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Chapter 61

The morning sun in the Soul Society casted a warm and gentle orange glow throughout the Seireitei as various Shinigami from different Divisions carried out their duties. Within the Kuchiki manor in the west part of the building annex laid Rukia in her room as she stirred awake in her sleep. Letting out a tired yawn she arched her back and stretched her arms above her head.

"Nnggh…" She let out a gentle moan and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

She knew that she couldn't sleep in today as things in the Soul Society seemed to be in a tense state. She sat up on her mattress letting her blanket fall from her shoulder exposing her soft, beautiful skin to the cool morning air.

"I should get going…" She told herself as she walked over to her wardrobe and dressed for the day. Aside from the standard black shihakusho, she wore white fingerless tekko gloves that covered her arm til just above her elbows. Her Lieutenant's badge was wrapped around her left upper arm and her Zanpakuto was strapped on the left side of her waist. Her hair was still cut short reaching down to around her chin area with a few strands falling along the front side of her face.

She took a glance at the small table in her room which held a picture of her and Kishin together in a playpen of bunnies. She couldn't help but smile, but it soon turned serious as she recalled her text message with him last night.

Should I head to Karakura Town today? What was he talking about anyways? Were there any serious incidents that happened recently?

They both had been so busy lately that they hadn't seen each other for the past few days. Not to mention Ukitake's condition wasn't in the best shape. He had only started to regain his strength in recent days. Typically after every Captains' meeting he would return to the Rain Dried Hall to recuperate so she didn't bother asking if there was anything she needed to be aware of. Besides if there were any serious threats or dangers that needed to be addressed, likely the other Divisions had been dispatched to deal with it.

She finally stepped outside of her room and walked around the Kuchiki compound when she caught sight of Byakuya heading towards the gate alongside Renji.

Hm? What's with the serious look on their faces?

She immediately made her way over to them.

"Onii-sama, Renji. Are you both heading out?" Rukia asked in curiosity, seeing the grave look on their faces.

Renji tilted his head and questioned confusedly, "Rukia? You didn't hear?"

Rukia just shook her head. "Hear about what?"

Renji had a complicated look on his face as if he wasn't sure how to explain, but in the end he decided to be straightforward about it. "I guess it makes sense that you haven't heard yet. I just found out myself what the situation was when Captain Kuchiki returned."

Rukia just innocently blinked. "What situation?"

"Apparently, Ichigo's sister, Karin is suspected of killing her fellow classmates from the Shino Academy. Furthermore, we received orders to arrest Ichigo for questioning in the matter pertaining to the disappearances of Shinigami in the Dangai."

Rukia was immediately alarmed. "W-What?! That can't be? There must be a mistake, right?"

Renji shook his head. "I don't want to believe it either, but these are our orders."

Byakuya noted the conflicted look in Rukia's eyes and averted his gaze from her. "Rukia. It's best for you to not interfere."

Immediately Rukia thought back to Kishin's message asking her to join him.

Guess I'll be breaking the rules.

"It can't be just the two of you who are going, right?" She asked, trying to find out more information.

Renji shook his head in response. "No. Since it's Ichigo we're talking about, you already know that he's going to resist so we're about to meet up with Captain Hirako and Captain Chigetsu right now before we leave for Karakura Town."

"Eh? Both Captain Hirako and-" She stopped mid-sentence, somewhat confused.

Did I hear wrong?

"Renji, did you say that Kishin is going too?"

Renji blinked, seeing the confused look in Rukia's eyes. "Yeah...why? Something wrong?"

Rukia somewhat frowned, but she remembered that Kishin asked her to keep his whereabouts a secret so she decided to say nothing about it.

Maybe he came back last night?

"Rukia?" Renji questioned.

"Ah, it's nothing. Just, never mind." She innocently smiled and decided to find out more from Ukitake. "Then, I'll head out first."

She quickly waved and dashed off towards the 13th Division barracks leaving a somewhat confused Renji and a somewhat suspicious Byakuya. She ran across Seireitei jumping from one orange rooftop tile to another with her fastest speed, but just as she passed by the 10th Division barracks she caught sight of the familiar back and red crimson hair of Kishin standing atop a roof nearby.

Eh? He really did come back!

Immediately she made her way over to him.

"Kishin." She gently called out his name.

Kishin turned and gave his usual warm-hearted smile that he only showed to her.


The way he called her name was always deep and soothing.

She smiled as he walked over and held her in a tight embrace. Rukia too clasped her arms behind his back and tightly squeezed.

"You should've told me if you were coming back. I was planning on joining you, you know." She said as she buried her head into his chest.

Kishin immediately became wary from hearing her words and squeezed her a little tighter as if afraid that she'd leave him abandoned. The light in his eyes sparked with a blue light for just a moment before returning to normal unbeknownst to Rukia.

"Kishin?" She questioned, feeling as if something was wrong.

She glanced up at him wondering why he seemed so anxious. Kishin merely glanced back and leaned in for a kiss, but just then Shinji's loud voice interrupted them.

"Can ya save that stuff for later? Seriously, kids nowadays."

Rukia's entire face turned red as she immediately turned her head and buried her face into Kishin's chest to hide her embarrassment. Kishin clicked his tongue in annoyance from being interrupted and gave an angry glare at Shinji who simply placed his hand in the air.

"What?" Shinji innocently replied. "You don't plan to keep us waiting all day are ya? The sooner we get this over with the better."

Kishin just sighed and finally let go of Rukia, gently poking her nose. "I'll be back soon. We can pick up where we left off then." He winked and then disappeared with Shinji.

Rukia remained in place, still somewhat dazed as she stared off towards the Senkaimon gate in the distance. Just then a buzz came from her denreishinki prompting her to take a look at the new message she received, but what she saw immediately caused her face to drain of all color.


"Sorry for the late reply. I was in the middle of something. Anyways, join me and I'll tell you everything you want to know. Might not be back in the Soul Society for a few more days." -Kishin

Rukia glanced back up towards the direction Kishin and Shinji disappeared to before glancing back down at her denreishinki. She checked the time stamp of the message, then double checked, triple checked, quadruple checked, but there was no mistake. The message was indeed sent just now, but she found it impossible since she just saw him.

Why the need to send a message if they were just talking face to face right now?

Millions of thoughts were running through her mind at this moment causing her heart to beat faster and faster in suspicion.

W-What's going on here?!

Immediately she texted a reply.


"Go easy on Ichigo. Hopefully with Onii-sama and Captain Hirako's help things will go smoothly." -Rukia

She clutched her denreishinki in her hands close to her heart hoping that she received an answer that would help clear up the confusion in her head.


She didn't have to wait long for a reply and immediately opened her messages.


"Ichigo? What about him? Did Soul Society send Byakuya and Shinji somewhere?" -Kishin


Rukia's heart wanted to leap out of her chest. She could only stare with blank eyes at the message on her screen. Her fingers furiously began tapping away once more.


"Where are you right now?" -Rukia


"Karakura Town...wait, are you planning on joining me then senpai? :)" -Kishin


She could hear so clearly in her head the sound of his smooth dark voice calling her senpai. He was the only one who really called her that, but it only made her more confused. If it truly was Kishin on the other end of the messages writing to her, then what about the Kishin she just saw?


"You really didn't come back to Soul Society yet? Even for just a few minutes?" -Rukia


"No...Rukia, what's going on? Are you alright? Should I come back right now?" -Kishin

By now Rukia couldn't help but feel a sense of fear. If the one she was messaging was Kishin, then who was it that she had hugged? In fact, if that person wasn't Kishin, she was horrified that she had almost kissed him! But if the one messaging her was the fake one, then how was it that this imposter got a hold of his denreishinki? Only more questions continued to fill her thoughts.


"I'm fine. Just...I might make a stop by the World of the Living today. See you later?" -Rukia


"I'll be waiting." -Kishin

Something was wrong...something was very wrong. There's only one way to find out for sure. Her expression hardened as she immediately decided to head straight for Karakura Town herself.

"Using the main Senkaimon gate is too risky." She said to herself and bolted straight back towards the Kuchiki manor.

Being a Great Noble Clan they had their own personal Senkaimon gate that went unchecked and unmonitored by the Soul Society. She could easily sneak in and out of the World of the Living undetected.

What's going on? I'm sure Kishin is messaging me, but I know I just saw him. Did he lose his denreishinki and someone else is messaging me? But why did he seem so anxious this morning then?

She shook her head out of the clouds and frowned. "Whatever this is, it's not good."

Being a Lieutenant level Shinigami her senses for danger were more attuned than normal Shinigami and her conscience was whispering to her that turmoil was definitely on the way.


The familiar doors of the Senkaimon gate opened in the middle of the morning sky in Karakura Town as several figures stepped through. They were Shinji, Kishin, Byakuya, and Renji.

Shinji glanced at Renji and questioned, "Abarai, why're you here again?"

Seeing as he was the only Lieutenant that was brought along, Renji did feel a bit awkward, but he had insisted on coming along with Byakuya. With an awkward cough, Renji answered, "I-uh...well I'm here to help?"

Kishin just smirked. "Were you answering a question or asking a question?"

"O-Oi! You know what I mean. Hmpf." Renji elected to dodge the question. He knew that with three Captains here there was no way they would fail, but still he insisted on coming which was why Byakuya brought him along.

Byakuya furrowed his brow as he couldn't clearly sense where Ichigo's reiatsu was. Normally it'd be easy due to Ichigo's poor reiatsu control, but this time it seemed almost as if he had vanished.

Kishin on the other hand cracked his knuckles and started drawing a circle with various symbols on the air whilst chanting a Kido spell.

"Bakudo #58: Kakushitsuiji."

The circle lit up in a brilliant blue as numbers began to appear inside his head. After several seconds passed he glanced towards the direction of Naruki City and smirked.

"Found him." Kishin said.

Shinji let out a sigh as he clearly didn't want to go through with the order to arrest Ichigo, however since he was given an order he was going to try and complete the mission without having it escalate too much.

"Well how about that. Leave it to Captain Chigetsu to quickly find a solution." Shinji casually remarked.

The four of them immediately made their way to Naruki City and stood on the roof of a building that had definitely seen better days.

"Is this it?" Renji curiously asked with a hint of doubt. "A bit run down isn't it?"

Shinji tilted his head to the side and inspected the building with his spiritual sense. "There ain't nothing that special about this place, but that's exactly why it's kind of suspicious." Shinji commented.

Byakuya furrowed his brow. "If Ichigo is here then he must be inside a barrier that is hiding his presence."

"Then what now?" Renji asked.

Kishin grinned as his eyes flickered with a dark glint. "Easy. Just flush him out."

He placed his hand on the roof of the building with the intent to destroy the entire building and said aloud, "Hado #71: Sodai S-"

"STOP!" A loud voice immediately prompted Kishin to pause as everyone turned towards the newcomer.

"Who're you?" Renji asked.

"Kugo. The leader of Xcution. Who the hell are you guys and what right do you have to just go around destroying buildings?" Kugo replied with anger.

It was then that several others appeared by Kugo's side.

There was a tall middle aged man with short dark hair in a bartender outfit with a black leather strap covering his right eye.

A young, slender girl with magenta colored eyes and matching long hair also stood by Kugo's side.

Next to her was another female with dark skin and chin length black hair in dark knee length boots.

There was also a young boy with blond hair that partially covered half his face dressed in a dark coat wearing a dark black cap to match.

The last of the unknown members by Kugo's side was a teenage boy sporting a mohawk with bandage wraps covering his right arm dressed in a high school uniform.

The other three members however were recognizable as they were Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, and Ichigo himself.

Ichigo merely blinked in confusion and questioned aloud, "E-Eh? Byakuya? Shinji? Kishin? And Renji? What are you guys doing here?"

Kugo frowned and glanced at Ichigo. "Oi, you know these guys?"

Ichigo nodded. "Yeah. They're-uh...well we're...friends?"

Kugo gave Ichigo a somewhat questioning look. "You didn't sound very confident there."

Ichigo just scratched the back of his head. "Well, it's sorta complicated. Anyways, we know each other." Turning his attention back to the Shinigami, he questioned again, "So, what're you guys doing here?"

Shinji shifted uncomfortably and let out a long sigh. "Ichigo, don't take this the wrong way, buuuuut we're here to arrest you."

Immediately Ichigo stared at them in confusion. "A-Arrest me?!"

Byakuya rested his hand on top of his Zanpakuto in a relaxed manner and added, "Don't resist. As long as you've done nothing wrong then you will be released once the situation is resolved."

Ichigo quickly took a step back in retreat. "Wait, hold on just a second! Why am I being arrested? Just what the hell is happening?"

Kishin shrugged and dusted off the dirt on his hands from touching the roof of the building. "You're a suspect in an ongoing case. On the off chance that you're involved you need to be detained."

Ichigo shook his head and instantly held his Zanpakuto in hand. "You've gotta be kidding me. Karin has been kidnapped so sorry, but I can't comply."

Ichigo then turned to Renji and pleaded with him. "Renji, you guys can't be serious about this right? Whatever you guys suspect me of, you know that I didn't do it!"

Renji could only clench his hands into fists. "I'm sorry Ichigo. I know you didn't do it but orders are orders. We already have Captains' looking into the matter of your sister. Just come with us. I promise that if you aren't found guilty after 24 hours of detainment then I'll let you out myself."

Ichigo frowned and shook his head again. "Sorry but no. I'm going to find my sister. Whatever you guys suspect me for, I didn't do it."

Shinji sighed as he and Byakuya drew their Zanpakutos.

"I figured it'd have to be the hard way." Shinji grumbled.

Kugo immediately stepped forward and gripped his cross shaped pendant causing a light to burst forth. There in its place was a giant two-handed broadsword with the handle running through the base of the blade creating a hollow hole that could be used as an extra grip space.

"If you think that we'll just let you take Ichigo then think again." Kugo said as he raised his broadsword by his shoulder.

"Kugo…" Ichigo called out, surprised that the Fullbringer would risk taking a stand with him. The other Fullbringers took a step forward as well, not backing down, however Shinji and Byakuya didn't see them as a threat at all as their expressions remained completely indifferent.

"So be it." Byakuya said as he and Shinji immediately charged forward with incredible speed.

Just as the two sides were about to clash, several yellow chains immediately shot out from behind Shinji and Byakuya binding them midair.

"What?!" Shinji and Byakuya exclaimed in shock as they recognized the spell as Kido.

"Bakudo #63: Sajo Sabaku." Kishin's voice had a hint of disdain and condescendance in it as he watched the two immobilized Captains crash on the streets below. Even Renji had been bound, fallen over on top of the roof.

Ichigo and the Fullbringers were so shocked at what they witnessed that they remained completely speechless.

"K-Kishin...what're you doing?!" Renji shouted in shock.

In fact, he was so shocked that he even forgot to address Kishin by his Captain title.

Kishin just ignored Renji and immediately appeared above Byakuya with his Zanpakuto drawn. With no hesitation at all he stabbed downwards aiming right for Byakuya's heart.


Ichigo immediately moved with his fastest Shunpo and deflected the blow forcing Kishin back to create some space between them.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Ichigo shouted in shock.

Kishin merely smirked. "What do you mean? They wanted to arrest you, I'm helping you out."

Ichigo's hands began to tremble from a mixture of shock and anger. "You're lying! That attack just were really trying to kill Byakuya!"


The Kido chains that bound everyone quickly broke apart as Byakuya released his Shikai to cut them into pieces. Byakuya made an unsightly expression as he deathly glared at Kishin.

"Who are you?" Byakuya questioned with anger.

Kishin glanced at Byakuya disdainfully. "I don't understand your question. Have you gone blind?"

Shinji and Renji made their way to Ichigo and Byakuya's side as Shinji scowled in disbelief.

"There's no way that you're Chigetsu Kishin. Who the hell are you and what did you do with Captain Chigetsu?!" Shinji growled with a distaste in his mouth.

"Ha...Hahahahaha!" Seeing how everyone was so confused, Kishin couldn't help but let out a loud laugh, shaking his head at the end. "Ah, sorry bout that." He wiped the tears from his eyes and took a deep breath.

"What's so funny?!" Renji blurted.

Kishin waved his hand dismissively. "Nothing. I just found it amusing how shocked you all are. You really never suspected that this was my true nature? Now I understand why Aizen found it so easy to trick you all."

His words immediately stirred a deep fury of anger and resentment in Byakuya, Shinji, and Renji. They were beginning to doubt themselves and were truly wondering now if the Kishin in front of them really was the Kishin that they all grew close with. They were beginning to wonder if they had been duped once more. Had Kishin truly hidden his real character and put on a facade for everyone to see in the Soul Society? And if so, why reveal his true nature now?

Their thoughts and feelings were in complete turmoil.

Even Ichigo was struggling to come to terms with this as he angrily stepped out. "You...So this is how you really are?" He questioned, his voice still laced with a hint of doubt.

Kishin shrugged. "Ichigo, get out of here."

"W-What?" Ichigo questioned.

"I said, get out of here. I told you already I was helping you out. Soul Society wants to arrest you. I'll deal with Byakuya and the others. You should go find your sister." Kishin simply replied.

"You've gotta be kidding me right? After what you just did, you still want to try and convince me that you're on my side?! You're crazy."

Kishin smirked. "And who are you to judge me? You're still a baby wearing diapers. Just go do your own thing. Soul Society's matters don't involve you so get lost."

Ichigo scowled, somewhat angry. "This isn't you. Tell the truth. WHO ARE YOU?!"

"Hey hey, you don't need to yell so loud. And how can you be so sure that this isn't me? I don't think you and I are close enough to know what I'm really like."

Ichigo clenched his teeth. "Fine! But if that's true, then does Rukia know what you're really like because if she does, I guarantee that she'd never be with you!"

At the mention of Rukia's name, Kishin's expression slightly changed into an irritated one. "Watch what you say kid. Rukia is mine."

"Yeah right. She deserves better than a fake murderous liar like you." Ichigo shot back.


The surrounding atmosphere instantly became tens of times heavier than normal as Kishin released his murderous reiatsu into the air. All the buildings nearby started creaking and cracking from the weight of the pressure. In fact, all of the Fullbringers' except Kugo instantly dropped down to the ground as if prostrating due to being unable to resist the force of Kishin's reiatsu. The fear of death suddenly became very real to the Fullbringers' as ever since they had awakened their powers, they had never experienced being at the complete mercy of an enemy before. Even Kugo knew at this moment that he would die if he fought with Kishin.

Byakuya, Shinji, Renji, and Ichigo knew that the situation was getting out of hand and so all four of them also burst forth with their reiatsu in an attempt to offset the pressure of Kishin's reiatsu. Immediately the weight was lifted from the Fullbringers' bodies allowing them to stand back up, but Ichigo quickly shouted to them, "You guys, get out of here!"

Orihime stretched out her hand to protest, but Ichigo didn't give her a chance as he frantically continued, "Just go! None of you are his match! You guys have no idea how strong Kishin is! Just a casual blow from him is enough to kill any of you! Now get out of here!"

He didn't mean to be so harsh, but he couldn't afford to beat around the bush. He really felt murderous intent from Kishin's reiatsu and knew that Kishin wasn't playing around. Byakuya, Shinji, and Renji on the other hand were shocked at how powerful Kishin's reiatsu was. They immediately knew that this display of power was impossible unless the Gentei Reien was never applied to Kishin. They found this somewhat unbelievable, but it was the only explanation they could think of.

Byakuya and Shinji immediately had a bad premonition knowing that even if the two of them worked together, with the Gentei Reien sealing the majority of their power, it would be impossible to resist Kishin. Even if Ichigo could use his full powers and helped them out they weren't confident in their chances. By now the Fullbringers' had all ran as far away as they could from the area.

"Well...this puts us in a bit of a bind. What do you say we forget the whole arrest thing fer now and work together in stopping Kishin?" Shinji suggested with a nervous look in his eyes.

Ichigo didn't even think twice before agreeing. "Yeah, sounds good to me. Something doesn't feel right about this."

Kishin shook his head, amused at their teaming up. "Shinji, Byakuya, Renji, even if the three of you were at full power and joined with Ichigo you couldn't stop me. With the Gentei Reien sealing most of your power? Forget it. You might as well just kneel and let me cut off your heads right now to save yourself from embarrassment."

His words felt like a sharp knife that was driven deep into their hearts.

"AAHHH!" Renji screamed in agonizing pain as his entire left rib cage broke and shattered.

Kishin moved so fast without warning that no one could react in time to save Renji. The punch ended up thrusting Renji far off into the distance, crashing through several large buildings on the way.

Shinji immediately attempted to release his Zanpakuto, but Kishin was faster and gripped the 5th Division Captain's face, slamming him right into a building nearby.


The concrete wall caved in from the force of Shinji hitting it. Kishin didn't stop there. He slammed his fist into Shinji's body again and again and again several times before he was forced to flip backwards into the air to avoid the petals of Byakuya's Senbonzakura. He then turned and ducked, dodging the horizontal slash of Ichigo's Zanpakuto. He unsheathed his own Zanpakuto and struck with a vertical slash forcing Ichigo to abruptly block in a desperate attempt to stop the downwards momentum.


The force of Kishin's attack was so fierce that Ichigo crashed down to the ground like a cannonball shot from a cannon.

"BAN-KAI! Tensa Zangetsu!" Ichigo shouted as he rushed back in to attack.

"Wash all things in a river of blood, Sekiken Zansatsu." Kishin released his Shikai in response and struck down against Ichigo's upwards strike. Sparks flew out in all directions as they continued exchanging blows of their swords. Ichigo frantically attacked in a flurry of slashes and stabs, but Kishin continued to effortlessly fend them off.

Just as Kishin sidestepped a forward thrust, he reached out and gripped Ichigo's arm holding him in place.


Ichigo thought as he knew that he messed up.

Right as Kishin was about to bisect Ichigo in two halves his blade was stopped by a dense flurry of pink cherry blossom petals ramming into it. Byakuya had already released his Bankai knowing that he had to go all out if they wanted any chance at defeating Kishin.

It was at this moment that Shinji managed to regain consciousness.

"Collapse, Sakanade." Shinji didn't waste any time in releasing his Shikai, causing a light pink fume to spread in the air.

Kishin attempted to dodge Byakuya's next attack but was shocked to find that instead of moving backwards, he instead moved right into Byakuya's attack.

"SHUNKO!" Kishin shouted, creating a dense layer of bloody red Kido to erupt around him which blocked and dispersed Byakuya's Senbonzakura petals.

Ichigo immediately jumped in the air and channeled as much reiatsu into his Zanpakuto as he could as he shouted aloud, "Getsuga...TENSHO!"

An enormous wave of black/red reiatsu came crashing down towards Kishin who frowned and dodged to the left. Even though Shinji's Shikai caused all directions to flip, Ichigo's attack was linear so swapping left and right didn't quite matter. His Haori was slightly damaged, but other than that he escaped unscathed.

Byakuya immediately used this chance to completely surround Kishin in all directions with his Senbonzakura.

"Gokei, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi."


The entire sky shook as a brilliant pink burst in the air from the explosion, however Shinji, Byakuya, and Ichigo didn't believe for a second that they had won.

The smoke cloud cleared up revealing Kishin completely unharmed. His eyes gave off a slight blue spark for just a second before returning to normal as he smiled in a way that made Ichigo, Shinji, and Byakuya's hearts clench in fear.

"Did you honestly believe that an attack of that level would be able to injure me? I could stand here all day without moving and your attacks would never scratch me, Byakuya. The Gentei Reien really weakened your power. The force behind your Senbonzakura even in Bankai is as soft as a feather. And Captain Hirako, your Shikai's ability is somewhat annoying, but you've given me too much time. I've figured it out."

"Haaaaaah!" Ichigo shouted from behind Kishin not bothering to exchange words with him, however Kishin immediately blocked with his Zanpakuto and kicked Ichigo on the left side of his head. The force behind his kick was so fierce that it knocked Ichigo several hundred meters away and the moment that Ichigo crashed onto the ground, five giant iron pillars created by Kishin's Bakudo spell fell on top of him, pinning Ichigo to the concrete floor.

Shinji and Byakuya took this chance to blitz Kishin from the left and right. Shinji donned his Hollow mask and immediately formed a red colored Cero while Byakuya controlled all of his Senbonzakura petals to swarm together in a tunneling attack. From the west flashed a bright red color across the sky while the east flashed a bright pink color as the two attacks collided in the center where Kishin stood. The explosion was so fierce that the nearby surrounding buildings had crumbled to pieces.

Even with the Gentei Reien in place, Shinji and Byakuya were indeed a force to be reckoned with. They weren't Captains of the Gotei 13 for nothing. One was a Shinigami/Hollow hybrid and the other was the Head of a Great Noble Clan. They possessed reiatsu that far surpassed that of any ordinary Captain level Shinigami, however…

"AHHH!" Shinji screamed in pain as his hand that was holding his Zanpakuto was cleanly cut off.

No matter how extraordinary Shinji and Byakuya were, the fact still remained that they only had access to 20% of their full power. To Kishin, their attacks were as slow as a snail. Shinji groaned and dashed far to his left, clutching his right arm that was now missing a hand.

Byakuya became immediately alarmed and decided to execute his most powerful attack. All of the light from his Senbonzakura petals transformed into a blinding white as the cherry blossoms coalesced around him creating two giant white wings behind his back. A ring formed above Byakuya's head seeming almost like a Halo whilst a katana of white formed in Byakuya's hand.

"Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Shukei Hakuteikan."

Byakuya focused his entire being on Kishin and immediately struck forwards, but halfway through the attack, he felt a sharp searing pain followed by the warmth of a liquid running down his arm.

"Im...possible!" Byakuya exclaimed in utter shock as his two hands that had held his ultimate sword were gone.

Kishin had completely severed both of Byakuya's hands which instantly shattered Byakuya's ultimate technique.


A powerful kick slammed into Byakuya's back causing him to crash into the street below. Byakuya struggled to get back up, but without his hands he slightly struggled. It was Shinji who appeared beside the 6th Division Captain and helped him with his one good arm. The two Captains glared with anger, hatred, disbelief, shock, a whole host of emotions that they couldn't describe, directed at Kishin.

Kishin on the other hand stood in the empty air with a look showing that he didn't care in the slightest. "Well, it's been fun but let's end this shall we?"

Shinji and Byakuya's hearts clenched tight knowing that this was the end.

"Guren." Kishin said relaxedly.

The expression on Shinji and Byakuya's faces immediately changed into pain and panic as they felt as if tiny sharp knives were ripping open their arm flesh from the inside out. Crimson blood colored lotus flowers began to rapidly protrude from their wound sites destroying them from the inside out, but just as their arm flesh started to tear open they felt a stinging pain which was quickly followed by a freezing cold touch. Both of Byakuya's arms as well as Shinji's right arm had been cleanly cut off from the elbow down and encased in a blue crystalline ice to stop the bleeding.

Standing amongst their midst was Toshiro who had saved them from a horrible death. The young Captain had a confused and painful look in his eyes as he stared at Kishin in the sky.

"What the hell is going on?!" Toshiro yelled painfully.

He couldn't believe what he had witnessed. The reason why he was able to reach this place so quickly was because he had been patrolling Naruki City ever since last night. At first he wasn't going to come since he technically wasn't supposed to be here, but the chaotic reiatsu in the air made him incredibly worried. That was the only reason he decided to come take a look, but what he found was not what he had been expecting to find. His eyes had turned completely red as he fought back the tears and anger that threatened to burst out.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" Toshiro shouted from the top of his lungs, empowering it with his immense reiatsu which immediately caused a drop in the surrounding temperature to -100 degrees centigrade.

Luckily Shinji and Byakuya were Captain level Shinigami and were able to shield themselves with their reiatsu, anyone weaker than a Captain would have found themselves incapacitated within seconds. The entire surrounding area had instantly begun to transform into what seemed like an abandoned winter city.

Kishin slightly frowned and lowered his Zanpakuto in a non-hostile gesture. "Toshiro. What are you doing here?"

Toshiro's hands clenched the handle of his Zanpakuto so hard that his skin nearly broke open. "I. Asked. Who. You. Are." Toshiro growled out with such anger that he could barely contain it.

Kishin just gave him a confused look. "What do you mean? It's me, Toshiro. Kishin."

"LIKE HELL YOU ARE!" Toshiro snapped back, huffing and panting. "You think I wouldn't know my best friend?! There's no way he'd do something like this. You're an imposter!"

Kishin slightly frowned, somewhat hurt at Toshiro's words as he deactivated his Shikai and sheathed his Zanpakuto.

"What are you doing?" Toshiro asked with caution, confused as to why Kishin would put away his weapon.

Kishin merely shook his head. "I don't want to fight you Toshiro. We're friends."

"Like hell we are! You aren't Kishin!" Toshiro yelled back.

"And I'm telling you that I am!" Kishin responded.

"Then explain why the hell you attacked Captain Kuchiki and Captain Hirako! You really meant to kill them just now. Don't deny it! The ability you just used was the most dangerous of your Shikai's abilities and meant to kill your enemies in the most brutal and agonizing way possible." Toshiro said, refusing to believe that this Kishin was the best friend that he grew to know.

"GETSUGA...TENSHO!" Ichigo's loud shout echoed in everyone's ears as he slashed down in a head-on strike. A giant black and red Getsuga moved across the sky blotting out the sunlight as Ichigo had poured everything he had into this one attack.

Kishin on the other hand, in a simple motion, stuck out his palm and chanted, "Prudent, unwavering, pure of starlight, form and seek out the darkness. Strike true and hard and light thy way leaving nothing in your wake. Tendo #8: Seigi."

Thousands of blinding gold starlight appeared around Kishin in the shape of sharp pointed spears that gave off an aura of pure grand majesty. Those spears fired off with such blinding speed that they effortlessly pierced through Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho creating streaks of golden light within it before causing an explosion so great that for just a moment, the dimensional space in the World of the Living distorted, tearing a hole straight to the Dangai that was meant to separate the different realms.

"What...power?!" Shinji exclaimed in pure shock.

None of them, Byakuya, Shinji, Toshiro, or Ichigo, had ever seen Kido so powerful before that it could actually disrupt the very fabric of space and time itself, even if for only a brief moment.

Kishin on the other hand, frowned as he felt like his soul was on the brink of tearing apart. Using such powerful Kido couldn't be used very often due to the amount of strain that it placed on one's soul. Furthermore, he wasn't actually the real Kishin and hence the strain placed on his soul was even greater than the originals. Kishin knew immediately that if he were to use one more Tendo spell, he'd immediately disintegrate to dust, but he did his best not to show that he was greatly weakened by that display of power just now.

Ichigo, who saw how easily Kishin overcame his most powerful attack, slightly lowered his Zanpakuto and couldn't help but ask, "Just what the hell is your goal? Why are you even here?"

Kishin glanced down at the orange head in silence for a moment before deciding to give an answer. "Actually, there is something I was looking for."

Ichigo frowned. "What?"

"A girl, actually. Green hair, reddish purple eyes." Kishin said.

"Uh?!" Ichigo immediately thought about last night when he returned home, he had found Kon in his body who found a girl exactly like the one Kishin described.

"Nozomi…" Ichigo whispered aloud.

Kishin was somewhat startled as he didn't think that Ichigo would know anything about it. "You know where she is?"

"Forget it! You think I'd tell you?! Well think again!" Ichigo retorted.

Kishin frowned and wanted to pursue the topic, but he could feel his internal body and soul beginning to crumble forcing him to stop.

Once more, Toshiro stepped forward and questioned, "Who are you really?! What do you want with this girl?!"

Kishin just shook his head and stepped into a Senkaimon gate that appeared behind him. "Sorry that you had to find out about me this way, Toshiro. I know you're confused and have questions, but I can't answer them right now. But I promise, this is me. I'm still your friend, nothing will change that."

"WAIT!" Toshiro shouted, but it was no use. The Senkaimon gate closed, disappearing with Kishin inside.

Shinji groaned and glanced at Toshiro. "Captain Hitsugaya, you just saved our lives."

Toshiro grit his teeth, putting away his Zanpakuto and started mumbling to himself. "I can't believe it...what's happening? There has to be some sort of trick to it. Is someone controlling him? Is it Tsukishima? Did he brainwash Kishin like he did with Karin?"

Byakuya frowned, the pride he held as a Captain and as a Shinigami had taken a major blow from how horribly he had been defeated just now, but even still he didn't let it shake his emotions.

Ichigo turned his attention to Byakuya and Shinji, taking notice of their cut off limbs. He deeply frowned with concern. "Look, I know that you guys came to arrest me, but I think given the situation we should figure out what's going on first."

Shinji glanced at his missing hand and nodded. "Well...I was about to say the same thing. What do ya say, Captain Kuchiki?"

Byakuya shut his eyes, unable to hide the anger on his face and agreed. "Very well."

Somewhere deep within his noble heart however, he felt ashamed and doubtful. Ashamed that he had lost in such a humiliating way and doubtful because he kept on recalling one small detail about Kishin in their fight. The scene of a blue light that sparked in Kishin's eyes. It was brief, but there was no way that he had mistaken what he saw. He didn't know what that blue spark meant, but he had hoped that it meant that this Kishin was a fake and he only entertained that idea for Rukia's sake. He had just begun to accept Kishin and Rukia's relationship and therefore he knew it would devastate Rukia if this was Kishin's true character.

"Captain!" Renji shouted aloud at this moment as he quickly made his way over to them. He was put out of commission before the fight even officially began but had finally recovered thanks to Orihime who had found him and healed him when she ran with the other Fullbringers. On the way, Renji was greatly alarmed at the devastating destruction of the area, but he was most shocked at the fact that Byakuya and Shinji had missing limbs.

"C-Captain! Your arms!" He exclaimed in shock and worry.

Byakuya ignored Renji's concerned glances and questions as he couldn't bring himself to explain what happened.

Renji immediately bowed his head in shame and apologized with a hint of worry in his voice. "Captain, I'm sorry I didn't make it back in time. I tried to contact the SRDI to remove our Gentei Reien earlier, but for some reason all communication with the Soul Society has been disabled. I can't get through to them. Something is wrong."

Hearing that bit of news made Byakuya and Shinji even more concerned. If they couldn't contact Soul Society then they'd be stuck with the Gentei Reien sealing away 80% of their full power. It'd be easy then for whoever their enemy is to get rid of them.

Ichigo deactivated his Bankai at this moment and said with seriousness, "For now, you guys should go and see Urahara-san. In the meantime, I'll go find Inoue and ask her to heal your arms."

Shinji groaned and picked up his fallen Zanpakuto from the ground with his one good hand. "Sorry for the trouble Ichigo. By the way, the girl that Kishin was looking for. You called her Nozomi. Who is that?"

"I don't know." Ichigo replied honestly. "Kon found her while he was in my body last night. I don't know who she is or where she comes from."

"Great." Shinji said sarcastically. "First the Academy students get attacked, your sister Karin goes missing, we get betrayed by Kishin, and now a mysterious girl appears out of nowhere. I'm not liking this at all…"


Reminder, if you guys see Kishin, then that means it is the "Fake" Kishin talking or being referenced.

Nozomi makes her entrance into the story, but what will the significance be? What'll happen to Karin and how will they deal with the unexpected attack from Kishin?

Who is this Kishin and how is this going to affect his position?

And the training Ichigo did with Isshin must've helped him greatly increase his Shinigami Power. Just how strong is he when he unleashes his true power?

CURRENT CAPTAINS/LIEUTENANTS/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th OFFICER (Last, First)
1. Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni/Sasakibe Chojiro
2. Soi Fon/Omaeda Marechiyo/Shihoin Yushiro
3. Chigetsu Kishin/Kira Izuru/Togakushi Riku/Ran'Tao/Ichinose Maki/Gori Takatsuna/Katakura Asuka
4. Unohana Retsu/Kotetsu Isane
5. Hirako Shinji/Hinamori Momo
6. Kuchiki Byakuya/Abarai Renji
7. Komamura Sajin/Iba Tetsuzaemon
8. Kyoraku Shunsui/Ise Nanao
9. Tsunayashiro Kinji (Kido Commander)/Hisagi Shuhei
10. Hitsugaya Toshiro/Matsumoto Rangiku
11. Zaraki Kenpachi/Kusajishi Yachiru
12. Kurotsuchi Mayuri/Kurotsuchi Nemu
13. Ukitake Jushiro/Kuchiki Rukia

Great Noble Clans:
1. Kamunushi Clan
-Ancestral Zanpakuto: Unknown
-Known Members: Sohei
-Ancestor: Unknown
-Dark World Mirror Piece: Reclaimed by Komamura Genmo

2. Tsunayashiro Clan/Tokinada (Clan Head)
-Ancestral Zanpakuto: Enrakyoten
-Known Members: Kinji
-Ancestor: Tsunayashiro Ijika
-Dark World Mirror Piece: Still in clan possession

3. Shiba Clan/Kukaku (Clan Head)
-Ancestral Zanpakuto: Unknown
-Known Members: Ganju, Karin (Unofficial), Yuzu (Unofficial), Ichigo (Unofficial), Isshin (Defected)
-Ancestor: Unknown
-Dark World Mirror Piece: Stolen by Komamura Genmo

4. Shihoin Clan/Yushiro (Clan Head)
-Ancestral Zanpakuto: Unknown
-Known Members: Yoruichi
-Ancestor: Unknown
-Dark World Mirror Piece: Still in clan possession

5. Kuchiki Clan/Byakuya (Clan Head)
-Ancestral Zanpakuto: Muramasa
-Known Members: Rukia, Ayumi (Aunt), Ginrei (Grandfather), Koga (Adopted, Ayumi's Spouse)
-Ancestor: Unknown
-Dark World Mirror Piece: Still in clan possession

APPROXIMATE TIMELINE: Hope this helps put things into a bit of perspective and hope I fit the timing of things to make sense...there may be slight nuances from this timeline and actual Canon timeline which I adjusted to fit my story.

More Than 2100 Years Ago (Jujin Race sealed away into Beast Realm)
More Than 2100 Years Ago (5 Great Noble Clans Established)
More than or around 2100 Years Ago (Musabori Kuu Hito/Ikomikidomoe sealed away by the Royal Guard)
~2100 Years Ago (Yamamoto establishes Shinigami Academy)
~1000 Years Ago (Gotei 13 established)
~1000 Years Ago (Shinigami war with Quincys)
~870 Years Ago (Athotep Appears/The Great Hollow War/Captain Kasumioji Kanata's death/Tenjiro Kirinji was the 2nd division Captain)
~600 Years Ago (Ran'Tao joins division 4 under Captain Nakayama)
~590 Years Ago (Captain Nakayama dies)
~570 Years Ago (Ran'Tao and other researchers experiment on immortality and creation of the Bounts)
~200 Years Ago (Eradication of most Quincys)
~200-110 Years Ago (Tokinada kills his wife Kakyo)
~110 Years Ago (Assassins kill the main lineage of those in line for the Head of the Tsunayashiro Clan/Kinji's parent's death/Tokinada becomes new Head of the Clan)
~110 Years Ago (Vanishing Souls Incident/Visored creation/Urahara and Yoruichi disappear)
~60-50 Years Ago (Rukia is adopted into the Kuchiki Clan)
~50-40 Years Ago (Kishin reincarnates)
~25-20 Years Ago (Isshin is exiled)
~16-15 Years Ago (Ichigo is born)
~10-9 Years Ago (Kurosaki Masaki and Katagiri Kanae dies/Auswahlen)
July 2001 (Sokyoku Execution and Aizen/Gin/Tosen defects)
~August 2001 (Kishin, Kinji, Amagai become Captains/Bounts Defeated/Ran'Tao and Ichinose Maki join 3rd Division)
~September 2001 (Kasumioji Conspiracy/Amagai's betrayal and truth)
~October 2001 (War against Aizen and his Arrancars begin)
~November 2001 (Aizen's Defeat and sentence to Muken)
~November 2001 (Senna Appears, Fallen House of Ryodoji, Kamunushi Great Noble Clan Appears, Karin becomes a Shinigami, Valley Of Screams Incident Resolved)
~September 2002 (Warrant for Karin's Arrest, Shinigami Disappearances within the Dangai, Nozomi Appears)