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Sean POV:

I open the door and slam it shut. I use smelling salts to wake Amanda up. She gasps, and struggles with her restraints.

"Sean. How nice to see you again," she says, smiling.

"Shut up. I want answers," I tell her, trying to keep my tone in check.

"To what?" she asks, trying to act oblivious to the fact.

"Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Why did you implant thoseā€¦.feelings inside of my brain?" I ask, wanting nothing more than to know the answer.

"I wanted Michael and Alex to suffer. What better way than to watch the people they love fall for someone else. It's a shame it had to end so soon," she explains.

"If anything happens to Nikita, Alex and Michael WILL kill you," I threaten. I stand and walk out.

Nikita POV:

I stumble through a dark alleyway, limping from the wound in my leg. The drugs numb some of my senses. I find some leftover food and eat that, along with some more of the drugs. I slide down against the wall, and take a few deep breaths, letting the drugs flow through my system.

"Hey!" a man yells. "You're the bitch that killed my friend in the warehouse," he continues.

I don't reply right away, and drop my head. A few moments later, I mumble "Go to hell."

"What did you say to me?" he asks.

"Go. To. Hell" I repeat again, loudly. He grabs me by my shirt and pulls me up. I punch him. Normally, that would've rattled my opponent, but my muscles and movement is weak. He pushes me against the wall and grabs my throat. I claw at his hands, but he is too strong. I start to see stars.

"Wait! Let her go!" another man says. I fall to the ground and gasp for breath. "I almost didn't recognize you. You're the famous Nikita Mears," he continues.

"You're right Simon. It is her. She would get us good money on the black market. Plus, she's already high," the one that attacked me continues.

"Take her," Simon orders.

"No...stop," I say, my words slur together. The other man pins me against the wall, and ties my hands and legs together. I struggle but he knocks me out.

I wake up later in a room, tied to a table. My hands and legs tied to the corners of the table. An ivy runs through my arm.

"Good you're awake," a voice says. He comes into view. "Now, I'm assuming you want this, so I need you to smile for the camera, so we can get your profile set," he holds up a syringe with drugs. I desperately want more drugs, so I obey. He takes the picture and then empties the contents of the syringe into my ivy.

Michael POV:

Alex and I are sitting on the couch, waiting for an update.

"I got her!" Birkhoff exclaims. Alex and I jump to our feet.

"Where is she?" I ask.

"You aren't going to like it. Her face popped up on a black market website. Says that she's in New York city," he explains.

"Wait, backup. Black market?" Alex says, worried.

"She may not be there by choice. The auction date is set in 3 days. And frankly, she doesn't look too good," Sonya replies.

"We can infiltrate. Pose as buyers, and then get her the hell out of there," Michael explains.

"We have another problem. Nikita still thinks we are still need to break Amanda's programming," Alex tells us.

"Amanda. We can talk it out of her. She values her own life far above Nikita's," Sean says, joining the conversation.

"Okay, it's settled. Alex and I can talk to Amanda, Sonya and Birkhoff can find us a way into that damn place. Sean, you can start on our covers," I say, assigning tasks. Alex and I head to Amanda's room.

"I just hope we aren't too late," I tell her.

"I have to believe that Nikita can hold her own for a few more days," Alex reassures me. I nod.

"Let's get this over with," I say, and I open the door to her room.