Set at the end of season 4, alternate ending. What if Amanda had leverage, and Nikita was forced to let her go?

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"There are people out there that are loyal to me. They will find me" Amanda says.

"No one will ever find you" I say and start to back out.

"Nikita! I have something for you...and Alex." she says. "Sean Pierce is alive" she says. A few moments later, Alex runs through the door.

"What?" she says, tears jumping to her eyes. "Sean died in my arms. He…..can't be alive. It's not possible."

I stare at Amanda. "Sean is dead. I moved the body." I tell her.

"Oh come on now. I thought I taught you better," Amanda smiles. "Deaths can be faked. And as you know now, doubles can be made. Before the dirty thirty broke into Division and started that shoot out, I swapped Sean for a double that I created. The man that died in Division was simply a pawn in my plan. Besides, I knew I would need leverage if it ever came down to this."

"Show us proof" Alex demands.

"Of course." Amanda says. "Just let me out of these restraints first."

"Not an option:" I say. "Alex, she could be lying. It wouldn't be the first time."

"Nikita, if this was Michael or even Daniel, what would you do?" Alex asks me.

I look at her for a minute and say "Okay fine." I still point my gun at her as Alex frees her.

"I need the Ipad you're holding Alex." Amanda says, and Alex gives it to her.

A few clicks later, Amanda holds up the Ipad.

Alex gasps "Sean?"

"Alex" he says. "Can you hear me?" he asks.

"Yes...are you okay? Did she hurt you? Do you know where you are?" Alex asks.

"No she didn't. I have no idea where I am. Alex, I've missed you so much. " He replies.

"Sean, I promise we will find you. Hang in there" Alex says.

"That's enough." Amanda says, grabs the Ipad, and crushes it under her heels. "Now you either let me walk out of here and you will get him back alive, or I will kill him."

"Deal" Alex says.

"No. Alex, think rationally. I get it, you care about him, but if we let Amanda go she will kill more people. We can't risk that." I explain.

"If there is a chance I can get Sean back, then I have to take it." Alex replies.