Title – Nothing's Going to Stop Us Now
Author – Moonbeam
Summary – A direct sequel to 'Something Real They Took From Me'. When Clint hands Coulson the Sokovia Accords, they can't know that it will end with Clint in jail and them rescuing Steve and Bucky following the big fight with Tony.
Rating – Teen
Disclaimer – I don't own anything.
Author's Notes – Batman vs. Superman was on TV one night and I got suckered in and it made me think about how much better the MCU is and then I started thinking about the previous story and this one which was half written on my computer and here we are. It's all finished so I'll be posting it over the next few days.
When I first saw Civil War, I thought of this story and started writing it but I've struggled to write anything in a long while so I didn't finish it until just now.

Nothing's Going to Stop Us Now
by Moonbeam

Clint placed the Sokovia Accords on Phil's desk and slouched down into the seat.

"I've seen these," Coulson said, "Talbot gave me a head's up about it."

"Secretary of State Ross has presented them to the Avengers," Clint explained. "It's a sign or retire situation."

Phil's lips thinned. "I can't do anything, we're not official."

"That's not what I'm expecting. Nat tried to contact Fury but he's fallen off the radar."

"I'll try and reach out to him," Phil offered. He flicked the document. "What's the feeling among the Avengers?"

"Steve's opposed."

Phil nodded. "He'd see this as another opportunity for a HYDRA situation, and he's a leader. If something goes wrong, he wants the blame to begin and end with him – then he knows everything happens for the 'right' reason."

Clint smiled. "Tony's for it."


Clint nodded. "Nat said he was for it from the start."

Phil frowned at him. "That would be a surprise, except…it makes sense."

"How does Tony Stark siding with someone telling him what to do make sense."

"Look at everything that's happened in the last ten years – he finds out his weapons are being used by terrorists. He tries to fix it and his mentor turns around and tries to kill him. He comes out as Iron Man, puts on a huge technological show and someone from his past comes back, trashes the show, and tries to kill everyone there. He builds an amazing technologically advanced building and it's used to open a portal to another world and almost destroys New York and he almost loses his life. He and Bruce want to bring about world peace and instead he creates a monster that almost destroys an entire country and breaks the Avengers. He wants to do the right thing but Tony never learned how to moderate his actions or his reactions. He feels guilty about everything that has happened and if this is a way to protect him from himself, he's going to do it."

Clint couldn't resist smiling at Phil – his sheer competence and skill had always been something that Clint loved about him.

"Who else supports signing the Accords?"

"Vision and Rhodey."

"Both make sense."

"And Nat."

Phil froze. "She is?"

"Yep, apparently she even said that Tony was right."

"I…" Phil trailed off. "I imagine she regretted that."

"Almost immediately."

"What are you going to do?" Phil asked, watching Clint closely.

"The option was sign or retire…are you looking for a full-time specialist?"

"You're planning on retiring?"

"I might have already said something along that line but it's not official. What do you think?"

Phil stood up and walked around the desk to crouch in front of Clint. "I will support you in whatever you want to do."

Clint smiled. "I know, but I would like your option, love."

"I know that no government agency is capable of being completely unbiased or incorruptible and there is nothing to say that political climates won't alter the mandate of the oversight agency and we all know that there will be a lot going on behind the scenes that the Avengers will never hear about. HYDRA were insidious and they might be nothing compared to a 'legitimate' government agency."

Clint's lips quirked. "I don't trust the government at the best of times."

"You need to do whatever you have to."

"I don't want to sign. I want to stay with you. The only way forward I can see is leaving the Avengers and signing on with you."

"You know," Phil said, standing up and pulling Clint up as well, sliding his arms around the archer's waist. "There is another option."

"I don't see one."

"The Romans used to call up farmers when they were needed. Say we had a farmer living on base who we asked to help us out only when we really needed him. He'd never show up on any official record even when this new incarnation of S.H.I.E.L.D. exits the shadows. Which will happen eventually."

"And this farmer living on base would he be able to live with his husband?"

"It would be a requirement."

"And his security clearance?"

"As high as it's ever been of course."

"And his pay?"

Phil laughed. "That I will need to give some more thought to, it would need to be creatively accounted."

"Good thing I married a sexy accountant."

"You know I don't have any accounting experience."

"Don't ruin my fantasies."

Phil shook his head. "It's just another option. Whatever you want to do we will make it work."

"I know I don't want to sign."

"Then you still have two options."

"And if I don't sign on with S.H.I.E.L.D. then I would just be a private citizen."


"That thought is a lot more appealing than it's ever been before," Clint admitted, dropping his head down and resting his forehead on the knot of Phil's tie.

Phil's fingers carded through Clint's hair for several minutes before he spoke. "That's a good thing, right?"

"I don't know."

"I think it is."

"I think it might be too."

"Then I think," Phil said. "That it might be time for you to head down to the archery range."

"What I really need is an audience, a moving target, and a prancing horse."

Phil shrugged. "I can't offer that but we'll talk if we ever get an official budget."

"Then the range is where I'll be," Clint said, stepping back and slipping out of the door before Phil was able to say anything.