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It is a nice room.

Naruto took a seat on the bed and looked around the room that was now her temporary bedroom. Even though she had never been in many people's houses, the whiskered teen would admit that Kenji probably had the nicest room she had ever seen. Everything about the bedroom reminded her of a beach from the navy blue curtains and pillows to the white walls surrounding her.

There were little sea waves painted on the bottom of the wall while sea shell images decorated the walls of the guest room. I'm guessing Kenji and his wife are really creative people. It made sense when she really thought about it. The man did not like it if she ever tried to think inside the box when it came to their lessons and liked seals because of its versatility.

It also kind of told her that they liked having control but she might be wrong.


"Who is it?" Naruto asked, knitting her eyebrows together as she dragged her feet close to the door. Was it Kenji? Maybe. It was rather difficult for her to tell when she had no experience of hearing her distant relative knock. If it had been Konoha then it would have been easy for her to figure out the loud knocks. The only person who knocked as loud as this had been Sakura.

A grimace played on her lips as annoyed green eyes flashed through her mind. Why the hell was she even thinking of her teammate at this moment? A knock shouldn't remind her of the pink-haired girl.

"It's Akane!" Her cousin replied. Naruto blinked and tilted her head to the side, blue eyes focused on the door. Why did the girl want to come to her bedroom? Did she want them to talk about the apology that she gave her? It could be possible but it could also not be the case. The girl hadn't made one attempt to go to her workplace since the apology so it might not be the case. "Can I please come in?"

I should see what she wants. The whiskered teen pushed her bottom lip back and forth as her hand reached out to her doorknob. It would be the first time in months since they interacted with each other. Months since Akane apologized to her and admitted to being jealous of her. Months since the girl told her that Kenji had been willing to accept her for breaking the rules.

A tiny part of her wanted to avoid the awkward confrontation that was bound to happen between them while another part of her reminded her that she couldn't avoid it forever. I'm not a scaredy cat. That was what the huge part of her kept chanting into her head, reminding her that to avoid Akane meant admitting she was still terrified.

With a deep breath, Naruto swung the door opened and blinked at the sight of a Akane moving back and forth like she was on a swing. The girl must have realized that the door was opened because she immediately stopped swaying and shoved a pair of clothes to her chest. The whiskered teen only knitted her eyebrows and looked down at the clothes.

"Did you bring me a pair of pajamas?" Naruto asked, knitting her eyebrows together. It was a stupid question for her to ask but it was rather odd for the girl to go all this trouble for her. I am trying to learn how to be compassionate. The words from three months ago echoed in her ear as her blue eyes took in the girl standing before her.

Right, Akane told her that she was trying to learn compassion. Maybe this was her attempt of being compassionate? If it was then it was nice of her to lend her pajamas to her. It was a simple black shirt and a pair of green soft shorts decorated with sloths. Not the type of pajamas she would wear but it was better than her sleeping in a pair of jeans.

"Well Mum said you ran out of your apartment without a wallet or a pair of pajamas so I thought you need pajamas," Akane answered, rubbing the back of her neck. Her green eyes did not meet her blue eyes but the flushed cheeks told Naruto everything. "Kiko offered too but I'm the closest to your size, though I should warn you that it might be a little bit tight around your chest."

A little bit of jealously leaked out of the girl's voice and a tiny scowls played on Akane's lips as her eyes took in Naruto's chest. The whiskered teen blinked and looked down at her breasts before darting her eyes at the red-haired girl before her. Yeah, she could understand the jealously. The red-haired girl had a smaller bust compared to her but it was slightly larger than some of the girl's in her class.

But if she thinks my chest is large then she should see Yaoyorozu. Naruto rubbed the back of her necks and looked down at her chest. It was universally agreed between all the girls in the class that the black-haired girl had the biggest bust. She shook her head and looked at the scowling girl with a frown playing on her lips.

"Y'know you wouldn't want a large chest when you know the pain that comes from it," Naruto informed Akane. The blonde walked over to the bed and put down the offered pajamas to the side before locking eyes with her relative. "You have to deal with back pain and half of the boys get distracted when you wear a school uniform. Besides you have a nicer ass than me."

Akane blinked and jerked her head at her. Her green eyes widened at her comment as if she didn't expect her to make a comment like that and Naruto rubbed the back of her neck. A part of her wanted to squirm when she spilled those words out but if the girl was trying to be compassionate then she shouldn't make things difficult.

It wasn't easy to be compassionate if you asked Naruto and it was really difficult when you weren't predisposed to being compassionate. Besides she was not a liar when it came to appearance. Akane did have a better pair of ass and legs than her and that was not something she was going to take back.

"You are being really nice to me," the red-haired girl commented, clearing her throat.

Naruto rubbed the back of her neck and locked eyes on the picture. "Well you aren't being a bitch to me."

The girl bobbed her head and chewed on her bottom lip, looking at her like she wanted to ask something. What did she want to ask her? Was it about the apology from a few months ago? That could be the explanation. Maybe it could be something else but nothing really came to mind except for the apology that Akane made.

"I am sorry for saying all those things that I said about denying you as an Uzumaki."

The apology rang in her ears as her blue eyes took in the girl, who looked everywhere but at her. Not many people apologized to her but the younger girl explained the reason for her behavior towards her. Jealously, anger and frustration had been the general emotions behind Akane initial behavior towards her.

No one had ever really apologized in the way that Akane did and not many people could not look her in the eyes after making an apology. The only people had been Hinata, Gaara and Sasuke. Her female best friend could never meet her in the eye, always feeling too ashamed whenever she couldn't give her the final blow.

Gaara couldn't meet her eyes in the hospital after the Suna attack because he gained a conscious while Sasuke…

No, it was not the time to recall the various time he used to apologize to her.

I used to forgive so easily in the past even when a person didn't apologize. Naruto rubbed the back of her neck and looked at the younger girl, who kept shifting back and forth in her spot. Sakura had never apologized for some of her behavior towards her yet she used to forgive her. She forgave the teammate who called her annoying and thought she had been lucky to be an orphan.

Compared to that shit, Akane should be easier for her to forgive.

And it isn't like I'm the innocent party with all of this too, I fucked up too. In their first meeting, she had been so furious with the insult Akane had given to Itsuka-chan. She probably could have behaved better and yeah Akane was right about her. That act in the Sports festival had been a way of her showing off. Everything could have been avoided with the use of Toads.

She could have tried to understand why the girl had been furious with her or took her to the corner and demanded what her problem had been. But her words reminded me of my childhood and I didn't think properly. Naruto grimaced. Even when it came to her own apology, it did not feel like she completely understood things.

Tomoyo got kidnapped and the Elemental Countries learnt about there being several continent worth of Kekkei Genkei.

"I made things really hard for all of you guys, didn't I?" Naruto finally asked. She cleared her throat and rubbed the back of her neck as Akane swirled her head at her. "When you explained to me that I ruined the lives for the member of the Uzumaki clan, I didn't really fully understand what you meant even though I saw what my actions had done to Tomoyo. But you guys weren't trained to be shinobi, were you?"

It would be terrifying to know several countries wanted them for their Kekkei Genkei and that the peace they have known was gone because of me. Naruto looked down at her hands and gulped down a lump. People with Kekkei Genkei were valued and they weren't ever seen as anything but tools for war.

Wars had been created because of the desire to have their Kekkei Genkei and her mother's clan had a huge range of Kekkei Genkei due to the marriage between them.

"Until your very public apology, the only who have shinobi training are the children who wants to be heroes," Akane commented. Naruto blinked as the red-haired girl flickered her eyes to the picture of the seashell. "Or the children who are very likely to be kidnapped for their Kekkei Genkei like Tomoyo."

Naruto nodded and closed her eyes.

"Yeah well shinobis and their government only see people as potential tools for war," she admitted. Akane scowled at the reminder while the whiskered teen looked out at the window. Haku's father killed his mother because she had a Kekkei Genkei. Naruto grimaced. "I put all of you in danger and that wasn't okay. I should have used my head so…I guess what I'm trying to say is that neither of us are victims for what you said."

So I forgive you.

The words weren't said but the way Akane relaxed her shoulders told her that the girl was relieved by her unspoken words. It felt odd. Not like a bad odd but a strange relief. She didn't feel better nor did the ache from the memory just suddenly disappeared. Maybe it would always be there like the memory of the Matron and her other childhood memories.

It was a relief because it felt like she had the decision to forgive and not have a tiny voice inside of her head telling her that it would be wrong not to forgive.

"Shouto! There is someone at the door who wants to see you!"

Shouto looked away from his comic and knitted his eyebrows as Fuyumi stood in front of him and Natsuo. The white-haired girl had a frown playing on her lips as her eyes focused on him. Who on Earth would want to talk to him this late? He darted his eyes to his older brother, who kept flickering his eyes between him and his sister.

"Who on Earth wants to talk to you, this late?" Natsuo asked, scratching his head as his eyes focused on him. Those grey eyes widened as if an idea suddenly came to his mind. If he knew who on Earth would want to talk to him then Shouto was all ears. "Wait did you confess to Naruto and she told you that she needs to think about it and she came to tell you her feelings?"

Shouto stared at his grinning brother and felt his cheeks burning up at the accusation. He hadn't told Natsuo of what happened between him and Naruto, not when the whole relationship was new. It seemed like a good idea to keep their relationship private especially when it came to school. Their classmates did have a terrible habit of snooping in on their relationship.

The boys would question him and he didn't know how to explain things to them.

But that was not the point.

He knew Naruto and the girl would never come here without contacting him. Shouto frowned and rubbed his chin as his heterochromia eyes locked onto his frowning sister. The older girl would never come here, not when she made it clear how much she disliked Endeavour. So it was impossible for her to visit him nor did he want her to come here.

Endeavour would probably say something to make Naruto furious and he didn't want that. What if she chose to leave him because of some thoughtless words spoken by his father? Unlike his brother or sister, there would always be a fear that the man would try to pay off his girlfriend if he didn't like their Quirk or personality.

"It is a man," Fuymi replied, fixating her eyes on him. The young woman curled her lips into a frown and darted her eyes to Natsuo, who only blinked and frowned. Shouto only knitted his eyebrows together. "He is the writer of that book series Shouto asked you about before he went with Father for his internship."

His brother blinked and swirled his head at him, grey eyes widening to the point that it looked like a pair of plates.

"How do you know the author of the Icha-Icha series?" His brother asked once he finally got over his shock.

Shouto frowned. "He is Naruto's guardian."

Natsuo blinked and gawked while his sister raised her eyebrows up to the hairline at this piece of information. He knew he should inform them of the reason of not telling this piece of information but his stomach rolled over with concern. It was not good news for the man to be here. It meant something must have happened to Naruto.

He felt sweat forming on the top of his forehead as he dashed to the front door. Did he say something to her that ruined things? It might have been a terrible idea for him to question Naruto on why she had to be the one to change. He probably should have waited till their relationship was further along before questioning her.

He stopped in his steps at the sight of a grim-faced Jiraiya, whose black eyes that shone with concern as he stood in front of the door.

"Todoroki, is Naruto here? Did she contact you and told you where she would be going?" Jiraiya asked, taking a step forward. His black eyes pleaded for him to answer yes but the 15-year-old frowned. Is Naruto here? That made his stomach churned. Did his girlfriend get kidnapped again? No, he made sure to walk her back home after their date.

Besides, the girl was strong and it would be impossible for someone to kidnap her. No, something else happened. The fact Jiraiya asked him if Naruto was here must have meant that something happened between them. Something that would have made her want to leave her apartment. That could be the only explanation for why the man would look so frantic.

But what could have happened between them? Shouto kept his expression completely blank as his eyes focused on the panicking man before him. They must have had an argument which would have resulted on the girl storming off. It was the only explanation for why Jiraiya would be here. But what could they have argued about? As far as he knew, the two of them had a good relationship.

They were mentor and apprentice.

"What did you do?" Shouto finally asked. He kept his tone calm even though his heart pounded against his chest like a gorilla punching against its cage. What the hell did you do to her? The temptation to scream those words were great but the male wasn't stupid. The moment he yelled those words out, his siblings would come out here like a pack of elephants.

Jiraiya flinched and did not meet his eyes, earning pressed lips from Shouto. What the hell did this man do to make Naruto run? The urge to wrap his hands and throttle the man was great but he swallowed down the desire. Right now it was time for him to focus on what could have made his girlfriend ran away in the middle of the night.

She would never run away for no reason at all, not unless something happened for her to think being away from this man was better for her.

"I only told Naruto who her father was," Jiraiya admitted. The white-haired man rubbed the back of his neck and grimaced. "She didn't react well when I told her who he was."

"That is an understatement," Shouto muttered under his breath, narrowing his eyes at the white-haired man. Should he have kept his tone polite? Most likely but it was better for him to allow the anger to leak out then for him to punch the man. He clenched his jaws together and balled his hands into a fist.

Naruto was a lot of things but she wouldn't run away because she found out who her father was. He shook his head and regarded the man standing right in front of him. No, what made her run away was Jiraiya. The man knew this whole time who her father had been and never once told her about it. That was a betrayal of the highest order for the girl.

I never knew my parents.

Sad eyes flashed before him.

I kept asking my grandfather-figure about them.

Even now the sadness in her voice rung in his ears and Shouto felt his temper boiling up. Naruto had always been curious about her parents especially with the bullying she went through in her own village. She said that my parents abandoned me because I was a bitch. The anger and sadness in those blue eyes flashed before his eyes.

His throat tightened as more memories of their various interaction flashed before his eyes. The one thing which always stood out about the girl was her trust issues. Issues he understood well enough because of the abuse she went through. An abuse that was both similar and unlike the abuse he went through.

"You deliberately hid the truth from her," Shouto finally said. He balled his hands even tighter and narrowed his eyes at the white-haired man before allowing the anger to seep right into his tone. "You know Naruto has trust issues and that she has a fear of trusting people because of what happened to her! How do you think she would react when someone she trust admits that they knew her father?"

The words echoed in the yard as Shouto glared at the man. It took a lot for him to explode like this but Naruto was special to him. She was precious to him. Someone who had been there for him even when he had been a jerk to her. For her to get this kind of news and to learn that someone she trusted kept secrets from her was a huge wrong in his eyes.

His girlfriend only now began to trust people and allowed people right into her life.

"I know I messed up—"

"You didn't mess up; you fucked up."

Messed up implied that the man did something simple towards Naruto but it was anything but simple. Even now mistrustful blue eyes flashed before him alongside the broken look in her eyes after she came back from the attempted kidnapping.They never gave a shit. The words rung in his ears as he looked at Jiraiya.

"I did fuck up but I need to know where Naruto ran off to," Jiraiya said. His black eyes shone with sincerity but Shouto doubt him. Did the man actually care about the girl? He left her alone during a time when she needed him. He knew what Sasuke did and left her even though he had been worried about her mental state. "Do you have any idea of where Naruto might have gone for the night if she isn't with you?"

Shouto stared at the man for a good long time. The concern in his tone told him that he was genuinely worried about the girl. That he wanted to be certain that she was fine but would telling him be the right thing? Would it be healthy for Naruto? He couldn't be certain. You told Aizawa-sensei that I used a clone. Shouto pressed his lips into a thin line.

His decision of what to tell Jiraiya would affect the trust Naruto had in him. I should tell him where Naruto might be. If a friend was in trouble then you had to do the right thing. He should tell him that the girl would never go over to a friend's house because Naruto was crafty. She knew how to hide and plan as she clearly demonstrated in their first lesson.

Naruto would never go to a place which would be blatantly obvious to a normal person.

"You should check Bakugou's home."

Jiraiya paled as Shouto kept his eyes fixated on the man. The obvious fear in his eyes brought a small frown on the boy's lips. Oh? Why would he be terrified to go over to the boy's house? As far as the mismatch boy knew, the man didn't have much of a relationship with the explosive boy in his class. Then again, Bakugou was very loud.

He was also very protective when it came to Naruto even if the older teen would deny he was fond of the whiskered girl.

"She is going to kill me," Jiraiya muttered, looking at him like he was sending him to his death. He is overdramatic. Honestly the man acted like Naruto would be the one to kill him when really she would punch him for lying to her. The whiskered teen was more expressive when it came to showing her anger which was a trait that Shouto admired about the girl.

He spent most of his life bottling up his emotions while Naruto struggled to do it.

"You shouldn't have lied to her."

Jiraiya grimaced. "Thanks for telling me where she might be, Todoroki!"

Shouto only nodded and watched as Jiraiya sprinted away from his house. He kept the frown plastered on his lips as his mismatched eyes continued to follow the fading form of the white-haired man. A snort escaped from his lips and the mismatched boy clicked his heels together, ready to walk back to the living room…only to meet the disappointed grey eyes of his sister.

How long had she been listening in on their conversation? Judging from the way she folded her arms against her chest and the frown playing on her lips, it might have been a long time. It also seemed like she was not the only one listening in because Natsuo stood right behind Fuyumi. Unlike his sister, he only knitted his eyebrows and stared at him with confusion.

"You lied to him, didn't you?" His sister accused.

I had to lie. The words threatened to come out but Shouto only swallowed it down and nodded his head while his older brother frowned. If he truly believed talking to Jiraiya would help her then he would tell Jiraiya of where he actually believed Naruto had went. But Shouto didn't really trust the man when it came to Naruto.

He left her alone in a foreign country after what happened with Sasuke and that didn't make him a really good person in his eyes. There was also the fact that Naruto wanted space or why else would she decided to leave the apartment? He exhaled. "Naruto has a right not to be near him when he broke her trust."

Fuyumi faltered and knitted her eyebrows before stealing a glance at Natsuo. Between the three of them, it was his older brother who was learning how to be a therapist. He should understand why I don't want to tell Jiraiya. But his brother shrugged like he didn't know what was the right decision.

Was there a right decision when it came to a situation as complicated as Naruto?

"Fuyumi, do you know where the Uzushiokage live?"

His sister blinked and raised a single eyebrow at him. Why do you want to know where my best friend's cousin live? The question was as clear as day if you asked him but the answer was not obvious. Not many people would think she would go there but it was so unpredictable that it was something Naruto would do.

He hoped his suspicions were right because if he was wrong then he might have to go to Endeavour for help.

Shouto would be willing to swallow his pride if it meant he could be certain that Naruto was fine.

Whiskers is my cousin.

No matter how many times he repeated those words in his head, Bakugou couldn't fully wrap his head around the confirmation that Whiskers was his half-cousin. It had been a possibility but it was another thing to hear the words coming out of his grandmother. The same grandmother, who did not take a sip of her tea and who did not shred a single tea when telling them of how his uncle died.

I can't fucking believe that Minato-ojisan is the one that put Whiskers in that situation. He stole a glance at his mother, who already had tears in her eyes, and then looked at his father. Between everyone in their family, it was only his old man who kept his emotions in check. But the clenched jaws and the sadness in his eyes told him that his father understood the gravity of what Whiskers went through.


Bakugou knitted his eyebrows together as his father and grandmother exchanged looks. Who would come here this late? Aunt Inko stopped coming to their house after what he did to Deku or rather she stopped coming whenever she knew he was in the house. The woman made it very clear how unhappy she was with him when he went over to Deku's house for the damn project Aizawa-sensei made them do.

Spikey wouldn't come here this late while Deku knew better than to come over to his home.

"I will answer it," his grandmother declared, flickering her blue eyes at his mother. The Old Hag relaxed her shoulders and rubbed her eyes while his father shot a grateful look to the Old Crone. The old man probably didn't want to deal with people while his mother sobbed over the fact that Whiskers had been orphaned from birth.

If Whiskers saw them then she probably would just put on a fake smile and make some bullshit about it not being bad.

She is really fucking messed up to think her life wasn't shitty. He scowled and shoved his hands into his pocket before standing up from his seat. He didn't give a shit about Whiskers and her life. People went through shit every day but at least they got back up. Whatever shit she went through in her childhood, well she would overcome it eventually.

The scowl deepened as his eyes landed on the photo of his smiling uncle and mother that stood on the hallway leading to the door. Bastard went through shit and he makes his own daughter go through the very discrimination he went through. He growled. Why the hell did he care? Whiskers was not someone he gave shit about. She was just someone he respected.

Someone that he needed to overcome if he ever wanted to reach the goal of becoming the number one hero.

"What the hell are you doing here, Jiraiya?" The Old Crone growled.

Bakugou swirled his head away from the photo of the Old Hag and his uncle and focused his attention on the door. Red eyes widened slightly at the sight of the white-haired man standing in front of the door with sweat around his forehead. It looked like he ran a matharon and the way his eyes looked around the house told him that he was searching for someone.

"I'm guessing from your words that Naruto isn't here!"

The Old Crone stiffened and clenched her hands into a fist. Even though her back was turned away from him, the red-eyed boy bet that if he stood right in front of his grandmother that her eyebrows were twitching. She is fucking pissed. The paled expression of Whisker's Guardian told him that much.

His grandmother was not a woman that you wanted to anger as his grandfather would always tell him whenever Bakugou asked the man why he would avoid her.

"I hope for the sake of your balls that you didn't just tell me that my 15-year-old granddaughter run away," his grandmother hissed. Jiraiya gulped and looked everywhere but at the Old Crone. Coward. The blond-haired teen rolled his eyes and snuck a glance over his shoulder, red eyes widening at the sight of his parents standing behind him.

There might be no longer any tears flowing down his mother's eyes but the wobble of his mother's legs told him that the woman was still shaken up by the news. If she is still dealing with the news then she should just stay in her place. Bakugou scowled. Why the hell was the Old Hag forcing herself to hear this? The Old Crone would tell her everything.

"I wouldn't call it running away," Jiraiya protested, focusing his eyes on Mitsuki. "Her clothes and money are still in her apartment."

His grandmother growled. "The fact you don't know where she is tells me that she ran away."

"Well she wouldn't have ran away if you haven't made me realize I had to tell her who her father was!" Jiraiya retorted. The famous author folded his arms against his chest and looked at Narumi with accusing eyes. Not a very smart thing to do when the woman was not afraid of hurting people who annoyed the shit out of her.

Narumi growled. "Jeez I wonder why she would run away! Is it because of who her father is or the fact that you have been keeping it a secret from her? Did you even break the news gently to her? Or did you shove it to her like it was no big deal?"

Wow, the Old Crone must be really holding her temper. Bakugou knew the old woman like the back of his hand. While his mother and father did raise him, Narumi had been the one to babysit him whenever his parents had to work over time. So he kind of knew the telltale signs of her rage like the fact her shoulders twitched every couple of seconds.

The heavy breathing also helped hinted of her tsunami of rage.

"How the hell do you break news like this gently?" Jiraiya asked, slumping his shoulders. His grandmother stopped twitching and exhaled as black eyes locked onto them. "I tried every single way of thinking of how to break it to her but it all leads to the same result. The only reason I came here is because Todoroki told me she might come here."

The Old Crone only hummed while Bakugou regarded the man in front of the door. IcyHot told him. He didn't like IcyHot but IcyHot wasn't stupid nor was he blind when it came to Whiskers. Bastard had been watching Whiskers from the moment she walked through the door of their classroom. He knew if he told the Erotic Writer where she was then Whiskers wouldn't trust him.

He would never betray Naruto's trust especially when he cared for her.

"You really don't know shit about Whiskers, do you?" Bakugou called out. Jiraiya blinked and blinked while the members of his family swirled their head at him. He dug his hand into the pockets of his sweatpants and scowled at the man. "If you fucking knew her then you know she is observant and crafty when she wants to be."

Jiraiya frowned. "What the hell does that mean?"

"It means she knows you are going to be looking for her, Pervert," he retorted. His mother shot him a warning look and the explosive teen scowled. His grandmother only regarded him with thoughtful eyes. "Coming to my house, IcyHot or even Deku's house would be the most obvious place for you to think she would go. Hell even Lizard or Big Hands would be obvious too. She doesn't want you to find her and IcyHot knows this!"

Black eyes widened as everyone else looked at him with raised eyebrows. Where the hell would she go? He shrugged. How the fuck was he supposed to know? Whiskers and him weren't friends. They worked together and now they were connected by blood but it didn't mean he knew where she would go.

He wasn't a stalker!

"Jiraiya, leave Naruto alone and let her process the revelation that you gave her," his grandmother finally said. Tiredness leaked out of her voice and her blue eyes focused on him before looking back at the worried man. "You, the Hokage and my son caused enough damage to her mental health. Don't push her to talk to you because if Katsuki is right then she isn't ready to face you or me."

Bakugou frowned as his mother raised an eyebrow at his grandmother. While it was nice for the Old Crone to finally say something nice about him and not some insult of some kind, it was still rather weird. The elder woman had been rather pleased to tell them that Whiskers was Minato's daughter.

Now she talked with a rather calm tone.

"I thought you wanted to meet Whiskers so why the hell are you acting like this?" Bakugou called out. His grandmother swirled her head at him and the blond-haired teen scowled. Just because he asked the question, did not mean he cared about her feelings or Whiskers. The Old Crone was not weak. "Aren't you going to barge into her life?"

His grandmother clasped her hands behind her back and walked straight towards him. "Barging into her life? That is me forcing a relationship that she might not be ready for. Naruto needs time to think and process everything before she can make a decision to know me. I was thinking like an eager Grandma when I told Jiraiya that I want to meet her and not like an experienced individual."

Everyone blinked.

"What the hell does that mean?" Jiraiya finally asked.

His grandmother sighed. "It means she needs time to process that not only Minato is her father but she has a living grandmother. That isn't easy news for anyone to hear. I have dealt with cases where there had been some adults, who had been adopted as babies and found their birth parents. It is only normal for her to be terrified about meeting us."

What the hell is the big deal? The Old Hag already wants to take her home. He could tell from the way his mother looked slightly disappointed by the Old Crone's response. His father only nodded and looked like he understood what his grandmother meant. Honestly he didn't fully understand what the big deal was.

They wouldn't bite her.

"Well I haven't told her about your daughter and her family," Jiraiya admitted. "She ran off when she heard the news of who her father was."

His grandmother sighed. "But you told her that I want to meet her right?"

The middle-aged man nodded.

"Then the ball is in her court," Narumi declared. Her blue eyes focused on the white-haired man before flickering her eyes at the slumped shoulders of his mother. "If she wants to contact me then she will come to you since she still doesn't know that Katsuki is her cousin."

Bakugou rubbed the back of his neck and darted his eyes to his mother. It was only more time and that was perfectly fine with him. If he acknowledged Whiskers was his cousin then Spikey and Pikachu were going to bug him even more. He would have less headaches because those two would forever be pushing him to deepen his bond with the girl.

Pinky would be even worse and tell him that he was such a doting cousin while Lizard would say that it made sense.

He didn't want that!

"Fine I will tell Whiskers that we are family!"

Everyone swirled their heads at him, eyes widening at the words that spilled out of his mouth. Well shit now he didn't mean for them to hear those words but it wasn't like he was doing it for them. He just wanted to make things clear to everyone in school that he didn't have those disgusting feelings for the girl.

It was not because he wanted his family to know that he cared or for Whiskers to know that she had him in her corner. Nope. That stuff was way too mushy and something IcyHot would do.

"Are you sure you have the emotional capacity to do a delicate job, Brat?"

Bakugou bristled.

"Well I can't be fucking worse than the smut writer!"

A/N: So Naruto forgave Akane while Todoroki decided to lie to Jiraiya of where Naruto might be. Bakugou decides that he would break the news of their relationship while making up some excuse to himself of why he was doing it.

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Question 2: How do you find the three Point Of View?

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