all the information.

Hmmm...I see. So there are three main principles of understanding regarding reiatsu. There is reiryoku, reiatsu, and then reikaku. Reiryoku is the amount of spiritual energy inside a person. In essence it is a measure of one's potential and is used to perform Kido. Reikaku is the skill of spiritual sense. In other words, seeing with the spirit instead of seeing with the eyes. To better feel and predict where a target will be. And finally reiatsu is spiritual pressure. The ability to exert and control one's spiritual energy. The better one can control one's reiatsu the stronger their power. At the same time continuous training and meditation can increase one's reiryoku raising their potential.

As Rukia finished her explanation Kishin quickly interjected, "Rukia-san, I want to attempt to control my reiatsu right now."

Rukia was a bit taken aback but nodded approvingly. "Alright. It's true that your reiatsu is always leaking out of your body. It would cause a lot of trouble if you were to ever leave the Seireitei without learning how to control it."

Kishin nodded and immediately closed his eyes.

Mn...this is similar to the training that grandpa put me through when I trained to become an assassin. Although I didn't have reiatsu as a human, the training principle is similar. Empty the mind of all thought. Focus on two points. The center point above the brows and the center point of the abdomen. Imagine a drop of water dripping down into the abdomen creating a small ripple and then flowing back up to the mind's point. Back and forth, back and forth, again and again and again. Take slow deep breaths through the nose and just feel. Let go. Let go of all reservations.

He didn't know how long he was in his meditation for when he was snapped out of his thoughts from the feeling of someone violently shaking his shoulder. As he opened his eyes with annoyance he widened his eyes with a bit of shock. The training ground area was in shambles. The nearby buildings had cracks and tears in them and the passerby division members stood huddled in fear by the corner of the buildings. It was then he heard Rukia let out a deep sigh of relief. "Phew...You finally woke up."

Kishin stared in a bit of a daze before a curious expression graced his face. He then pointed innocently to himself and asked, "Oh? Did I do this?"

Rukia could only stare in disbelief at Kishin's nonchalant attitude.

T-This kid! Honestly he's too relaxed. And h-how is it that he possesses such strong reiatsu? He's just like that prodigy who joined the 10th division. I believe his name was Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Rukia snapped out of her thoughts as she scolded. "Kishin! Be a bit more concerned will you? If this was anywhere else but the Seireitei you could have killed someone. Understand?"

Kishin awkwardly smiled and nodded. " bad Rukia-san. I'll be more careful."

Rukia could only sigh and accept his answer. It was then they were interrupted by the voice of Captain Ukitake.

"OOOHHH?! Amazing!"

Rukia was startled at Ukitake's unannounced arrival and quickly respectfully greeted him. "C-Captain!"

Ukitake just let out an amiable laugh. "Ahahaha, it's fine Rukia. No need to be so polite. I didn't mean to startle you. It's just...I couldn't help feeling the powerful reiatsu coming from the training field." He then turned to look at Kishin with careful consideration before nodding his head with an approving smile. "Mn. As I thought. It was coming from you Kishin."

Kishin had a smug look plastered on his face. "Yeah! I thought I'd train to get my reiatsu under control so it wouldn't keep bothering people."

"Ah, you only just woke up yesterday but are already trying so hard. You're growing up so fast."

Kishin simply smirked at Jushiro's comment. "Captain, I can't remain a kid forever. How about you help me with my training?"

Jushiro thought for a moment before nodding in agreement. "'re still so young...Haaaaah...but I suppose it would be in everyone's best interest if you got your reiatsu under control as quickly as possible. Very well. Then listen carefully. Just do like you did earlier, however the next time you go into deep meditation don't just let go of all reservations. The key is, once you feel that state of freedom, to then forcefully grasp onto it and control it. Like a rope. An anchor. A weight. Grab onto that feeling and bind it to yourself. That feeling is your reiatsu. Control it. Weave it. Bind it. Command it. It is yours. If you just let it go and have free reign like you did earlier you might end up seriously injuring someone. Understand?"

Kishin took a moment to contemplate Jushiro's advice before he smiled in understanding. "Oh? I see...I see! Hahaha so that's what I should do."

Jushiro and Rukia could only stare at Kishin dumbfoundedly as they watched him go right back into meditation as they both thought the same thing at that moment.

EH? D-Did he really understand that?

However they could only be forced to believe it as in the next moment they witnessed something incredible. A powerful burst of crimson red reiatsu erupted from Kishin's body. The crimson red aura was brighter the further it flashed out but got darker and darker as it neared the center of Kishin's body. Jushiro and Rukia felt their skin crawl a bit at how ominous the aura felt, however they were shocked that his reiatsu began to condense and coalesce towards the center of his body until all of it remained within a 5 meter radius of him.

"Incredible. Simply incredible. I only gave him minimal advice and he was able to understand what I meant. No...better yet he was able to feel and do exactly what I described. That's even harder. To think that he can already condense his reiatsu to a mere 3 meters around him when before it was leaking everywhere." Jushiro commented with a flat tone as he was so shocked inside that the tone of his voice didn't even change to match his feelings. Rukia however not only had an expression of extreme shock, but she also had a hint of fear.

I-Incredible! His reiatsu is so powerful I thought I'd be crushed under its weight. I only get this feeling in the presence of Captains releasing their reiatsu. The amount of reiryoku he possesses is tremendous and the density of his reiatsu is heavy. He's only 7 years old! His potential is limitless. But his reiatsu felt so ominous. Like a murderer. Slaughterer. It was frightening. If he didn't control it when he did I'm afraid the surrounding division members could have ended up going insane. Perhaps even have their minds crushed from the pressure. A Shinigami's reiatsu somewhat reflects the kind of Zanpakuto spirit within them. Just what kind of Zanpakuto would he manifest in the future?

After 5 minutes of successfully suppressing his reiatsu Kishin's back became drenched in sweat. He concentrated hard but pulling his reiatsu towards his body and keeping it contained felt almost like placing two magnets of the same polarity right next to each other and forcing them to stick. Instead of attracting each other they create a sphere of repulsion.


Kishin was crushed into the ground under the weight of his own reiatsu as the dense energy he collected around himself rushed out and diffused into the area. Jushiro widened his eyes in alarm and quickly arrived by Kishin's side, but he let out a sigh of relief as he noted that Kishin was fine.

Kishin just huffed and panted heavily from mental exhaustion. "I think...huff...I kind of...huff...get it…"

Jushiro just smiled in relief and nodded. "Mn. How about you take a break for awhile."

Kishin could only nod in agreement.

The weeks and months passed by with nothing too major happening. He remained cooped up within the 13th division barracks on orders of Ukitake as he wanted Kishin to first learn to better control his reiatsu. Kishin didn't mind as that was his plan from the start. He would wake up at 5 in the morning to stretch for an hour and then jog around the barracks for two hours. Afterwards he'd eat and rest for an hour which by then was around 9am. He would then go to the training grounds and practice Zanjutsu with the other division members. At first they were hesitant to teach such a young kid how to wield a sword, but after Kishin managed to convince Jushiro to let him learn by stating that he wanted to be a Shinigami and how learning with the 13th division would be safer than him trying to learn on his own, the Captain could only sigh in agreement and gave in. Zanjutsu training went on for 2 hours which by then was around 11am. To the surprise of the entire division Kishin was surprisingly adept, but what they didn't know was that he was an assassin in his past life and retained his memories so he had plenty of experience with weapon wielding. From 11am to noon he would shower and eat which took another hour. Then from noon to 5pm he would train in controlling his reiatsu. Afterwards he gave himself 2 hours of free time which he would spend time playing pranks on the other division members or he would spend it with Rukia, having her tell him stories about Soul Society.

He had her read to him and make her teach him about Kido. Then from 7pm to 10pm he'd spend time with Jushiro. The Captain would spend his time in peace and quiet with Kishin and simply answered any and all questions Kishin had to the best of his ability. To Jushiro's astonishment, Kishin never ran out of questions to ask so they would always end up having lots to talk about for the full three hours. From 10pm to midnight Kishin would bring books from the 13th division library back to his room and simply read on more information about the world before sleeping and starting the entire process all over again.

He currently stood in the middle of his room as he observed himself in the mirror with curiosity.

"Ehhh? Even though an entire year has passed I barely grew at all. I don't look any different than I normally do except for the fact that I'm not skin and bones anymore and I'm not in raggedy clothes. I guess Shinigami really do age slower than humans. Still...even knowing that, it's still a bit weird witnessing it personally. If I was still human my 7 year old self would be 8 right now and there definitely would have been some sort of change. Oh well. I suppose that means there's more time for me to do what I want."

As he dressed in the standard Shinigami shihakusho and walked outside to begin his daily routine he took note of Jushiro walking out towards the entrance of the division so he rushed over. "Captain!"

Jushiro turned to see Kishin run over to him and smiled. "Shin-chan, how many times have I told you that you can just call me Jushiro."

Kishin pondered for a moment before replying smugly, "Then...Shiro-chan."

Jushiro let out a defeated sigh.

I can't ever win against Kishin.

He was snapped out of his thoughts as Kishin asked, "Where are you going off to so early?"

"Mnnn...I was just going for a walk. Did you want to come? Now that I think about it ever since you arrived in Seireitei you haven't been outside of the 13th division barracks."

Kishin's eyes seemed to sparkle with a hint of mischief and intriguement as he quickly agreed to tag along. As the two of them were walking throughout the Seireitei they bumped into several people, all of whom were from different divisions. It was then that Jushiro waved his arms up high and shouted, "OHH?! Captain Shiba! Shiro-chan!"

Kishin stared at the direction that Jushiro was waving and inwardly flinched. He stared at the young boy walking next to Captain Shiba with curiosity.

Hmm? Is that...Hitsugaya Toshiro? And who's Captain Shiba? The Captain before Toshiro? I wonder what happens to him for Hitsugaya to take over as Captain. Err...he looks like Ichigo's dad…

As both parties closed the distance Jushiro amiably introduced everyone. "Kishin, this is Shiba Isshin. He's the Captain of the 10th division and the one next to him is Shiro-chan!"

Toshiro was immediately irked at Jushiro's introduction and quickly interjected, "O-Oi! My name is Toshiro! Hitsugaya Toshiro! Not Shiro-chan!"

Jushiro just simply smiled and pulled out a few pieces of candy from inside his haori putting them in Toshiro's hands before also giving some to Kishin. Toshiro pouted and replied bluntly, "I don't need your candy. I'm not a kid."

Jushiro just kept smiling and continued where he left off. "Captain Shiba, Shiro-chan, this is Kishin. Chigetsu Kishin. The young boy I mentioned about to you before."

"Oh? So this is that kid that you found on the outskirts of northern Rukongai district 70. Mnnn...Hoh? Not bad. He's got some presence. Nice reiatsu. How old is he?" Isshin asked.

"Kishin is...I believe he is now 8 years old in human years but technically 1 year old in Shinigami years. But if he were born as a Shinigami originally he'd be about 70-80 years old. And...since he arrived in Soul Society he's aging much slower so...I suppose his real age's quite complicated. In the end he's 8 in human years but remains looking like he's 7 years old. Ah...well for simplicity sake let's just say that Shin-chan is officially a Shinigami so we'll just convert his human years all into Shinigami years. Shin-chan would then be 71 years of age."

Isshin and Toshiro simply stared at Jushiro with a blank expression completely lost at his long winded explanation, but in the end after taking time to process all the information they widened their eyes with a bit of shock as Isshin remarked, "E-Ehhh?! Truly? Hm...Damn. Not bad. So he's only technically 1 year old in Shinigami years and 7-8 in human years yet he already has a refined control over his reiatsu. If we go off of that then Toshiro is about 8-9 years old in human years and about 80-90 years old in Shinigami years. So I guess 81 years old huh? Anyways what kind of training did you put the kid through Ukitake?"

Jushiro awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. "Ah-Ahahaha, I really didn't do anything."

Kishin listened to them talk as he unwrapped a candy popping it into his mouth. He took note that Toshiro didn't touch his candy so he smiled mischievously and said, "Oi, kid, if you aren't going to eat your candy I'll take it off your hands."

A thick vein popped off of Toshiro's forehead. "H-Huh?! Oi oi, who do you think you're calling a kid? Aren't you a child yourself?"

Kishin smirked at his success to rile up Toshiro. "Me? A child? I wonder who's acting more childish right now."

Another vein popped on Toshiro's head as he balled up his fist in annoyance. Kishin stared down at Toshiro's fist and let out a sigh while shaking his head. "Haaa...never mind. You crushed your candy just now. What a waste."

Toshiro realized his mistake and involuntarily exclaimed, "AH! I-No...I mean. I-"

Kishin sported a smug look as he watched Toshiro's embarrassed reaction. "Ha-Hahaha! So you really did want the candy. Then you should have just said so."

Toshiro looked at Kishin incredulously as he realized he fell for Kishin's ploy. "Y-You tr-"

Before he could finish his sentence Kishin threw a few pieces of his own candy at him forcing Toshiro to widen his eyes in shock and catch the incoming sweets.

"There. You can have some of mine. Take it as compensation for providing me with a bit of entertainment."

A moment of silence passed in the air as Isshin and Toshiro just looked at Kishin with disbelief while Jushiro had an awkward and apologetic smile on his face. It was then the silence was broken from Isshin's loud laugh. "Ha! Hahahaha! Oi! I like this kid. Hahaha!" He made a thumbs up gesture to Kishin and praised, "Mn! Not bad kid! Not bad at all! Please be friends with Toshiro! He could use someone like you around him. He's too serious all the time."

Toshiro stared at his Captain in shock as he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kishin still had that smug look on his face and nodded. "Alright. Then I'll come visit the 10th division sometimes. You come visit the 13th division sometimes too. Shi-Ro-Chan." Kishin remarked and teased towards the end.

Toshiro clenched his fist in disbelief and annoyance towards the end, however Kishin simply shook his head and sarcastically reprimanded, "Wow. You really didn't want to eat the candy."

Toshiro widened his eyes in extreme shock as he realized he once again crushed the candy in his hands. This time he couldn't hold back his irritation from all the teasing and taunting.

Too hell with keeping my composure! I'm gonna strangle this kid to death right now or I won't be satisfied!

Toshiro immediately dashed after Kishin who had already taken off running in the distance while shouting, "Captain Ukitake, thanks for showing me around but I think I'll head back to the barracks! Bye bye!"

Isshin and Jushiro could only stare dumbfoundedly and amusedly at the whole ordeal as they watched Toshiro chase after Kishin off into the distance.

Isshin made one last comment. "Huh. Your new recruit is really something. Ukitake."

Jushiro simply nodded his head. "Yeah…"