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It has been quite some time when someone had left them. Six months to be precise.

Team RWBY and the remaining members of Team PNR (Pioneer), previously team JNPR, will never be the same and the sole reason for it left a huge dent towards their morales.

Jaune Arc was expelled.

It was an enigma whether Ozpin knew of his falsified transcriptions but regardless, whether he knew or not, his expulsion is inevitable.

It would've been avoidable if a number of people only knew of his secret but alas, someone had thwarted the blonde's dreams of becoming a Huntsman.

Apparently, one Cardin Winchester had deemed it right to leak his secrecy towards the headmaster and later, to the public. His reasons were unknown, even if he was aided by the very man he had victimized — some say it was out of sadism and the like — and thus, rumors emerged.

Some say he ran away, never setting foot in Vale after his expulsion. Some say he charged towards Emerald Forest to take out his frustrations, only to die by the hands of Grimm. Some say he wallowed in grief and depression and thus, took his own life to end his problems.

Needless to say, they were either found in the infirmary or was threatened to keep their mouths shut if they don't want to incur the wrath of the two teams.

Regardless, it is the biggest reason why the headmaster cannot pardon nor exempt Jaune Arc's forgeries.

Otherwise, panic will ensue. Hundreds will question his mentality and it will take a toll on the school's reputation, tarnishing the students' and staffs' careers. It will ruin lives and potential futures to bear fruit and many would wallow in despair as a result and surely, Grimm would take advantage of that negativity.

Therefore, he was saddened at the thought but, he has to. It is what it is. For the sake of many, he lost one.

One that had potential but will never be honed to triumph and greatness.

He was fortunate the news hadn't spread to the council. They will surely make things more difficult if they had knowledge of that. Otherwise, he had to deal with those annoyances and they will question his influence and if his position there was taken away...

Their plans against a certain evil would surely take a hit.

So, here we are in Beacon's mess hall where a broken family in all but blood sat.

Ruby Rose. A fifteen year old with black hair and red tips, caucasian skin, and silver eyes. She was dressed with a black dress with a red combat skirt, combat shoes, and a red cloak.

Once a bubbly and optimistic girl, ate her meal silently. Her usual tone changed. She sounded less enthusiastic, less sociable and she rarely smiled. After all, why would she smile when she couldn't protect her friend from such a fate.

Jaune Arc was the few persons to make her come out of her shell but, with him gone, it was like she was back to her old self.

She remembered their first encounter and everytime she recalls the event, sobs leaked out from her eyes as she prevented to bawl in public. The pain was excruciating.

It was like losing family again.

And as expected, her sister, Yang Xiao-Long, hated to see her like this. She's a seventeen year old with long, blonde hair. She has lilac eyes clad in an orange tank top covered by a brown jacket, brown shorts, brown boots and an orange scarf.

She was miffed at the revelation of his forgeries at first. She's not one to judge when she herself had broken the law before but, the reason she was miffed is that, he could've potentially dragged down both teams. After all, the school was reserved for those with talent and his skill set was far below average to be considered passable.

However, he was progressing. At a tremendous pace as well. One she had not seen before, even from her peers and while his qualities in combat were subpar, his personality and his tactical mind makes up for that. And as a bonus, he wasn't like other men, ogling and talking to her because of their interest towards her body.

He was different.

His drive to better himself, his chivalrous behavior and his selflessness were enough reasons why he belongs here. It is why after that dickhead threw him under the bus, she deemed it right that he was on her shit list for eternity.

And as a result, she was also saddened at his leave. She held him in high regards, treating him as a valuable friend only for all of it to disappear. It was like that time her mothers left her when she was a kid.

Her partner seemed affected as well.

Blake Belladonna, a seventeen year old girl with long, black hair and amber eyes. Her outfit's composed of a white blouse covered by a black coat, white heels, white shorts and a black bow on her head.

Her heritage had caused her problems before. Problems that involved persecution, pain and deprecation. All of it was mainly because of humans and their atrocious views towards faunuskind.

It was not helping that she was an ex-member of the White Fang. A group that had turned from peaceful protests to acts of terrorism and violence and thus, made humanity hate the faunus even more.

It is why she was terrified when the dork found out about her features. A few days before the docks incident, she had encountered with the blonde at the library. Since they were alone, he decided it was a perfect time to give his thoughts to the girl, thoughts that he has been hiding ever since he noticed something about her. Thus, he had confronted her of his suspicions and her heart dropped at every word he had uttered.

He knew of her heritage. He knew she was a faunus and her bow did not hide that away from him.

She felt as if her life was over. People will eventually found out about her past if they do some background research all because this young man discovered her secrecy. Surely, he will spread the news.

Except he didn't.

He figured that she has her reasons as to why she's hiding her features and he will not pry any further. To him, Blake Belladonna was his friend regardless of race.

That had utterly surprised her.

When she questioned why, he had replied that he knows the feeling of isolation due to his past and he can relate to her being secretive.

It is why after that, she had formed a deep connection with him. A strong friendship perse. He seemed genuine, kind and compassionate compared to the company she had before.

Company she'd rather forget and avoid lest the past haunts her yet again. Though sadly, she didn't get to preserve that friendship.

Weiss Schnee was a bit indifferent though.

She is a seventeen year old and the previous heiress of the Schnee Dust Company. She has pale caucasian skin and snow white hair in a side pony tail to match her icy blue eyes. Her outfit screamed elegancy and gracefulness. It consists of a pale white dress with a pale blue jacket, a snowflake emblem embedded on the back accompanied by a white skirt and heels.

Due to his constant courtships, she was a bit glad of his expulsions. While impertinent, and admittedly insulting for her to feel that way, she supposed he deserved it.

Although, she didn't expect it to escalate that far. Sure, he was possibly a leech like those tumors she had met back at Atlas but, he can prove to others even to herself that he will sacrifice himself for the greater good. That was indeed a good quality about him.

Thus, an expulsion was a bit too far in her opinion. Punishments should suffice but to take out one's drive to become a better person for others...

It was unacceptable.

It was like what her father did to her. Forcing her to act as he deemed fit.

That was why, while she's glad that no irritations would carry further, they could've at least let him stay. If not for his dream, then at least for them, she thought.

She glanced towards their sister team, having blank stares as if they're looking at the distance, leaving their meals barely partaken.

Lie Ren, a seventeen year old boy with black hair paired with a single magenta strip. He has caucasian skin and has magenta eyes. He wore a long, green, changshan with white pants and some black, leather, tai chi shoes.

The man masked his emotions about the incident. While he should've been livid, he was the remaining man in his team and therefore, he should act as their pillar of solidity. The man to straighten things out; to comfort them in their times of sorrows.

However, it doesn't mean the pain was never there. Jaune was like a surrogate brother to him, one that he held as his family.

He acted as the pillar of the team, the true pillar that bound the two teams, especially to their own. He was the brains of their plans, he was the figure that connects them together. Without him, Ren doubted that their morales and team dynamics would be as extraordinary. Even if he attempted to be that pillar, he would never achieve what Jaune had did.

His partner didn't fare any better.

Nora Valkyrie, a seventeen year old with caucasian skin and orange hair to go with her turquoise colored eyes. She wore an unstripped jacket over a white shirt with a centered heart, a pink battle skirt and pink boots that reach up her quads.

Growing up with no family, she craved solace and care. Ren seemed to provide her needs but, she never knew what a big family's like.

And then came Beacon. She was excited for a multitude of reasons. To destroy, to feel free but most importantly, to gain companions.

What she had gained was more than that though. She gained family, one that will always ensure that she's not alone.

It is quite expected that Nora grew fondly of him. He was the few persons to keep up with her antics, sometimes even taking part of it for shits and giggles. It is why it was a no-brainer that she treated her fearless leader the treatment he deserves.

Until he left.

She bawled that night, swearing and cursing the names of his tormentors and when the time is right, she will let those dipshits pay. She wanted to get back at them but Ren prevented her for doing so.

Their leader would not appreciate it to critically injure someone just for revenge. They needed to be strong. It was the thing that Jaune wanted them to do.

But none came close to the grief that the spartan felt.

Pyrrha Nikos, a seventeen year old girl with long, red hair that seems to emphasize her emerald green eyes. Clad in her red, gold-accentuated combat outfit

Her feelings for him were well-known to her circle of friends. It was well-known towards those that had saw the two together. It was well-known, even to her.

It is why it was painful.

He was the breathe of fresh air she craved. She already had held him high in her book when he didn't put her on a pedestal but that admiration deepened every time she had observed the knight.

The semblance of normalcy she felt when he talks with her. She could act how she wants in front of him without being judged nor being scandalized. She doesn't have to put a mask when he's with her because to him, she's just Pyrrha Nikos, his partner and friend.

If only she could've done something. She knew Cardin was going to do something atrocious and yet...

She didn't do anything.

The bell rang, signifying that their lunch break was over. Their thoughts were cut short. They needed to move on. It was already in the past.

But damn it was hard to do it.

Before they can depress themselves even further, they emptied their trays and put them back as they walked towards Combat Class lest they incur Glynda Goodwitch's reprimands.

Jaune Arc stood at the gates of Beacon Academy.

Tears formed at the corner of his eyes but, he held it in. Bottled it up. He'll be wasting his tears on crying at his inevitable fate.

He knew of the risks he took on applying to the prestigious academy. He knew of the consequences but stood tall to not let it hinder him towards his desire.

Until he backstabbed him.

The action Cardin had made left him with emotions. Purely negative ones, wishing to wreak havoc inside his mind but, he only felt empty as he stared at the grand structure.

He was definite that his ancestors looked down on him in shame. He was sure that if he goes back to his family, they'll only look at him with scorn for ignoring their heeds.

He was sure that he was a disgrace. It is why he cannot afford to go back.

He'd rather die than bring disappointment to his parents.

After this bout, he will never show his weakness towards anyone ever again. He'll never be vulnerable to others and the only way to do that is to isolate himself from socializing.

Lest someone takes advantage of his trust and compassion again.

And so, he walked away with no real destination in mind as he waited for a bullhead or an airship to arrive.

Back to the present.

As the group of students strolled down the hallway, going towards their next strenuous class, a severe feeling of nausea suddenly emerged.

They strained their eyes, checking whether they were attacked until their eyes widened.

The world has stopped completely.

Whether it's a hallucination or reality, they needed to find out who caused this. However, their objective was cut short when the nausea intensified.

One by one, each of them fell to the ground in agony. Their eyes were heavy, they could barely feel their strength and their bodies were weakened.

Eventually, they all passed out but before losing consciousness, they saw a blinding light engulfing their very figures as they disappeared from reality.

A lone figure then walked towards their previous positions. It looked as if he did a daunting task as it strolled lazily towards the area.

"And that makes seven more people. Looks like I'm all wrapped up here. Now, time to begin." his voice a mere whisper even if no one can and/or will hear his words.

Energy circled around him as chants were let out from his mouth and then, an entryway towards an abyss had emerged. Not minding the darkness of the void, he entered it and had left with no traces of his presence.

The seven bodies were laid on top each other. Admittedly, it was done in a curt manner as well, leaving the students entangled in different places.

Though, they shifted in place, twitching and flinching here and there. Slowly, their eyes began to open. They had regained consciousness.

They eyed their surroundings as they found themselves in an unfamiliar hallway. Before they could panic, chaos ensued as they all tried to pry each other off due to their positions.

"Hands off!"

"Get off of me you dolt!"

"You're squishing my arm!"

"Don't touch the hair!"


"Can't... breathe"



A cloud of dust temporarily covered the area as they fell on the ground. Each of them winced from the pain before regaining their composures.

"Sorry about that Yang. Didn't mean to grab it." Ruby apologized as she stood up and dusted herself off before extending a hand to her sister. She knew of her sister's tendency towards her hair and she thanked her luck that her foul mood didn't escalate.

Yang gladly received the help as she hoisted herself up. "No probs sis, just a little startled." she stretched her tense muscles and felt relief when satisfying pops rang out. "That felt good~"

Her partner however, was tense, a polar opposite from her relaxed state. Blake looked around, feeling as if anything can pop out at any moment. "Where in the world are we?"

"Sure, ask us that when we don't know hell as well..."

A vein popped in Blake's head. "Yang, it's not the time..."

The blonde snorted but immediately became serious as well. The only logical explanation to their predicaments is that they were abducted and/or trapped in a semblance.

"Well then. Let's find out who took us here and return the favor." she cracked her knuckles but something felt... off. Usually, she'd touch hard metal and not her skin...

"Our weapons!"

The group noted her panic as they searched their own, only to find that they're empty handed.

"Someone must've took them..." Weiss concluded. "Well, it would've been asinine to do otherwise so I suggest we stick together and rely on our semblances."

Pyrrha nodded. She's alert and ready. "Let's stick with that for now but that begs the question why we're not bound by restraints..."

All of them mused that fact. If they were kidnapped, it would be downright illogical to leave them be and even if they don't have weapons, their semblances were quite formidable.

"Doesn't matter! They took my beloved Magnhild! They shall pay by breaking their legs!" Nora shouted with fervor. No one touches her hammer without her permission! And if they do...

She will take the privilege of having their kneecaps crushed.

"Nora, behave."

Or not.

"We do not know why they took us nor do we have knowledge of their skillsets. For all we know, they did this on purpose to challenge us knowing they'll win." Ren mused while Nora grumbled at that.

"But why bother?" Pyrrha chimed.

"Either because they put us here for a reason or they know we have no chances of escaping and felt confident that they let us alone." Ruby voiced her thoughts at the matter.

"Welp... Only one way to find out." Yang then walked towards a strange door. Strangely enough, they're familiar of the materials used in its making.

After all, they saw similar ones in cinemas.

They felt tense but, the others followed. They let their guard up, cautiously observing for any other foreign activities or movements that may happen.

As soon as the blonde laid direct contact with the knob, they prepared themselves for a possible onslaught. Slowly, she turned the knob as she pushed the door.

The creaking sound it had made only increased their anxiety. What's on the other side?

"Sup guys."

Apparently, it was other people.

They looked towards the monkey faunus, disbelief etched on their faces. That disbelief intensified as they observed the room, their eyes meeting many familiar faces keeping low in their seats.

"What the..."

Their eyes met the discussing Beacon staff members, the rumbling members of team SSSN, the relaxing forms of their senior team, team CFVY, the shithead team that's not worth mentioning and they even took note of some menaces like the notorious Roman Torchwick and his petite partner, Neopolitan.

They could only stare blankly, their mouths agape that they could've sworn it hit the floor.

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