Opening File: Green Hill Island

Many years ago, numerous Mobians sought to leave the mainland with some believing it was unsafe. So they sailed into the sea and found an uncharted island of unique life and landmarks such as the 'loop-de-loop'. The Mobians settled down and made this place their new home.

While some Grimm do come across the island, it is relatively safe with the Mobians living in peace. Of course eventually a few did leave the island, if only to reconnect with the mainland yet insured their home was kept secret with only a few knowing of its exact location.

The island itself has many trees, bushes, grass, fruit of all sorts, and animals. Having cube-like blocks and colored paths of sorts all over. The landscape can form unique marks such as loop-de-loops around it. There are waterfalls and a few villages made by the residents.

It is also said a special gem resides there, though it is only a rumor.

Green Hill Island.

This is her home, and a place she loved dearly. Settling down on a tree branch, a brown feathered Mobian rustles her feathers shaking off the loose ones. Her blue eyes looking around while she adjusted her golden armor on her. The large Mobian bird looked down to see her fellow Mobian enjoying themselves with some playing games, eating fruit, and a few going for some hunting.

'A shame most of the kids don't like learning, but I suppose they get taught enough by their parents.' The female Mobian chuckled as she then flapped her wings flying back to where her home. A few Mobians saw her and waved, which she responded in turn.

As she flew over the trees, the Mobian then saw something at the corner of her eyes.

Particularly a fast blue line.

"Oh, Sonic." Shaking her head, the female Mobian just flapped her wings a little faster to return to her home. It would seem her young little ward was once again using something he shouldn't be using.

'Not that I can blame him though. He is a child.' And children certainly loved moving around. Him especially. Why, he once took some cookies from her jar and was all over the place and wouldn't stay in bed for hours on end. Quite the troublemaker.

The large bird soon ended up at her home in the trees. There she entered her wooden home, where all sorts of assortments laid hidden around. From weapons, to furniture, alongside a few paintings. She flapped her wings to adjust her landing doing so gently. It shouldn't be long before the young child came. About oh, less than thirty seconds.

'Still. Hopefully nobody saw him.' To think, it has been at least a year since she found and watched over the young hedgehog. Yet even then he amazed her with his powers. She wondered...if maybe he was chosen by it.

'It would certainly explain his speed. Not even Speed Dust has that kind of effect.' She was one of the few who left the island to the mainland, to learn. So while there, she did as much studying as she could of all sorts of things, this way she could teach the children. There may not be a school here, but she wouldn't have the children live life ignorantly.

Yet even when learning of the rare 'Speed Dust', it held no description like Sonic. The closest she could find was someone called Living Bullet. Though after some research, it would seem his own speed was different from Sonic which was all-natural while the human was artificial.

She then sighed wondering if maybe Green Hill Island was safe for the young boy. True it didn't have enemies aside from the occasional Grimm. Yet it did have one group that tended to cause trouble.

The Echidna Tribe.

A group that did what they want, and were violent. Granted, they hadn't been seen in a long while, but that didn't matter. For all she knew, they could still be around here somewhere. Knowing full well they wouldn't mind playing dirty to capture Sonic and try to take his powers.

"If they ever find him," Her talons dug a little deep into the wooden floor. "I'll-"

"Longclaw." She then flinched hearing her name come out. Then turned to see him. A young little hedgehog with green eyes, shoes, and white gloves.

"Oh. Sonic." She then turned fully to see him. "I see you have returned."

"Uh-hu." The boy said as he then held out something to her. A flower that was only found at the other side of the island. A rare one to. "I got you this."

"Hm-ph." Longclaw smiled as she leaned down and grabbed the flower carefully with her talons. "Thank you Sonic. That's very sweet." She placed it in a vase before facing him again. "However, I do recall telling you not to use your speed. You could get caught after all."

"Don't worry Longclaw. Nobody saw me. I'm too fast." Maybe. But the residents have been speaking of a blue blur now and then. So clearly he wasn't as stealthy as he thought.

Longclaw was prepared to lecture the boy again when suddenly she heard a scream.

"Run! Run! They're coming!"

"Sonic. Stay here." She told the boy who then nodded, noting her serious tone.

Once she felt certain he would stay, Longclaw quickly got out of her home and flew to the source of the noise. Along the way she heard more screams where she saw many panicking Mobians running. A few carrying injuries on them.

'Is it the Echidna Tribe?' She then heard a roar. One that wasn't from the local animals. Looking afar she then saw them.

Black fur, bone armor, and eyes that wished to only kill.


However, something was different about them.

They attacked with more strategy. No reckless moves, none of the usual violence vigor. Instead, they worked as a team. Even the warriors with aura and semblance looked surprised by this tactic. Something was wrong.

Before Longclaw could join the fight and aid her fellow Mobians, she then heard a chilling laughter.

"Hahahah! Yes my Grimm! Attack! Attaack!" She then turned to the voice and there she saw him. A Mobian.

Yet this one looked unnatural, even by her standards. Wearing a medieval get-up, purple fur, robes, and was rather large with rings on his fingers. Yet more importantly, he was controlling the Grimm.

'Could it be!' Longclaw wasn't just an ordinary resident of Green Hill Island. But it's Guardian, a protector. A warrior from a long line of heroes that aided Mobian kind, with her being the last. She still recalled that night, when her family was killed by...him.

A man with red hair and dark veins, who also commanded the Grimm. Wanting the secret to the islands location. The power of what resided here.

"Yes my Grimm! Attack! Attack them all!" Down below, Dark Kat was having the time of his life. Watching as these pathetic Mobains struggled against the Grimm he brought. Seems these fools didn't know how to fight Grimm with strategy. "And soon," He whispered to himself. "The power of this island will be mine!"

"You there! Halt!" He then heard a voice, looking up, Dark Kat then saw an owl. Heck, she didn't even look Mobian, but a giant owl that could just talk. Though the armor on her and battl-ehardened eyes said otherwise. This must be…

"The Guardian." He chuckled. "I figured you'd show up. Finally a real challenge!"

Longclaw glared at the intruder. Then at the injured Mobians. A few, unmoving.

"How did you find this place?" She called out to the stranger. Wanting to know if he brought aid.

"Oh, this place." He grinned giving her a cold feeling. "I won't lie, it was difficult finding this place. I mean, the location at sea, the wards, even my scrying spells couldn't work. Were it nor for the favor I cashed in and some luck, I wouldn't even be here."

So its likely others didn't know of this place, with this one not saying. Good. It wouldn't do well for others to know of this location. Still, she needed the answer of one other thing.

"Do you work for that man with red hair?"

"Red hair?" The cat Mobian then looked confused. "Who's that?"

"?" That wasn't...the answer she was expecting. Was he tricking her? "You know who I'm talking about. The one who can control Grimm like you."

"Like me?" Now Dark Kat looked really confused. "Look birdy, I don't know who you're talking about. All I know is that I fell into one of those black pits, some pain, then I came out a new Mobian." He raised his arms as if showing off his body.

On one hand, it seemed he was being trueful. On the other hand, that didn't make the situation any better. Not to mention it confused Longclaw how someone could fall into one of those vile pits and survive. Not to mention gain authority over Grimm?

Shaking her head, Longclaw decided to forget it and just focus on the present moment.

"Hyah!" Attacking this intruder.

"Woah!" Dark Kat swiftly dodged a spear made of air that almost hit him. He then growled at the sneak attack.

"You'll pay dearly for that." He then pointed at Longclaw and shouted, "Strike!"

"Gra!" From the air she then saw multiple strange Grimm that resembled the fairy tale creatures known as gremlins. All of them have black skin, bone armor on the torso and head, and red eyes with wings instead with claws at the end of them. Their teeth are very sharp. These were new.

"Meet my Gremlins fool!" He yelled at her darkly. "Turns out with these gifts, I can even make my own Grimm like these. Now my Creeplings, go forth and kill her."

As if.

These 'Creepling' Grimm chased after her screeching. From their mouths came a red energy ball like the Manticore Grimm. She dodged them quickly and outmaneuvered them.

Though they gave good chase and were quicker than she thought. These new Grimm species shooting at her, giving her little room. They were a lot smarter than the average Grimm.

Still, "That won't stop me!"

Then from all sides of her, a rush of air came. The Creeplings looked unsure for a second, their brains telling them something was up.


Yet it was too late. From their chests came an invisible blade that ripped through them. The Creeplings screeched as they faded away.

"What!" Dark Kat yelled at the sight. "What did you do!?"

Her semblance, Wind Blades. She can gather the air around her and turn them into their namesake, blades. Unseen and dangerous. A perfect way to catch an enemy of guard if they didn't know what they could see. "As if I would tell you."

Like she would give her enemy such information to boot.

Clenching his fist, Dark Kat roared in anger. He then just had more of His Creeplings by him go in for another wave. Longclaw shot more of her invisible blades, but still kept a good eye on them and Dark Kat.

It would seem he was taking this more seriously now. The Creeplings becoming more unified trying to launch sneak attacks, feints, and so on. This Dark Kat was clearly a strategist. He was even capable of still commanding the other Grimm he brought with him in attacking the warrior Mobians.

'He's definitely good.' Longclaw thought as she struck more Creeplings down while also shooting a few wind blades below to help her fellow species. 'He's also more on guard.'

The way his body looked ready to move at a notice. He knew he couldn't see her attack, but his eyes told her another thing. That he saw through the usage of her semblance. Mainly, that hen she used her semblance that the wind gathered toward her, then made a small notable movement when attacking with it.

This Mobian clearly had his fair share of battles. He's not to be underestimated.

However, he made one critical mistake.



That he left his back wide open.

Dark Kat quickly turned around. Smart enough to realize that he knew his back was open, and understood that someone might be able to strike him down. Ongclaw had to admit, he was good.

"Huh?" Not good enough though. As when Dark Kat turned around, he saw nobody aimed at him from behind. Quickly realizing this had been a quick. Though when the thought processed, it was too late.

Longclaw quickly threw a small shining gold ring at him. One that grew in size as it opened up in front of him. The ring becoming a portal showing a place she found a while ago during her travels across this world and maybe a few others. A place she called the Mushroom Planet.

"No!" Dark Kat shouted turning around, already not liking the sight of the bright sun and giant mushrooms he saw from that portal. He then turned around-


-only to get hit by some invisible air that caused a small explosion by his feet. The Mobian flying into the portal with rage in his face.

"I'll be back! I swear it! I SWEAR IT!" Then, just like that, he was gone. The Grimm left behind easily slain once their commander was gone. Longclaw glad the fight was over. Any longer and things might have been worse.

Not to mention, she got the eerie feeling that the Mobian would indeed find a way off that dimension she sent him in. The energy she felt from him wasn't aura...but a magical energy. Seemed that this dark warrior had no aura or semblance, but instead both magical powers and the strange yet frightful power to command and even make Grimm. His Creeplings are good evidence to go by.

'Who knows though, give it a few years and he could probably challenge me.' While he was no pushover, Longclaw could tell he was still new in a battle. Though he still had potential in him, and could become much stronger. Hopefully there might be someone or a group that could challenge this maniac.

On the bright side, she doubted he'll find this island again. It was as he said, he found it through luck. Still, she'll keep an eye out just in case. She then slowly floated down with the Mobian warriors cheering for her. The rest fighting the remaining Grimm.

"That was incredible Longclaw."

"You sent that guy packing!"

"He didn't stand a chance."

Longclaw thanked them for their kind words, but quickly had them kill off the rest of the Grimm. She didn't need the negativity around attracting more. Still, at least things were now okay.


"What was that!?" A female Mobian said as everyone then turned to hear an explosion from the nearby village.

"No idea. But it can't be doog." Another said.

Longclaw though wasn't listening to them anymore. Instead, she was more fearful of another matter. Mainly, that the direction was where her home was.

"Sonic!" Then without hearing a word of what the others said, Longclaw flew off.

It had been a nice day. A really good one too. Nice and sunny. The perfect time to run.

He knew Longclaw meant well, but she was always overprotective. So, he ran.

Ran. Ran. Ran. Ran. Ran. Ran until he dropped.

That was just the way he liked doing things.

He wasn't sure why he was faster than the other kids and adults, but he figured it must be because he had a sembla-thingie that the grown-ups told him about. So whenever Longclaw wasn't looking, he used his speed to go wherever he wanted. From green grass hills, caves, to even on the side of the mountain.

Of course he made certain to make sure nobody caught him. Because he's good that way. He didn't want to worry Longclaw after all.

Which was why he decided to get her a rare pretty flower from the other side of the island. Figuring she'd like it and a thank-you for raising him since his parents-he doesn't know-join a band or something? Oh well, Longclaw was good enough.

Oh, and that other kid with the two-tails. What was his name again? Eh, 'Tails' was easier to remember. Because he had two tails. Can he fly? Maybe something to try out another day.

Still, whenever there's trouble, he relies on her to help other people. Listening to her whenever he needed to. After all, she's smart that way. Like that obi-guy he saw in a movie once. Only one who eats mice.

Anyway, Sonic stayed in Longclaw's home when trouble came today. Grimm.

Giant ugly things that sometimes came.

She had him stay whenever that happened, and he listened. Didn't want to worry her after all. So he rolled up into a ball and stood still.


Until he heard something that then made him hit the wall.

"There he is. The child!"

"The one who can lead us to one of the seven!"

"His power will be useful!"

"Quickly. Grab him!"

Then he felt something grab him. His eyes...weakly opening as he was being dragged by some mean Mobians in masks. They looked scary. Were they the Echidnas that Longclaw warned him about? Did he...lead them here?

"...Long...claw…" Before he knew it, Sonic then closed his eyes falling asleep.

"Good. The kids knocked out." One of the Echidnas said. "Let's take him to the leader so he can do what he has to on him."

"To think, after all this time we'll finally get it. The blue one."

"Once all seven are gathered, we can create a miracle."

The Echidnas had been waiting for this day for a long time. Knowing this boy was special when their spies found him running with speed beyond what Speed Dust could do. It wasn't even a semblance, but an actual natural power.

With it, they can train and have the boy get the first of the seven here on this island. Then, leave to find the other six throughout the earth. They already had the commander of the seven, resting on their floating island. They just needed the other seven and they'll be capable of unleashing that upon the world.

"Let him GO!" To bad such plans would have to wait-if their enemy would wait at all. Instantly the one leading the eight was killed when the boys guardian stabbed him with her talons. A rush of air was felt and instantly the two holding the child felt their chests being pierced before expiring.

"It's the Guardian! Attack!" A few more Echidnas came from the trees, arrows on them and pulled. None of them had aura, let aside semblance. Only the chief and his daughter had it alongside a few enforcers who were on the floating isle. So they had to resort to arrows.

"Gah!" Arrows laced with Dust. One of them hitting Longclaw in the back shocking her. The arrow having been infused with Lightning Dust as a head. She simply used a wing blade to cut off the head of the attacker.



"Don't let up!" More arrows fell, but Longclaw simply summoned more wind blades. Only instead of offense, she used them for defense. She then flapped her wings ignoring the pain on her, and grabbed the young hedgehog. The Echidnas quickly went after them.

"I have to..huh...protect him..huh.." Longclaw did her best flying as fast as she could. Shooting back at them with them doing the same. Eventually she soon was out of their sight, but knew it was only a matter of time before they came. The Echidnas were well-trained trackers.

"Sonic. Sonic!" She shook the young blue blur as he slowly woke up.

"uh...Longclaw…" He then opened his eyes confused. Then opened them wide when he saw an arrow sticking out of her. "Longclaw!" He then rushed to help her, only to be stopped by her.

"No." She told him, holding him back. "Sonic, you must leave."

"Wh-what?" He said confused.

"Leave. Now." Longclaw then took out something A bag. One where she took out a ring which she then threw, opening a portal to a place she once found and knew was safe. "This place...isn't safe for you."

"What do you mean?" Sonic went teary eyed.

"The Echidnas," She grunted in pain. The Dust crystal in her harming her more than she thought. "They...They now know you exist. Know you're real. They won't stop...until they capture you." It hurt. Hurt to do this to him. But now that the Echidnas knew of Sonic, they wouldn't stop until they had him. Gently, she placed a wing on his shoulder, giving him the bag of rings.

"You must go. Never look back. Never stop running."

"They're over here! After them!"

They were closer than she thought. Damn!

"Go! Go!" She then pushed Sonic into the portal, the hedgehog too confused to figure out what was going on. Though it was a good thing, as the Echidnas finally found her, one shooting an arrow which hit her in the shoulder. This one infused with Fire Dust that burned her insides.

'Don't scream.' She forced herself, not wanting Sonic to see this. She then turned around, raising her wings to make certain no arrows would hit her ward...her surrogate son.

"I'm sorry...Sonic."

"Longclaw!" She closed her eyes as she heard Sonic scream. The portal closing shut separating him. A small tear escaping her eye.

"...Goodbye." She then opened them again, this time with fury. Her aura shining a brown light with the wind gathering around her. The arrows have weakened her tremendously. Had she not been hit by either she could have easily won against them. But now, it would seem this may be her end. least he was safe. Knowing that he's away from these monsters.

With that knowledge, she could at least rest in peace. Then, with a roar, she flew to the Echidnas who did the same. Her final battle.

"Longclaw…" Looking around, Sonic could only see the dirt and trees. Nothing else. In his hands being the bag of rings, with a map tucked into it. The young toddler was just unsure of what was going on. Only scared.

Then, he just walked.

Going off into the unknown. The four year old is uncertain of what to do. Only to just keep going no matter what.

"Gah!" A young man with blonde hair and a simple suit fell to his knees. Ignoring the look others gave him. He placed a hand over his recently new eye patch. Containing the small white being released from that. It will be a while before he gets used to the pain his new eye gave him after getting it. Yet it was important, as the young man then saw something.

Multiple things.

'Is this...the future?'

The small village he was helping build was replaced by a city called GrimmFall. He is sitting in a desk.

Many multicolored people are coming into the city. All looking as if they came from a comic book.

The Darklands show a man with red hair and glowing red eyes.

A lava monster bursting from the ground, targeting two kids.

And...a blue blur being chased by a red blur across GrimmFall.

He then felt the vision fade away. The future he saw now gone. Slowly, the man stood up, feeling a lot better. Tired, but better. Seems his new eye, the Eye of Cronus, would take quite a bit to handle.

But in time it'll be a great asset if he was to help this world.

"Still." The young man known as Sebben then said out loud continuing his walk. "Who were those people. Long hair with an guitar, a purple man, the american cape...interesting." Not to mention the vision he saw of those kids, shame he couldn't memorize them as it was too quick. Not to mention the strange colored blurs.

So many questions, so few answers. Though, one thing did surprise him.

"I'm going to be a mayor?" Huh, and here he thought he expected everything.

And here's this new story for all GrimmFall fan lovers. I hope you enjoyed this. And I should tell you all, that this story will feature the past actually, and not the present. Until Next Time.

Name: Longclaw

Aura: Light Brown

Semblance: Wind Blade

Description: Longclaw can gather the air around her and form invisible blades made of air. Capable of harming others and quick to use. Can be used for both offense and defense.

Weapon: None

Name: Sonic

Aura: None

Semblance: Super Speed(?)

Description: Capable of going faster than sound itself.

Weapon: None

Name: Dark Kat

Aura: None

Semblance: None

Weapon: None

New Grimm Sighted

Name: Creeplings

Classification: Gremlin

Appearance: The form of a Gremlin with wings with sharp fingers. A tail with sharp teeth, bone armor and bat-like ears.

Abilities: Are quick witted and capable of swift flight. Slightly more intelligent than usual Grimm and can produce a red energy bolt from their mouths. Are cautious of the unknown. They obey and only obey Dark Kat